Ravenswood Small Animal Clinic

Ravenswood Small Animal Clinic


A few months back my boy Jay got into a scramble and the lovely ladies at Pinjarra and Ravo vet took great care checking him over. He’s been an inside cat ever since and with the cat play house finally built he gets to sniff around outside and munch on cat grass till his heart’s content 🀍
DOG FOUND: intersection of Nancarrow Wy & Pinjarra Rd
Tagged β€œKaos” with a number not answering
Raw food is good and some say bad. Bones good and some say bad. .. and so on. ... Just wondering what the experts at my animal clinic at Ravenswood think about these treats. I put a stop to it because of a few bad reviews, but my girl is missing them and hates the replacement of Smakos πŸ€”
Just wanted to update you on the bunny we took home last Friday. We named her Sooty and she's settling really well. 🌟 🐰🌟 she has the loveliest nature and some real attitude πŸ˜‚. Her and Mogley are getting along great.

Ravenswood Small Animal Clinic is a veterinary clinic offering treatment to all furry friends At Ravenswood Small Animal Clinic we are here to not only improve your pet's health, but also your own relationship with your pet.

That means helping you be the best pet owner you can be with helpful tips and tricks for your animal's care.

Operating as usual


A reminder to everyone that the clinic is Closed today for ANZAC Day.

We hope everyone takes a minute today to reflect and pass thanks to all of those who answered the call.

For any emergencies, please contact the Baldivis Vet Hospital on 9524 1466.

The clinic will re-open tomorrow morning at 8am.


A reminder to all our wonderful clients and their pets!

The Ravenswood Small Animal Clinic will be closed on Monday the 25th April 2022 for ANZAC Day. 🌹

The Pinjarra Veterinary Hospital will be open on Saturday 23rd of April from 8am to 1pm should you need anything.

We hope everyone has a safe long weekend and remembers to pay respects to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for the beautiful country we live in.


Happy Easter Everyone!

The Ravenswood Small Animal Clinic would like to wish all our Clients and their pets a very Happy Easter.

Thank you for your continued support throughout the year! We hope everyone stays healthy & safe over this holiday period.


Wishing all our amazing clients and their fabulous pets a massive Happy Easter! ✨🐣

We will be back on Tuesday from 8am for all your pet service needs!

Enjoy this time off with friends & family! Just remember not to share your chocolate or hot cross buns with your furry friends! πŸ’•


As today is Good Friday, the clinic is currently closed.

For emergencies, please contact the Baldivis Veterinary Hospital on 9524 1466.

The Ravenswood Small Animal Clinic will open again on Tuesday the 19th April at 8am.

Again, we hope everyone stays safe over this Easter break and enjoys some much needed time off.


Good Friday Eve!

Just a reminder to our wonderful clients, that the Ravenswood Small Animal Clinic will be closed from Good Friday & re-opening on Tuesday the 19th April.

If your pet needs any medications or food, please contact the clinic on 9537 8120 so we can arrange this for you.

We hope everyone enjoys their Easter break & stays safe. 🐰


Easter Trading Hours! 🐰🐰
With Easter this weekend, we would like to advise some updates to our opening hours!

Good Friday - Closed
Easter Saturday - Closed
Easter Sunday - Closed
Easter Monday - Closed

The Ravenswood Small Animal Clinic will be open on Thursday the 14th until 6pm and re-opening on Tuesday the 19th of April at 8am.

We hope everyone stays safe, eats heaps of chocolates and enjoys some time off!


Friday Facts!

- Did you know that Polar Bears have jet black skin under their fur coats!

The black skin helps them absorb warmth while the white fur provides them with camouflage in the white snow environment!

Photos from Ravenswood Small Animal Clinic's post 01/04/2022


The wonderful team at Ceva have put together a competition to go into the running to win a Feliway or Adaptil Diffuser for a cat or dog!

To go into the running, all you have to do is post a picture of your relaxed cat or dog below and your top tip on how to keep your furry friend happy and calm!

We cannot wait to see your entries! 🀩


Were looking for our next Cover Photo Star for April!
Bonus points if its an Easter related photo!
Post your picture below! We cant wait to see them 😍


Just a reminder to everyone that the Ravenswood Small Animal Clinic will be closed today for the public holiday.
We will be open tomorrow from 8am.
We hope everyone has a great day! πŸ’•βœ¨



Did you know that we treat ALL wildlife at no cost!

All animals are entitled to vet care and this is a service we provide to ensure that everyone has access to pain relief and emergency veterinary treatment!

If you find any injured wildlife, please bring them into your local clinic for immediate attention!


Were looking for our next Cover Photo Star!

I know I'm a little late but were looking for this a cover photo model for March 2022 !

Have you got a start waiting to be found at home? post their photo below and they may just win! 😎


Has your pet had their vaccinations as a baby but then hasn't been to the vet since?

Are you aware that dogs and cats require a yearly booster to ensure they are vaccinated against deadly diseases?

Unsure if your pet is due? Give the clinic a call today on 9537 8120 and our friendly staff can assist you!


This beautiful face is the face of a winner! 🀩

Hagrid was drawn out to win our Feline Christmas Hamper for our "Gift of Giving" promotion!

We will another promotion towards the end of the year, so keep your eyes peeled!


TWOSDAY the 22/02/2022! πŸ’₯
Got a dynamic duo? Terrible Twos?
We would love to see them!

Below is a photo of Nurse Ali's dynamic duo, Hank & Rebel!


Fun Fact Friday

Did you know . . . . .

A flea can jump distances 200 times their body length.

They are able to jump 10 inches (25cm) vertically and up to 18 inches (45 cm) horizontally, making them one of the planets best jumpers relative to its size. It’s equal to a human jumping as high as the Empire State Building in New York.


We have read recently that "Anaesthetic Free Dentals" are becoming more and more popular.

We are writing to advise our clients that this is not ideal. Dental disease starts under the gum line which means that we need to remove the plaque and tartar from beneath the gum line.

Worried about your pet going under an anaesthetic? Chat to us today about the ways we can minimize anesthetic risk! 9537 8120


Did you know that the Ravenswood Small Animal Clinic offers FREE dental checks with our qualified Veterinary Nurses!

Unsure if your dogs teeth are affected? Contact us today to book in for your free check! 9537 8120 🦷


Ravenswood Small Animal Clinic would like to wish everyone a Happy Valentines Day! πŸ’•

We would also like to remind everyone that chocolate is toxic to pets, so please ensure they are not joining in, in todays celebrations. πŸ’•


The "Gift of Giving" Christmas promotion has now finished!

We would like to thank everyone that made a donation to such a wonderful cause!

We have a huge donation pile that we are sure our rescue groups will be super eager to receive!

The lucky winner of the Ravenswood Small Animal Clinic's hamper is (insert drum roll hereπŸ₯) - Marieki Watson & their cats Hagrid & Louie! Once the hamper has been collected, we will post a photo of the happy winners! πŸ€©πŸ“Έ


Over the Christmas break, we saw quite a few pets come in to boost their vaccinations for those traveling!

We want to see these numbers continue throughout the year!

Core vaccinations in animals are important and providing them protection against these horrible conditions!

Unsure if your pet is due for vaccination?
Give the clinic a ring & we can check for you!
9537 8120 😎


Cover Photo Competition! 🀩

Is your pet a model waiting for stardom?
Loves to have his/her picture taken or demands everyone look at them when entering a room?

We would love to see your stars below!

We will pick a winner at the start of February for this months winner! πŸ“Έ


Friday Funnies! 😎

- What do you call a cat that's in trouble with the police?

- A Purr-Petrator 😹😹


We hope everyone enjoys their time off today to reflect, to show respect & be grateful for this amazing country.

The Ravenswood Small Animal Clinic will be closed today, but will open again on Thursday the 27th of January 2022 at 8am for all your animal needs.

For Emergencies, please contact the Baldivis Vet Hospital on 9524 1466.


Heat Stroke! 🌞

What is Heat Stroke?
Heat stroke is when the internal temperature of a human or animal exceeds normal values.

Unlike humans who sweat, cats and dogs eliminate heat from their bodies by panting. When panting isn’t enough, the animals body temperature rises and they can experience heat stroke, which has the potential to be fatal if not treated immediately.

How to tell if my pet has heat stroke?
Animals suffering from heat stroke can have elevated breathing rates, excessive panting, dry or sticky gums and abnormal gum colour, may appear disorientated or lethargic and in some extreme cases, the animal may seizure.

What should you do if you think your pet may have heat stroke?
Call your local vet or emergency clinic and tell them you are on your way.
On your way to the vet clinic, travel with as much ventilation as possible (windows down and air con on)
- Remove the pet from the hot environment immediately.
- Offer cool water in controlled amounts & do not force to drink. Do not offer cold or frozen water.
- Wet a towel and place it under the animal

Once arrived at the vet clinic, the team will work together to further reduce the internal temperature.

Remember to ALWAYS check the temperature of the road prior to taking your pet for a walk! If you cannot hold the back of your hand to the road for longer than 5 seconds, Its TOO HOT for walking.

Our clinic can be contacted on 9537 8120 ✨


The Ravenswood Small Animal Clinic will be closed from 10:30am this morning due to circumstances beyond our control.

Our sister clinic, the Pinjarra Veterinary Hospital will be open until 6pm tonight for any requirements.

We apologise profusely and hope we have not caused inconvenience to anyone.
Have a great weekend ✨

Photos from Pinjarra Veterinary Hospital's post 20/01/2022

Photos from Pinjarra Veterinary Hospital's post



We are proud to announce that the clinic now has DENTAL X-RAYS! (cue the yipee from our staff!)

How will dental x-rays help your pet we hear you ask?
Dental x-rays are critical for diagnosing disease under the gumline. 50% of the tooth anatomy cannot be seen, so without these x-rays, the disease can be left undiagnosed. If left untreated, many conditions can continue to cause pain and discomfort for the pet.

In most cases, dental radiography is recommended at every dental procedure, both before and after the procedure.

Dental radiography helps assess 3 main areas of dental health:

1. Dental anatomy
2. Dental pathology
3. Treatment success

Common pathology that may not be visualized can be diagnosed with x-rays.
These conditions include:

- Extra teeth e.g. retained baby teeth
- Missing teeth
- Fractured teeth
- Resorptive lesions (common in cats)
- Crowding and rotation of teeth
- Periodontal disease
J- aw problems e.g. malocclusions, jaw fractures, cysts
- Oral growths
- Infection e.g. abscess

We believe the addition to our list of services will prove to be invaluable to our patients and their welfare!

Unsure if your pets teeth need doing?
Contact the clinic to book in for a FREE dental nurse consult 9537 8120!

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How are we keeping our team and our clients safe during the COVID-19 outbreak?
Storm Phobias




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