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Supplying the big brand supplements at the best local prices. Delivered to your door Supplying the big brand supplements at competitive and best local prices.

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Fat burners back in stock. @redcon1 Double Tap powder and tabs and @darksidesupps Ultra Burner





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Pop into Murray Aquatic & Leisure Centre and visit Colin and Mary for a complimentary taste testing of our NEW protein yoghurt, amino acids, pre workout and protein 🥤

We are the CHEAPEST 🤩 prices in the peel region!

And to top it off, we have 5% off today!


Taste testing the International Protein range at Murray Aquatic & Leisure Centre on Wed 16th of june. WPI, War hammer Complete Aminos and Protein Yoghurt will be available to try with 5% off all sales on the day


Workout stack International Protein.


All stocked up with @international_protein WPI, War Hammer, Complete Aminos and NEW Protein yoghurt


One of the reasons i support @international_protein. They get me. And coz they have the best tasting, cleanest protein on the market. Australian owned and made


Tomorrows the day. Come down for a Free tasting and info session on one of the cleanest proteins and proven fat burners and preworkouts at Murray Aquatic & Leisure Centre. 5% off on purchases and go in the draw for a $50 voucher.


Taste testing on the 18th of Jan. Come down and try before you buy and get some info on your favorite supps.


Hi stim preworkout. Last stock before its reformulated. @primevallabs @megapre @preworkout @supplementsthatwork


Love delivery days. @killerlabz Brute BCAA back in stock. 2:1:1 Bcaa ratio. Glutamine. Epicatechin and hydroxy-laxogenin. Muscle recovery ++ @supplementsthatwork @intraworkout @postworkout @bcaas


Its back for a limited time only. @bodywarnutrition Bodyshred Strawb ice. While stocks last


Stocked back up with the cleanest Protein on the market along with their high stim pre workout War hammer.


Stocked back up with the cleanest Protein on the market along with their high stim pre workout War hammer. International Protein



We have teamed up with some amazing Locally owned businesses to provide you with a giveaway that you wouldn’t want to miss out on!

Who doesn’t love free stuff right? All you have to do is LIKE, SHARE, FOLLOW and COMMENT for your chance to win this amazing giveaway!

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Farout Photography @farout_farrah 1 x Photo shoot valued at $170

Shine Succulents @shinesucculents 1 x Succulent arrangement valued at $35

Wren Hire @wrenhire 1 x Free Clothing Hire valued at $35

Diamond Glow Beauty 1 x Free 60minute teeth whitening treatment valued at $100

Spray Tan and Beauty Studio @spraytanandbeautystudio 1 x Free Spray Tan valued at $40

Sugaro Little Bakes @sugarolittlebakes 1 x Gift voucher for a dozen mixed cupcakes valued at $45

Body Building Oz @bodybuilding_oz 1 x Gift voucher valued at $100

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Competition closes Sunday September 27th 6pm
Winners announced Monday the 28th September 2pm


Another one of my hobbies, other than lifting heavy sh*t. Playing heavy sh*t. Finally getting the jam room sorted 🤘🤘


You may have seen local businesses asking for your help lately and this is largely down to how Facebook is stopping you from seeing our content, unless we pay, which is very hard for small businesses to constantly do.

🙏 So please could I ask:
You go to our page and across the top go to ‘community’ and click 'invite friends' and 'ALL' - it’s as simple as that!

🧡 When you have done this, can you comment 'done' so I know who to thank


Struggling with unwanted weightgain and motivation during isolation? Fat Burners can help. Key points to a good fat burner are : Stimulant - for energy to get you moving and keep you moving through your workout, Appetite suppression - reduce hunger cravings and overeating resulting in reduced calorie intake, Increased body temp - by increasing the thermic effect in your body helping burn more fat. Use with a calorie controlled meal plan and exercise for best results. **kcovid


Stocked up with @international_protein. Australian owned and made. One of the cleanest proteins on the market. 35g protein, 1.4g carbs, 0.5g sugar per 40g serve. Perfect solution to increase ur protein intake while in isolation without the extra calories. Having a diet high in protein can help decrease muscle wastage while on a reduced calorie meal plan. Free postage on 3kg tubs while in lockdown. **kcovid19


Preworkout stack. @international_protein War Hammer. @primevallabs Vasogorge.


New display nearly sorted. Small range. Quality not quantity.


Over indulge over the Christmas/New Year break? Need to help burn off some excess calories and burn fat?Struggling for energy? Ultra Stim Fat Burner can help. High stim for energy, thermogenic and appetite suppressant.


PRE-ORDERS Available

Delta Zone will be back in stock by the end of the month. With a new Potent ingredients list to help you get that longer, deeper sleep with out the "sleep hangover" feeling.
Flavours available, Limeade, Apple Cinnamon and New Pineapple Dream.

Pre-order Now

Kellie Edwards Ashley Dhu Mary Durnan Mandurah Mobile Massage Therapy



While stocks last

The One + The Key $105
Annihilate + The Key $105
2 x The Key $90

Plus postage

Afterpay now available


We are back at Bodyapeel Mandurah on the 23rd of May. Come in and sample BCAAs, Protein, Fat burners and Preworkouts and come and check out Bodyapeels Birthday Month Specials


Bodybuilding Oz had such a great time last time they visited they are coming back to celebrate our “Birthday Month” on Wednesday 23rd May from 9am-11am & 4pm-6.30pm 🙌

If you’re looking for that extra edge to your training, to lose those extra kilos, add some lean muscle, energize your workouts or increase your endurance, Bodybuilding Oz will have you covered!

They have a wide range of products including Protein Powders, Fat Burners, Weight Gain Drinks, Creatine and Post Workout/Recovery Aids to give you the edge to get to your goal and keeping up your motivation. 💪

So make sure you come down and see Colin Newall and the guys.😀


Happy Monday everyone, let's wake up together ready to smash a new week 💪💪💪


The best protein balls ever, give it a try:

This recipe is a simplified version from my 80/20 cookbook that only takes 5 minutes to make. I normally make up a batch beginning of the week because it’s a fantastic grab and go snack or mini power meal if I’m rushing around or to satisfy any sugar cravings when the 4 O”Clock munchies hit.

These protein packed power balls are a great source of complete protein that contain all the essential amino acids needed for repair and for a healthy immune system, also a good source of vitamin E and minerals from the almonds and fresh dates. The cinnamon adds a lovely flavour and also helps stablilze blood sugar levels. If you can’t have nuts, I would grind up some lovely sunflower, pumpkin and linseeds then throw them in the mix in place of the almonds. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do.

330g raw whole almonds or walnuts
60g International Protein
20 fresh dates, pitted
3 generous tablespoons Naked Chocolat or cacao powder
1 teaspoon natural vanilla extract
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1 orange
coconut, goji berry, cacao, nuts for rolling

Throw almonds into the food processor with cinnamon, protein powder, a little orange zest and naked chocolat then process until the mix looks crumbly.
Add dates, vanilla extract then process again until the mix starts to come together.
Add a splash of water if you need to so that mixture is soft and forms a soft ball.
Form into 14 decent sized balls.
Roll in coconut or any other of my suggested coatings and store in the fridge until you feel like a snack or quick meal on the run.
Store in the fridge for upto 4 weeks if they last that long.

Nutrition: makes 14 total

Protein: 8.2 g protein
Carbs: 7.6 g
Total Fat: 12 g
Saturated: 0.9 g
Fibre: 2.8 g
kilojoules: 703
Calories: 168


Yeah it's Friday, roll on the weekend...
Are you a quitter and start fresh Monday? NO...


Grab it whilst it's on special 😁

Testopro XT™ is a very powerful testosterone booster that uses clinically studied ingredients in their clinically studied dose.


Have you yet tried this?

Increases Pumps 💪💪💪
Improves Nutrient and O2 Uptake
Speeds Recovery
Can Increase Muscular Endurance
Enhances Circulation
Mental Focus Activator

We have tried it out ourselves too, when it come to pump and endurance it's definitely got it!


Kimmi is kind enough to share her favourite BACK AND BICEP WORKOUT!!Let us share it with you, keen to try?

Lat pulldown: 20 reps comfortable weight to warm up. Load it up (less then 6 reps to heavy more then 12 to light) repeat 3 times rest between sets. On last set drop set it, so if it 12plates, drop it to 10 then 8 when on 8 try get 20 reps out. Rest then repeat one more time.

Seated row or low row: 20 reps on comfortable weight to warm up then load it up 3 sets getting heavier and heavier. Rest between set.

Bent over single arm row: 3 sets each arm using Dumbbells 25/22/20/17kg drop set with no rest rep each on out until you can not physically pick it up. Your arm will rest when you work the next haha.

Alternative dumbbell curls: 24 reps 3 sets increasing weight. Ensure arms a straight when you curl your first arm ensure it goes back to starting position before curling the next arm.

Barbell curl: drop set- load it up rep it out then get lighter and light as you get lighter aim for more reps.

One arm dumbbell preacher curl: not to heavy not to light 12 reps each arm 3 sets.

Note: rest period is 1-2minuted. Rest is very important...

Try it and provide feedback 👌

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🌟 ITS GIVEAWAY TIME 🌟We have teamed up with some amazing Locally owned businesses to provide you with a giveaway that yo...



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