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Apparently you won’t refund or replace your goods when they don’t arrive in good condition. Blaming Australia Post is a cop ou, and for $64.95, you think you would care a bit more about the integrity of your business. D minus everybody for this business 😠 😠

Adobe Loos & Worms Composting Toilets and Greywater Systems and Compost Worms for a Sustainable Future

Operating as usual

Let the worms eat your organic waste - Vermicomposting | David Witzeneder | TEDxDonauinsel 19/04/2021

Let the worms eat your organic waste - Vermicomposting | David Witzeneder | TEDxDonauinsel

Transporting waste costs a lot of time, and money. Organic waste is up to 50% of your bin. Worms can eat it and make fertile compost out of it. Feed your little pets directly in a wormbox in your kitchen. Odorless, saving resources and less waste to carry.

Let the worms eat your organic waste - Vermicomposting | David Witzeneder | TEDxDonauinsel Carrying waste costs a lot of time. Organic waste is up to 50% of your bin. Worms can eat it and make fertile compost out of it. Feed your little pets direct... 19/11/2020

Dad's Dunny

Further to yesterday's World Toilet (Loo or Dunny) Day.
Enjoy this little ditty: Provided to YouTube by Awal Digital Ltd Dad's Dunny · Formidable Vegetable Earth People Fair ℗ Formidable Vegetable Released on: 2019-03-15 Composer Lyricist... 19/11/2020

World Toilet Day 2020: Sustainable sanitation and climate change | UN-Water

TODAY is THE day.
Celebrate that YOU DO have somewhere to DO your DO_DO.
Many don't.
Is your DO-DO sustainable, or DO you just flush the DO_DO away without a thought?
Well, DO something about making your DO_DO Climate Change friendly.
The solution is to take away the solution (H2O) ;-) World Toilet Day, 19th November, celebrates toilets and raises awareness of the 4.2 billion people living without access to safely managed sanitation. It is about taking action to tackle the … Read more 28/10/2020

The Simple Humus Toilet

The "Simple Humus Toilet" is a concept for an easy to install, 'do it yourself' composting toilet.

It is far better than the old 'long drop' as there is absolutely no smell and there are no awful flies! It does not use water or electricity and can be installed anywhere. It is therefore a great alternative when the use of water is restricted.

Is also known as a "Saw Dust Loo" The "Simple Humus Toilet" is a concept for an easy to install, 'do it yourself' composting toilet. It is not meant to threaten the conventional flush toilet ... 16/08/2020

Pumpkin vs Red Wigglers 62-day time-lapse - FAST PLAYBACK - worm vermicomposting

Recon pumpkins are tough to eat raw ...... not for these Red Wrigglers Compost Worms ......... just look at them munch away :-) The bin's worm population was split; half of them remaining in the bin & the other half of the worms were loaded into the hollowed-out pumpkin. A bunch of sh...


This CM8 Tank & Pedestal Package comes with EVERYTHING you need:
Fully assembled composting tank
Porcelain pedestal and soft close seat
Pedestal waste chute (550mm) and Dektite
Ventilation and drain kit
Installation kit and maintenance tool
Starter pack
Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual

What's in your pee? A smart toilet could revolutionize personal health but also pose privacy risks

Your Smart Loo is just around the corner: Scientists are designing a toilet they believe can revolutionize personal health. Users could detect diseases in urine early. But what about privacy?


After the fires in Quaama, New South Wales, Australia near decimated my Compost Worm Farms I am finally able to harvest again. Just small Take-Away Worm Boxes that can 'inoculate' existing Worm Farms or start, albeit slowly, a new Worm Farm.
I can do these Boxes for $10 each, and for that you get a Care Info Pack and lifetime support for your new 'pets'.
These 5 Boxes went to a group of families in a fire affected area who are re-establishing their gardens and are going to use their Worm Farms to create their own fertiliser for their veggie gardens.
I will track their progress and report back with pics.
***** I can do some more Boxes next week, let me know if you are intereted with a MSG.



Dear friends and supporters of Pub Choir,
Be upstanding for a night of uproarious song with our very own Kristy Ellis.
Bring your own device so you can sing it out loud!
(Although we are sure you’ll all know every single word!)
Xx 19/02/2020

The taboo secret to better health

As you do your, hopefully, daily sit consider this:
Our poo and pee have superpowers, but for the most part we don't harness them. Molly Winter faces down our squeamishness and asks us to see what goes down the toilet as a resource, one that can help fight climate change, spur innovation and even save us money.
Consider a Compost Loo - do it for the earth. (y) :-) Our poop and pee have superpowers, but for the most part we don't harness them. Molly Winter faces down our squeamishness and asks us to see what goes down the toilet as a resource, one that can help fight climate change, spur innovation and even save us money. 09/12/2019

The no-flush movement: the unexpected rise of the composting toilet

Finish The Flush -
More water for thee & me
(y) (y) (y) (y) (y)
:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) We squander masses of clean water flushing away our own waste instead of using it as fertiliser. But a lavatorial eco revolution has now begun


Loo install complete - Nature Loo Excelet 4
* no loo
* loo installed
* the vent system - NO ODOURS (y)


Magical morning tea at loo (Nature Loo Excelet 4-CS) install job in Verona -
Loo pics to follow when finished (y) 19/11/2019

World Toilet Day 2019

TODAY is World Toilet Day - Adobe Loos & Worms is #1 in the #2 business for Compost Loos.

The 4.2 billion people in the world living without safely managed sanitation services often face many forms of discrimination. They can be left behind as they try to access and manage sanitation services or improve their current facilities.

Sustainable Development Goal 6 has a target to eliminate open defecation and ensure everyone has access to sustainable sanitation services by 2030, “paying special attention to the needs of women and girls and those in vulnerable situations”.

World Toilet Day 2019 is drawing attention to those people being left behind without sanitation and the social, economic and environmental consequences of inaction.

A toilet is not just a toilet. It’s a life-saver, dignity-protector and opportunity-maker.

We must expand access to safe toilets and leave no one behind. Because whoever you are, wherever you are, sanitation is your human right. This World Toilet Day, play your part in ensuring no one is left behind without sanitation. 14/10/2019

The peculiar bathroom habits of Westerners

To wipe or wash?
The peculiar bathroom habits of Westerners Many Westerners take morning showers, toilet tissue and sitting toilets for granted. But in much of the rest of the world, these habits are rather strange – and may be less hygienic. 11/10/2019

Compost toilets and grey water showers: Sustainable camping on the rise

Way to go (y) Composting toilets and grey water showers might not sound like the ideal holiday accommodation, but sustainable camping options are on the rise in WA.


A compost loo can be as simple as this #SawDustLoo (y)


Some worm porn, the making of at least 4 new worms with just one capsule. They actually breed better than rabbits. :-)


How To Build a Bath Tub Worm Farm

Here be the lowdown on making a Bath-Tub Worm Farm, and all in just 7min.

see also

Kym Mogridge of Adobe Loos & Worms shows you how to build a Bath Tub Worm Farm in 7 minutes. For info is at 24/07/2019

Our Backyard Constructed Wetland for Greywater Treatment

Here is great article and a "how to" make a Constructed Wetland for Greywater Treatment - hope it helps you in your sustainability efforts (y) How to make a constructed wetland to treat greywater


Natural Event


In the 1830s the average person in the UK would have got by on just 18 litres of water per day? Nowadays we rinse (excuse the pun) over 7.5 times that volume!! And toilet flushing accounts for a whopping 1/3 of our usage.

There's still hope though... enter the Compost Toilet which uses ZERO WATER AT ALL!! And not only that, using composting toilets eliminates the potential threat of harmful by-products flowing into our rivers and oceans.

It's a win-win situation! 28/04/2019

Can you compost citrus and onion? Gardening Australia's Costa says yes

Great article on composting with the guru of Gardening Australia The guru of all things gardening, Costa Georgiadis, answers all your composting questions. 27/04/2019

Composting toilet

Here are Plans for a DIY Batch Cycle Compost Loo
Have fun :-) Batch Composting Toilet (with optionally Black Soldier Fly Larvae or Compost worms) By Bjorn De Boeck and Mónica Beltrán, Bio-Reserve Quebrada del Plátano, Colombia Latest edition March 2019 Ph.1 Our first and still working composting toilet Para este manual en español, por favor sigue e...


This TP enables you to crap with a conscience, what could be better ;-)

By wiping with us, you’re helping save trees and build toilets in developing countries! Plus we’ll bring the rolls straight to your door!

🌲100% recycled paper
💖 50% of profits donated
🐶Softer than puppy bellies

Check it out 👉


Tathra Pub Choir

Tonight we have a triple treat.
The multi talented Jo Dodds will join with Charlotte Lyngbye and Hazel Lyngbye.
Don’t miss this one.


Tathra Pub Choir

Dear Friends,
The Tathra Pub Choir has been asked to join the 8am Anzac Day Ceremony and lead the gathering to sing the New Zealand Nation Anthem.
It is appropriate at such an occasion to sing both Anthems as an expression of remembrance and unity.
Perhaps this is especially relevant this year.
If you feel that you would like to participate could you please contact Peter Howe who has very kindly put up his hand to coordinate a few practice events and organise us on the Day.

Mob 0487 094 828
[email protected]


Biomass for Greywater Treatment Tank

Here is a little vid showing the Bio-mas Media preparation for the Greywater Reuse System.

This vid shows the "how to" for making the Biomass material for a Greywater Treatment Tank. For full documentation see:


Sustainable Toilet Technology

Think about this the next time you push that button

What's so important with a flush toilet ??? © Carl Lindstrom 08/03/2019

What is a Composting Toilet?

Here is an informative link about Compost Loos and a good 9min vid on how to make a DIY loo. Composting toilets are great for those looking for an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plumbing. Some versions don't even require electricity or water. Composting toilets turn your waste into soil. There are three different types of composting toilets to choose from.


Come along & share the joy :-)



Do NOT watch this unless your childrens' kids are going to be born with gills. :-( 14/01/2019

A $350 toilet powered by worms may be the ingenious future of sanitation that Bill Gates has been dreaming about

Tigers (worm type, that is) to the rescue (y) Worms may not have spines, but they’re doing some back-breaking sewer work in more than 4,000 toilets across India.

[12/30/18]   Worms LOVE dog poo - and your poo too but that's another matter ;-)


The Toilet An unspoken History

Ever wondered where "wrong end of the stick" came from?
The Bible tells us how to go to the loo in Deuteronomy 23:12-14 (Google it)

2.6 billion people have no sanitation (clean water or loos)
1.5 million children die from diarrhea, more that from measles, HIV & malaria combined.

This 60min video explores the ins & outs, so to speak, of loos.
High tech to low tech to no tech solutions for the billions who still have no loo to go to.

Have a seat, or squat, and enjoy

Documentary filmed for BBC Four. Originally filmed in 2012. All copyright credited to BBC


Santa's Reindeer Fart Merry Christmas

What better way to wish all a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. ;-) ;-) 🧔

Santa's reindeer fart Merry Christmas special for you


Compost Toilets & Greywater Reuse Systems



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General information

I (Kym) have been involved in the Waste (read Resource) Management industry for 15 years and am committed to working towards developing sustainable lifestyles, through waterless composting toilets, greywater (or graywater) re-use systems and worm farms. I promote domestic waste (Resource) management systems focusing on Waterless Composting Toilets and Greywater (or graywater) Reuse Systems. I also supply worm farming kits to recycle all your kitchen & garden waste. The key to recycling and reusing your "waste" is to stop calling it waste and call it a resource. Composted toilet, kitchen & garden waste (resource) is converted into a natural fertiliser and is used to feed your vege garden and fruit orchard. Both are watered with your recycled greywater, so producing healthy organic food that you then eat, go to the loo and ............... so the sustainability cycle continues.
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All of our candles are hand poured locally in the Bega Valley using only best ingredients; • Australia Eco-friendly natural soy wax • Pure cotton and paper braid wicks • high quality fragrance oil • Pure essential oils We also offer refills.