Michael Lees Performance

Michael Lees Performance

A personal trainer and physiotherapist with a proactive approach to life. I aim to help my clients achieve the most out of their bodies, whether it's training for a lifestyle goal, returning from an injury or just to feel fit and strong I am here to help!

Based @aspiregroup City Beach and Osborne Park

Bachelor of Physiotherapy
Bachelor of Science (Human movement and Human Biology) Certificates III & IV fitness (Master trainer)
Australian Strength and Conditioning Level 1 coach
Zuu Level 1 coach
CrossFit Level 1&2 and gymnastics coach

My aim is to optimise human performance. I am passionate about working with anyone wants to make a positive change to their life, no matter their circumstances. Whether this change is related to striving for a better physical or mental function, improving body image and wellbeing, combating poor lifestyle habits, aiming for sport specific improvements or injury management and prevention; I believe I can help. I hope to use the knowledge I have accumulated over years of studying and practicing various training methods, human movement and performance, as well as the experience I’ve gained in over eight years in the health and fitness industry, to make a positive impact on people’s lives. I firmly believe that physical activity helps result in positive mental and physical changes, whilst simultaneously combating the ever-growing problem of chronic disease and disability due to unhealthy lifestyles. Movement is essential to improve one’s quality of life and is something I practice everyday as well as trying to promote to my clients.

Operating as usual


Today’s fun testing some new programming for the @aspiregroup crew

A) 2 rounds for time:
500m row 🚣‍♀️
20 KB swings
15 goblet squats
10 burpees
*60 sec rest*

B) 6 minutes on the clock ⏰:
Max distance bike erg 🚴
*60 sec rest*

C) Amrap 8:
8 slams
10 plate sit ups
12 mountain climbers/side
100 single skips

This program is an example of what we may complete at one of our ALL IN classes, a varied program testing the engine, working muscular endurance and also requiring an element of mental toughness to grind through it. Come on down to @aspiregroup to get involved in a session like this!

#aspiregroup #dowhatyoucando #michaelleesperformance


It’s been great to get back to our amazing facility @aspiregroup Osborne Park. I can’t wait to rip into tonight’s 5.45pm S&C with the crew, it’s shaping up to be a good one 💪🏽

#aspiregroup #dowhatyoucando #michaelleesperformance



Yesterday’s fun with @dave_lees13 throwing around some ideas for the @aspiregroup crew. See below for block one of our session.

Set a clock ⏰ for 32 minutes and aim to complete as many rounds as possible:

100 skips
80 mountain climbers total
60 alternating DB sn**ches total
40 butterfly sit ups
20 burpees
My score: 4 rounds

This one was definitely a bit of a mental challenge, just had to grind through it. Give it a shot and remember to tag 🏷 @michaelleesperformance and @aspiregroup if you get it done!

#michaelleesperformance #aspiregroup #dowhatyoucando



Here’s a belter of a sprint 🏃🏽‍♂️ sesh I got through yesterday. I love this style of training, a real focus on max speed for each effort with plenty of rest in between sets. I ran but feel free to row/bike/ski erg if needed.

4 x 200m leaving every 60 seconds
6 x 100m leaving every 60 seconds (complete 10 pushups during rest)
6 x 50m leaving every 45 seconds
6 x 25m leaving every 30 seconds
4 rounds:
20 seal jacks
20 double crunches

Remember to tag 🏷 me @michaelleesperformance if you get it done!
@ North Beach, Western Australia, Australia



Today’s bodyweight sweat session was deceptively tough, credit to @jeremyscottfitness for the ideas for this one. Definitely a spicy 🌶 one for our @aspiregroup crew (and anyone else keen) to try today/this week, it’s just what I needed to get the body moving on a Sunday!

On a 25 minute running clock complete:
50-40-30-20-10 reps:
Jumping jacks
Mountain climbers (total)
Drop squats
Skater jumps (total)

Immediately after finishing the above combo, complete 10 rounds (or as many as you can in the remaining time) of:
5 burpees
20 reverse lunges
My time: 24.20 🥵

Enjoy crew and remember to tag me and @aspiregroup if you get it done!

@aspiregroup #dowhatyoucando #michaelleesperformance



Today’s upper body blast 💪🏽
A) 3 x supersets:
A1) 3 rounds:
DB floor press x 10-20
Deficit push up x 5-10
A2) 3 rounds:
Supinated curls x 10-20
Heavy barbell curls x 5-10
A3) 3 rounds:
Tricep kickbacks x 10-20
Skullcrusher -> narrow press x 5-10

B) 2 rounds:
30 sec overhand barbell curl
60 sec hammer curl -> supine curls
30 sec overhead tri extension
60 sec TRX skullcrushers
30m waiters walk/side
30m holster hold

This one gave a serious pump, give it a shot and remember to tag me 🏷 if you get it done this week. Enjoy!

@aspiregroup #dowhatyoucando



This one is brutal! Give this midweek workout a crack for a solid 20-30 minute sweat session 💦 See alternative bodyweight options in brackets.

4 rounds:
500m row (or 500m run)
40 banded hip thrusts (or glute bridges)
30 jack-knives
20 KB swings (or explodes)
10 Devils press 😈 (or burpee tuck jumps)
*1 minute rest after each round

Remember to tag me 🏷 @michaelleesperformance if you add this one into your training this week 💪🏽

@aspiregroup #dowhatyoucando


Check out these variations using a few different pieces of equipment. I know plenty of us are scrambling together a temporary home gym or maybe dusting off an old kettlebell at the moment and now have no idea what exercises to do.

Remember that plenty can be done with a minimal equipment, you just need a bit of creativity! Keep an eye out for exercise tutorials and ideas over the coming weeks.

Aspire Group packages are available offering equipment loans, online classes and exercise tutorials so please contact us if you are interested.

Exercises shown:
1: Kneeling slam ball
2: Kettlebell squat clean
3: Dumbbell hang power clean
4: Plate ground to overhead
5: Barbell high pull
6: Dumbbell power sn**ch




Today’s arvo session with @tatjiana__ :
A) 4 rounds:
10-8-6-4 RDL’s
10-12 Split rows/side
10-12 Split squats/leg
10-12 Pallof press/side

B) EMOM 8 (see video)
Minute 1: DB complex (see below)
Minute 2: 50 Double unders

Dumbbell complex:
5 Deadlifts
5 Bent over rows
5 Hang power clean and press
5 DB front squats

C) 3 rounds:
200m row
30 Butterfly sit ups

#michaelleesperformance @aspiregroup #dowhatyoucando



Our @aspiregroup 5.45pm session is going live tonight for the first of our online lockdown workouts.

@tatjiana__ and I gave this brutal combo a crack this morning, tune in to see what we did 💪🏽

#michaelleesperformance @aspiregroup #dowhatyoucando



Today’s @aspiregroup running sesh for anyone who wants to give it a go!

3 rounds:
90 second run/90 second recovery walk/jog
60 second run/60 second recovery walk/jog
45 second run/45 second recovery walk/jog
30 second run/30 second recovery walk/jog
15 second run/15 second recovery walk/jog
*3 minutes rest between each round*

The focus of this session is all about pacing YOURSELF and not trying to match anyone else’s pace. The run block is designed to be at a challenging pace that you can maintain for the whole time (eg 60 seconds) and the walk/jog block is all about allowing yourself a chance to recover before the next hard run effort. If feeling good, up the pace of each run as they time drops 🔥

#michaelleesperformance @aspiregroup #dowhatyoucando



A) EMOM 25
1: 30-50 air squats
2: 30-50 kicksits
3: 20-30 sit ups + overhead reach
4: 200m run
5: Rest
*choose a challenging but achievable number of reps each exercise*

B) 3 rounds: (30 on/30 off)
Max rep burpees
Hollow body hold
Max distance gorilla crawl

@aspiregroup #dowhatyoucando #michaelleesperformance


Get outdoors whilst keeping your distance for today’s @aspiregroup community workout:

A) 18-15-12-9
Push ups (+ variation if able)
Pause jump squat
Leg raise
*45 sec superman hold after each round*

B) 3 rounds for time:
40-30-20 reps
Alternating v-ups
Jumping lunges
90-90 shoulder taps
*400m run after each round*

2 rounds
1 min plank
1 min long leg bridge
30-45 sec isometric RDL hold/leg

Tag me @michaelleesperformance if you get this one done and few free to share too 🏷



During these challenging times, now more than ever it is essential to prioritise your physical and mental health.

Make sure activity remains a part of your routine no matter where you are, as it’s key in helping create a positive mindset.

Keep an eye out for workout ideas in the coming days.



Michael Lees Performance's cover photo


Michael Lees Performance


Running into the week 🏃🏽‍♂️


Anyone else pull this face after 60 calories max effort on the rower?!

This was part of our first session from the @aspiregroup Bali retreat 🌴 ☀️ 💪🏽

20 min AMRAP with partner:
200 skips (singles or double unders)
160 KB swings
120 calories on rower
80 burpees
40 thrusters
*one partner working, one resting, break up reps how you like*

Grab a mate and give it a shot!


White men can jump 💥


Action shot from a few years ago during my rugby days...is it time to pull on the jersey again? 🏉


That’s a wrap! What an awesome opportunity to be a part of the first @aspiregroup retreat, thanks to all involved who helped make the weekend such a blast!


Couple of pics from day 1 of the first @aspiregroup retreat, what a bunch of legends 💪🏽🌴☀️ @ Canggu, Badung, Bali


Getting it done.


It’s flipping Friday!


Saturday sesh 💥
A) 16 min EMOM
1: 12 back squats
2: 3 Turkish get up R arm
3: 3 Turkish get up L arm
4: 15 Trx skullcrushers

B) Every 3 mins for 3 rounds:
210m row
18 KB swings
15 supinated Trx row
12 jumping lunges

C) 3 x 200m run every 90 seconds


Ready to get back to routine @aspiregroup after an epic time in Europe 👊🏽


How good is travel?! Nothing beats exploring the world and experiencing different cultures/ways of life. Trying my best to stay fit (ish) whilst I’m away in Europe escaping the Perth winter.

Gave this quick morning workout in an attempt to burn off the copious amounts of delicious food 😬

3 rounds:
25 hollow bike crunches/side
20 walk throughs
15 rock press
10 walking lunge/side
5 burpee box jumps


What an awesome day of learning with @coachglossop at his seminar discussing all things related to business development, movement patterns, biomechanics, integration of training methods, programming and overall athlete development. A great reminder to always challenge my current thoughts and reasoning in the industry and strive to be the best coach that I can be. I feel there’s no better way to do this than by learning from other experienced coaches!


Saturday strength sesh 💪🏽
3 x 8 min components (2 min rest b/w)
Incline bench press
*In remaining time: max rep trx skullcrushers
Lat pulldown
Single arm strict press
*In remaining time: max rep barbell rollouts
Pendlay row
Cannonball squats
*In remaining time: max rep reverse crunches


Huge thanks to @lloydcjohnson and guest trainer @andrew_pap_ for putting the Wednesday night @aspiregroup gang through their paces whilst @tatjiana__ and I are away on holiday. What a turnout! 🔥 💪🏽


Another solid week of training complete ✅ I get asked all the time how to get results with training and nutrition.

Unfortunately, there’s no magic pill or quick fix. Not everyone wants to hear it but it’s pretty simple, work hard and stay consistent with training!

My recommendations, don’t chop and change your exercise routine every few weeks and don’t jump from fad diet to fad diet, put in the time and effort to a solid program and the results will follow.


One of my go-to whole body kettlebell flow combos, give it a try next time you want to mix up your warm up 💪🏽


Come and get involved in the fun @aspiregroup. We have a variety of top quality trainers sharing their knowledge and expertise with the community. Whether it’s group setting, personal training, physio, S&C, or nutrition. What a place to work 👌🏽


Home made poke bowl goodness for my post workout fuel 🤤 (courtesy of @larisa_pieris)


Epic weekend spent with @adammeakins sharing his knowledge on all things shoulder related #shouldercomplex #cantgowronggettingstrong

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About: Michael Lees Performance

I am qualified personal trainer and physiotherapist with a proactive approach to health and fitness. My passion is to help my clients create resilient bodies ready for whatever life throws at them. I have experience with a wide range of demographics, from sporting teams to everyday clients and aim utilise my expertise to maximise training outcomes, prevent injuries and help clients live their best lives.

I have over 8 years of experience in the personal training industry and have an extensive background in health and fitness, along with a passion for all sports, having played semi-professional rugby both in Australia and overseas. I am able to train a variety of age groups and can scale sessions as needed, anywhere from heavy resistance to bodyweight workouts.

You can find me at Aspire Group, based out of our City Beach and Osborne Park facilities. When I’m not working, you can find me at the gym doing my own workouts, making a new travel plan/on holidays or attempting to learn a new sport.

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