Platinum99 Pty Ltd

Platinum99 Pty Ltd


On behalf of Inara Biryani & Co. we would like to thank Praveen the founder of Platinum 99 for an outstanding job! We were extremely happy with all aspects of the project. Some key highlights:

- They treated our business as if it were their own, this is a rare quality which sets them apart from any other.
- Their level of heart, commitment, dedication and attention to every aspect of the project is truly like none other.
- What we got out of the project was so much more than what we signed up for. What really stood out is the extent they went to deliver a fully personalized experience beyond the creative process.
- They are experts at business development and branding: they gave us really helpful advice in understanding our own business better, cleared our own confusion, helped us formulate a strong brand identity, helped us understand our target market and how to communicate with them. As a new and growing business, this gave us confidence and the foundational tools to help us achieve our targets and short & long-term goals.
- They are experts at social media marketing, with sound knowledge of all social platforms. They even went so far as to teach us how to put together a strong social media plan and how to acquire customers in a clever way.
- They are an extremely talented and creative team who wowed us every time with each draft. They took our vision and brought it to life, and made it better than what we envisioned
- What a dream team to work with, they are wonderful people and made the entire process a lot of fun
- They were always there to answer any question we had at any time always assuring us each step of the way.

We will definitely work with P99 again and can’t recommend them enough, thanks again P99.

Platinum 99 Pty offers professional design services in Western Australia - Branding and Website Desi We are a team of designers based in Perth.

We do Website design, Branding, Logo design, packaging design. We are committed to creating meaningful design solutions to help small businesses breakthrough all the noise in the online world. We will work with you to discuss, brainstorm, and create the ideas you have and bring them to life. We will be able to help you with your brand strategy, messaging and visuals. Don't worry; we will not waste

Operating as usual

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Introducing G A Y A. ❤️

A cultural and sustainable fashion brand with a modern and timeless design.

It’s been a while since we did a passion project and we decided to create one for the fashion industry that reflects our brand values - Embracing inclusivity.

Through GAYA, we infused traditional Indonesian design into modern pieces.

What do you think? Would you shop at Gaya? Let me know in the comments below! 😍


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Hey Friends! 👋

I've had way too many calls last week talking to business owners who think they need new branding because they are struggling to make sales on their website.

This makes me really sad, because sometimes, all you really need is to tweak a few things that may not be working.

So, if you’ve been having trouble converting your website visitors into customers, try adding in these four things mentioned above! ❤️

Which tip are you going to implement today? 😍



You do not need to give a sh*t about your competitors. Really.

I don't. ⁠⁠💁‍♀️

I had a phone call yesterday from someone who also wants to become a brand strategist. 📞

The old me would have (Freaked out!!!!) and maybe…

Dodged the call. 😥

I might answer the call but make it seem like a total waste of time.

Or answer the call but give her half-assed answers.

(Embarrassing to say , but this may have been me.)

Over time, what I have come to realise is that:

1. There's more than enough room for everyone to do their thing! (There’s abundance baby! 😇) Instead of trying to compete with others in your industry or take them down, collaborations can have AH-MAZING results. 🤝Like @thesocialista @thesocialimpactco. 🙌🏼


2. It's more valuable to focus on what I’m doing than what anyone else is doing. ❤️ Firstly, we’re all on very different stages of our journey, which makes no sense at all to compare. And Secondly, comparison is exhausting!

🥵 How are you going to be a brand leader and make a difference in the world with your magic if you keep looking at another person?

3. This should have gone on number 1, because I have truly realised the uniqueness of me and biz through my own brand strategy. So, I say it again, and louder for the ones in the back “Everyone’s strategy is DIFFERENT!”⁠ 😍 😎

So, If you’ve been thinking “why do I need to care about my competitors?” You DON’T!⁠

(Actually, I would do it for research purposes just so that you do not sound or look like them).

How do you feel? I'd love to know in the comments⁠!!! 😊



Are you putting all your energy and time into growing your new business? 🙌🏼

Posting a lot on your social platforms? Downloading, reading and youtubing through the free content you get your hands on? Creating marketing material that POPS to grab more attention?

Whatever it is, I want to know: all this effort- is it getting you that BIG growth?

Here's the truth: Relying on free content, posting consistently and creating bold marketing material will not get you anywhere without a CLEAR plan. ❤️

This is where you need a brand strategy. In 4 weeks you will have the confidence and clarity to:

1️⃣ Share your work with the world in a way that feels good to you, no more mindless posting or posting everywhere. ❤️
2️⃣ Build a brand that attracts your ideal clients regularly, you can say no to clients who do not vibe with you. 💃🏻

3️⃣ Create marketing material that will convert so that you don’t waste more $$$$.

4️⃣ And you will have me on your side the whole way! 😍
Every strategy is *completely* different with a solution just for YOU! 👊🏽

So, what do you think? Shall we breathe life into your brand so that you can have the clarity and direction to achieve your big brand goals? 😍


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The most important factor in getting people to buy from you...


its SO easy to just start an online biz, so the key here is .. T R U S T!

How might you bring about this “trust” thing is through your online platforms. 👇🏼

🙌🏼 A High Converting Website
🙌🏼 Strong socials
🙌🏼 Email marketing
🙌🏼 Simple marketing plan (organic, paid earned)

These are all part of building brand trust because it allows..
❤️ People to get to know you. From there, it…

Increases incidental exposure to your brand (people will typically see a brand 20 times before they purchase).

It’s also where most people are so it provides you with an opportunity to access your audience.

When all platforms are consistent, in alignment, and show that you are competent for the service/ products you sell, everything will begin to start falling into place. ❤️

And lastly, sprinkle excellent customer service all over!🙌🏼

Customer service from the point of consideration to the end of when the service is completed. And maintain relationships even after the sale is complete!

Trust me, this trust thing takes a while to build, just stay true to your values for you to reap the benefits over time. 😊

DM for a free brand audit to go through your “trust” points so that you can bring more leads! 🙌🏼



Do your ideal clients turn into paying customers? 🤔

If they haven’t, It’s probably because you haven’t “spoken” to them.

Fix it with a BRAND STORY! 👊🏽

A good brand story makes me want to follow the '*and now, read on*'.

Actually, the 'brand' part of it doesn't really matter.

Good story-telling will draw people in, even with the most banal plot, so take tips from great fiction writers as well as brand strategists and copywriters.

If Netflix commissioned shows that read like most 'about us' pages, they wouldn't be in the content creation business anymore.

To apply this concept to your brand story! Here it is 👇🏼

1. Hero (client) realises he has a slight issue.

2. Issue begins to get worse.

3. Comes across a guide (your business) who helps him/her.

4. Hero(client) takes the guides(your business) help and experiences a huge transformation

5. And because of the guide (your biz), they (your client) becomes the hero. 🦸‍♀️

For an easy to understand example: Check out this particular ad by Google:

Youtube: An Octopus Story 🐙

Don’t forget to SAVE 📌 this post so you can refer back to the formula later!!



I've always believed that success is not achieved alone but by a team.

❤️ I want you to slay in your branding and stand out.

❤️ I want to deliver a quality brand that feels aligned and bring you sales.

❤️ I want to empower YOU and your business.

❤️ I want to help you create change and impact your community.

Your success is my success. This is my mission. I want to be here for you throughout your business journey, not just the beginning and leave you there.

However, my mission won’t mean anything unless you make it yours as well.


When you believe that you want success, you will see CRAZY RESULTS. Maybe not straight away, but your success will be inevitable.

If you are looking for a brand strategist that is fun, inclusive and rides along with you in the journey for change💃🏻, say "Hey" in my DMs and we can chat about any business or branding struggles that you need to work on! 😍


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I get asked “Cant we just do design???” 🌈

You’d probably expect me to agree and give you what you want.

But my priority is to guide you towards better solutions for your business.

This document (brand strategy) has been the ONE document that has saved companies a lot of Time, Money and Energy.

How does this happen, you ask?

1) TIME ⏰

Having a brand strategy means you have a clear roadmap of how your brand should behave to get the results that you want. You’ll be able to make decisions faster in terms of your marketing and sales techniques! 🙌🏼


You will know what to spend on next, and EVERYONE that you hire (copywriters, web developers, photographers, marketers) know what the goal or aim of the company is! No mistakes of trying different things , no wasting money!

3) ENERGY ⚡️

Instead of spending days, weeks, and months, just trying to DIY and figure out the best colours that fit your taste and at the same time, resonates with your audience- having a brand strategy will guide you to make an informed decision on every element of your brand!

And yes, design is just as important in building a strong and memorable brand, BUT the only way design will be able to work for you is if the groundwork is done. 😍

So I want to ask, have you worked on your groundwork first before designing ? ❤️


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