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Hand crafted leather based Necklaces and Bracelets with adjustable sliding-knot system.


Hi all, just a quick last minute post to remind you that we have another Kalamunda Market tomorrow. Quite a few new designs on offer including our new range of ankle bracelets. Also a heads-up that we will not be attending the March markets, so for those who can't get there tomorrow, we'll see you in April. Thanks everyone, Cheers, Carol and Roger.

Photos from Roca Beadware's post 19/01/2017

Hi everyone, just thought I'd put up some photos of some of our Ankle Bracelets. These are all fully adjustable of course, (using our sliding knot system) and work in exactly the same way as our Necklaces and Pendants. If anyone is interested in grabbing one, just give us a hoy: [email protected] or call us on 0412 422 057. We accept Paypal and the postage costs are quite reasonable as most of our products are quite light-weight. Better still, if you can make it to the Kalamunda Craft Markets on Saturday Feb 4th Feb, we can show you the whole range. Cheers, Carol and Roger.


Hi everyone,
Well it's the big one tomorrow at Kalamunda Markets. Should be a packed day with lots of hand made products on show. We've gone silly and reduced some of our necklaces and pendants to $5. Look for the stand marked "Christmas Specials". This is a one-day-only offer so be quick. Last month we had some requests for some more of our Barrel Knot Drop Pendants, so we've put some new styles and colour combinations together. We also had a big run on ankle bracelets so we've stocked up there as well; and while we're on the subject of bracelets, we have a pretty good selection of Stainless Steel Bracelets. These are 18/8 quality stainless steel with silicone straps, so fully shower proof - suits men and women, plus, we still have a good selection of hand made recycled paper and recycled Powder Glass beads. Anyway, hope to see you there, Cheers, Carol and Roger.

Photos from Roca Beadware's post 01/07/2016

It's NOT going to rain apparently at Kalamunda tomorrow - That makes a change; we'll just freeze to death instead, so I'll be wearing the Thermals setting up the stall at 6.30am. Hope you can make it as we have a few new designs. We've also made some drop-leaf Ankle Bracelets you might like, so rug-up and come along and see us.
Cheers, Carol and Roger.


Hi everyone, sorry it's late, but just a quick reminder that there's a Kalamunda Market tomorrow. The weather has not been kind to us over the last 2 months and we are told that there is a chance of a shower early tomorrow morning. We'll be there as usual, so please stop by for a quick look at our latest creations. Also, look out for our $10 Winter Specials - we'll also give you 10% off other items if you mention that you read this Facebook post.
Cheers, Carol and Roger


Hi everyone, just a quick heads-up on Kalamunda Markets tomorrow. We're bracing ourselves for an early morning soaking, but hopefully it will stay dry enough for a few hours trading. We missed last month as we were travelling, but we now have a number of new pendant designs to show you and with Mother's Day coming up we might just have what you're looking for. Hope to see you there.
Best Regards,
Carol and Roger.


Hi all, we're rushing back from Esperance tomorrow for the Kalamunda Market, so an early start two days in a row. Our interchangeable Snap Buttons were a great success down here, as were our men's necklaces. Anyway, hope to see you there. Cheers, Carol and Roger.

Timeline photos 18/02/2016

We're still a couple of weeks away from the next Kalamunda Market (March 5th) but we thought we'd give you the heads-up on some Men's Chokers that we recently put together. Although it is widely accepted that a large percentage of our designs might be suited to the ladies, we do have quite a few designs that can easily be worn by men. Our African Beaded Necklaces/Chokers in particular, are quite chunky and we have some very nice Leather and Stainless Steel Bracelets that can easily be worn by both men and women. Anyway, here's a close-up photo of one of our short Chokers using Hand Made, Hand Painted African beads. We're adding new designs all the time so by the time we get to Kalamunda we should have a good mix.
Cheers, Carol and Roger.


Hi everyone, Kalamunda again this Saturday. As mentioned on our previous post, our Chunk bracelets were so popular we sold out, but we have now received new materials and have put together a good selection for you. Previously we were using PU Leather; this time we have them in pure leather and in a range of colours. We have also added matching Chunk Rings and Chunk Pendants. The Snap buttons are the same size for all, so completely interchangeable. For those that like Paua Shell, we have some very nice Pendants to match the adjustable Paua Rings. There are still a few of the Indonesian beads left and it looks like it might be a while before we can get more of them, so be quick if you like this style of bead. The weather looks good, a little warm at 36 degrees but better than rain as per the last two months. Hope you can get along to see us.
Cheers, Roger and Carol

P.S. A number of people have asked us if we can put their own pendants onto leather cord. We're happy to do this and usually we charge around $10 to cover the cost of the leather and to tie the knots for you.


Happy New Year everyone and sorry for this late post. December was busy for us and as well as the Kalamunda markets, we also spent a couple of weeks in Esperance where we had our stall at their Christmas Pageant. Now we're back in action with Kalamunda again tomorrow; time flies when you're having fun. We had quite a bit of interest in our new Indonesian beads and only have a few left. Also, our Chunk Bracelets were very popular, so much so, that we have completely sold out. We've ordered more materials and will have a good selection put together for the February market. For those of you who like adjustable bracelets, we have mum and daughter matching ankle bracelets. The children's ankle bracelets also double up as adult wrist bracelets. There's also a few January "Specials" on our reduced-price rack, so come and have a look round.
Cheers, see you tomorrow hopefully.
p.s. One of our customers asked if we would do a home demonstration for them and we are wondering whether anybody else would be interested. The host would receive 10% of total sales from the event to spend on Roca products. Look forward to your feedback.


Hi everyone,
Well, tomorrow's the big day at Kalamunda and your last chance to grab some hand crafted goodies for Christmas. We've put together some exciting new pieces for you, including a new range of necklaces featuring hand made Indonesian beads which we acquired on our travels. The colours are outstanding, from deep earthy ochre through to pink and purple and represent some of the best glass beads we have worked with.They're limited in numbers as we have used our entire supply, so when they're gone they're gone. For those of you who may be interested in fresh water pearls, we've put together a few dainty little bracelets with magnetic clasps. These are a departure from our established sliding knot system so we're testing the water so to speak. If they prove to be popular we may do more of them. The weather forecast does not look too good at the moment, but I hope you can make it - bring a brolly.
One last thing I should mention; we take pride in the work we do and spend a lot of time crafting our jewellery items. We also work hard to ensure that we source the best quality materials. We believe that we provide good value for money, so we were very disappointed when we discovered that $48 worth of our stock was stolen at Kalamunda last month. We get very busy in December so if any of you happen to see anything suspicious please let us know. We'll be keeping our BEADY eyes open. Beady, get it? Well I thought it was funny.
Cheers, Roger and Carol


Just a last minute reminder to everyone that it's Kalamunda Market day tomorrow and it should be huge, (November and December being the busiest months of the year for stallholders).This month we've added a couple of new Gemstone Pendants to the range: Turquoise Oval Pendants and some Natural Agate Druzy Pendants. These are Cadmium, Lead and Nickel free. We've put the Agate ones on 3mm leather with a stainless steel magnetic clasp, mainly because of the weight; they're substantial pieces and really look the part. Speaking of stainless steel, we've also put together some new bracelets (for men and women) with durable Silicone straps. There are two types: one has a slim curved shape, sporting a snake pattern and the other is slightly more chunky. They're easy to put on too, unlike some bracelets with can be awkward. Men have the most trouble with this sort of thing ha ha.
Anyway, hope to see you there. Cheers, Roger and Carol.


Well, another month has come around super quick and we're off to Kalamunda Markets in the morning - 4.30am (sympathy please). A possible early morning shower is forecast but hopefully we should be ok. We've been busy with our recycled paper beads and while our main focus is producing "Adjustable" items (with the almost famous Roca sliding knot system) we have had a few requests for some pieces with conventional fasteners, especially since we posted the photo below from last month. As a result we made a few more, again using the 3mm leather and the stainless steel magnetic lock fastener. We've also made a few bracelets in the same style, so it will be interesting to get your reaction. As always, we have our African Recycled Powder Glass range, Lampwork Glass and Metallic Chokers (sounds painful doesn't it?) We've also put together some new colours in our 2-piece Drop Pendants. All in all, a reasonable selection of ideas that we hope you'll find of interest, and seeing as we hate waste, we've saved all our leather off-cuts and made some cheeky little leather rings which you can have for the knock-down price of $3 each and if you spend $20 or more, we'll chuck one in for nothing - God we're generous.
See you tomorrow.
Cheers, Carol and Roger

Timeline photos 29/07/2015

SOME VERY EXCITING NEWS: (well, we're excited anyway) We are pleased to announce that we now have our own range of Hand Made Recycled Paper beads, proudly made here in Western Australia. These beads are absolutely striking, with vibrant colours across the whole spectrum; totally hand made from paper and card of varying thicknesses and finished with 4 coats of varnish. We've attached a photo of a necklace we made yesterday. In this instance we have used a 3mm solid leather cord with an 18/8 quality Stainless Steel Magnetic Clasp. We've put together many more, most of which are adjustable using our special sliding knot system. We are still of course continuing our support of those less fortunate than ourselves, with the sale of our Ugandan recycled paper beads and although supplies of these are somewhat unpredictable, we do our best to always have some on show. As always we have a large range of necklaces made from Hand Made Recycled Powder Glass (from Ghana). Now, for the last 2 months we have said the weather is going to be good at Kalamunda and then it has rained, so this time, well, fingers crossed. Hope you can make it.
Cheers, Carol and Roger.


Hi all, well another month has come around and we are heading up to Kalamunda Village Markets with some new designs for you to look at. We've had quite a few positive comments on the new 2-piece Drop Pendants (as below) and we have now added some variations on the theme. However, if you would like something made using a different combination to what's on offer, we're happy to make it for you wherever possible and subject to availability of course. Our new men's/women's Bracelets have proved to be quite successful and we have a few still available. As mentioned on our Post last month, these have been made slightly shorter than some of our other bracelets. This was as a result of some feed-back from a number of ladies who liked them very much but couldn't wear them because they were too large for their wrist. I guess we're going to be in trouble now if a lot of big-wristed men turn up. Oh well, you can only try. Always happy to have your comments and design suggestions. Hopefully see you Saturday and this time you shouldn't need your umbrella!?
Cheers, Carol and Roger

Wood Beads 11/06/2015

Beaded Drop Pendant using two strands of leather.

Photos from Roca Beadware's post 11/06/2015

Thought we'd put up a few photos of our Ugandan Recycled Paper Beads for you to look at, plus a new style Wood Bead Drop-Pendant. Any feed-back would be welcome.
Cheers, Roger and Carol.


Hi everyone, yes it's Kalamunda time again and apart from an early shower, it looks like we should have a reasonable day. We've been putting lots of new designs together and since we've had such a good response to our new wooden pendants we've been even more adventurous. They do take a little longer to make as we use two separate pieces of leather with barrel knots. They're quite different from anything else we do and we're very pleased that they have been so well received. All have our adjustable knots of course and very reasonably priced, so there's no excuse. We've also put together some new leather bracelets for men and women; slightly shorter than usual for this style of bracelet and will suit those with a smaller wrist. Anyway, come down and have a chat, we love talking beads. We'll try and upload some photos soon, we've been a bit slack in that department, but the best way to appreciate our pieces is to get hold of them and test them out. See you Saturday.......?
Cheers, Carol and Roger


Hi everyone, well the weather is looking good for Kalamunda tomorrow, so hope you can come up and see us. If you're looking for something for Mother's Day, we have some interesting new designs in our Wood Bead category using Barrel knots. If you like drop pendants and you want something a bit quirky, these definitely fit the bill. We also have a new selection of Snap Buttons for our Chunk Bracelets and as always, a huge selection of necklaces using hand made African beads. We also have a large selection of scarves with matching beaded scarf rings, so there's another Mother's Day gift idea. Drop past and have a chat, we're always happy to talk beads. Cheers, Carol and Roger.


Hi everyone, Happy Easter. Hope you will be able to get up to Kalamunda Markets tomorrow and have a look at some of our new creations. We've managed to source a few more recycled paper beads so we can now offer some new designs. Our Ankle Bracelets are proving to be very popular and we've had some requests for special orders. We're always happy to accommodate as long as the beads are available, so if you see beads on our stall that you like, we're happy to mix and match to suit your needs. We may even be able to make the item while you go for a coffee, depending on how busy we get. One other thing, our daughter (in Esperance) has taken some very interesting photos which she has put on canvas; we'll bring a couple of them up with us; all offers welcome. Hope to see you there, all the best, Carol and Roger.


Greetings bead lovers. Well, it's not often that we miss a Kalamunda Market, but on this occasion we'll have to. Our daughter has just given birth to our first grandson and we will be spending a few days with her and the family .They live in Esperance, so as you can imagine, getting back by Saturday will not be possible. If any of you were coming up to Kalamunda to specifically see us, we apologise, but at least this way we can save you a wasted journey. However, if any of you have special requirements or need assistance in any way, please contact us on 0412 422 057 or email us at [email protected] and we'll make arrangements to get the items to you. Once again, sorry for the inconvenience and hopefully we'll see some of you at Kalamunda in April.
Cheers, Carol and Roger


Hi everyone, well another big weekend coming up, with Kalamunda Market on Saturday 7th and we are also at Mundaring Market on Sunday 8th. Not much sleep over the next few days with 4.30 am starts on both occasions. We've been busy creating over the past few weeks and have a number of new items to show you. We've received a number of requests for Ankle Bracelets. Up to now we've only made plain leather Ankle Bracelets, but once we got started we soon developed a whole new beaded range; fully adjustable of course and we would be interested to get your feedback. We've also put together a new selection of Snap Buttons for our chunk Bracelets. These proved to be very popular last month and you now have many more mix-and-match options.
A number of people showed interest in our Beaded Scarf Rings and we now have a selection of Scarf and matching Ring sets on offer.
Look forward to seeing you all over the weekend, weather looks good.
Cheers, Roger and Carol
p.s. We are happy to accommodate special orders, just give us a call on 0412 422 057


Sorry, I thought I'd just get the "plug" in before we start .........

Happy New Year to you all and Carol and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers and indeed everyone who has shown such a great interest in our creations. We are always looking to be as innovative as possible and do our best to be just that little bit different from our competitors. January holds some exciting prospects with the addition of some hard-to-come-by beads, most of which are completely hand made. We source hand made beads from all over the world and work exclusively with suppliers who operate under the "Fair Trade" system, which helps to protect poor communities who create these superb beads. Our "Chunk Bracelets" proved to be very popular, but we still have a few left so if you can get to us early on Saturday you'll get the best choice. Thanks again everyone, for your support and best wishes for 2015.
Cheers, Roger and Carol


Well it's coming up again, THE BIG ONE, Kalamunda Christmas Markets on Saturday 6th December. We've been crafting heaps of new designs for our necklaces and bracelets, including new "Chunk Bracelets" with interchangeable Snap Buttons to suit your mood and clothing. We've also introduced beaded scarf rings which are available separately or with a matching scarf as a set. We have also managed to obtain some more African Krobo Beads. These are fairly hard-to-come-by beads; entirely hand made and most are also hand painted. We also have our Ugandan beads on show, as described in our previous post below. These are exceptional beads created from recycled paper - light as a feather, yet incredibly strong. As always, the majority of our pieces are adjustable, using our special knot and on pure leather cord. Once again, if you can't make it on the day and your interested in any of our products, give us a call on 0412 422 057 or email us at [email protected]

Photos from Roca Beadware's post 10/10/2014

Just a quick last minute reminder that we are at the Dardanup "Bull and Barrel Festival" this weekend (Saturday 11th October). This is a magnificent event held in Dardanup, south east of Bunbury. We have been very fortunate to have acquired some beautiful hand crafted beads from Uganda and we will be showcasing them at the event. These exceptional beads are made from recycled paper i.e. pages from magazines and newspapers. Strips are carefully wound into shape and then varnished, sealing in all the original colours from the printed copy. If you are not able to make the event but are interested in these beads, or any of our other pieces, give us a call on 0412 422 057 or email us at rocabeadwar[email protected]

Timeline photos 30/09/2014

Just thought I'd put up a photo of a necklace made from some of our hand made African Krobo beads and on our newly arrived green leather cord. Just by way of interest, these beads are made from recycled powder glass. The powder is placed in a clay mould and then baked in a kiln. When cooled, they are removed from the mould and painted by hand using some of the dye from the glass. The beads are then rubbed in sand to polish them. We will have them on show at the next Kalamunda on Saturday 4th October. See you there.


Hi there bead brigade, just to let you know that we have another Kalamunda Market on Saturday 6th September. Weather not looking too good at the moment, but the show goes on. We have some interesting new glass bead Necklaces this month. These are new designs and newly arrived beads.Hopefully we won't get washed out. As always we have a few specials on offer and if you buy 2 or more items we'll knock 10% off. But wait, there's more -mention that you saw this post on Facebook we'll give you a further discount. Don't forget to bring your brolly. Hooroo, Roger and Carol.


Hi all, just to let you know that we have been given a spot at the Quinns Baptist College Fete, so we're heading off in the morning. The event is open from 10am until 2pm and we will be showcasing our new Coconut Pendant/Glasses holders. Also we have some newly arrived African trade beads from which we have created stylish necklaces. Look out for our specials and mention you saw it on Facebook and we'll give you a further discount.
Hooroo, Roger andCarol


Hi Beadsters, another update: we are now able to accept payment by Visa and Mastercard, so no need to go searching for an ATM anymore. See you at Kalamunda ....... Look out for our specials.
Cheers, Roger and Carol.


Hi Beadsters, don't forget that we have another Kalamunda Market coming up on the 2nd of August. We now have a new range of stylish Hematite Pendants which double up as holders for your sunnies or glasses and of course, as always they're adjustable, using our special sliding knot system.We've also managed to acquire some really nice African beads, so a few new necklaces on offer. Hope to see you there. Cheers, Roger and Carol.

African Glass Beads 08/07/2014

Hand Made, Hand Painted Beads on Black Leather Cord, with our special sliding knots.

African Glass Beads 08/07/2014

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