Joanna Littlewood-Johnson - Pole Artist

Joanna Littlewood-Johnson - Pole Artist

Professional Pole Artist; 3x International Pole Champion; 3 x Australian Pole Champion, Australia? I'm a professional pole performer, qualified instructor and judge and a Professional Pilates practitioner and proudly still working on the national and international stage at the age of 51.

I perform regularly around Perth and have competed and placed in many national and international pole competitions. I'm the Director and head teacher and coach at my beautiful studio Core Fusion Pilates & Pole in Perth, Western Australia
Follow me on Instagram @joannalittlewoodjohnson

- Pole Artist at Cabaret de Paris, Crown Theatre , Perth
- WINNER - Pole Championship Series, Arnold Classic
- WINNER IPC Masters Pole Fit Champion International Pole Championships
- WINNER - Pole Theatre Professional Pole Drama
- 2nd Runner Up Pole Championship Series, Arnold Classic
- Finalist - Felix Cane Pole Championships
- Pole Artist at Infamous the Show
- WINNER IPC Ultimate Masters Champion International Pole Championships
- 2nd Runner Up Aerial AllStars Pole Art
- 2nd Runner Up in Australian Pole Championships
- 4th Place Pole & Aerial AllStars
- WINNER IPC Ultimate Champion - Masters - International Pole Championships
- WINNER Australian Pole championships
- Australia's Got Talent Finalist
- 2nd Place Australian Pole Fitness Championships
- 2nd Runner Up in Australian Pole Championships
- Grand Finalist (Top 10) in World Pole Sports Championships, London
- 2nd Place Australian Pole Fitness Championships
- WINNER Miss Pole Dance WA
- Miss Pole Dance Australia Finalist
- Winner Voodoo Amateur Pole Comp.WA
- 2nd runner up Miss Pole Dance WA

- Australian tour of Joseph And The Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat-1992
- WA Ballet company-1989

Operating as usual


First attempt at holding my foot in a satellite.. I love and usually do and a flat split line so this was fun to play with. .
Slide show is some Screenshots from today’s quick Good Friday play after my morning classes ... mixed it up with my 9inch pleaser boots and a silver top and smashed out a few cool freestyles then home for hotcross buns!

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Oh I distinctly remember the first time I attempted this on my other side! (& @ellsiiexx and Amanda in stitches 😂)
I’m happy to report that I’ve worked out the secret to doing it on the other side with no pain on my poor thigh! 😉

All the fancy tricks are very nice but can you get in and out with control? Can you put them in a combination? Do you know your grip points? Your head position? What forces are in play? And can you replicate that on the other side?!!!!
And also... are you sure you’re ready for it?
If you teach moves, do you understand all those points and can you see if people are not doing them properly?

In my advanced class this week we went over basic shoulder positioning for spins and good old leg switches, picking up and correcting quite a few things, and different on each person. This is what I love about teaching and have a special passion for..... finding those little gems.

#pdallegra #trainbothsides

@corepoletraining @corefusion_pilates_pole #corepole #corepoletraining #jljpole


Just a quick little static play from yesterday....
The humidity and my @dewpointproducts made for super stickiness on my favourite @xpole

(sped up x 1.2)

Wearing @ambr.designs

@xpole_australia @corefusion_pilates_pole @perthpilatespole @corepoletraining #corefusionpolestudio #pdflyingk #poleflow #staticpole #pdlayback #pdstraightleglayback #pdstaticpole #xpolelife #xpole #xpoleaustralia


Happy Sunday ...

Photos thanks to @jlorenzophotographer at @corefusion_pilates_pole
Outfit @creativebikinis

©2021 JLMillerPhotography

#polephotoshoot #polephotography #polephoto #51yearsyoung #poledancerover50 #pdkneehold #fitover50women #pdchinesekneehold #pdtulip #pdbackspin #backmuscles #shoulderstrength #corestrength
#pdiguanavariation #polepose #poleposes #poleshapes #poletransition #poleart #poleartist
#masterpoler #jljpole @ Core Fusion Pilates & Pole Studio - Perth


Recapping today’s advanced combo (well, with my own little ads on at the end) after 4 hours of classes.
It’s been a long week as I’ve been working till after midnight most days and up at 6-6:30am but a morning of classes and my beautiful students invigorate me so much.

I always have grand plans for my advanced combos and very often we don’t get through it all but it’s fun to work on new challenges for them all and it means we can recap it again and there is more to play with next week or another time. ... yay!!
I will never run out of things to teach.. and I love working on and discovering new entries and transitions.

Wearing @ambr.designs cute and very flattering pants

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#pdbackspin #polesplits #jljpole @corefusion_pilates_pole @corepoletraining @perthpilatespole #corefusionpolestudio #perthpolestudio


Just sort of fell into this tricky little transition to brass monkey today (with control of course! And a variation on a transition I’ve taught before ... )

Give it a go and tag me!!

Ps. How awesome do the lights make my hamstrings and abs look in my @ambr.designs pants!

#pdbrassmonkey #poledancersofinstagram #jljpole #corefusionpolestudio #bodyofa50yearold #cooltransition #pdmarlosplit #hamstrings #abs #muscledefinition #polechallenge #yourturn #prettylights #flatteringlighting #ambrdesigns


First time in ages I’ve had the time and motivation to do a full song freestyle.
I really need to do this more often because it reignites my passion and inspires me to dance more for myself.
My days are so full with running and managing the studio, teaching and lesson planning, trying to be a good mum, wife and housekeeper and another side project on the go that I sometimes feel like I have to force myself to train in the time inbetween but then I do this and It reminds me I need to do it because I love it and it makes me feel so free, happy, strong, beautiful, weightless, worthy and so much more. The magic of pole dancing !

It’s a longish one so yay if you get through the whole thing and thanks for watching!

Sped up x 1.1


Upping the ante from the other day because I felt it didn’t really challenge me
... so going with 1kg on each ankle and boy did it make a difference! Arms, abs, glutes, even heart rate..
It’s so important to remain consistent if you want to build strength but also to add challenges progressively. This applies to pole and other modalities such as Pilates as well ... when you are connecting and performing a movement / exercise well, then you can increase the load or range or challenge your stability, knowing you have a good foundation.


Last time I did these with ankle weights I swore I would never do it again as my abs paid for it the next few days .. so being gentle on myself with only 1/2 kg weights.


Whipping up ideas for my advanced class!
Combining a few of the combos we’ve worked on over the last few weeks and in the past.

Casuals welcome and I always break it down, spot, correct and give individual tips so come and play!!!
Saturday 11:45am / Monday 8:15

Email [email protected] , sms 0466123265 or book online
Core Fusion Pilates & Pole Studio - Perth


Double Devilles!!! So happy both sides are getting more even and comfortable although I’m a little slower getting into the left side..
Using all the tips I give my students (and in my tutorial on @polesphere ) seriously made all the difference!

It’s too easy to just do my preferred side all the time and when I first started pole I never even attempted the other side on anything for many many years.


It's been a full year since I created my online “yours to keep” Pilates classes and to celebrate I'm giving you 50% OFF my Matwork classes and Mega Bundle

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I know there are a lot of online classes around now but I created these to give you not only a huge variety of Pilates exercises you can keep and do over and over but also many of the tips and cues I give to my students. Not quite as good as live classes at Core Fusion Pilates & Pole Studio - Perth but the next best if you can’t make it in person

I’m super proud of all of these classes and know you’re going to get a lot out of them too. And I’m always open to people getting in touch to ask questions about anything they are unsure about.

Get yours now!


Just holding on with one elbow!
Had to revisit this after a request to teach it in one of my private lessons. Lots of repetitions and a nice red arm and I’m ready to teach it.
Teaching is so much more than being able to do a pole trick.. but being able to feel and understand and break it down, including the ins and outs and common faults are invaluable tools. Then to be able to verbalise, cue and correct those things and more is so important and what makes an excellent teacher.


Looking for inspiration so I scrolled back through some of my old posts and found this gem of a Jade variation from about 2 years ago. I had forgotten how tricky it was.
First 3 photos at my new studio, including adding an extended version , 4th is the original from the old place (before I was 50!!!) and final pic “the dismount hang”


Who’s coming to the next LIVE @polesphere Zoom stretch workshop with meee. this Sunday?! 🥳 ⁣

Get splitty as I take you through a 60-MINUTE FRONT SPLIT STRETCH SEQUENCE packed with top-notch flexibility tips and big, juicy stretches to get you bendy! 🤩 🙌⁣

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Let’s get splitty! ✨✨

Non-members, book now! 👇

Photo @vertigo_photography_aus


Gotta love that body on pole sound.. Special extra sound effects from the crows and pigeons walking on my studio roof!!

Last bit of afternoon energy to prep for tonight’s advanced class after being here since 8:30, teaching all morning, then admin and filming 2 class routines.
It’s 5 pm so don’t think I’m going to get home now as I have to be back here again at 5:30 with 3 classes to go... an awesome mix of Pilates fitball, stretch and pole! 💜
Hopefully home for dinner by 10 because pays and bills for hubby’s business need to be done before bed.

#staticpole #pdstatic #pddevilspointshuffle #pdflares #pdironx


This is me... dancing and Poling... feeling and moving ... Definitely far from perfect ... sometimes messy ... sometimes strong .... sometimes small & sometimes large ... sometimes lost... sometimes a little bit awesome..
It’s longish sorry, but I really felt this song on many levels and just wanted to dance to it after one of my Pilates students posted it.

Sped up x 1.1

#pdfreestyle #fixyou #fixme #poledance #polepassion @corefusion_pilates_pole @corepoletraining @pilates_with_joanna @perthpilatespole #corefusionpolestudio #jljpole #polefreestyle


Flipping!!! I have so many favourite pole tricks and styles and love mixing them up .. spins and splits .. flips and static power spins ... static and spin flows and transitions... pole handstands and different Ayeshas.. dancing in heels and barefoot..
There’s just never time to do them all!! So I keep rotating and coming back to them, making sure I can do them and perfect and understand them a little more...
Pole could never ever be boring

#beversatile #allthestyles #halfwayto52 #polelove #alwaysimproving #alwayslearning #polegoals #polemotivation #jljpole #corefusionpolestudio @corefusion_pilates_pole @perthpilatespole @corepoletraining


Pencil spin to Jamilla and hunter press challenge!
I was telling my advanced girls about this cool entry to Jamilla I want to do with them and thought I had better see if I can still do it myself.

Right arm high is so much stronger and check out the true grip iron x Woohoo! 🙌🏻
Swipe for my left arm high .. definitely not as controlled that side but I love what happened after

Show me yours!! Give it a go and tag me. I would love to see what you come up with to finish the combo


And... Janiero!
I haven’t done one for ages so thanks for the reminder Shannon

#pdjaneiro #pdiguana #pdayeasha #pdmeathook #pdmeathookstraddle #pdmeathooksplit #pdiguanastraddle #pdlayback #pdstraightleglayback #pdjaneiroplank #corefusionpolestudioperth #corefusionpolestudio #jljpole


Yesterday I spoke a little about core stability but that doesn’t mean being still! What?!! Stability is dynamic and is about supporting your joints, including your spine and pelvis so you can MOVE!!
Being able to move your pelvis and scapula and articulate your spine are super important.
You want your WHOLE spine to be mobile and ‘fluid’ and your shoulder blades to move on your ribs when your arms move ..yes move! Knowing and training the muscles to support and stabilise you will mean you ultimately move better and with less pain and injury, both on and off the pole.

If you’re not sure how to do that it’s worth finding yourself an instructor or coach who can help you like me 🙋‍♀️ at Core Fusion Pilates & Pole Studio - Perth Perth Pilates & Pole - Core Fusion Studios 😉
or take a look at Pilates with Joanna for some shoulder and Pilates classes you can download or check out PoleSphere for lots of tutorials including some of my band and Pilates work


Pilates breathing for the win! Testing out my mask cardio with some short dynamic static combos of basic power spins, jumps and flips.

After extra attention to the way we were breathing in my Pilates class this morning I used that as my focus for these little bursts of energy and it felt almost as if the mask wasn’t there! (although I keep feeling like I have my glasses on because I feel things on my nose and ears! 🤓)

Mask or not, do you know how to breathe well? Can you apply that to when you move ... to when you exercise / dance / run, walk the dog? Breathing can help center, connect and calm your mind and body and assist with movement and stability in so many ways.

#pdphoenix #pdragdoll #pdragdollspin #pdthreadthrough #pdstaticspin #staticpolecombo #staticpolespins #staticpowerspin #pdbutterflyflip #pdjamillaflip #poleinpants #polejumps #polephoenix #jljpole #fitover50 #fitforanyage #poledancersofinstagram #poledancerover50 #poledancemotivation #nothingcanstopme #perthpoledancers #corefusionpolestudio @corefusion_pilates_pole


Different entries and different exits.
Which do you like best?

2 variations of a static combo I started working on with my advanced girls today.

I thought we would stick with low flows and not too much cardio as we get accustomed to our masks and everyone did amazingly.

Entry 1 from my first Arnold PCS routine (3rd place) and wearing Lucky Layne cute pants
2nd - helix invert into Ayesha ... added the butterfly for an easier transition
I did a floor jamilla in my Pole theatre show .. tricky one to balance!


Super excited for this!!

Posted @withregram • Finally managed to tie this LEGEND down, she’ll be going live with me tomorrow!!!

Get your questions in for her quick, we’ll be discussing Pole and Pilates, getting older and poling, not that you would guess and anything else you would like to find out!

Woohhoooo set your alarms 🚨

#polates #pilatesforpolers #poleover50 #pilatesissexy #poleandpilates #pilatesforeverybody #polequeen #poleboss #askthepoleexpert


Oh! And happy #worldtutuday
Circa 1979 ... 😱


Nothing new ... just some of my favourite splits on a super spinny pole.... flashback to when I was training in between real live classes with real live people. How can that be less than a week ago?!
🙏 Praying to the pole gods that I can be back at the studio with my beautiful students and teachers
from Saturday 🤞
(Sped up x 1.1)


Suspension trainer workout and stretch for the first of hopefully only 5 days of lockdown 🤞

(Sped up x4)

I’m running online classes this week so you can join me on zoom for pole, Pilates, barre, stretch & conditioning.
Some morning as well as evening classes so one or two might suit you if you’re not in Perth too!!

Timetable in my stories and at Core Fusion Pilates & Pole Studio - Perth


Super happy with getting my cup grip dead lift on my other side so an extra post for today 🤩 go to the end to see my “good” side ‘cause I’m proud of that too.
I was working on these in my zoom to the US with my gorgeous and very talented friend @wickedred1792 last night and decided to put my own teaching tips into practice (duh!) and voila! My cues and tips really work!
Now to tidy it up so it’s as good as the other side *listen with sound 😝

#workinprogress #alwayslearning #alwaysimproving #polestrong #polefitnation #poledancer #pddeadlift #thissh*tishard #trainsmart #techniquematters #muscleengagement #musclerecruitment #pdcupgripdeadlift #pdcupgripironx #proudofmyself #selfcoaching #practicewhatipreach


Finally tried the dragontail fang... I’m not bendy by any means so end up a little sideways and in an almost janeiro variation 😝

Little double #pddragontailfang with Elyse after a super fun public holiday training session with Elyse Lisa and Heather (joining us on zoom) today

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