Avalon Moon - Healing and Divination

Reiki healing and tarot/oracle divination Reiki is an alternative healing system that is effective in person and over vast distances. I work with a unique combination of Reiki, chakra energies, crystals, colours, and intuitive techniques to provide healing on the physical, mental, emotional, etheric, and energetic levels.

I canalso provide insight into your past present and future using a number of different divination methods.

Operating as usual


Here they are for November - I hope your choice provides some inspiration for the next few weeks.

Left: The Queen - friendship. It’s time to reach out to your allies, and not just for their support. Someone close to you may be needing a friend right now, and it’s your turn to be the listening ear. Lean into your relationships!

Centre: The Stag - leadership. Look out for an inspiring leader! Someone who will take you with them on an upwards journey. There may be some rocky paths, but a true leader will always know the way.

Right: Death - cycles. Surrender what you no longer need at this time, to make room for bigger and better things. Don’t be sad, but rejoice in the memories you’ve made and the new things to come!


It’s that time again... 2019 is almost at an end - can you believe it?! Here are this month’s cards for your random reading (deck is The Wisdom of Avalon). I’d love to hear from you if they bring you some insight )O(


Some powerful cards this month, which makes sense coming into the Beltane/Samhain season. Stay grounded my moon friends !

Left: Queen of Wands - look for support from strong and independent friends this month. Don’t be afraid to take a helping hand along the way, as it will lead to excellent outcomes! Trust in others to buoy your spirits and lift you up during this time.

Centre: Queen of Cups - look for signs and good advise this month to guide you on your way. Trust in the wisdom of your own deep emotions and go where they lead you. Enjoy the blessings of an overflowing cup.

Right: Page of Cups - take the time to reflect on the year so far, and consider carefully your next movements. Many options are available to you, and now is a good time to seek counsel before choosing your path onwards.

Blessings of the season to you all )O(


Hello lovely people! Blessings for the month of October )O(

Here are your random cards, selected from the traditional Rider Waite deck this time. I hope they provide you with some insight 💜


Thank you all for your responses, I hope this month’s cards from the Oracle of the Dragonfae (by Lucy Cavendish) hold something special for you! )O(

Left: The Elder - heed wise counsel. Before rejecting advice that appears contrary to your own wishes or planned path, take a moment to consider and reflect. You might find that it provides some unexpected insight.

Centre: Dragonfae Goddess Tiamet - you are stronger than you think! Don’t let yourself be pushed down or made to feel small this month. You are a warrior, a strong and capable person, in charge of their own destiny. Take charge and move forward!

Right: The Morrighan - take action. Claim your boundaries this month and don’t be pushed into anything that doesn’t fit your plans. Keep faith in your own inner strength and don’t back down.

Blessings for a wonderful, magical month )O(


Hello moon babes! I present your September random reading cards, just in time for the Equinox.... I hope they provide some intuitive guidance in your journey along the Wheel )O(


Here are the lovely August cards from the Secret Language of Colour deck by Inna Segal. A mixed bag this month, but very calming.... I hope your month is productive and happy )O(

Left: Pearl. Breathe in deeply, and strengthen your connection to the divine, whatever you conceive it to be. Remember that you are made from the fabric of the universe, and anything in possible when you recognise your connect to all that is.

Centre: Ruby. Spend this month rejuvenating by remembering to both work and rest. Release any feelings of tiredness and feel new energy suffusing your body.

Right: Yellow. Concentrate on eating well, sleeping soundly, and drinking plenty of water this month. It’s time to focus on your physical wellbeing and take some time out of the rush of life.


And just like that it’s August! Such a lovely month... full of promise!

Here are your random reading cards for the month. I hope they bring you a useful message )O(


And here are the cards! A bit of a colour theme this month... purple is the colour of intuition, so that’s a great reminder to listen to the universe. July’s deck is the Magdalene Oracle by Toni Carmine Salerno. I hope you love it )O(

Left: The Beloved - connect to those in your life through love. Remember that love is timeless, meaning you can also still connect to the love of those who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Let the love fill you and bless you.

Centre: Universal Christ - stand by your choices, as they will lead you to the outcomes you need to experience. Your path will become clear if you trust in your instincts.

Right: The Lovers - view yourself as a lover would. See your best qualities, your most beautiful attributes, your warm softness. Hold that thought and enfold yourself in love.


I’m a little late with the random reading this month - apologies my lovelies! I hope your July is a good one so far )O(


And here they are for June! Quite positive this month, so I hope all of you enjoy the coming moon cycle.

Left: Selene - Intuition. Listen to your inner self and take action based on your core beliefs. This may take some courage, but the outcome will be well worth the effort!

Centre: Hebe - Play. Time to follow your bliss! This month, enjoy the little things in life, for there is no point in living if you have no joy. Take time out from serious pursuits and live for the small moments.

Right: Artemis - Purity. Get back to basics this month, and find some balance in your life. Stop that numbing grind and take some time out to refocus and realign with your intentions.

Blessings to all of you )O(


Hello lovely moon followers.... it’s June already! Here are your cards for this month’s random reading, using the Mythic Oracle deck. Blessings )O(


Here they are, and I mentioned, a real mixed bag. I hope they provide some insight into your month to come.

Blessings )O(

Left: The Prison Waif - self sabotage. It’s time to challenge your beliefs about yourself and your self worth. Notice those niggling, doubting thoughts and banish them! Do the hard work this month and free yourself from at least one negative thought pattern.

Centre: The Hungry Ghosts - obsession. Review your current goals with a view to understanding if you have truly chosen the best course. Those things we are so intent on are not always in our best interests, and another path may produce better results.

Right: The Horse King - assistance. Be on the look out for an ally this month. It’s time time accept help along your way, a companion or helper on your journey. Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth!


The month of May is upon us dear friends! Once again the year seems to be rushing by...
This month’s cards are a real mixed bag - I feel that the energies of Samhain (Southern Hemisphere) had a fair amount of influence here!
Choose with care )O(


Here are your cards for this month (deck: Earth Power oracle by Stacey Demarco). I hope your month is shaping up to be amazing! )O(

Left: Mount Kailash (Tibet). I can be cleansed and start anew.
This month, consider what you would like to leave behind. Take some time to breathe and release these things with gratitude. Now you are ready to begin the next phase!

Centre: Uluru (Australia). Refresh yourself by reaffirming your goals. Ground yourself again and remind yourself of your true power, your abilities, and creativity. Everything you need is within you, right now.

Right: Stepped Pyramid of Saqqara (Egypt). Sometimes change looks like adversity, however, it is simply life moving onwards. All life is eternal, things merely change form or move in a different direction. Accept this change for what it is - an opportunity.

Blessings )O(


Hello my lovelies! Here are your cards for this month’s reading.... you know what to do! )O(


And here are your gorgeous cards for March! I hope they provide some helpful insight into your journey )O(

Left: Fig Tree - Knowledge. Remember that every aspect of the world is in a symbiotic relationship, so what impacts one impacts all in some way. When change occurs, this is life perpetuating itself. Stand strong during this time.

Centre: Eagle - Observation. Take a step back from your situation and view it from a higher perspective. Change your point of view and consider from all angles before making any weighty decisions this month.

Right: Native Bee - Prosperity. When you find something that you love, that makes you happy, that provides you with what you need in life, stick with it! Put your energy into this and you can’t help but receive more in return.


Little bit late with this month’s reading, as I was away last weekend. But of course, I haven’t forgotten you, and I’m so happy to be using this beautiful deck again (Dreamtime Reading Cards by Laura Bowen)!

Looking forward to seeing what this month has in store for you all )O(


February’s deck is The Wildwood Tarot by Mark Ryan and John Matthews. I find this deck very grounding and excellent for introspective divination.

I hope the card you’ve selected provides some useful insight for the coming month. It is also an excellent time to give thanks for the year behind. Blessings wherever you be )O(

Left: Balance - Take some time to think about ridding toxicity from your life. This might include toxic behaviour or thought patterns, toxic relationships, or environmental toxins. Removing some of these obstacles will clear your path to a life of healthy balance.

Centre: King of Vessels (Heron) - A perfect card for the time just after Lammas, Heron reminds us to walk forward with honesty and fairness. Take some time alone to reflect and consider your next steps.

Right: Green Woman - Enjoy and share in life’s bounty this month. Remember that joy and blessings flow through life, and anything you share is bound to come back around to you. Give thanks for all you receive!


Hello lovelies, and a (slightly belated) Lammas to you all! I hope you have all found something to be thankful for this year 💜

Here are your random reading cards for February, you know what to do )O(


Path markers aplenty! I hope this provide some helpful insight into the beginning of your year )O(

Left: Movement - A positive change is in the wind. Something that has been holding you back is about to release and allow a shift for the better. Be open to change and grab hold of opportunities coming your way!

Centre: Death - Now don’t panic! This marker most often relates to a transition or surrender. Don’t be afraid to let go of what no longer serves you... it’s onwards and upwards from here!

Right: Restriction - Contrary to the previous two cards, this one indicates a static position. If you have selected this card, now is not the time to make big changes. Start your year with some downtime and wait for the next wave.

Blessings to you all!


Blessing beautiful friends! I hope 2019 has begun well for you!
I’ve used the Wisdom of Avalon cards for our January random reading, as I find them very useful in providing “path markers” for the road ahead. I hope they provide some useful insight for you too )O(


Fascinating reading this month - I’m very intrigued by this new deck and looking forward to working with it more!

Left - Will (waxing gibbous Moon): Persist in making the changes that will bring you to the state you desire. This time of year it can be easy to give in or wait until next year, but keep going! Push on forward!

Centre - Boundaries (waxing gibbous Moon): Another very important message for this time of the year is to set your boundaries around what is acceptable to you. Say no. Do what makes you happy. Don’t feel obligated. Enjoy this time!

Right - The Void (Dark Moon): Release and relax this month. Let go of any negativity accumulated through this year and allow yourself a fresh start. Take some time for quiet introspection and renewal.

Blessings to all of you, and thank you for participating in my random readings for 2018. I hope they have been helpful, and I look forward to your company next year!



Trying out my new deck this month - the Queen of the Moon Oracle by Stacey DeMarco! Very interesting readings so far with this gorgeous new deck .... what will be your message for December? )O(


Thank you for being so patient for this month’s reading, I hope your chosen card is helpful to you! Some really positive readings this month, I’m feeling that there are changes afoot, but pleasant ones. Blessings )O(

Left: Nine of Pentacles - enjoy the fruits of your labours this month, rather than attempting to extend further. Spend time cultivating the seeds you have planted previously, rather than beginning new projects. It’s a time for caution, rather than risk-taking.

Centre: Six of Pentacles - Share your good fortunes with others this month! Enjoy what you have achieved this year and celebrate your successes with those around you. Perhaps your prosperity will inspire others in their journeys.

Right: The World - if you have been contemplating travel or a change of circumstance (a new job, new house, new relationship) then now is the time to move forward with enthusiasm! Carpe Diem!


I bet you thought I’d forgotten this month’s random reading! Sorry it’s a little late - I’ve been on R&R for a bit.

Here we are then, with the traditional Rider-Waite deck for November )O(


Lots of people seem to be drawn to the centre card this month, and I don’t blame them! Here they are (deck: Goddess Guidance Oracle by Doreen Virtue):

Left: Sulis (Water) - Take the time to meditate and refocus on your goals this month. You may feel like matters have moved out of your sphere of influence. Try taking a high level view of the situation and looking for a different angle.

Centre: Mary Magdalene (Love) - Try not to get bogged down in conflict this month, even with yourself! Take the path of love, forgiveness, and healing, in order to move through and past your current blockage.

Right: Maat (Fairness) - You may need to let go of the specific outcome you envisioned in order to make the most of the situation. Fighting against “losing” may be holding you back from taking the next step. You never know, you may receive something better than your original goal!


October is here! I don’t know about you but I feel like big things are coming...

Here’s hoping the cards have something favourable for you this month. You know what to do!

Blessings )O(


Okay, so who enjoyed our foray into a differing form of divination this month?

Here are the September random readings!

1. Inguz - fertility. This month is a good month to try something new, or start a new venture. Look for relationships that will help you build the concepts you are working towards.

2. Eihwaz - (yew) safety. Remember during this period that you are not alone, and can reach out for help. Don’t struggle in silence, support will be provided upon your call.

3. Laguz - water. Take a moment to think before acting during this time. Emotions may run high, and leaping into action will not serve you well.

4.Berkana - (birch) birth and healing. This is the time to think of others, and move the emphasis away from your own needs. This can be beneficial for short periods in order to gain clarity and cement relationships.

5. Isa - ice. You may experience a blockage this month. Take some time out and resume your goal journey later. Pushing will get you nowhere right now.


Welcome to September moon babies! I hope that the year is working for you so far. For this month’s random reading I thought I would try something a bit different - runes! So this time, instead of left, centre, or right, choose 1 to 5 (1 being the first on the left and five being on the far right).

Blessings )O(


And here are your cards! Three very interesting cards this month - I’m seeing a pattern... I hope they hold a helpful message for you )O(
Deck: The Magdalene Oracle, Toni Carmine Salerno

Left: Transformation - Changes are afoot this month. Don’t be afraid or shy away from the potential for transformation, lean into it and create a new opportunity!

Centre: The Matrix - You may feel overwhelmed or confused by events this month, things may seem to happen without warning. Take a deep breath and expand your thinking, look at the bigger picture. You may find your answer there.

Right: Mythic Reality - If you find yourself stuck this month, try reviewing your core thoughts and beliefs about your situation. It may be time to readjust your thoughts or change your perspective.


Did everyone enjoy their Imbolc/Lammas? August is upon us, and I’m looking forward to the return of the sun (but not too much sun). Here are your random reading cards for the month... you know what to do )O(


Here are your cards for the July random random reading (deck: Mythic Oracle by Blue Angel). I hope this month is a blessed one for all of you )O(

Left: Themis (Natural Order) - This month you will benefit from being organised and clear around your intentions. Achieving your goals will require taking clear steps this month - don't allow yourself to get sidetracked or discouraged. Natural balance may be working itself out in your life, helping you towards your goals in unexpected ways.

Centre: Achilles (Glory) - It can be tempting at times to revel in your achievements, and this is appropriate, but don't forget to also connect with the deeper aspects of your journey. Identify the steps that brought you to this point, think about what worked and what didn't, and best of all - help someone else to achieve the same way you have!
Right: Cronus (Cycles) - If you are feeling stuck at this point, it may be time to reassess your goals and the steps you have chosen to get there. Are your goals still appropriate? Do you need to adjust your plan? Do you perhaps need to let go of something along the way, or change the goal altogether? Don't stop moving forward!


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Services provided are healing, divination, or a combination of both. A written report is provided, and depending on the purchase option chosen, you may receive crystals to assist you.
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