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It's almost ANZAC Day here in Australia. Have you tried making your own ANZAC biscuits before? Follow our winning recipe here: and watch the video tutorial on YouTube here:


We've whipped up a fast and easy ANZAC Slice this week. It's your favourite oat, coconut and golden syrup biscuit in an addictive slice. Full recipe at The Cake Mistress here: YouTube tutorial here:


Easter Bunny Cupcakes

It’s easy to make these cute Easter Bunny Cupcakes! Inside are chocolate chip cupcakes mixed in just one bowl. They’re topped with vanilla frosting and Lollie decoration Easter Bunnies. Visit for the full recipe and the long video tutorial.


Homemade Hot Cross Buns

Have you ever tried making your own hot cross buns before? It's not as scary as it seems. Follow our recipe at The Cake Mistress and watch the full-length video tutorial on our website. You'll master homemade hot cross buns in no time!


Easter Egg Fudge

Hello lovelies, we're back for some Easter Baking ideas! Today's fun idea is this no-bake Easter Egg Fudge, made with just 3 main ingredients. Top with your favourite Easter Eggs and lollies and you're done. Full recipe at The Cake Mistress here:


Whose dream job is being paid to eat chocolate? 🍫 🤤 Applications close this week for chocolate tasters. Personally, I would love to apply just to tell them their new Creme Eggs taste terrible.


Classic Hummingbird Cake

In the kitchen this week is a classic Hummingbird Cake. Did you know this cake originated in Jamaica? It's filled with tropical flavours like banana and pineapple, has pecans and cinnamon, and finished with lots of cream cheese frosting. 10/10. Full recipe and long video tutorial here:


Hi Aussie bakers! Have you thought about showing us your sweet baking skills in the Great Australian Bake Off shed? Applications are now open for the next season! Head to to apply. (PS They also recruit for The Bachelor if wanna try snagging a hottie 😆)


Mango Trifle

If it's warm or tropical where you are right now, you'll love this light and refreshing Mango Trifle. It's layered with macadamia yoghurt cake, fresh mango, lime syrup and vanilla cream. Full recipe and tutorial here:


Easy Milo Slice

Easy Milo Slice with a brown sugar biscuit base, chewy Milo filling with almonds and coconut, and chocolate icing topped with crushed Maltesers. Full recipe and detailed video here:


Milo Cupcakes

The Australian theme continues with these Milo Cupcakes topped with rich Milo Buttercream and Maltesers dust. Milo is an Australian chocolate malt powder, so you could use your local substitute if you want to try these out. Full recipe and detailed video tutorial at The Cake Mistress here:


Jelly Cakes

Back again with another classic Australian recipe: Jelly Cakes. They look similar to Lamingtons, which I posted a few days ago. These little cakes, however, are made with vanilla sponge sandwiched with cream, coated in raspberry jelly and then rolled in coconut. It's an old-fashioned favourite and a great blast from the past for your Australia Day party! Full recipe and tutorial are here:


Classic Lamingtons

We're back in 2018 with a classic Australian recipe for Lamingtons. These are squares of fluffy sponge cake dipped in chocolate icing and coated in coconut. In the middle is jam or cream, or they're great plain too. They can get a little messy to make, but they're loads of fun and worth the clean-up. Full recipe and detailed video here:



Welcome to The Cake Mistress, your new favourite site for sweet baking recipes. We value classic, elegant and timeless baking recipes that are reliable and, most importantly, delicious.

We bake and taste every recipe shared, and only publish the ones that our friends and family loved. It’s all about quality over quantity here, especially since we know readers like you bake our recipes for special occasions, events and loved ones.

You won’t find any silly food trends or click-bait recipes aiming for views and traffic here. Just the good stuff that we hope you share because it’s amazing.

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Easter Bunny Cupcakes
Homemade Hot Cross Buns
Easter Egg Fudge
Classic Hummingbird Cake
Mango Trifle
Easy Milo Slice
Milo Cupcakes
Jelly Cakes
Classic Lamingtons



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