Councillor Amanda Spencer-Teo Bannister Ward

Councillor Amanda Spencer-Teo Bannister Ward


Amanda will make a fantastic councillor for the Canning community

Amanda is a community minded hard-working person and for many years has supported local education services. In particular Amanda understands the importance of gaining grassroots support for community facilities and services.

I’ve been directly involved with Amanda in charity organisations and seen her efforts in organisation and fundraising.

As a councillor, I’m sure the skills that she’s acquired both in business and in her personal pursuit of community service will be of great benefit to council.
Amanda Spencer I would support you
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I will simply let the post office to hold my mail for me and place a thick layer of duct tape over my mail box to prevent any of your junk mail going in my mail box
I Soooo wish We lived in Canning so we good vote 🙂 your amazing and will be an absolute asset to all around you !

This is not an offical page of the City of Canning. The



Main Roads have been working over the last two nights to complete the line markings on the Webb St/Leach Hwy intersection… Yay! 🥳

Photos from Councillor Amanda Spencer-Teo Bannister Ward's post 03/10/2022

Some very relevant motions passed at this years WALGA AGM and interesting addresses by Ministers. Myself and fellow Councillor Councillor Steve Parkinson City of Canning look forward to presenting our delegate report to Council this coming OCM.



Due to unforeseen circumstances the trial translocation of a small number of Canning Vale Kangaroos has been delayed.

There have been a few reasons, but the main one is that DBCA require animal ethics approval for the post release tracking devices we had hoped to use to build a case for future approvals of translocations in larger numbers.

This has caused a delay in timing and as temperatures increase over the next few weeks and months the risks to the Kangaroos increase.

We could have gone ahead without the devices, however we would have had no way of measuring success, so we made the decision to postpone the trial until the cooler months in 2023.

WA Wildlife and City of Canning want nothing more than this to be successful and agree if we do this, it must be done right and in perfect weather conditions.

The Kangaroos will continue to have access to food and water over the warmer months and will be monitored on-site accordingly.

Although I am a little disappointed I am comforted with the care and diligence taken by everyone involved to ensure this is done right and success can be measured and proven.

I’ll keep the community updated as and when developments occur and thank you all for your support and understanding. 🥰

If you see a kangaroo on the loose in Canning please do not approach it, please call WA Wildlife on 9417 7105 and then our Rangers on 1300 422 664.



Mayor Patrick Hall - City of Canning, Deputy Mayor Ben Kunze - City of Canning, myself and Shelley Primary a school (yep the whole school) had the honour to open City of Canning’s new pump track at Kent Street Weir having won Canning’s Your Move competition, which is focused on encouraging kids and families to ride their bikes to school to stay fit and healthy.

Deputy Mayor Kunze even rode his bike down and joined the kids around the new track!

It was wonderful to see all the students have an awesome day, and we hope all of Canning’s youth enjoy this space which has been specially created and provided for their enjoyment.

This pump track is another example of the investment that is occurring to make our community more fun and exciting for the youth of Canning!



Deputy Mayor Ben Kunze - City of Canning, Councillor Paul Tucek JP and I were as proud as punch to attend the launch of the City of Canning’s Youth Engagement framework at the Willetton Youth Centre yesterday.

This came from a notice of motion we presented to council on 2021 which requested staff to develop a framework and improve the way the City interacts and engages with our local Youth including high school students in Canning.

We were delighted to speak with students from Rossmoyne Senior High and Lynwood High School and other members of the community to gain a better understanding of the issues that are important to our young citizens. 👩‍🎓👨‍🏫

A huge thank you to staff for developing this framework and to our Youth coordinators who will help implement and deliver the action plan contained within the framework. 🙏👏

I was so impressed with the maturity and genuine excitement displayed by the students and staff and really look forward to engaging in our youth and having them involved and providing input into the decisions we make at Council.

Watch this space! 👀


New Bird Waterers in Canning!


Deputy Mayor Ben Kunze - City of Canning and I popped down to Rossmoyne Park to see our newest Bird Waterer!

As we’ve previously informed you, we have been working with the community to install Bird Waterers in our area to provide water sources for Black Cockatoos and other local animals, and can proudly say we now have 3!

1️⃣ Riverton Primary Campus

2️⃣ Willetton Senior High School

3️⃣ Rossmoyne Park

These Bird Waterers have been expertly designed by the staff at the Town of Victoria Park - they are 4m high and include 4 wooden perches and water troughs that are automatically filled. The height and adjacent trees provide a safe space for cockatoos to view threats and ensure the success of these stations.

Rossmoyne Park is a great location due to the amount of vegetation enjoyed by Black Cockatoos, much of which has been planted by the Friends of Rossmoyne Park - dedicated locals who volunteer their time for the betterment of our park.

We’d like to thank Lea-Anne Frossos and the team at Riverton Primary Campus, Darren Hamley and the GATE kids at Willetton SHS, and Michelle Hamley and everyone at Rossmoyne Kindy for their commitment and work in getting these bird waterers to our area. Also thanks to Mandy and Dion at the City of Canning and their staff for their assistance!!

It’s another way we can help look after the wildlife that call Canning home too! ❤️🤍🖤

Wildcare Helpline 14/09/2022

Wildcare Helpline


As breeding season comes to an end, the amount of ducklings in the area is increasing. If you find a duck or ducklings please follow this link or contact the Wildlife Helpline for instructions on 9474 9055.

Please remember to drive safe around Riverton Dr and neighbouring streets to avoid any casualties, sadly I have already seen some dead ducklings around who have been run over or struck by vehicles. 😢

Wildcare Helpline The Wildcare Helpline is a telephone referr...

Photos from Councillor Amanda Spencer-Teo Bannister Ward's post 12/09/2022

It was a lovely day at Woodloes Homestead for the Annual Heritage Open Day with Deputy Mayor Ben Kunze - City of Canning and his family. We are so lucky to have this important piece of history right here in the City of Canning.

Woodloes is open to the public on the first and third Sunday of each month from 2-5pm and is well worth the visit.

A big thank you to Geoff Moor and all the Volunteers from the Canning Districts Historical Society for putting on the wonderful event.

Check our their page for further details:

Photos from Deputy Mayor Ben Kunze - City of Canning's post 04/09/2022

Bowls season is open!!! 🤗 it was wonderful catching up with friends and neighbors at Rossmoyne Bowling Club yesterday to welcome in the season.

Photos from Councillor Amanda Spencer-Teo Bannister Ward's post 04/09/2022

When Miss 12 years old requests a “non girly” smiley face 😊 cake 🎂 with daisies 🌼 Riverton Farmers Market did not disappoint. Thank you 🙏 to the wonderful bakers and the team, the cake was delicious and just how she’d imagined. 🥳


💦💦Water on Fourth/Central Rd Rossmoyne has been reported to water corp. Crew cannot turn water off due to the shops and retirement living needing water during work hours. The water will be turned off tonight while the night crew work to repair the pipes. 💦💦


🚧 Webb St - MRWA still have not provided a firm date of when the line markings will be installed.

In the interim, the City has installed reflective indicator guides on Webb St which has addressed the issue of motorists not being able to distinguish between the 3 lanes.

This seems to have shifted the issue onto Leach Hwy so the City will, in the interim, install more reflective guides to help guide motorists to the correct lane on Leach until such time as MRWA can install permanent line markings. Staff are doing all they can to request MRWA prioritize these works but the City has no control over Main Roads scheduling.


Thanks to the Examiner Newspaper and Liam Ducey for updating the community on the Willetton Roo. 👻🚫🙊

*to clarify, Whaleback Golf Course do not have any resident Kangaroos. If the Roo came from a Golf Course it would have likely come from Melville Glades Golf Course (not Whaleback). ⛳️

There are resident Kangaroos in the City of Melville (Ken Hurst Park, and Melville Glades Golf Course), Cockburn (Jandakot Airport and surrounding bushland) and Canning Vale (Waste transfer Station, Clifton Park and surrounds). 🦘🦘🦘

I am hoping that when we prove translocations are successful the three local governments can get together to talk about reducing the populations to acceptable numbers (hopefully by translocating) and work together on a plan going forward including appropriate fencing and the creation of Wildlife Corridors between our three major land holdings.

Ideally, it would be great if we all stopped developing on what little natural habitat they have remaining, but sadly the Western Grey Kangaroo's conservation status is of "least concern". 😞

Without a combined approach, this will only just keep happening and injury to animals and humans will be at higher risk.

Doing nothing is what has led to this and as far as I know, right now, we are the only local government exploring translocations as an alternative to culling.


Good news so far. 🤞🙏 Willetton’s rogue Roo is up and about, eating and socializing with other Kangaroos at WA Wildlife. He is not out the woods just yet and will be monitored by wildlife experts and vets over the next few days to ensure there are no obvious signs of myopathy.

He is in great hands and getting all the medication and rest he needs to recover from his ordeal. A big thank you to Dean, Dr Meg and the team 🦘🥰🦘🙏🙏.

Photos from Councillor Amanda Spencer-Teo Bannister Ward's post 30/08/2022

After a very eventful morning it was lovely to pop into the Herald Avenue Senior Citizens Centre and say hi to my friends at the Canning Computer Club and see their latest 3D and CNC Routing Machines in action.

The Club runs a free morning tea on the last Tuesday of every month at the Centre and is open to all ages, skill levels and abilities. If you have an interest in 3D printing (no experience required) or are looking for more social opportunities in the community, please feel free to pop in and meet these wonderful and friendly people.

Thank you to Don, Ian, Neville and of course the wonderful Tony Thatcher for having me.

Photos from Councillor Amanda Spencer-Teo Bannister Ward's post 30/08/2022

🙏🦘🙏🦘Thank you so much to the local Willetton Community for alerting me to the rogue Kangaroo this morning.

It was a large adult male Western Grey Kangaroo, and although there is no way of knowing for sure, it is possible he came from bushland near Jandakot, the Melville Glades Golf Course or even our Canning Vale bushland where our Waste Transfer station is located.

City of Canning Rangers and Wildlife Carers were immediately notified and the Kangaroo was captured on Burrendah Oval by Dean Huxley from WA Wildlife, sedated by Dr Meg Rodgers and taken back to WA Wildlife in Bibra Lake for assessment shortly after 9.30am.

It was a very stressful morning for the Kangaroo, and although there were no signs of physical injury, stressful situations such as these can cause a fatal condition called Myopathy where the animal can suffer a slow and painful death due to lactic acid building up and eventually attacking the heart. If he survives, the recovery could take several days or weeks before he can be released back into the wild (far, far away from suburbia).

He is in the best possible hands with Dr Meg, a macropod specialist vet and the team at WA Wildlife.

This is an incredibly sad situation and further demonstrates the need for us and other local governments to effectively manage the human conflict faced by these animals. Some believe culling is the best method, however it is not the animal’s fault they are in these situations where land has been developed around them and they are forced onto small parcels of bushland with inadequate or no fencing.

Kangaroos should be able to wander without the dangers of cars, dog attacks, and other human conflict. They do not belong in suburbia and I believe where possible everything should be done to relocated land-locked kangaroos to large open rural spaces where they can roam free in their natural habitat.

If you ever see a Kangaroo in your suburb, please alert a Wildlife Rescue group first such as WA Wildlife on 9417 7105, then call the City of Canning Rangers on 1300 422 664 immediately after, please DO NOT approach the animal. 🙏

WA Wildlife is a not-for-profit organisation and rely on funding from donations and grants. If you feel like making a donation to help them do the important work they do or learning more about their organisation, please head to their website

WA Wildlife have promised to keep me updated on the status of the roo who is now in recovery and being monitored for any signs of Myopathy. I will keep you posted as and when I have any info, but it could be several days.

Photos from Councillor Amanda Spencer-Teo Bannister Ward's post 19/08/2022

🙏🎂🙏A BIG THANK YOU to Riverton Farmers Market for making Ari’s amazing 8th Birthday Cake with a galaxy/Among Us theme! Not only did it look amazing it tasted phenomenal!!!! 🤤 check out those huge chunks of Oreos!!!! 🎂🍰🎂🍰🤤

To order just pop in before lunchtime at least two days before you need your cake and speak to the wonderful baking team. Prices start from as low as $65 😱.


On Saturday night Councillor Paul Tucek JP and I represented the City of Canning Riverton RSL Club to acknowledge and honour Vietnam Veterans who fought alongside their allies to keep the communists out of Vietnam. Sadly, it has taken this long for them to receive the recognition they so greatly deserve. A very big thank you to Bill Collidge, his committee and his Vietnamese counterparts for supporting the efforts of finding and recognising these Veterans. 🙏


Zoomies in the mud at Kent St Dog Park on a ☀️ Sunday with Lulu and Harry, what more could a dog ask for? 🐕❤️🐶❤️🐾

Photos from Councillor Amanda Spencer-Teo Bannister Ward's post 13/08/2022

❤️ COMMUNITY SERVICE starts at home!

Our family are, and have always been, big on Community Service. Lending a hand can sometimes be the greatest gift you can give. 🙌

In between Netball games and the usual Saturday morning sports the kids helped my husband setup the Riverton RSL Club for their annual Vietnam Veterans Dinner.

Many hands make light work and we are doing our best to raise helpful and community spirited human beings. We hope to see them giving back to our Community for years to come. 🤞

Photos from Councillor Amanda Spencer-Teo Bannister Ward's post 13/08/2022

🖤🤍🖤 HAPPY 50TH Rossmoyne Junior Football Club 🖤🤍🖤
Congratulations to the Committee, past and present, and to all the life members of the Rossmoyne Junior Football Club.

All of your hard work and dedication over the years is what makes this club what it is today. With our little one coming through the Auskick program we look forward to a long and fun affiliation with the Club both on a professional and person level.

Mayor Patrick Hall - City of Canning , Deputy Mayor Ben Kunze - City of Canning, and myself all love being out and about in the Community and supporting our local clubs. It's always great to bump into Dr Jags MLA and his team too!

Thanks for having us and to everyone attending the black and white night tonight, we hope you have a blast! We'll see you for a hair of the dog on the muddy grounds bright and early tomorrow for Auskick! 😎

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