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Photos from Our Conscious Playroom's post 12/06/2022

🗓 It’s about to get hectic!

Tomorrow is my first day working in my former profession since before having Little Bro (almost 3 years 😳)

🗓Throw in keeping my side hustle going, a shift working hubby and the fact we don’t have daycare for a couple of weeks yet…scheduling our time will be key!

🏡 I’m very lucky I’ll be working remotely from home and the hours are quite flexible so I can duck out for school drops & pick ups.
Hubby will be in charge when his days off land during the week 🙌🏻

I purchased the Little Agenda from to help the boys see visually what is on for the day…though if you’ve seen my story today you’ll see Little Bro is just wanting it to be time for pizza 😂

🏡I’m staying positive that we can settle into our new routine…but would LOVE any tips how you manage the work/daycare/school juggle!


Well you may have noticed we have been AWOL from socials for quite a while now... so figure it's time to say goodbye (for now)
I have spent the last 3.5 years trying to avoid being a special needs mum... mentally I just wasn't ready to accept it... I am finally in the right headspace to fully embrace everything it means to have a child with additional needs, and it feels great! I have always felt the need to keep distracted and I don't want the distraction anymore.

So we have made the tough decision to shut down Big Little and Co for the foreseeable future x
I want to thank each and everyone of you for your ongoing support over the last couple of years, it has not gone unnoticed and our family is forever grateful.

Effective immediately all remaining stock has been discounted by 30%
We have very limited stock remaining so best be quick!!

Discount applied automatically at checkout!!


🔨Laying the foundations…

We are undergoing some big changes in our house at the moment.

🧹As you may have seen I’ve been decluttering our playroom resources, which is part of the process of actually relocating our playroom - due to us really needed a dedicated office/studio space rather than my macramé supplies and packaging accumulating in various piles around the house 😬

💻I’m also starting back with my old company working remotely 4 days a week from home so extra incentive to make that reshuffle happen asap! It’s been almost 3 years, so hoping muscle memory helps me pick up where I left off… 📐👷🏼‍♀️

As much as it saddens me we also won’t be taking on any brand rep roles in the near future, at least until we settle into this new routine. I have absolutely LOVED working with some amazing businesses and every time I see a rep search pop up I have to restrain myself 😂
But I am trying to maintain some balance in our already busy lives and don’t want to be letting anyone down if I can’t keep up with commitments. 💛

Our new playroom space is almost done, (office still a mess 🤪) so I will give you a tour soon ☺️

📸The gorgeous .au wooden planks - Big Bro fulfilling my dream of having proper wooden floors! 💛


👋🏻 Hey, it’s been a while!

I’m currently mid playroom clear out (as I need space to set up a home office!) so I’m passing on some beautiful resources which I’ve been holding onto - but realistically aren’t used much or the boys have outgrown.

Head to my stories over the next few days for a bit of a destash sale, what’s still available will also be saved in my highlights if you see this later on.

I promise we’ll be back to more regular posting soon! Toni xo


Jump on this one! 🥳

MOVING SALE!!! 30% off
Grab yourself a bargain this weekend only!! Moving house on Wednesday and do not want to move all our stock!!

Use code MOVING30



🚂 See ya Newy!

It’s been a ride but today we finally fly home (9 days later than originally planned thanks to our turn on the rona-coaster)

✈️ See you when we’re back on the West-side!


🌿 They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old;
🌿Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
🌿At the going down of the sun and in the morning
🌿We will remember them.

Photos from Our Conscious Playroom's post 22/04/2022

🌏 Earth Day 2022 - Invest in our planet

🌏While I may not have any influence over big companies or government to change climate policies, I can start at the micro level literally in our backyard.

🌏Investing in our planets future by teaching my boys to respect and nurture it - here they are the other day observing, protecting and feeding a garden snail 🥰

🌏 There’s a whole bunch of every day ways to invest in our planet listed on the Earth Day website - I’ve put a link in my bio if you’d like to pick just one new thing to try, it all helps!


Photos from Our Conscious Playroom's post 18/04/2022

🐰Iso Easter 😷

Currently thanking past Toni for packing some supplies of play dough for this trip now we are stuck in iso at my parents place!

🐰The boys were gifted the wooden egg decorating kit for Easter and the heavenly chocolate and aqua speckled egg doughs were a perfect combo.

🐰We’re also showing Grandma and Grandpa how much the boys enjoy their loose parts & sensory play - not sure they were ready for the mess! (although this is fairly tame)😂

🛍OCP15 is our Good Dough Co discount code, pretty sure the Easter goodies are all on sale now too, time to stock up for next year! 🙌🏻



🐰Hoppy Easter from my bunnies & me!
Have a beautiful day with your little ones🥰

Photos from Bookywoo's post 07/04/2022

These are sooo cute, use our discount code to save! OURCP15

Photos from Our Conscious Playroom's post 22/03/2022

🍃Eucalyptus Mud Pie

🍃There are over 850 types of Eucalypt native to Australia and we are lucky to have a couple in our yard.

🍃Playing along with for we gathered some fallen gum tree leaves, nuts & flower pods as ingredients for a “mud” pie.

🥣I made up our sand playdough powder from to use as our pie base - it’s all natural & slightly grainy feel made it perfect for nature play.
I added a few drops of eucalyptus oil to add to the sensory experience.

🍃Little Bro explored with his fingers and poked things into the dough then asked me to make balls so he could squish them with the gum nuts (appetizers for our pie perhaps?!)

🍃Nature play cards & Makemud Sand Playdough powder from - OCP10 for a discount

Photos from Our Conscious Playroom's post 17/03/2022

🎨 Painting a rainbow

Water colours are not something we’ve done a lot of before, I’m not really sure why because these were so beautiful 🥰

Big Bro sang the rainbow song to work out which order to paint the colours (which always confuses me…as it’s really not an order you see anywhere else 😂!)

We also discovered the lid makes a great colour mixing palette when we needed to make purple 🙌🏻

🎨 Little Bro had a tricky time getting the whole order of - water - paint - paper- so his water often ended up with paint straight back in it without making it onto the paper! 🙈 But he had fun and was just happy to be doing what his brother was doing 🥰

🎨Paints and affirmation cards available at use code: OCP10 for a sneaky discount!


Watch this reel by our.conscious.playroom on Instagram 10/03/2022

Watch this reel by our.conscious.playroom on Instagram

💚Welcome to our playroom !

Watch this reel by our.conscious.playroom on Instagram thehonesthome_ • Original Audio


For the next 3 days, we will be donating 5% of sales to GIVIT in support of those impacted by the devastating floods.


“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory”
-Dr Seuss

This moment only lasted a few seconds (because boys!) but I’m so glad I took some pics to remember this stage.
It was not particularly memorable at the time - waiting for Santa on the fire truck to drive past - who barely slowed down unlike the years before 😢

But it’s now one of my fave snaps and is my phone background, so I can look at it and dream of them sitting still more 😂

Isn’t it funny how certain small events become permanent memories?

Photos from Our Conscious Playroom's post 25/02/2022

💚 Is it just me or are your kids a vault after school when you try and find out about their day?

🧡There’s a lot going on when they’re just starting out at primary school, so little prompts like these can be really helpful to initiate conversations that may not flow naturally with the traditional “what did you do today?” question.

💛I let Big Bro pick a card and it sparked a conversation about the orange monkey bars he saw, and how the year 1’s in his class have a separate playground to his pre-primary classmates.

💙These are part of the Kids Wellbeing & Affirmation Cards from - our rep code OCP10 will give you a lovely discount too 😉

Photos from Our Conscious Playroom's post 21/02/2022

🎂We have a 5 year old in the house! 🥳

🧁Between a stacking rainbow cake, Bookywoo felt cake, school cupcakes and a cake at home…it was very sweet for Big Bro!
(And there’s still party cake to come on the weekend 😂)

🍰Check out the link in my bio for discount codes for these two (none for real cake sorry 😝)

Photos from Our Conscious Playroom's post 16/02/2022

🎨Hey Doodle Mini Mat - here to help Mums drink their coffee warm! 🙌🏻

This mini mat lives in my handbag now, & is sooo handy to keep the little ones happy when you haven’t quite finished your coffee (anyone else a slow drinker?!)

🚒Little Bro wanted a “rainbow fire truck like Daddy’s” (it’s currently got a rainbow on from recent pride celebrations) so that’s what we did.

This one came from - OCP10 will give you a lovely discount 🙌🏻

Photos from Our Conscious Playroom's post 09/02/2022

🌈 Easy colour sort activity

Little Bro is allll about colours at the moment, naming & sorting over and over.

We used our fidget popper as a base to sort our marbles, the only obstacle was what to do with the extra ones that wouldn’t fit in their colour row…he solved this problem by finding a spare hole (non-colour matching which made me more uneasy than it should 😂)



🌱I know what I’m doing once the boys are asleep tonight! 🛒🛍

Hubby’s Valentine’s present ✔️
My Valentine’s present ✔️
My birthday present 😂 ✔️

I’ll put the link to shop in my bio if you’d like to join me 😉


💚Just wants to drive the fire trucks, not be a fire fighter like Daddy…sounds like a safe option to me 😆🥰

Photos from Our Conscious Playroom's post 27/01/2022

🍂Native flora and fauna tray

Every element on and including this tray has been made in Australia - except the plastic animals, ironically - but purchased from a local stockist. (Maybe we need to invest in some locally made wooden Australian animals 🤔)

🍂It’s so important to us to choose local businesses where there’s an option, especially in times like these.

🍂We’re very lucky to have such beautiful natural resources to play with too, from the salvaged branches that become .au ‘s products to those bits we can grab ourselves from outside.

🦅Black cockatoos are feasting on our big marri tree at the moment leaving our driveway covered in half chewed ho**ey nuts (not fun to drive over 🥴) but also small branches like these still with beautiful blossoms on 🌸

🐊Little Bro enjoyed a quick matching game with the dough stampers (I’ll put a cute video in stories - calling the emu a flamingo!🥰) before going to get his stuffed crocodile to match to the small version - swipe to the last pic 😍


🥳That amazing feeling when you wake up after an undisturbed nights sleep! 🥳

You’d think it would be Little Bro (2) waking through the night still, but no - Big Bro (4) has been coming into our bed e v e r y night for months, stealing my pillow and kicking legs into my back all night long. There’s really not enough room in our queen bed 😒

But hopefully our persistence taking him back to his bed this last couple of weeks is finally paying off - no visits until 6:15am this morning! 🥳🥳🥳

🌈Flashback to our rainbow sensory puzzle to mark this happy occasion!


🍋DIY toilet fizzies

I had a few requests after sharing these in my stories the other day so here is the recipe I use!
Remember not to over wet the mixture like I did or they will start to react in the molds 🤦🏼‍♀️😂
Just enough to hold when smooshed together (that’s a word right?!)

🍋1 & 1/3 cups bicarb soda
🍋1/2 cup citric acid
🍋30 drops lemon essential oil (or whatever oil you like - but lemon is good for cleaning)
🍋Water spray bottle to just wet the mixture enough to stick together
🍋Pack into ice cube molds till dry
(12-24 hrs depending on your weather)

🍋Pop one in the toilet bowl each day to keep fresh between cleans!

I keep mine up on the window ledge as Big Bro would probably put them all in if he had access - we love our fizzy play but that’s a bit far 😂

🍋Let me know what you think! They definitely help here.


🌟Christmas Eve

Possibly my favourite day of the year - so much excitement and anticipation for Christmas Day!

Christmas carols on repeat, wrapping presents, and baking (if we get time!)

Wishing your family a Merry Christmas from ours - be safe, enjoy some downtime with loved ones and say yes to that extra serving of pavlova!

- Christmas

Photos from Our Conscious Playroom's post 23/12/2021

☕️Elf’s hot chocolate🧝🏼

Hot chocolate, marshmallows, candy canes, sprinkles and gingerbread - this is an elf’s staple diet right?!

To quote Big Bro; “This is the most delicious thing I’ve ever tasted in the whole wide world!” 🤣🥰

Major Mum points today…but bracing for the sugar crash later 😬

- Festive tray play

- Christmas
- Any play
- Candy cane
- gingerbread
- Homemade
- Christmas
- Gingerbread
- Christmas play
- Festive
- Christmas
- Elves

- Gingerbread
- Sensory

Photos from Our Conscious Playroom's post 19/12/2021

🦌Muck out the reindeer’s stall

I knew I’d instantly have Mr 2’s attention with the mention of reindeer poo 🙊🤣

He loves a good rice tray but adding the crystals which are his fave at the moment just topped it off.

He scooped them all out into the “bin” then decided he needed a loader to handle that many droppings 😂

Our sensory rice is from - brown is not a colour I’ve been a able to master so very happy Sam had this one available in the Christmas range! (OCP15 for a discount)

Only 5 sleeps till Christmas Day! (I wouldn’t mind if the reindeer leave some of these droppings on our lawn 😜)

- Santa and helpers
- Christmas
- Any play
- Reindeer
- December festive fun
- Christmas
- Christmas
- Rudolph
- Christmas play
- Festive
- Christmas
- Deer
- Santa & reindeers
- Santa & reindeers

Photos from Our Conscious Playroom's post 18/12/2021

🌿Who doesn’t love a bit of dinosaur play? 🙌🏻

A couple of pretty pics from our playdough fun yesterday, discount codes for in my link in bio! 🦖

- Any play

- C for Cutters

Photos from Our Conscious Playroom's post 13/12/2021

🎄Grinch inspired sensory tray

The boys have been enjoying The Grinch movie and book from our December 1st box so I used it as inspo for a sensory rice tray.

🎄We were given some beautiful green rice for Little Bro’s birthday and the lights are a novelty necklace (that doesn’t light up anymore). Throw in some loose parts and a dog for his sidekick Max and it was looking very OTT festive “Who-ville” style!

🚙Little Bro had a short play before declaring “need cars in there”…so out came the monster truck which he buried and uncovered over and over!

Always the trucks! 🤦🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ Oh well, it kept him happy!

🎄See link in my bio for links and discount codes for .au (cups) and (tools)

- Any play
- December festive fun
- Christmas
- Trees

- Books
- Christmas

- Christmas
- Christmas tree

- Christmas Tree, Sensory

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