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Congratulations and thanks to Christine Lakeman for winning our March Madness prize for the most referrals to our page. Chris has won a portable inverter for her efforts.
Watch this space, we have another competition in the pipeline.
Its been a big week at Green Seal, starting last Sunday at the Sustainability Festival at the Statement Coal Mine on Wonthaggi. A very successful event promotionally. Since Monday we have been working on the SECCCA project, installing door deals, lagging hot water pipes, and generally preparing selected houses for winter. Each job has presented new challenges and we are improving our efficiency as a team as we go.
Big day today at the Sustainability Festival. Met a lot of great people, and had a lot of interest in our power bill killers. The Green Seal was well received. More news when I recover. This week, we are back out on the road.
What an amazing day out on the job with Jon, Jeremy and Jarrod. Despite all onstacles like forgotten tools, wrong blades in the saws, missing blades for the recprocating saw, and nearly running out of door stop timber, the day wemt surprisingly well. We became more efficient with each job, and while challenging, the team gelled nicely by the last one. We'll review our strategy over the next week, and be ready to go the week after. Looking forward to it.
Tomorrow the Green Seals are on the road to prove how good we are at reducing power bills for a group of councils stretching from Port Phillip Bay to West Gippsland to Inverloch. We are fitting Schlegel door seals to external doors, draught stopperrs, sealing wall vents, and even changing light bulbs. It's a pilot program, and with a bit of luck and good management we may be working our butts off in a couple of weeks. Watch this space
Good ideia, Christine Lakeman
Christine Lakeman xx
Christine Lakeman
Christine Lakeman
Referred by Christine Lakeman!!
Referred by Christine Lakeman
Welcome to Insulation King (we are looking for a better name, all suggestions considered). We market and install a range of Off-Grid Power, and Energy Use Reduction Technologies, such as Solar Whizz Roof Heat Extraction fans, In-ground solar powered cooling systems, LED lighting, Solar Heating systems, and RenShade window insulation. We also supply portable solar panels, controllers and regulators, inverters, and the best portable power stations around. As the name suggests, we do insulation too. We can provide an energy assessments and solutions for domestic, commercial, industrial and agricultural buildings. Watch this space for detailed information and pricing. Regards, Dave Boyd and Jonathon Russell.

Energy Reduction Technologies - Off-grid power, LED Lighting, Solar powered roof Heat Extractors, Inground cooling systems, Solar Panels, Power Packs


Apologies for delay in pricing, working on it now


We're baaaaack. Jon and I finally managed to catch up today and throw around a few ideas we've been developing. More on that later. Turns out Jon has an excess of portable solar panels at seriously good prices ranging from 10W through to 120W hinged units. Note that some of the cheaper panels are manufactured from pieces cut from larger panels which were broken during manufacture. I have one of these units (the 120W ones) and haven't noticed any difference from the more expensive units. We should have pricing up by the weekend, so watch this space.

We also have new industrial sized Solar Whizz units shift a massive amount of hot air, and we'll post details and photos ASAP .
Don't forget, we reward successful referrals, so spread the word. Simply message us on this page with the contact details and we do the rest. We get the sale, you get the reward. Or host a demonstration event at your house, factory, or farm.

Hope the festive season treated you kindly and that 2016 is a significant improvement.

Regards to all



Finally found the time to post on our page. The SECCCA project finished in June, and Jon and I have been exploring opportunities - Winter is our quiet time for heat extraction and geocooling products.

Watch this space as we are planning a number of promotional events for the near future, in both rural and town locations. Our Solar Whizz heat extractors come in a range of sizes to suit domestic, agricultural and industrial installations.

Call us if you are interested in hosting a demonstration for up to 20 invitees (or more, your choice. Each sale we make from your event discounts your own installation too, and we reward successful referrals from existing clients which can help recover some of the cost.


Six thirty am Day 1 of SEECCA project. Wagon and trailer packed, workshop nearly emptied, gear overkill to the max. Not as bad as working on NBN fixed wireless last year, but bigger tools. Will admit to a few nervous moments (hey, Nicky), and a broken sleep. Time to hit the road. Wish us luck friends. Off to strut our stuff.


Had to withdraw from Wonthaggi market today due to preparing for some major projects in the pipeline this week. My inner inventor is being taxed to the limit, but I haven't had this much work satisfaction for a long time.

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How about our new cards. Constructive comments on the new logo welcomed. Sorry about resolution, the image export was done in a hurry.


Our name has been changed to Green Seal Technologies as of today. Logo and pictures to follow. Look for a Green Seal of Approval on our products and services. More news to follow. Hope you are as excited as we are.


To all my Facebook mates, the boss has told me to offer one of our 150W inverters to the person who promotes our page to the most people before the end of March. Keep reading for details.

Its a simple process, ask your friends to Like our page, and simply post a comment on our page, and tag you in it. Most tags by March 31 wins.


Ok people, the March Madness prices have started rolling in from Jon:

Simax 120W folding solar panel: RRP $499, March Price $299
SK1255 Power station RRP: $659, March price: $499
SK12100 (100ah): RRP $985 March price $799

PLUS: free 150W 12v-240vac Inverter with each order placed in March.

Delivery depends on product, but for most areas of Melbourne metro, and Central, South and West Gippsland, we can offer free delivery. I dont have prices on delivery to other areas yet, but will know more by Friday.


So what else does Insulation King do?
Just about anything that can minimise or eliminate a power bill:
- Underfloor and ceiling batt insulation
- Draught sealing
- Renshade (tm) reflective window blinds and panels
- Low cost film-based equivalent to double glazing
- Solar panels and battery storage
- Portable power - solar panels, power stations, wind power
- Solar powered extraction fans
- Inverters,
And if we can't find what you want, we will invent or modify to suit you needs.

Timeline photos 23/02/2015

So who or what is Insulation King?
The business was the brainchild of Jonathon Russell, who tooled up for Kevin Rudd's stimulus package ( a great concept, not necessarily well implemented) back in 2009. Jon has a long list of diplomas and certifications in Energy Reduction Tech (ERT) and for the past five years has been marketing and installing Solar Whizz units all over Greater Melbourne. His knowledge of the field is quite extraordinary, and its a rare week where he doesn't surprise me with a new product or concept to add to our range of services.
Jon and I met at a garage sale at my place in Dalyston before Xmas 2014, and we instantly clicked, sharing our passion for sustainability, ERT and reducing power bills. We found we also share a love of growing fresh veggies and fruit for the table (see photo), and we try to get the wave skis in the water for a paddle a couple of days a week, our "board" meetings in the best office on the planet - the Bass Coast. Jon insists, and I share his view, that lifestyle balance is a vital part of any business, and Im looking forward to when our weekly meetings shift to the golf course in the cooler months.


If you have a look at our cover photo, it shows a series of panels installed on the roof of a house. These are our solar heated air collectors which pump warm air into the house in winter. They can be either roof or ground mounted installations, and the fans that pump the warm air are solar powered. In summer they shade the roof too. I will have more information on price and installation cost later in the week.


We haven't arranged any photos of our Geo-Cool systems, but if I could offer a cooling solution that once installed doesn't cost a cent even in running costs, I think it might raise your eyebrows. Our General Manager, Jonathon Russell, has one installed at his house in Wonthaggi. It pumps out air at a constant 16degC in summer, and is almost too cold to hold one's hand in front of. Im installing one at my place in the near future.We are working on developing it further to redirect heat from the ceiling in winter too.

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Our Solar Whizz Roof ventilation units are the flagship of our line.They are reported as being 15 to 30 times more efficient than the wind driven whirlygigs, and seriously reduce the heat in a roof cavity. I can speak with authority on this. I installed TV cabling in the ceiling of the Insulation King, Jonathan Russell's house on a warm day back in January. As I moved from the manhole in his garage toward the fan, there was at least 10degC difference in temperature and noticeable 10m from the fan. Once installed they cost almost nothing to run. I was so impressed, I immediately wanted to market them. And we have taken them a step further than the original design, adding battery backup for night running, and temperature control. There are a number of sizes, right up to industrial and commercial sizes for larger volumes. A specification sheet and full costing including installation is in production and should be in place by later in the week.

Photos from Green Seal Technologies's post 23/02/2015

My next favourite toy is our Simax 120W (2x60w) portable solar panels with built-in regulator. These sell for over $450 most places. Our March Madness special price will be a ripper. Combine it with our SK-1255 Portable Power Station and you won't need a generator. I will post some more photos and specs on these when we announce the March pricing on Thursday. I already have one myself, and Im working on a Power Station.

Photos from Green Seal Technologies's post 22/02/2015

This is my favourite toy at the moment, the SK-1255 Power Station. 55 amp hour rechargeable from mains 240vac, Solar panel or vehicle. Has outputs for 240vac sinewave, USB 5vdc, 12vdc car lighter plug, and two outlets for small plugs (2.1mm). Weighs around 10 kg.
We also have 1KW and larger models for more serious installations.


Sorry for the delay in getting info about Insulation King, but Ive been busy taking shots of our products. Along with our Energy Reduction Tech, we also have a range of Portable Power products for camping, boating, and even tradies. Photos should be up today




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