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Do You Have Concerns About A Parent-Child Relationship or a Change in Your Child's Behaviour Towards You ?
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New Resource for separated families.
The Handover Book is a communication tool for helping parents to share information about their children, reduce conflict and develop a robust co-parenting relationship. Born in the UK it is gaining momentum in the family courts, within the context of mediation and as part of the court order parenting programmes.
This fantastic resource is now available to order in Australia. Please share with Family Law colleagues who are committed to steering parents away from the courts and towards resolution.
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We are leading lawyers with the experience, the skill and dedication to help you with your family law matters. At Sarah Bevan Family Lawyers, we practise in only one area of law – family law.

We do not try to be all things to all people, we know what we can do and we aim for excellence in doing so. Our staff are all dedicated to providing you with the service you need at what is possibly a stressful time in your life. You will get the personalised friendly service that only a small specialist firm can offer. We know that everybody has different needs, issues and approaches, and we never assume to know what you want. Sometimes you may simply need to know your options, other times you may need assistance with negotiations aimed at resolving your matter, and other times you may need a lawyer who is able to vigorously stand up for you in court. Our range of skills, experience and backgrounds means that we can meet your expectations. Our emphasis is on providing you with advice you can understand in a straight forward, down-to-earth manner. We will keep you informed every step of your matter so that you are able to make informed decisions. We can help you with:
• Property Settlement
• Spousal maintenance
• Divorce
• Living arrangements for, or "custody" of, your children
• Contact arrangements or "access" to your children
• Child abduction, including overseas abductions
• Child support
• Pre-nuptial or relationship agreements 07/04/2021

Media Release - The Courts welcome much needed judicial appointments - Family Court of Australia

New judicial appointments of the Family Court of Australia. The appointments will be responsible for significant reforms to facilitate the amalgamation of the two Courts, including a single point of entry and harmonised rules forms and case management, which commences from 1 September this year. In addition to this historic change, the Courts will continue to focus on initiatives aimed at reducing delays and enhancing risk assessment in family law matters.
#FamilyLawyers #Sydney Sarah Bevan Family Lawyers #FamilyCourt The Family Court of Australia (FCoA) and the Federal Circuit Court of Australia (FCC) welcome the Government’s announcement today of new judicial appointments 05/04/2021

Report due on 'failings' for fatal family

Women's safety advocates hope a report into the murder of teenage Sydney siblings, at the hands of their estranged and abusive father, will amplify the voices of young domestic violence victims.

The experience of the children and Olga in the Family Court was heavily scrutinised after a lawyer tasked with representing the children's best interests initially advocated for Edwards to see his children weekly.

Some lawyers in the family law system, the courts themselves and police need to listen to the voices of children.

#ICL #IndependentChildrensLawyer Sarah Bevan Family Lawyers #SarahBevan #AlfieLawyson #Parramatta #SydneyFamilyLawyers #FamilyCourt Coronial findings into the murder of two Sydney teenagers, and the failure of government agencies to stop their abusive father, are due for release this week.


Surrogacy can fall into the categories of altruistic or commercial. Only altruistic surrogacy is provided for in Australia.

Sarah Bevan and Alfonso Layson will be speaking at the National Australian Conference in Brisbane on the 19-20 June 2021.

#Surrogacy #SarahBevan #EggDonation #Fertility #Infertility #LGBT #GayDads #RainbowFamilies #MRKH
@alfie.lsn #AlfonsoLayson Sarah Bevan Family Lawyers 29/03/2021

The Basics of Surrogacy in Victoria - Sydney & Parramatta Family Lawyers

Surrogacy laws are state-based, and there are often small but important differences between the states. The legislation in Victoria imposes various requirements on donors, surrogates and intended (commissioning) parents seeking to use surrogates, including age limits, counselling requirements, legal advice requirements and other matters.

One important point to note is that as intended parents of a surrogate child, you are not automatically considered the legal parent/s of the child.

@SarahBevan and @AlfonsoLayson will be speaking at the National Australian Conference put on by #GrowingFamilies, in Brisbane on the 19-20 June 2021.

#Surrogacy #Altruistic #Commercial #FamilyLawyer #IntendedParents #Adoption #GrowingFamilies #SBFamilyLawyers #SurrogacyLawyer #Attorney #Solicitor #FamilyLawFirm #LegalAdvice #Parenting #Child #Surrogate #AlfonsoLayson #SarahBevan #Melbourne #Sydney #Parramatta #CrowsNest Surrogacy can fall into the categories of altruistic or commercial. Altruistic surrogacy means that the surrogate derives no …


Here's your chance to work for one of Sydney's leading specialist Family Law firms in Parramatta.

Legal Assistant - Family Law
Parramatta NSW
Full-time, Part-time, Contract

Sarah Bevan Family Lawyers is a boutique specialist family law firm with offices in Parramatta and Surry Hills. We specialise in all aspects of family law, with a particular focus on international family law and surrogacy.

An exciting role, with plenty of room for growth, has developed for a motivated legal assistant, based primarily at our Parramatta office.

The role is diverse and challenging, and includes a significant amount of client contact. You will need:

- Careful attention to detail;
- Top notch organisational skills;
- Professional presentation;
- Excellent typing and computer skills;
- To enjoy working as part of a team plus independently;
- The desire to "own" your role;
- Strong communication skills, including sensitivity to clients;
- A sense of humour;
- Experience in a fast paced environment with competing demands on your attention;
- Previous legal secretarial experience, preferably in family law.

This is a full time position however part time of 4 days a week will be considered, as will flexible arrangements.

The position involves working in a supportive and dedicated team, and a team who believes in enjoying their work! You will have the opportunity for professional growth and will enjoy the benefits of working with leading family lawyers with interesting and varied work.

Please ensure you address the above criteria in your covering letter and your available days if not full time..

Second and third year Law students are welcome to apply.

Part-time hours: 30.4 - 38 per week

#SBFamilyLawyers #Hiring #LegalAssistant #FamilyLaw #Parramatta Sarah Bevan Family Lawyers 18/03/2021

Should women tap into their own super to escape domestic violence? Here's why some people think it's a bad idea

Government reviewing plan to give domestic violence victims early access to superannuation. This is why. #SarahBevanFamilyLawyers #ParramattaFamilyLawyers #SydneyFamilyLawyers #CrowsNestFamilyLawyers #SurryHillsFamilyLawyers A plan floated four years ago to help women flee violent situations is back in the spotlight, but some vocal criticism has forced the government to review the idea. So, what is it and why aren't people on board? 17/03/2021

Property and Financial Disputes - Family Lawyers Sydney | Parramatta

Just how complicated does your divorce or separation need to be when you both have "Limited Access"? Our Family Lawyers discuss...

We commonly find that the matrimonial home is the primary asset in a matrimonial property pool and that the value of additional assets including cars, savings and other items such as furniture and shares are usually comparatively small.

Sarah Bevan Family Lawyers #FamilyLawyers #LimitedAssets #DivorceLawyer #Separation #Sydney Property and Financial disputes in Divorce and Separation. Call Family Law Specialists in Crows Nest, Sydney, Surry Hills and Parramatta 1300 007 235


Sarah Bevan Family Lawyers #SarahBevan #FamilyLawyers #Sydney #Parramatta #SurryHills #CrowsNest #Separation #Divorce #Adoption #Surrogacy #DomesticViolence #Defacto #GrandparentRights #ChildCustody #ParentingMatters #ChildrensMatters #FinancialAgreements #BFA #PreNupAgreements 12/03/2021

What does an initial consultation cost? | Family Lawyers Sydney | SBFL

@SBFamilyLawyers #SarahBevan #FamilyLawyers #InitialConsultation #Divorce #Separation #DivorceLawyerSydney #Parramatta #LowerNorthShore #SurryHills An initial consultation can cost between $120 - $150 depending on what lawyer you see, provided that the appointment is for 30 minutes and relates only to advice about the Application for Divorce. 11/03/2021

Sarah Bevan - Accredited Family Law Specialist - Sydney | Parramatta

International Family Lawyer Specialist #SarahBevan Sarah Bevan Family Lawyers #AEAMember #AssociationEuropeanLawyers #InternationalLawyersNetwork Sarah Bevan of Sarah Bevan Family Lawyers Sydney, founded the boutique Family law practice in 2002. She is available in Parramatta, Crows Nest & Surry Hills 10/03/2021

I know how hard a marriage ending can be. But a 'good' divorce is possible

A 'good' divorce isn't an urban myth. Here's what the experts recommend. #SarahBevanFamilyLawyers #DivorceLawyersSydney #DivorceLawyersParramatta #SydneyFamilyLawyers #ParramattaFamilyLawyers Break-ups are raw, traumatic and bewildering but some people manage to have a "good" divorce. Tamara Oudyn shares what she's learned from talking to the experts. 05/03/2021

What's the difference between Binding Financial Agreements and Prenuptial Agreements? - Sydney & Parramatta Family Lawyers

Ever wondered what the difference between a PreNuptial Agreement and a Binding Financial Agreement is?

The former term is more American, here in Australia we refer to Financial Agreements before marriage as BFA's, or Binding Financial Agreements.

If you need help with a BFA, please contact our experienced Family Lawyers.

Sarah Bevan Family Lawyers #SBFAMILYLAWYERS #BFA #BindingFinancialAgreements #PrenuptialAgreement #marriage #prenup #FinancialAgreement #attorney #solicitor #familyLawyer #sydney #crowsNest #surryHills #parramatta #whatsthediff Well? No difference!! One is the technical name and the other is the commonly used name. Here in … 03/03/2021

What next when you have reached an agreement in Mediation?

When people separate and need to work out what is going to happen with their children, the property, spousal maintenance payments and child support obligations, often the first step is to attend a mediation.

Chat to @SBFAMILYLAWYERS today if you need help with this sometimes very stressful period in your life.

#agreement #mediation #familylawyer #mediate #seraration #lawyer #divorce #children #property #SpousalMaintenance #payments #childsupport #mediator #Arbitrator #Lawyer #solicitor #Attorney #dispute #bindingfinancialagreement #bfa #bindingdocument #consentorder #familycourt #familylaw #SBFamilyLawyers Reached an Agreement in Mediation, what next? Call Sarah Bevan Family Lawyers Sydney & Parramatta. Experts in Family Law talk to our Solicitors 02 9633 1088 01/03/2021

Parenting & Children Family Law | Sarah Bevan Family Lawyers Sydney

Parenting Plans - what do you need to do to put parenting plans in place? Ask SB Family Lawyers, we are experienced, thorough and will help you navigate through the process.

#SBFamilyLawyers #ParentingPlans #FamilySolicitor #FamilyAttorney #Plans #ConsentOrders #BFA #BindingFinancialAgreement #Agreements #Parenting #Children #Custody #Separation #Divorce Parenting & Children, Sarah Bevan Family Lawyers Sydney can help you with your separation arrangements when involving parenting and children matters.


Family lawyers when you need the best. #familylawyers #sydney 19/02/2021

I want 50/50 custody, Can I get that? - Sydney & Parramatta Family Lawyers

In this video, Associate Family Lawyer, Emma Nichelsen, from Sarah Bevan Family Lawyers explains how the court determines the best interests of the children and what you should do if you find yourself in an unfair situation with your ex!

For further hints, tips and family law advice, please visit our website.

#FamilyLawyers #SydneySolicitor #ParramattaFamilyLaw #Custody #SharedCare #Spouse #Ex #Kids #Children #FamilyLaw #Associate #WhatDoIDo #FamilyLawAct #Court So you've separated from your ex and you're not sure of your legal rights, but one thing is for sure. You want to share equal time with your kids! Family Lawyer Sydney


I want 50/50 custody of my kids, how can I get it?

So you've separated from your ex and you're not sure of your legal rights, but one thing is for sure. You want to share equal time with your kids!

Exactly what do you do now? Why do you need to contact a lawyer? and just how does the court look at the situation?

For the answers, please contact Sarah Bevan Family Lawyers. 15/02/2021

Sole Parental Responsibility - Sydney & Parramatta Family Lawyers

Under the Family Law Act, both parents share parental responsibility for their children, but this can be altered by a court order.

In this article, we discuss:-

What is sole parental responsibility?
How hard it is to get sole parental responsibility?
How do I get sole parental responsibility?
Is sole custody the same thing as sole parental responsibility?
#SoleParentalResponsibility #FamilyLawyer #SydneyLawyer #ParramattaLawyer #ChildCustody #SharedCare #Attorney #FamilyLawSolicitor #SoleParent #Adoption #FamilyLawAct #HagueConvention #SBFamilyLawyers What is sole parental responsibility? Parental responsibility is the term used in Australia for the “duties, powers, responsibilities …


The Year of the Ox heralds the primacy brought to the family, in particular, the well-being and education of children, sentimental and family priorities.

Sarah Bevan Family Lawyers we wish you a safe & prosperous CNY!! #Family #Lawyers #Sydney 12/02/2021

Members of alleged child-stealing syndicate committed to stand trial

Members of alleged child-stealing syndicate committed to stand trial. #SydneyFamilyLawyers #SarahBevan #ParramattaFamilyLawyers #CrowsNestFamilyLawyers #SBFamilyLawyers A group of people allegedly involved in a child-stealing network, which is accused of hiding children interstate against Family Court orders, are committed to stand trial. 08/02/2021

Post-Nuptial Agreements, Is that really a thing? - Sydney & Parramatta Family Lawyers

It is possible to enter into a similar agreement to a "PRE-NUP" even if you are already married or in a relationship. These agreements, whether before or after marriage/relationship or even after separation, are known as Financial Agreements (also known as Binding Financial Agreements).
@SBFamilyLawyers #FamilyLawyer #SarahBevan #PreNuptialAgreement #PostNuptialAgreement #BindingFinancialAgreement #BFA #Agreements #Lawyer #Attorney #Solicitor #PostMarriage #FamilyLaw #FamilyLawAct #FinancialAgreement   Most people are familiar with the term “pre-nuptial agreements” or “pre-nups”. But what a lot of people …


To enforce an agreement or liability, you must first get a court order. Courts do not automatically enforce family law orders, so if an agreement can not be reached, you may consider applying to a court for orders.

@SBFamilyLawyers we care about you and your situation. We provide sound legal advice and will do what we can to keep your costs down.
#SBFamilyLawyers #SarahBevan #EnforcingOrders #ParentingOrders #PropertySettlement #FinancialOrders #FamilyCourt #ParramattaLawyer #CrowsNestLawyer #SurryHillsLawyer #Solicitor #Attorney #DivorceLawyer #Separation #FamilyLawyer #AccreditedSpecialist #Mediator #Aribitrator #Mediation #Complying #EnforcementHearing #InterimOrder #FinalOrder #EnforcementWarrant 27/01/2021

Divorce left Nina with no house and no money. This is how she got back on her feet - ABC Everyday

Finding financial security and work after becoming single. #SarahBevanFamilyLawyers #ParamattaFamilyLawyers #SydneyFamilyLawyers #DivorceandSeparation #FinancialIndependence The need to find a job and re-establish financial independence following a marriage breakdown or death of a partner can be a challenging experience.


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Can I do my own Binding Financial Agreement, or do I need a lawyer?

Family Lawyer, Emma Nichelsen, explains BFA's.

Binding Financial Agreements (BFA’s) have to be made pursuant to The Family Law Act, and Section 90G of that Act says that you have to have had legal advice in order to complete an enforceable Binding Financial Agreement.
#BFA #BFAs #BindingFinancialAgreements #FinancialAgreements #FamilyLaw #FamilyLawyer #Sydney #Parramatta #NorthShore @SBFamilyLawyers 18/01/2021

My ex husband stopped paying child support - What can I do? - Sydney & Parramatta Family Lawyers

Many parents receiving child support rely heavily on those payments to provide day to day requirements for their children. So if the payer stops paying, it can be very stressful, financially and emotionally. If this has happened to you, read on.
@SBFamilyLawyers #ChildSupport #SeparationLawyer #Sydney #Parramatta #Divorce #WhatDoIDo Child support is money one parent pays to the other (usually the main carer of the children), for … 13/01/2021

Divorce & Bipolar | Divorcing a spouse with bipolar | SB Family Lawyers

There is not much information out there about the unique challenges faced by individuals who are not bipolar themselves but find themselves married to a person who is struggling with bipolar disorder.

Bipolar disorder is a serious life-long brain disorder that can place a great deal of stress on partners and family members, especially if they don't realize they are affected and refuse medication.
@SBFamilyLawyeers #DivorceLawyer #Sydney #Parramatta #CrowsNest #Separation #mentalIllness #Bipolar #BP #BipolarDisorder #ManicDepression #ManicDepressive #Divorce #Spouse #ChildCustody #Manic #Depression #Narcissistic #NPD #FinancialAbuse Divorce when your spouse is suffering from bipolar disorder? Talk to the Accredited Family Lawyers & Sarah Bevan Sydney, Parramatta & Crows Nest Offices. 11/01/2021

$6 million in legal fees: The high price of getting a divorce in Sydney

The federal government is proposing to merge the Family Court of Australia with the Federal Circuit Court, but the legislation does not address the issue of property division.
#Fair #Reasonable #Divorce #PropertySettlement #Lawyers #Sydney #Parramatta #MarriageBreakdown #SBFamilyLawyers The high price of marriage breakdown has led to litigation funders - usually associated with class actions - moving into family law to pay fees upfront in exchange for a percentage of the settlement.

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I want 50/50 custody of my kids, how can I get it?
Can I do my own Binding Financial Agreement, or do I need a lawyer?
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Are you thinking about Surrogacy?
Surrogacy Lawyers Sydney - Sarah Bevan Family Lawyers Sydney



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