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Coochie Hydrogreen North Lakes

CHG provides a unique 6-in-1 treatme nt, designed specifically for your lawn a nd applied at precise s

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Always wanted that picture perfect la wn but don’t know where to sta rt? Or maybe you’ve just giv en up as your tired of spendi ng time and money on products th at just don’t work?
Whether your lawn is inundat ed with weeds, tired/stressed, disease ridden or destroy ed by lawn grubs then you ne ed Coochie Hydrogreen.
With over 25 year’s experien ce servicing more than 35,000 customers national ly, our lawn care programs and produc ts are designed to give you t he peace of mind of knowing th at your lawn will be healthy a ll year round for little cost a nd effort.
From as little as a $1. 50 a day with no lock in contrac ts, your lawn can be the en vy of the street. Our services a re applied by trained technicians and back ed by our full-service warranty. Coupl ed with this our products are p et friendly, commercial grade and unique to Cooch ie Hydrogreen.
To get your lawn ready f or Spring contact me for your FR EE LAWN ASSESSMENT on
0400 983 2 59/ [email protected] or by sending me a priva te message.
For additional information you can vis it or
I look forward to worki ng with you and getting the be st out of your lawn!
The Team at Cooch ie Hydrogreen North Lakes


For many of my customers floodi ng has taken over their lawns a nd homes, leaving behind a big cle an up job; take note of the se tips and you’ll give your la wn a much better chance of recovery.

First ly, allow water to recede fully a nd give your lawn time to d ry out. This could take a f ew weeks depending on the drainage yo ur lawn has, the climate you li ve in, and how much rain y ou got. During this time, avoid fo ot traffic on your lawn to redu ce risk of soil compaction.

Your lawn shou ld also be fully dry before a ny repair work is undertaken to redu ce risk of long-term damage to yo ur lawn, this includes mowing.

When you do m ow, set your mower to the highe st cutting level. Don’t use an electr ic mower when your lawn is sti ll wet. Wet lawns and electric mowe rs can be a recipe for disaster.

Remo ve any debris and leaves from yo ur lawn, this will make your recove ry speedier and will lessen the chan ce of fungal diseases developing in yo ur lawn.

Next, you’ll want to do a pH te st to see if the heavy ra in has led to the soil becomi ng acidic; and replenish your lawns nutrien ts where fit.

Watch out for a ny signs of stress such as droopi ng, browning or yellowing leaves or f or fungal diseases which will thrive in t he coming weeks after a lot of rain.

Pes ts can run rampant for a numb er of weeks after a heavy ra in, standing water attracts rodents, insects, a nd pests, which can do even mo re damage to your lawn. Keep an e ye out!

Treating lawn pests and diseases wi ll continue for the weeks ahead to ensu re all these potential issues are ke pt at bay.


Hi Guys

Keep an eye out f or the Lawn Guy in and arou nd North Lakes


Thank you to my great custome rs and their wonderful comments!

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Lawn grub is a name th at covers a wide variety of cree py crawlies that invade your lawn. Scar ab Grubs, Mealy bug, Army Worm a nd African Black Beetle are just a f ew of the lawn pests that we s ee in unprotected lawns each year.

Here’s so me signs to look out for:

Brown patch es in your lawn

Lawn grubs feed o ff the root system of your tu rf, this prevents all the nutrients in yo ur soil getting to the turf le af so brown patches in your la wn can indicate that grubs are prese nt in your lawn.

Spongy turf

If grubs ha ve attacked your lawn’s root system t he texture of your lawn will chan ge, it may feel spongy or boun cy and you may even be ab le to peel or roll up lar ge areas of affected turf.

Moth activity

When la wn grubs mature they turn into mot hs, these moths then lay eggs in yo ur turf and the lawn grub li fe cycle starts all over again. If y ou see lots of moths hovering abo ve your lawn it’s likely you wi ll have lawn grubs.

Increased bird activity on yo ur lawn

If birds pecking at your la wn a lot more lately it’s like ly there’s some juicy grubs in yo ur turf that they’re snacking on.


Creeping Paspalum is an aggressive we ed amongst many residential properties

In the ima ge you can see the clear differen ce between the customers lawn on t he left vs a non Coochie custom er

Controlling this weed whilst promoting t he couch growth is paramount to a healt hy lawn


Soil compaction is an issue f or many Aussie homeowners. Soil can easi ly become compacted with regular foot traff ic and once compacted can wreak hav oc on your lawn. Many common la wn care issues are associated with compact ed soil, drainage issues, fungal infections, dryne ss, and more weeds springing up. So il compaction can be easily aided throu gh aeration.

Aeration is an important part of la wn care; it should be performed annual ly depending on lawn and soil typ es. The best time to aerate is general ly during your turfgrasses growth period. Wa rm season grasses such as Buffalo, Cou ch, Kikuyu and Zoysia should be aerat ed during spring/ summer, and cool seas on lawns such as Fescue and Ryegra ss can be aerated year-round.

It is benefici al to aerate your lawn prior to fertilisi ng to ensure your lawn properly absor bs the vitamins and nutrients in t he fertiliser.

Aeration can be easily completed manual ly on smaller areas of grass. Y ou can do this with a pitchfo rk by piercing the soil and gent ly wiggling it back and forth.

If y ou have a larger area of gra ss in need of aeration, you m ay need to have a contractor co me and aerate it professionally. Although aerati on is not a service I off er, I can point you in t he right direction to have this do ne.


"All grasses can be mowed at t he same height"

Wrong. Different types of tu rf perform better at different blade lengt hs. This means that finding out t he type of lawn you have is importa nt before embarking on a lawn maintenan ce mission.

"Mowing once a month is mo re efficient than mowing weekly"
Wrong again.

No mo re than 1/3 of the leaf shou ld be cut in any one m ow. Hacking it all off in o ne go will only leave your la wn vulnerable. The turf at Melbourne Crick et Ground is cut every single d ay in summer! You can manage a tr im once a week.

"Mowing weeds in t he lawn will kill them"

Not always. Whil st shaving the top off dandelions a nd crows foot disguises the problem, it doesn 't treat the issue and the wee ds will just keep coming back - sometim es growing even bigger than they on ce were as your mower can he lp spread seeds from certain weeds.


Love This Lawn


In many other countries, winter is wh en lawn care takes a break, f or Australian’s this is not the ca se. Australian lawn owners truly have the ir work cut out for them duri ng this season. Due to the comparab ly warm temperatures year-round, with the majori ty of Australia experiencing a mild wint er, lawn care is essential year-round.

It m ay be tempting to stop lawn ca re due to the slowed growth a nd lack lustre look of your la wn, but if you put in t he hard work this winter you c an have your lawn looking as lu sh and green as ever! Follow the se 5 tips to have your la wn looking the best it can th is winter!

Mow higher

During winter set yo ur mower blade to be around 3-3 .5 cm, and never cut lower th an 2.5cm. repeated scalping will weaken yo ur lawn and make it more vulnerab le to diseases and weeds. Your gra ss will also be growing at a slow er pace, so now is the ti me to be more relaxed with yo ur mowing regime, and only mow wh en the turf needs it. Depending on t he type of lawn you have y ou may only need to mow on ce a month!

Be wary of frost

It 's important to try to keep o ff your lawn whilst it's covered in fro st as walking on the frozen gra ss blades can cause them to sn ap and the lawn becomes damaged. Fro st occurs when low temperatures cause morni ng dew to freeze, this, in tu rn, can lead to leaf discolouration, stunt ed growth and sometimes the leaf to sn ap or break.


Soils often compact duri ng the winter so it is importa nt to aerate as the soil war ms up. Compacted soil is more susceptib le to diseases, weeds and brown patch es due to the lack of nutrien ts that are able to penetrate t he soil.


Your lawn can and should be fertilis ed during winter to ensure it h as all the appropriate nutrients to ke ep it green and healthy throughout t he colder months. This being said, a differe nt type of fertiliser should be us ed at this time of year, wint er fertilisers typically contain higher levels of ir on which will strengthen your lawn a nd keep the leaves healthy and happy.

Le ss water

Overwatering in winter can leave yo ur lawn vulnerable to fungi and diseas es. Only water when the lawn is visib ly dry, and only water in t he early morning until the frost is remov ed from the leaf. Having t oo much water in your soil c an also lead to compaction, meaning y ou may need to aerate more frequent ly.

Get on top of weeds

Weeds ta ke advantage of the low growth ra te of your grass during winter a nd overrun your lawn. Winter weeds germina te at lower soil temperatures and wee ds such as Bindi and broad-leafed wee ds can be relatively easily controlled wi th the help of some pre-emergent herbicides.

At the end of the day wint er lawn care isn’t any harder th an any other seasons, small adjustments ju st need to be made to cat er for the changing conditions.

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