Allington Family Farm

Allington Family Farm


Sample a range of lamb sausages, boneless leg, mince, shanks and cutlet rack from Allington Family Farm on Saturday!
New piglets
No time to cook? No problem. These healthy meats are a snap - lamb shank, boneless sirloin chops, T-bone, and loin chops from Allington Family Farm
We have this delicious lamb roast for dinner thanks to Allington Family Farm 🥰
We purchased one of their 10kg frozen lamb meat boxes a few weeks ago and have loved cooking dishes for all the different cuts of meat.
I also cooked up 1kg lamb mince with 1kg mushrooms to have with our lunches 😋

To cook the roast I simply placed it in the instant pot for 40 minutes with mixed herb seasoning and then transferred to a tray and popped in the oven for 10 mins on 220C. Perfect 👌
I recently connected with Zoë from Allington Family Farm and am SO glad that I did 🐑
She and her family are incredibly authentic and share the realities of everyday life on their beautiful WA farm.
Today they've announced a big dream & have started a fundraising effort to turn it into a reality!
There has been a lot of talk recently about supporting small, local businesses and this is a BRILLIANT opportunity to do so ❤
To learn more about their dream and how you can help make it possible, follow the link:
A very belated birthday wish for Oriana... so sorry I missed it
No time to cook? No problem. These healthy meats are a snap - lamb shank, boneless sirloin chops, T-bone, and loin chops from Allington Family Farm
Have you sorted your Mojo's At Home Mother's Day Roast yet? Pre-order for dinner tonight and Sunday and enjoy a succulent Allington Family Farm lamb roast rosemary lamb dinner in the comfort of your home for just $30pp.

Order for four we'll give you a gift of a beautiful bottle of wine from Mojo's Bottleshop🍷

Don't forget to bring your insulated bag when you pick it up to keep your roasty nice and toasty!

We look forward to being a part of your Mother's Day and shout out to our very own Mum, Jules - we love you! 💕
Mother's Day Weekend At Home Special

Allington Family Farm Roast rosemary boneless lamb leg just $30 per person.

Includes our house foccacia with miso butter - yum!

Order for a family of 4 and we'll give you a complimentary bottle of wine from @mojosbottleshop 🍷

Available Friday dinner to Sunday dinner until sold out this Mother's Day weekend.

Pre-order on 9792 5900
Treat mum for Mother's Day with our lovely lamb dinner to enjoy at home.

Enjoy our Allington Family Farm Roast Rosemary Boneless Lamb Leg for just $30 per person including our housemade foccacia with miso butter.

Order for four and we'll shout you a bottle of wine from our extensive selection!

Pre-order now for Friday night to Sunday night. Take home for Mother's Day weekend only 💕
This Saturday is for you, meat lovers. Whether you like steak of the lamb, pork, goat or beef variety, we’ve got you covered with Eurochef foods, Allington Family Farm and Gingin Grass Fed
Expand your dinner repertoire with boneless lamb sirloin, rib chops, lamb shanks and loin chops from Allington Family Farm on Saturday!

Producing sustainable, ethical, premium quality lamb, pork & pasture raised chicken & eggs. Located in North Greenbushes, WA. You can find us and our produce weekly at Mt Claremont, Subi, Kyilla & fortnightly at Manning Farmer’s Markets.

Operating as usual


How much is this chicken worth to you?

One of the most interesting questions we receive is relating to the price of our pasture raised chicken. Our modern world has come to think of chicken as being an easy source of protein, a meat that doesn’t need too much care taken with it - and a price which is reflective of this.

Whereas once upon a time, chicken was only available to the ‘rich and famous’, now, due to commercial factory farming, chicken has become readily available to everybody. But what is the cost of that?

Raised in groups - even as ‘free range chickens’ - of a minimum of 10,000 chickens per hectare, living in huge sheds, and often filled with added hormones & antibiotics. And whilst free range is definitely better than the alternative, we truly believe that pasture raised is the way of the future.

And of course, somewhere, there is a price to pay for that. Either monetary or otherwise. And we really hope that when you choose to purchase our chicken, not only will the experience and flavour blow you away, but you can be assured that our chickens have lived a good life, free to forage and roam amongst pasture whilst living in small groups. And of course, that price is not just considering the chickens ‘worth’, but also the time which we spend daily looking after them, feed, processing & cutting up fees (and the list goes on and on..!).

So we would encourage you to ask some perhaps difficult questions about how the meat that you choose to eat has been raised - and what cost are you willing to pay for that? We would love to hear your thoughts below! And please feel free to ask any questions that you might have.


Today was a bitter-sweet day. 250 of our own breeding ewes were loaded onto a truck to a new home. Ewes which we have worked so hard to produce, with every element of what’s involved with sheep production, coupled with a sort of sadness that we have let go of this line of sheep forever. It was a difficult decision to make, but ultimately one we knew we needed to.

The start of new beginnings. A new chapter. And a reminder that in every new beginning, something that once was, has to come to an end. And so it is with this. I am reminded that these shifts and these conscious decisions which we are making all make part of a much bigger picture - and one that we don’t fully know or understand just yet. But we trust. And we let go. With a knowledge that it is well.

📷 @___gatherist


New digs for our laying hens - a repurposed caravan! Complete with rollaway nesting boxes and perching space. And of course - they continue to live their best lives, ranging free in the paddock during the day. THIS is what free-range should be, so we term ours as ‘pasture raised, roaming free’ so there are no disillusions 😉

We have many different breeds of hens here - how many can you spot? (Extra points if you can name them too!) and our eggs, as well as being incredibly tasty, will be a beautiful rainbow of colours! We cannot wait to share them with you! Coming soon..! 🐓


Just in case you missed it on our stories… Meet Maisie! 🐶 Maisie joined the team at AFF this week and has already begun her training as an LGD (Livestock Guardian Dog).

For those who may not be familiar with the breed, Maisie is a maremma and this breed is unlike most others. Their instinct is to protect livestock from predators and they live full-time with whatever they are protecting as a member of the herd - or in our case flock! As she grows, her job will be to look after our chickens and protect them from foxes. We don’t have any issues with predation in other elements of our enterprise, but having lost a number of chickens to foxes, we decided it was time to do something about it.

Of course, Maisie gets plenty of love and cuddles as part of the team and as you would expect, all our dogs are considered a part of our family too as well as essential to the success of our business. She will eventually be trained to know where the boundary is to her paddocks but she is already living out with the chickens so she knows where ‘home’ is.

We can’t wait to share more of her in the coming weeks - and hopefully share some successes of having her around! Please let us know if you have any questions below about her breed, her work or anything else & we will do our best to answer 🧡



One of the things that we love the most about what we do is building community. Since moving to the farm, we have loved getting to know so many of you like-minded people, others in our local community who are mindfully growing food, and having long conversations about breaking out of the ‘norm’ to create something different.

We’ve been doing this alone so far, and it’s been a bloody hard slog - there’s no other words. But we are at the point now where we need some help.

Would you like to experience farm life for a month or two (or maybe even longer?), learn some new skills, help with our food production systems, assisting with practical elements around the farm/animal husbandry, and be open minded about other projects we may have on the go to continue building our infrastructure, joining a husband-wife team (and their two kids 😉) and live in a beautiful part of the great southern with all the animals (well, not quite all - but a lot 😉)?

We have many different ideas about how this could work, but if this sounds like something that excites you, something you have maybe always wanted to do, but you have never really had the opportunity, or you would just love to spend some time getting your hands dirty - please get in touch with us. We would love to talk to you.

This position could be suitable for a couple or a single person. Accommodation/food can be included. We are really excited about the opportunities - and community - that we are hoping this can bring. We can’t wait for this new chapter 🧡


“Farm work doesn’t make you stronger.”

It doesn’t make you anything. It reveals you.
There’s gym strong and then there’s farm strong. They’re mutually exclusive.

The toughest women you’ll ever meet spend their days on a farm.

There are more uses for twine than you can possibly imagine.

“Well that certainly didn’t go as planned,” is one thing you’ll say quite a bit. Control is a mere illusion... The thought that you have any, at any given time, is utterly false.

Sometimes sleep is a luxury...So are lunch and dinner. And brushing your hair. Trust me, you’ll find muscles that you never knew existed on the human skeleton to prevent this from happening.

When one of the animals is ill, you’ll go to heroic lengths to minimize their discomfort. Their needs come first.

In summer heat and coldest winter days. Clean water, clean bed, and plenty of feed. Before you have your first meal, they all eat.

When you lose one of them, even though you know that day is inevitable, you still feel sadness, angst and emotional pain from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. And it’s a heaviness that lingers even though you must regroup and press on.

You’ll cry a lot. But you’ll never live more fully.

You’ll remain present no matter what because you must. There is no other option. You’ll ask for so many miracles and hold out hope until the very last.

You’ll find yourself saying things like, “we have maybe twenty minutes of daylight left to git ‘er done” whilst gazing up at a nonspecific place in the sky.

You’ll become weirdly obsessive about the weather.

You’ll go out in public wearing filthy clothes and smelling of dirt, sweat and p**p. People will look at you sideways and crinkle their noses but you won’t care.

Your entire day can derail within ten seconds of the rising sun.

You can wash your coveralls. They won’t look any cleaner, but they will smell much nicer.

Farm work is difficult in its simplicity.

You’ll always notice just how beautiful sunrises and sunsets really are.

Should you ever have the opportunity to work on a farm, take the chance!

You will never do anything more satisfying in your entire life.” Author unknown

📷 @___gatherist


Even though he was being a bit of a pain the morning we did this shoot; Mia wasn’t used to having a dog accompany us on our ride and she kept looking behind her to check on what he was doing - I’m so grateful that we have these photos of Harvey to look back on & treasure forever… 💔

We are still all missing him very much, our hearts broke & our lives will never be quite the same without him. Harv, we miss you & wish you weren’t taken from us too soon.. Losing a dog I imagine is hard enough, they become a part of your family & the bond you create with them is like no other.

But Harvey was more than a pet, he was a part of the team here - and we relied on him and his experience to assist with mustering and yard work. Trav was also able to take him and between the two of them, they could draft sheep & get the job done. They had a bond that showed they just got each other; a mutual respect and understanding. And having that connection with a dog is pivotal to success whilst working together. We’ll get there again, but it’s not easy in the interim without our number one.

📷 @___gatherist

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