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Order grazing boxes here: Foodie. Nutrition. Recipe Creator. Yogi. Traveler. Meditator.

Lover of life. Helping fellow humans to live their best life. I am very passionate about empowering others to lead a healthier, more positive, energetic, passionate and vibrant life, one that is in alignment with their highest good. Offering;

*whole food GF + DF private cooking workshops
*bespoke catering/grazing boards
*queen B raw honey



I have made the decision to close my business - NHCL. Not lightly! My body has been sending me signals where I’ve been holding on. It has been an extension of me, a BIG part of me + what I’ve identified with, for so long.

I feel as though I am no longer in alignment with my offerings. I am wanting to create a greater impact in this world + feel more deeply fulfilled on a soul level.

I want to thank you for being here, for supporting me + making it all worthwhile!

It’s been 7 years of love, energy + passion that will now be transformed into something else.

It’s time to let go.

Love you all,

K xx

Photos from Natural Health Conscious Living's post 22/08/2022

Slow cooked lamb shoulder in a rich gravy, carrots, onions, kale, whole garlic + chickpeas.

Air fried roasties on the side.

Fresh garden parsley.

Low + slow brings the flavour.


Poke bowl (of sorts).

Rice, crispy trout (marinated in tamari, sesame oil + sake). Sautéed kale + enoki mushrooms, air fried pumpkin (with a sprinkle of shichimi togarashi), kimchi, spring onions + snow pea sprouts.

A little splash of tamari all over to finish👌🏼

Ticking all the nutrient boxes + bloody delicious x


Crumbed air fried free range chicken breast, coated in my special mix of; breadcrumbs, cashew cheese, h**p seeds + sea salt. Sprayed with olive oil, and air fried for 30 mins.

I’ve served with chicken gravy, smashed roast spud + a garden salad. It’s been so long since a salad + I was craving 👌🏼

Photos from Natural Health Conscious Living's post 12/08/2022

I’m so thrilled to announce that Grazing boxes are now available in the NHCL shop for order 🙌🏻

Offering a gluten free box option (pic 1), or gluten + dairy free (pic 2)!
My dairy free peeps, yes, you still get cheese.

Included, is my homemade, delicious sun-dried tomato + cashew pesto.

Beautifully presented for date night, staycay, picnic, drinks + aperitif’s, the footy, birthday’s, even camping!

Pre-order yours today. Fathers Day is just around the corner!

Order here —>

With love,

Kristy xx

Photos from Natural Health Conscious Living's post 08/08/2022

A french inspired chicken bake.

Juicy, crispy chicken cutlets, tarragon, lemon, bacon, potato + parsnips in a buttery, chicken sauce. Cream + parsley to finish.

So much flavour in this, I could actually taste some!

On the side, I served some air fried brussel sprouts.


Sri Lankan style chicken curry with spinach.

Bringing out the big guns to entice my taste buds to get lit. There’s been bouts of hot English mustard, thicker than usual spreads of vegemite + salt & vinegar chips.

I believe it’s partially there, but not completely. Smell is hit + miss.
I’m trusting that because ‘taste’ is my super strength in human design, that I’m having an upgrade + it’s going to come back even better!

Freedom tomorrow 🙌🏻 I’m so looking forward to getting out + about.

Thank you for those who reached out to see how I’ve been doing! Much love x


Gnocchi with roasted pumpkin, broccolini, red onions, spinach, chilli, garlic, sage, stock, plant-based cream, finished with olive oil, feta + dukkah.

Still have little to no smell + my taste comes in waves. Hubby vouches that this dish was packed with flavour.

I mean, I trust him. He’ll let me know.


Homemade supreme 🍕

Bases - recipe c/o recipe community. A beautiful texture, a nice chew but not dry!

Layers - tomato paste, dried oregano, plant based pizza shred cheese, baby spinach, red onion, green capsicum, sliced tomato, salami, ham, pineapple, sliced black olives.


Watch this reel by naturalhealthconsciousliving on Instagram 02/08/2022

🧘‍♀️Functional yoga today in isolation as I can’t go to the studio.

Blaire de Raad can’t live without!

Watch this reel by naturalhealthconsciousliving on Instagram


Slow cooked braised steak + baby onions on a bed of potato/sweet potatoes tate mash. Baby backyard charred fennel.

It’s a bitter sweet meal, as it looks + feels good in my mouth… but I can’t taste or smell it.

Looks alright though, don’t you think? x

Photos from Natural Health Conscious Living's post 28/07/2022

Whole baked cauliflower in Thai red curry sauce, served with crispy trout + charred bok choy.

Cauli served in quarters + topped with sour cream.

Pretty stoked with how this dish turned out if I’m honest!

A nice change from rice with Asian style meals x


Crispy pork belly bites (air fried) with an orange sauce, basmati, slaw + pickled Asian veg.

I dried out the salted + scored pork belly overnight in the fridge, then sprinkled Chinese five spice on the meat side. I then air fried for on 120c for 30mins and then a further 20 mins on 220c to get the crackle crunchy AF.

I will never cook in the oven again 😂

The orange sauce was a combination of fresh orange juice, our honey, ginger + a little rice wine vinegar.

K x


Vegan nachos. Sunday lunch.

There’s nothing traditional here. Just deliciousness. And jalapeño. Loads of them.

Photos from Natural Health Conscious Living's post 19/07/2022

It’s that time of year.

Chicken + noodle soup, cooked from scratch… the broth made from a whole bird, garlic, leek + cooled over night for max flavour.

All the things added tonight … carrots, parsnips, spinach, garden green onions, parsley + flat rice noodles.

This soup felt so clean + nourishing as it went in x

Photos from Natural Health Conscious Living's post 18/07/2022

Slow cooked sticky lamb ribs can be a little fatty, so I’ve teamed them up with some nutritious, fresh salads for balance.

Air fried sweet potato warm salad + a kale salad with feta, h**p seeds, pepitas, red onion, cranberries, cashew Parmesan + a raspberry vinaigrette.

Delish x


Buttery, leek + garlic risotto, with pan seared scallops, asparagus + crispy wild salmon (air fried).

A titillating meal after a wonderful weekend… this was beautiful 🙌🏻

Photos from Natural Health Conscious Living's post 14/07/2022

A work in progress / Day 15

NHCL is continually evolving + morphing, along with my upgrades/energy shifts.

I am soul-y dedicated to all things food now, with some other exciting things in the pipeline. I believe it’s important to tweak my business in alignment with my soul + heart.

The pleasure of making food stems from the need to nurture you, my client … who does not have the time, desire, nor the strength sometimes 😂

I’ll be your cook,

Love always,

K xx


Took my new air fryer (double basket) for a trial. You can sync the two baskets to finish at the same time, regardless of the cooking method (I air fried the lamb chops + roasted the baby spuds - and at different temps).

Awesome 👏

I’ve served here with a Moroccan chickpea, almond + feta salad.


Sashimi. One of life’s greatest pleasures, in my opinion.

Here, I’ve sprinkled the salmon with a Japanese seasoning of sesame, garlic, onion, chilli + sea salt… topped with spring onion + fennel fronds. The dipping sauce is soy + shichimi togarashi 🥢

I’ve got a special Japanese knife that is super sharp + only used for sashimi. It makes for thin, beautiful slices.


Day 10

My reason WHY.

It’s because of you. I want the best for you. I want you to feel the way I do in my body. I want you to know that headaches, tummy upset, low energy, depression, skin conditions and so on, are not our highest expression.

These lower vibrations, are our body’s way of telling us that we are not happy on the inside. We are not functioning at our highest capacity.

We are what we eat.

When we nourish ourselves with clean, whole, seasonal + healthy ingredients, we begin to raise our vibration and the happiness that can be felt on the inside, radiates out.

I want to remove the stigma around healthy eating regimes/lifestyles. Not only does the food feel lighter and carefree in the body, but it is delicious, real food.

You can feel amazing. You can feel like you’re in your 20’s again.

Health is ALL we have at the core. Do you love yourself enough to prioritise it? And if not, then maybe it’s time to introduce some small changes. Build on that. And, love yourself hard throughout the transition. You owe it to your souls home.

In brilliant health,

Kristy xx

Photos from Natural Health Conscious Living's post 06/07/2022

Epic fail.

I made hollandaise for our trout last night + discovered it was still in the thermi when dinner was done!

Well, apart from splitting a little upon reheating… this eggs hollandaise went down a treat for the both of us earlier this morning!

Will you look at the bright yellow colour of that sauce! Free range, backyard eggs will do that.

Thanks friends x

Photos from Natural Health Conscious Living's post 05/07/2022

Day 7 - what’s in my hand?

Well, this banana bread with chocolate chunks was in my hand, now it’s in my belly.

Recipe can be found on my website for traditional bread… this cook I threw in some leftover broken up chocolate from the fridge. I ate in gooey + warm and I’m not even sorry.

Love you xx

Photos from Natural Health Conscious Living's post 03/07/2022

Scallop creamy garlic penne with chilli broccolini.

Fresh garden parsley + lemon.

Photos from Natural Health Conscious Living's post 01/07/2022

What inspires me?

Well, it’s probably pretty obvious.


I’m inspired when I shop for food, when I browse through my precious recipe books, when I watch cooking shows, when I try new things when eating out. It’s all pure love for me.
I feel my insides buzzing + my heart expanding.

My holidays are based around food experiences. I’m planning my next meal before I’ve finished this one.
You’re picking up what I’m putting down?!

Food is love. It’s how I express my love. I infuse my emotions into it. My creativity. My heart.

What inspires you? xx

ps this is a new raw carrot cake now on my menu.


Oh, good morning! Yes, it’s me Kristy, reintroducing myself to any new people in our community! And, I’m also doing a 20 day challenge with the gorgeous +

I begun my business, based on the absolute love + adoration for food.
I cook gluten + dairy free, as that’s what I eat … and I need to be able to taste test! Besides, I believe in my heart that even if you don’t have allergies or intolerances, you can still thoroughly enjoy my food. You will feel lighter + more energetic from these whole foods.

I offer bespoke catering, private cooking classes + special food orders. It’s as simple as a quick DM to communicate your vision/wants/needs. My nature studio is based amongst the trees in North Dandalup 🌳

I know instinctively that happiness begins in the gut. It’s the solar plexus where all our emotions are stored, so if we nourish it with beautiful, healthy + nutritious food … we are going to feel high vibrational and connected to the earth.

It is about balance, and for me, that’s a sneaky vino - it’s not all about withholding.

Thanks for hanging out with me 🙏
I LOVE new people + conversations. Change is exciting for me + I thrive on it!

K xx


* Lamb chops + Greek style salad *

Bring chops to room temp. Marinade chops in dried oregano, rosemary + fresh thyme, chilli flakes, lemon zest, sea salt + pepper.
Drizzle with olive oil.

Air fry 180c for 25 mins.

Serve with a salad consisting of;
baby spinach, cucumber, tomato, red onion, plant based feta, black olives, tzatziki + lemon wedges.

Drizzle with olive oil * sprinkle dried oregano all over.

(To make tzatziki I use natural coconut yoghurt, grated cucumber, finely diced red onion, ground cumin, sea salt, black pepper).

With love,

K xx


An easy weeknight stir fry can be as easy as cleaning out the crisper, getting a wok super hot + a little protein (for me, it’s more about the veg). So many veggies will work! I’ve used thinly sliced chicken thighs, marinated in sesame oil + white pepper. There’s sliced onions, garlic, ginger, red pepper, Kai lan, cabbage, tossed in soy sauce, a splash of fish sauce + finished with kecap manis.
I use fresh rice noodles + of course - a fried egg to serve.

Other veg ideas include;
king oyster/enoki mushrooms
spring onion
bok choy

Other protein ideas include;
thinly sliced beef
thinly sliced pork

Some cashew work well too.

In good health,

K xx

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