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For Mind, Body & Spirit. Healing Touch Massage, Crystal Healing, Holistic Counselling, Angel Card Readings, Horse Whisperer. We are here to help you live your best life.

Taking a holistic approach to your healing needs, we focus on healing techniques that embody holism: Mind, Body and Spirit. As each of us is unique, so is your healing needs unique to you. Not sure how we can help? We invite you to have a chat with Mandy, a fully qualified holistic healer and complimentary therapist, to work out how best to help you heal. We cater for a wide variety of issues incl

Operating as usual


It is with sadness in our hearts that we announce that Meredith Massage and Healing
is no longer in business.
We have enjoyed our time here in Meredith and it has been an absolute gift to have met so many beautiful spirits who came into MMH.
To our clients who supported us, we send you forward on your spiritual/healing path with love and strength and hope that the tools you gained from your sessions with Mandy will serve you in the future.
To my amazing partner John, thank you for encouraging me to keep going even when I was ready to give up. Encouragement is a true gift to give another when they themselves cannot see their own worth.
To my son, who is such a forgiving soul, may mum learn a thing or two from you!

So with love in my heart, I wish you all the best,
Love and light,
Please note, all outstanding gift vouchers will still be honoured if presented by 10th December, 2014.


We will be closed until further notice due to unforeseen circumstances. We apologise for any inconvenience and will give you more details as they come to pass. Love and light, Mandy and John.


Our SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT CIRCLE will begin Wednesday 30th August. 7pm This circle runs over 8 weeks; every Wednesday night. You will learn about your chakras and how they affect your health and well being, crystal healing, working with the archangels, how to read angel cards, and create your own chakra crystal kit to keep. Your investment for this circle will be $170. Payment plans can be arranged if needed. Please contact Mandy to arrange payment to secure your place in the circle. Ph: 0433092112


Love and light to all of our new liker friends. Blessings to you. Our 8 week spiritual development circle will be starting in a couple of weeks! That will be so much fun! More details, dates, costing to come. Love and light.


We've had some feedback from one of our pony owner clients who received a healing session on their pony from Mandy. She is now healing physically, can be handled and rugged,has made friends with a new paddock buddy and is responding to her people when called up.
It makes our hearts sing when we can help such a beautiful pony to heal from the past and allow them to know what being loved feels like and not live in fear. Blessed be little filly, you have a wonderful life ahead.


Mobile Uploads


A rainbow alkaline food chart! Pretty! Of you suffer with Irritable Bowel syndrome (IBS) or just have a grumpy, gassy tummy, try moving to a more alkaline diet for a few days. I did it and the results were amazing!


Do you have a horse or pony or know someone who does? Would you like to know how your horse is feeling and what they are thinking? What they like and dislike? Perhaps your horse has a performance issue? I can help you to better understand your horse or pony. I am able to energetically communicate with them to help you have an intimate knowledge of your horse and allow you to have a closer bond with them. If you have been thinking about giving your horse or pony a healing session, I invite you to give me a call and we can discuss your needs. Love and light, Mandy. 26/06/2014

When a Stressful Hospital Stay Makes You Sick

I often will do healings on friends and family who have had surgery. Surgery leaves gaping holes in our aura, allowing for spiritual leakages. Energy healing will repair and heal these holes and leaks, allowing you to heal quicker. It’s long been known that hospitals can be the source of illness. But post-hospital syndrome is something different and more ominous.


Here's a grid I created some time ago. It's about going on a journey and finding our path and our voice along the way. The great thing about crystal energy and crystal grids is that you actually can receive healing from an image. I often encourage clients to google image 'crystals' and 'crystal grids' and simply take some time to look at the crystals and see how they feel after looking at the images. Give it a try!


Here is a flame burning bright for those of us who have had a loved one pass over recently. Remember that if we are mourning a loss, there must have been a wonderful life to be celebrated. My dear Aunty Rita, may your transition back to spirit be tranquil. You have a very large soul group waiting for you. May your creativity and dignity inspire many artists and courageous goddesses.


Bootcamp: if you have been thinking about group fitness I can recommend attending a bootcamp. It's great fun and you make new like minded friends and you go at your own pace. A bootcamp is being run at Meredith rec reserve tomorrow morning at 9am. $10 pp. if you've been thinking about it, there's no better time to start!


A big congratulations to the winners of the gift away! Thanks to my beautiful assistant! And remember, if you would like an angel card reading or horse healing session, please call Mandy on 0433092112.


Gift Away number 3: Half price horse healing session. Congratulations Kate Andrews!


Gift Away Number 2: Angel card reading: the winner is Allison McConnell. Congratulations!


Winner of Gift Away Number 1: the super crystal pack. I can't believe this lady's luck! (Fate!) The universe has smiled on you tonight Kerryn McGinley!


My gorgeous assistant......


Ok, the gift away is about to be drawn! Thank you all for participating and best of luck to all. :)


Salt lamps: can melt even in cold weather. Remember to turn them on. :)


It's been brought to our attention that gift away number 3 may need some clarity. The offer is for one half price horse healing session. This means that the winner will have the opportunity to have a $250 healing for the price of $125. Plus, if the booking is made before the end of June, will receive a 10% discount. We hope that makes things a little clearer. :)


We are super excited here at MMHHW...our horse healing sessions are going splendidly. We are so thrilled with the results we are seeing and the horses and ponies are so open and receptive to energy healing, it makes our heart sing! Remember, if you are thinking of booking a healing session for your horse or pony, jump on quick!- we are offering 10% off for bookings made in the month of June. That means as long as you book in June, you will get 10% off, regardless of when your actual session is booked for, but you must make that call in June! Phone Mandy now on 0433 092 112


Please be sure to like our page to be eligible for the gift away. :)


Remember to tell your friends to like our page and enter in the gift away on the post below that says 'ok , here's how the gift away is going to work'. Sweet dreams all. ###


I was discussing smudging today with Bronwyn, I thought this might help if you are unsure what to say during smudging. Bless.


Oh my glittery goodness! Here's the crystal prize pack! Worth over $200. Includes a whole chakra crystal set, a lovely piece of selenite, a spirit quartz, an amethyst cluster, a raw hematite, orange calcite, a massive piece of fluorite, a rainforest jasper slice, a rainbow fluorite dolphin, an inspire necklace, crystal cages, and a piece of green calcite! Wow! A wonderful haul to add to your collection or a great starter kit for a beginner! Good luck!


Welcome and blessings to Vamp Camper. Love and light to you beautiful spirit. xx


Ok, here's how the gift away is going to work:
We'll be gifting three prizes:
1. A crystal prize pack valued at $200
2. A free Angel Card reading valued at $80
3. A half price Horse Whispering session (within 100km of Meredith) valued at $125

Now, how this will work: you need to comment below with a 1, 2 or 3 to indicate which prize you would like to win. You can enter more than one if you wish, however, prizes are non-transferrable, so I suggest you only enter number 3 if you actually have a horse or pony! Your friends can enter too, all they have to do is like our page and then comment below with 1,2 or 3.
Good luck to you! And thank you all for sharing our journey. xx
**Please note: Giftaway #3; half price horse whispering session: Regular price is $250, therefore, if you win #3, your investment will be $125, session to be booked within the next 3 months.


Welcome Bronwyn. Love and light to you.


And there we have it! 150 liker friends here at Meredith Massage, Healing and Horse Whisperer. It's time for a gift away!


Our new cards!


GRAND UNVEILING! It's official! We are delighted to announce that Meredith Massage and Healing are now able to offer you our Horse Whispering service.
Mandy spent many years growing up with horses around her. Living on Waveleigh Park Stud, an Australian Pony stud, and learning horsemanship skills from a very early age, Mandy's passion for horses and ponies has come full circle, resulting in an uncanny ability to connect to a horse's energy, allowing her to give owners and handlers/riders more insight into their equine friends.
Tending to Australian Ponies at the Royal Melbourne Shows, Stud Shows, and many rural aggi shows, as well as many years working in the harness racing industry, Mandy has been able to naturally combine her love of horses with her natural ability to connect to spirit and healing energies.
How can we help:
Behavioural/ temerament issues
Horse-rider/handler bonding
Injuries/ recurring illness
Performance Improvement.
We come to your place, to keep your horse/pony in their familiar environment, so as to allow healing times to be quicker. -No floating required.
For the month of June, we are offering a 10% discount for those who book a call out in June.
Call now, 0433 092112
See business info page for prices and conditions.


After much deliberation I have decided to sell my second massage table. I used this table as my travelling massage table. It is similar to the table I use in the healing room. It does however have a few small holes on two corners of the table. Great for use as your travel table, or to massage at home. If you are interested, please message me to arrange viewing or photos. Asking $70


Pics are up of new crystals for sale. Facebook does not allow you to see all of our posts that have photos attached so be sure to jump over to Our page and take a look! Postage can be arranged should something take your fancy! :)


This gorgeous piece is a combination of Makachite and Chrysocolla. This piece is just lovely in your hand. Great to meditate with too. $40


Tiger iron large tumble. $10


Horse Whispering
Holistic Healing/Counselling
Healing Energy Massage
Crystal//energy Healing
Angel Card Reading
Private meditation/past life regression
Meditation classes
Spiritual development circle (Spirit Circle)



48 Staughton St,
Meredith, VIC

General information

PRICE LIST AS OF 5th June. 2014: Massage: Relaxation/healing: Half Body $60 Full Body $80 Holistic Healing/Counselling session: $90 or 3 sessions for $240 Crystal/Energy Healing: $80 Angel Card Reading: $80 Horse Whisperer: Horse only: $250 Horse and rider/handler: $300 10%discount for more than one horse/pony. **Travel fees will be incurred by the client for all call outs further than 100km from Meredith VIC.

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