Meredith History Interest Group

Meredith History Interest Group


Hi everyone! This is a lovely page! I have a bit of an odd request. I have purchased land locally, and looking to relocate/remove an old miners cottage (e.g. that is abandoned/in run down condition) (pending council approvals currently under way of course), at my own expense. If anyone knows of any owners of such, that would be interested in saving on demolition costs (if no heritage overlay), and for an old home to be preserved and brought back to life locally, could you please point me in the right direction? Thank you!
Corangamite Shield - 1903 - Colac Rifle Club

In 1903 The Colac Rifle Club won the prestigious Corangamite Shield (pictured) which rifle clubs still compete for to this day.

Back row
A. McCallum, F. Johnson, W. Anderson, J Sitlington, W. Vagg, D. Bolden, Charles Johnstone & Milton Brown

Front Row
F. Sitlington & W Duncan

Victorian Rifle Association
Colac Otway History
National Rifle Association of Australia
Port Campbell Rifle Club Inc
Meredith History Interest Group

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The Mooney family as I know it Gert (Ryan)Irene (Lewis)Mena (Brady)Kath (Graham)Grandma Chris (Mooney)all RIB in the Meredith cemetery except Kath in Gosford.Our Grandma Aunties and Uncle.John Denis and Doreen fond memories 💗💗💗
The Weekly Times 3rd September 1947
Marg and the Committee

Thanks for the postcard I received today. Nice to hear from you.

I hope all members stay safe and well.



PS still got plenty of plants to throw your way.
Probably my most loved photo of dads, raise's a few eyebrow's these days

Meredith based history group, we aim to collect, share, record and create an interest in history of our district.

Operating as usual


The same sign on the Post Office before the Post Office went to the Top Shop.


The Meredith 3333 sign on the Top Shop. Pat and Derek Dodson recently brought it back to Meredith.


The Mystery item for this week!


Yes it was a rope making machine. Jeff Cooper made rope in the early 1970’s because rope was hard to buy. He made it on the shearing board at The old Moranghurk Woolshed owned then by Harry Mohr. The board was long and flat to put the strands of binder twine out on.

Photos from Meredith History Interest Group's post 01/03/2022

On the afternoon of Sunday 27th Feb, we gathered to watched the DVD ' A trip down Memory Lane ' the story about Coopers Rd . It was told by the Cooper family with stories by and about past and present neighbours.

The DVD is For Sale from the History Rooms on Tuesdays & Thursdays.

A highlight is the old news reel of local resident Yvonne the cowgirl!


Did you ever frequent this outside loo?


This weeks mystery item….attached to a heavy board!


This is a very small vice for holding small things securely.


1.30 today - Memorial Hall Meredith

AGM, bookstore, photo display.

Followed by cuppa and viewing of the DVD
on the history/stories of Cooper's Rd Bamganie/Meredith

All Welcome


A tiny bridge over Boosey Creek at Elaine.


What is this weeks mystery item and what would you use it for?


This tool made of wood and brass is a scribe marking gauge.


What is this tool?


This is an antique saw. It has a wooden frame, knobby wooden handles, a wooden stick through twisted string to tension the blade which is double sided. We believe it is a bow saw, maybe a bow,, coping saw.


Who are the Meredith Girl Guides featured in the Weekly Times in September 1947?


All Welcome .


Mystery item for this week?


This is a mouli used to purée sauces and food. It is a hand held device that has interchangeable discs that mince/mash fine, finer and finest. Great for making tomato sauce!

Photos from Meredith History Interest Group's post 03/02/2022

Hats is the theme for the latest display. What a fantastic hat on this Meredith lady!


Mystery object for this week! What is it called and what is it used for?

Photos from Meredith History Interest Group's post 31/01/2022

A decorative tipping teapot with a burner below with a stand made to represent bamboo. A beautiful item.

Photos from Meredith History Interest Group's post 31/01/2022

A decorative tipping teapot with a burner below with a stand made to represent bamboo. A beautiful item.


Mystery object for this week!
What does it do? How does it work?


A breast drill is a hand held drill which has a plate which can be pressed against the chest to apply more force during drilling. The wooden handled drill was made by Millers Falls in America and patented in 1911.


Words on the back of the photo tell that it is the commencement of building of the New Mariner mine at Stieglitz.


This week”s Mystery Object…..only a small pointy bit missing!

Photos from Meredith History Interest Group's post 17/01/2022

Several people correctly identified the mystery object as a wire strainer even though some parts of it were missing. It was a Titan Wire Strainer invented by Mr Reid of New Zealand in December 1887. It was owned by Arthur Cooper of Bamganie and recently found in the dirt where the cow shed used to be.


This sign was on Meredith Post Office, was shifted to the Top Shop when the Post Office moved there, was replaced by Australia Post generic sign, saved and presented to MHIG earlier this week.


This week’s mystery item. Hint to do with farming , over hundred years old. What am I?


Would anyone know what this instrument would be used for?
What am I?


Some young local lads in St Mary’s Premiership Team, 1957.


Wishing you all a Happy Christmas and Lots of History in the New Year.

Photos from Meredith History Interest Group's post 15/12/2021

Jim Brown and wife & Ern Sellars and wife. Jim Brown worked on the CRB and Ern Sellars was a fencer.

Photos from Meredith History Interest Group's post 06/12/2021

Gift suggestions from MHIG…..Meredith History Books, Meredith 2022 Calendars and A Collection of Plants from the Street Nursey.


The Meredith History Interest Group, formed in 2008, is committed to promoting an understanding of the history of Meredith and the surrounding districts, including Elaine, Morrison, Steiglitz, Maude and Lethbridge

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