This is Remi Gordon

This is Remi Gordon

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Remi Gordon is an intuitive life coach and sacred space holder. Weaving spirituality and practicalit


and so it is ✨

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plz enjoy this niche curation of memes, pals 😂💖

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and so it is ✨


When I last posted over six months ago (oop), I had no idea what the end of 2022 had in store for me.

I knew something big was coming, but I couldn’t have predicted how that would manifest in my life (like, at all 😬).

Change, transformation and rebirth have been the cornerstones of my life to this point, and the last six months I’ve been buried in a cocoon of BIG, complex feelings. I’ve been hermiting hard, but slowly, I’ve had the pull to re-emerge.

It’s taken me a hot minute to get back into this space, because the longer it’s been, the more anxious I’ve felt. Especially when I don’t know what capacity I want to return to this space in yet, or what direction I’ll be taking my business.

In a weird way, I haven’t felt ‘healed’ enough to return this space. But here I am, showing up, to say maybe you don’t have to have it all figured out in order to show up again. To start again. To try again.

I don’t know what 2023 will bring just yet, but I’m hoping you’re open to coming along for the ride. 💖

I love y’all, I’ve missed you, and I’m looking forward to hearing how you’ve been.

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Big changes coming soon 😈🪄✨

[Image description: A screenshot of the Notes app in dark mode. In capital letters it reads ‘WE’RE NOT BURNING IT DOWN, WE’RE RENOVATING’. Dated 22 July 2022 at 11.27pm.]



Friends, I am SO f*cking stoked to let y’all know that I’m now offering in person card readings.

I’ve found a gorgeous lil spot in Fairfield [Melbourne] where I’ll be slingin’ cards once a month.

To celebrate my first in person day, I’m offering 45 minute readings for just $111 [usually $150!] 😱✨

Included in your reading is a gorgeous guided meditation and a generous dose of intuitively channeled messages using a combination of tarot and oracle cards.

You’ll leave your session feeling guided and supported, with clarity on what’s going on for you right now and next steps 💖

To snag your spot and book in, head here:

[Image description: a close up photo of Remi. They are smiling with their mouth closed. Their hair is pink and brown, and they are wearing a black jumper. White text with a pink background over the photo reads ‘in person readings, Friday 22 July, $111, sisu botanicals [melbourne]’.]

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Domino appreciation post 😍

[Image description: A series of photos with Remi and Domino, a black and white dog, on the bed. They are lying on a crocheted rainbow blanket. Domino in the photos starts to lick Remi’s face and the last picture is just a close up of Domino looking sleepy with his ear sticking up in the air.]


Last night I got suuuuper out of my comfort zone at q***r speed dating 👀

I might not seem like it, but at heart I’m an introvert. So meeting 20 people in one night is a LOT for me.

Before the event, I was thinking of ways I could get out of it. Reasons why I shouldn’t go.

Because I was scared.

But I did what I tell my clients to do instead. I said hello the fear, acknowledged it for what it was, and went anyway.

And I had a BRILLIANT time!

The reason I went in the first place is because I set a goal with my coach .coaching 3 months ago to playfully explore soul nourishing connections.

When I set this goal, I felt super anxious about it. It felt really out of reach.

But as the magic always happens in coaching, opportunities started to flow. People started seemingly popping out of the woodwork, wanting to hang out. I took risks and asked people if they wanted to hang out.

I allowed myself to put myself out there in different ways, even when it felt uncomfortable.

And you know what? It’s been SO rewarding.

After 2 years of social isolation, in person connection is something I’ve been craving.

And it’s been bloody delightful to allow myself to actually explore it, AND have fun while doing it 💖

This is why I’m such a believer in the magic of coaching. Not only because I see the huge, far reaching impact it has on my clients and their lives, but because I have experienced it first hand, time and time again.

Something really special happens when you set a clear intention, and then take action to back it up.

Magic happens ✨

[Video description: A short clip outside Noisy Ritual, showing the inside illuminated yellow with soft lighting. The door is dark and on a chalkboard sign outside it reads ‘Dear Pluto’.]


I’ve been feeling really introspective of late.

Maybe it’s the Cancer New Moon, maybe it’s just my desire to constantly reflect and better understand myself.

I have been thinking about how quickly the first six months of this year have flown by.

And this feeling that even though it’s often been slow, and heavy, and hard - lots of beautiful things have happened.

Six months ago I was about a couple of months into my business after quitting my corporate job. I had no idea how I was going to make it all work. I was living in a different house, living a fairly hermit-y life trying to recover from the chaotic schedule I’d become accustomed to.

Six months ago, I never would have thought I’d be doing disability support work. That I’d be living with a housemate. That I’d be working freelance with a fabulous organization I’d been instastalking for years. That I’d be about to start readings in person. That I’d be reaching out to people - sharing my *feeeeeelings* - to deepen the connections I’ve already made and form some new ones.

So, so much can change in just six months.

When I work with my clients, I try to guide them to look past the specific outcomes - and instead focus on the feelings. How do they want to *feel*?

If I’d just focused on the outcomes, I’d be burned out after slogging it out on my business. I’d be in a mountain of debt trying to live on my own.

And most importantly - I wouldn’t have been OPEN to trying different things.

But instead, focusing on the feeling [which for me, is freedom]… well. That’s where the magic has been.

What’s in store for the next 6? Who fu***ng knows! But I’m excited to find out 💖


[Image description: A black and white photo of Remi. They are sitting casually on some stairs and photo is taken from below. They are smiling widely.]


Bad moods aren’t forever.

Okay so the past few days I’ve been in an absolute stinker of a mood.

For valid reasons, but when I was in it, it felt like those feelings were going to last for bloody EVER.

And then today, just like that, the clouds have parted.

I’m not just feeling better, but I’m feeling REALLY good.

I’m lowkey super proud of myself, because after years of intellectualising my feelings and not allowing myself to actually feel them - I’m *REALLY* trying hard to let myself actually sit with and in uncomfortable emotions.

And as much as that sucks, today feels like the ultimate validation of the benefit that can have for me.

And if you haven’t heard the exciting news yet - go check out my stories 👀

[Image description: Remi is sitting in their car, smiling widely. Their neon pink hair is wavy and they are wearing a camel coloured coat and light beige button up.]


What a way to end my Friday - just had a great first session with a new coaching client!

I’m so bloody excited by their goals - to trust in their authentic self, to be in tune with their emotions and to build quality connections with others.


I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think that *I’M* also gonna get a lot out of this series. I find so often that the clients who come to me are desiring to work on things that are hot on MY heart at that moment in time too.

And I’m SO here for it!

I’ve got a couple of spaces free on my books right now for 1:1 coaching clients.

Whether you’re looking to build confidence and trust in yourself, radically change your relationships with others or with things like your health, abundance, work - I’m here!

You can learn more and book in a free consult through my bio. I’ve got availability next week to have a chat and see if we might be a good fit to work together to help you achieve all your big, bold dreams and desires.

YAY! Now, time to have a shower, and rally to go party tonight 💃

[Image description: A close up of Remi’s face. They are a white person with neon pink and brown hair. They’re wearing glasses, a black t-shirt and have their eyes closed with their hand resting under their chin.]


I believe smallest things can be truly life changing.

Tonight I finished up after three TRANSFORMATIVE months of coaching with a glorious client.

In that time, she’s explored her relationship with her body, food and movement with kindness and tenderness.

She’s gotten clear on her values and is now making conscious choices in alignment with those to feel energetically fu***ng stellar.

And she’s finished the first draft of her f*cking memoir!! [okay, she has one more weekend of structure to go but at 99.99% done, I’m calling it 👏].

Her reflections tonight has been that the magic has been in those small actions.

Things like checking in and asking herself ‘what do I want to do today?’, reading books, setting boundaries with herself and others, giving herself permission to just BE.

And it’s truly been such a joy and honour to witness her blossom into this version of herself.

Someone who lives in full alignment with their values.

Who doesn’t second guess themselves.

Who prioritises what they need.

F**K. YES. 👏

And as sad as it is to not see her beautiful face now every fortnight, it means I have space to support another excellent human over the coming months to step boldly into their truest expression and big bold dreams.

Maybe that human is you? 👀

Now I’m off to ride this high and snuggle in bed for an early night with Domino. LOVE YA ALL and remember - small changes make the biggest difference. Truly.

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When did it start being hard to show the f**k up? 🥲

Showing up online and in my personal life has always been pretty easy for me.

And at some point along the line, it got hard.

I *MADE* it hard.

So when I saw Simone Seol] post about her - I knew I had to suss it out.

The concept is to share 100 pieces of content in 30 days.

I know. I had the exact same reaction you’re probably having right now *cue brain explosion* 😬

But here’s the thing.

I’m three days in, and this is piece number 12.

The shift in just a few days has already felt monumental for me.

Just sharing what’s on my heart and whatever pops into my chaotic, creative, beautiful brain.

Allowing myself the space to be creative again and not take Instagram so seriously.

And also allowing myself for things not to be ‘perfect’ [because we all know perfect is an illusion anyway, right? 😉]

I highly recommend going to check out Simone Seol] page and podcast, Joyful Marketing [I’m now working my way through the extensive back catalogue 👀]

Here’s to showing up.
Here’s to not overthinking.
Here’s to putting in the damn work, and having fun doing it! 👏

[Image description: Remi is a white human standing under their carport. They are holding onto a string of lantern lights. They have neon pink hair and are wearing a black top and button up over a Goosebumps t-shirt, and smiling widely with their eyes closed.]


What do you notice about these three cards? 👀

I pulled this trio for a coaching client last night to represent the next 3 months together and it was so interesting to see the common imagery between them.

What we both noticed was the clouds that appear in all three images ☁️

In the first card, they’re in a snow storm. Everything is hazy and there’s an element of being blinded and needing to surrender to what is 🌨 [they reflect that’s where they’re at right now]

In the second card, the clouds are parting but there’s still a block right in front of them 🌤 [pulled when I asked about obstacles and challenges]

In the third card, the clouds have parted to reveal something majestic, beautiful and wonderful 🌕😍 [pulled as the energy to embody and the vibe for the next 3 months 🔥]

This will be our third coaching series together and with a focus on abundance, manifestation, creativity, and embracing change - I cannot WAIT to see how the next three months unfold for this beautiful soul 😍✨

If you’re looking for guidance, support and accountability to step into your big, bold dreams and desires - hit me up! I have a 1:1 coaching spot ready with your name on it 😘

[Image description: 3 oracle cards sitting on Remi’s white desk. First card is Purity - most of the card is white with snow and a figure with their eyes covered. Second card is Balance with a crone figure holding an illuminated moon in their hands. Their face is covered with clouds. Card three is Attraction and features a large, bold Super Moon with clouds at the bottom.]


Hands up if you put others before yourself?

…come on, I know it’s not just me 😂

Prioritising their own wellbeing is probably the consistent goal I see amongst my clients.

The majority of people I work with have been socialised as women, and amongst all of the patriarchal bu****it we’ve been served our whole lives - putting others first is one of them.

And you know what - supporting, caring for and serving others is absolutely a-ok!

But truly, deeply, I need you to hear this.

It’s SO important to put yourself first.

I know, I know - that’s easier said than done [why do you think a client gifted me this print? 😂]

But it’s true! Not only does your health, wellbeing, and happiness deserve a place on your to do list, but it deserves to be riiiiight at the top.

Because without it? Your capacity to fully support others is diminished significantly.

The changes I’ve noticed in myself over the past few weeks working with my own coach in this area has given me that first hand proof of what we all already know to be true.

Our capacity to hold space for others expands when we hold space for ourselves.

So in case you need to hear it too - your own wellbeing and self care deserve a place on your to do list 💖

And I’ll leave you with this one to ponder - what can you do today to prioritise yourself? ✨

[Image description: A photo of a colourful corner of Remi’s desk. In the centre is a framed print with a rainbow and colours which reads ‘Your own wellbeing & self care deserve a place on your to do list.’ In the foreground is a pink incense holder, crystals and a stack of colourful post it notes. In the background is a stack of incense boxes, a rainbow punch knit hoop, pens and a plant with two leaves.]


Today I’m celebrating reaching 6 months in my business full-time 👀

Chatting with a friend over the weekend I said it feels like there’s been SO much internal change during this season of my life… but on the outside, not a lot to seemingly show for it.

These past six months have taught me many things, but I think the most interesting of all has been this:

Sometimes what you thought you wanted, isn’t actually what you want.

Oooft - just typing that out makes me feel alllll the feels.

Here’s the thing, I’ve mostly loved the past six months. I have adored working with my coaching clients and stepping more into card readings [and my own intuitive power].

I’ve loved the sleep ins, not being accountable to anyone but myself and just feeling free [which is a core value for me].

What I’ve come to realise though is that in response to a highly structured, incredibly busy and frankly kinda unrewarding life - I swung ALLLLLLL the way in the opposite direction.

It turns out, what I actually needed in this season was a bit of a break.

And now?

I know that structure, external accountability, and routine [with a bit of flexibility] help me be my best self.

I know that in order to have capacity to hold space for the people I work with, I have to prioritise and hold space for myself.

I know that I love working for myself AND I love working with a team.

I know that success is SELF DEFINED and it can truly look like anything I god damn want.

I know that freedom for me, in this moment, is an active choice and intention I make.

So here’s to the next six months! 👀💃🎉

[Video description: A video of Remi as they are walking. They are holding a cupcake and smiling. They are wearing a white shirt and gold jewellery.]


Was it really only a week ago that I shared how stuck as f*ck I was feeling?

Because it honestly feels like EVERYTHING has shifted 👀

Sharing how stuck I felt was super uncomfortable for me, because it required me to be vulnerable.

I know for me that being vulnerable [especially about uncomfortable feelings like frustration and anger] can lead to even more uncomfortable feelings like shame and guilt. And from there, it’s so easy to spiral.

So you know what I did to support myself?

I shared my post, felt all the love from your beautiful supportive comments, and then I got off Instagram. I went for a walk. I saw friends. I focused on my goals.

And all of that, combined with the potent powerful magic of sharing my feelings and being vulnerable?

Meant that within DAYS, everything was brighter. Everything was clearer.

After being in what felt like a barren wasteland, I saw all of these incredible opportunities start to pop out of their hiding places.

So here’s the reminder that uncomfortable feelings and situations aren’t forever, as much as our brains might convince us they are.

Things can shift and change for you too, my love.

Sometimes it just takes a little vulnerability and showing up for yourself when you feel like sh*t 💖

[Image description: A close up of Remi lying on the bed with their dog, Domino. Domino is a black and white Kelpie x Border Collie who is lying in front of Remi, squinting and holding a paw up to his face. Remi is behind him, face half covered but laughing with a wide grin.]

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A really common theme with my clients is their desire to prioritise themselves more so they feel nourished and cared for - and I’m guessing you might feel the same way too 🧐

So I've got a lil something to share with you on how you can more easily fill your cup - even when it feels really f*cking hard [because sometimes it does, and that's totally normal!]...

Hold on, what’s filling your cup? ✋

Simply put - filling your cup just means finding ways to take care of yourself so that you feel energised and replenished.

What fills your cup is unique to you.

For example, someone who is extroverted may find spending time with others is super nourishing for them - whereas someone who is more introverted [heya! 👋] may need more alone time to feel rested and nourished.

So swipe on through for three steps to filling your cup ☕️

I’d love to hear how you go with this and if you feel called to share what fills your cup, I’d love to hear! 💖


[Image description: 4 slides with images of Remi and colourful backgrounds with steps to filling your cup. Step 1 is to brainstorm all the things that make you feel nourished and replenished. Step 2 is grouping these into categories - either how long they take, the resources required or where you can do them. Step 3 is to commit by creating a visual you can see every day, setting an intention or scheduling time into your calendar.]



Babes - I’m coming in HOT with some exciting news! 🔥

I have just TWO [yes, TWO!] 1:1 coaching spaces left after reopening my books earlier this month to my newsletter pals *cue excited squeals* 😍

I’m going to keep this real short and sweet because I know you’re on a roll with the scroll 👀

My coaching vibe is allllll about fun, expansion and empowerment -

Together we’ll playfully explore your big dreams and vision for your life, co-creating goals for you to anchor into during our three months together, and taking steps to bring them to life!

With me as your coach, I’ll support you to smash boundaries, shift your perspective and mindset, and embrace your whole self so that you can courageously show up in life and achieve all your delicious dreams and desires.

…how f*cking juicy is THAT?! 🔥🔥🔥

If you’re feeling my vibe [and I know you are, it’s big, bold and HERE], head on over to my bio to snag a free 30 min consult so we can get down to the nitty gritty and get this thang rollin’! 🚗💨


[Image description: Remi is sitting at a lilac table in front of their laptop which is covered in stickers. They are looking down as they write in a notebook and laughing with a big grin on their face. Remi is a white human with short blonde hair and is wearing a black shirt with colourful drawings on it.]

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The first time I coached someone, I was a bundle of nerves.

I distinctly remember the lapping waves I felt in my stomach which rolled into a tight knot of nerves, as I thought to myself, what the hell have I gotten myself into?

I said to myself that if it all went terribly wrong [and I’m still not 100% sure what that would mean, tbh], I could assume a new identity and never think about it again

After our 60 minute session - I was ecstatic. Elated. My stomach was still rolling, but this time with an uncontainable energy of excitement.

I knew in that moment that this was what I was meant to do. This was where I was meant to be.

Over the years I have come back, time and time again, to my calling. My purpose in this life.

And I know mine is to help people.

The beauty of this is that there are infinite ways to help people in this world. But coaching and holding space for other humans and their big bold dreams? Yeah - that’s how I want to help people right now.

Sometimes I wonder what I would be doing I hadn’t taken a chance on myself, moving through those nerves and anxiety and tension to coach my first client.

And I think it’s like many things in life, we have a choice to make. A decision on which way to go. A path to follow, should we be brave enough to choose it.

And today, a year after I held space for the first time for my first ever coaching client, I’m so grateful to myself [and to her!] for being brave enough to choose that path.

Here’s to the next 12 months and beyond 🥳

[Image description: A series of we**am photos of Remi taken prior to coaching sessions over the period of a year. Their hair, clothing and location varies between photos but in most they are smiling widely.]


I feel stuck.

And feeling stuck is f*cking sh*tty.

As a coach and someone who has done a lot of work on themselves over the past few years, I know what I need to do to stop feeling this way.

I need to take action. I need to move the energy around and in me.

But what happens when you’re doing that, and things still aren’t shifting?

That’s where I’m at right now.

Coming back from a couple of weeks away and out of my routine, I feel like I’ve been plonked back into this space of my ‘normal’ life and it’s a bit like quicksand.

As soon as I try to move, the fullness of the stuckness expands and I start to struggle and fight against it.

So what do I do now?

The majority of this stuckness is related to work and my business. I’ve honestly thought about throwing the towel totally in on my business.

And then my logical mind is like, hey wait a minute Remi - you kinda dropped off the grid and haven’t actually been talking about your work.

But because I’ve spent a few weeks not talking about it, I feel like I’ve lost the ability. I’ve felt anxious to share anything on my page or stories.

So I guess this is me, taking action. Showing up. Reminding you that I’m just a regular person feeling all the feels too. Reminding MYSELF that it’s okay to feel all the feels.

As I finish writing this post, I can hear my neighbour playing Somewhere Over The Rainbow.

And I know it’s all gonna be okay.

[Image description: A photo of a Forest of thin, tall trees. A blue sky is visible in the background and the sun is shining through them, low to the ground as it’s about to set.]

Photos from This is Remi Gordon's post 26/04/2022

Ever wondered what a card reading with me is like? Swipe on through! 👉👉👉

I am always so bloody honoured not only to read for y’all, but when you give me such DELICIOUS feedback too 😍

A reading with me is empowering, energising and fun - together we’ll ground in with a meditation and have a bit of a chat as I pull cards for you and share the messages and insights I receive.

You will leave the session feeling alllll loved up and supported, and with the clarity you need to take your next step [though soz in advance if I pull the Hermit for you so your next step is pause 😉😂].

Prices will be increasing next month for readings to reflect the energy exchange and value of these - so encourage you to book in if you’re desiring a bit of extra support and guidance 💖


Oooft babes - this meditation was LIT! 🔥

I recorded this live in activate, my membership community space, and it was so potent I want to share it with y'all too!

This tarot meditation guides you through a visualisation which is representative of the cards that have been pulled for the collective.

And sneaky spoiler alert - the cards were LUSH AF 😍

And babes - this is just a *taste* of the juicy magic that's happening in activate right now.

activate is a monthly membership which gives you access to private online sharing circles, and a dedicated virtual community space [held off Facebook!] with an abundance of exclusive resources.

Our first sharing circle is on Tuesday 3 May and before then we have more meditations to drop, a live card reading sesh on Zoom, and an interview with a badass human coming too!

I know you're feeling the pull - so why not join us for 21 days free to suss it out and see if the space is the right fit for you 😘

All the details are available via and as always, you can swing me a DM if you have any questions.

I would absolutely LOVE to hear what you thought of this experience and how you feel post-medi.

Big love to you all! 💖


I feel like I’m in a deep space of exploration right now.

Experimenting and playing with life, tinkering to see what tweaks feel good and what ones don’t.

Seeing how it feels to spend my days led by my intuition.

Asking myself what I need physically, emotionally and spiritually [and then actually doing it].

Yesterday I was feeling really demotivated. I knew I *should* come on here and talk about activate [my new community membership launching in a few weeks].

But the vibe was off, so I trusted myself to do just what I needed to - which was admin, a client session and then an afternoon of rewatching RPDR from the beginning again.

And today I’m feeling good.

Ready to step back in and make some magic.

So here’s to experimentation.

To playing with all the million and one facets of my life and seeing what feels good for me.

To embracing where and when my creativity and curiosity ebbd and flows during my days and weeks.

To embracing how my brain and body want to work [and the key here - not fighting it].

It’s feeling expansive. And I’m so here for it 💖

[Image description: Remi is sitting on a cane chair with a wooden fence behind them. There are golden rainbow sun beams shining in from the top left side of the photo. Remi is a white human with blonde and brown hair, wearing a black singlet, gold hoops and necklaces, and has a pink floral tattoo on their left arm.]

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