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It’s getting close to Baby Soltys. I’m ready for you to come out now if you feel like it 😉


- Hand to Hand Roation (Landmine)

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June’s magnificent transformation to step on stage for the first time

We started the journey to comp in June 2023 at a weight of 59kg

Come October we were as close to stage ready as we could be coming in at 47kg

We trained hard 3 x Per Week (not 6 like some people do)

The weight loss was gradual as it should be. We aimed for around 700-800grams loss per week to maintain muscle mass

Calories started around 2100 and came down to 700-800 by the last week

June kept her eye on the prize and came away with 1st Place in the Angel Division

I couldn’t be more proud of June and her massive effort to make it through the journey with a massive smile on her face come show day



I’m so proud of my client for working her absolute but off these past months in preparation for her first ever bodybuilding show this weekend.
Rain or shine, feeling flat or down she was in the gym for training every week no matter what.
She stuck to her diet without any complaints. No cheat meals (accept for the occasional shot of tequila 😏)
She’s put in the work and has earned the amazing results 💪

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Goals : Increase 3 Big Lifts & Muscularity
Weight : 97kg
Calories : 3500 approx
Weight Training : 4 x 45-60min sessions weekly


Figuring out your protein target and sticking to it with consistent training will TRANSFORM your body.

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Putting in maximum effort for only 45 seconds leads to physical and psychological gains that none of us would say no to.


This COULD BE the start of something.

Still a few slots available.

Comment YES if you want me to send you the FREE assessment.

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Sydney side.


Want some FREE help with weight loss hacks?

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I was a frustrated kid, wanting to be perfect at everything. Puberty hit and my frustration turned into depression and anxiety. Years went by where I was miserable, willing to try anything just to feel ok in my own skin. I tried therapy, antidepressants, recreational drugs, alcohol, meditation, self help books… I tried it all!

What dawned on me one day was how I felt when I was eating well and being active… I felt strong, healthy, clear headed.

Once I was able to redirect my attention to healthy life choices like exercise and nutritious food I was able to build my confidence from the ground up. I found great coaches and positive influences in my life, leaving all the negativity behind.


Do you find social media NOURISHING?

What the f*&ck do you mean by NOURISHING?

If I don't REGULATE what I choose to look at online my mood drops and I start to feel UNHAPPY. Therefore I make sure the things I look at build UP or NOURISH my mood... NOT destroy it.

Next time you are scrolling social media ask yourself... 'IS THIS NOURISHING ME?'


Try these THREE hacks for MUSCLE GROWTH that have worked for me and my clients.

You may think you are eating enough protein BUT, chances are you aren't. Record the amount of protein you are eating and then up it to 1.2-2g of protein per Kg of body weight per day. I PUT ON 20KG OF MUSCLE BY UPPING MY PROTEIN (my personal target is 2g per Kg so I consume around 186g protein per day)

Instead of racing through exercises and trying to lift as heavy as possible. SLOW down the movements and make sure you can feel the TARGET muscle being activated. After taking a training break, my first workout for 2023 was tough because I was really sore in the target muscles post training, meaning I had hit those target muscles with accurate technique.

If you think you can train to grow muscle and not focus on sleep quality your screwed. Muscle growth is STIMULATED in the gym then the CHANGES to our body HAPPEN outside the gym when we are RESTING. I get 7-8 hours every night because I prioritise it in my life.

We are inundated with information on the smartest quickest way to get RESULTS. In my experience it really comes back to SIMPLE things DONE CONSISTENTLY.

Coach Stef


I have noticed this ONE THING that keeps me motivated.

When the exercise is FUN... it keeps me coming back.

The type of exercise which is FUN for ME at the moment is Powerlifting

What type of exercise is FUN for you?

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