Willow and Amber

Willow and Amber


Absolutely ❤crushing hard over my n ew towers... they're all so spectacular 🥰 b ut the flower agate, you were right...somethi ng beautiful to awwww over
SOOOO in love with this Bracel et! Photos didnt do it justice ! Here 's a quick video to try a nd show it off....will be buying mo re!
It’s been a tough week f or us and so many others we kn ow, we know it’s a scary ti me so please don’t forget about t he little guys ... here are so me of our fav local businesses th at depend on the locals to g et through 🖤🖤🖤🖤

Black Roses Candles
Punkers Emporium - Bea rd Care
Dead Kings Collective
Katie-May's Hair and Beauty
Etern al Stone Art
Fluro Sugar
Long Story Sho rt I Design & Print Australia
Electric Witch
Delu xe Creations and Designs
AJ's Costume Hire
Willow a nd Amber
Art By Actiondan

Do you have a sma ll business ? Are you doing it tou gh ? Please pop your website/page li nk below and let’s get through th is together !!!!

Let us know if y ou need anything from Woolworths next to us hap py to help out if you can ’t get down there at opening ti me like so many others 🖤🖤
Hi everyone!! We have some returni ng stallholders this Sunday as well as so me new ones. Come down and che ck them all out. We are op en Sunday 10th November 2019 from 9 am until 4pm. Lovely way to spe nd the day, listening to the fr ee live entertainment while browsing through o ur stalls. Bouncy Castle & Pony Rid es for the kiddies :)
We ha ve everything from A-Z
APPLES - Frangianni Fresh
CALENDA RS - ROCKINGHAM FIREFIGHTERS - 'HOT' 2020 Firefighte rs Calendars & Firefighter Teddy Bears wi th all proceeds going to the Per th Children's Hospital
DREAM-CATCHERS - Dream B ig Dream Catchers
FROCKS - Aatahua
GARA GE DOORS - Specialized Garage Doors Perth
HON EY - Australian Bee Company
ICY COLD DRIN KS - Mini's Fairy Floss Mandurah
JEWELLERY - Norma 's Crystals & Treasures
KEEPSAKES - Willow a nd Amber
MOSAICS - Jingle Jangle Di**le Dangles
NIN JA KITTY - He might pay a vis it, see if you can find h im. ;)
ORACLE CARDS - Willow a nd Amber
POP CORN - Mini's Fairy Flo ss Mandurah
QUALITY - HETTIE - Crochet Hangi ng Handtowels
ROCKS (PET) - Shirlz Creations
SPIDERS - Tania 's Art & Crafts
UNICORNS - Shirlz Creations
X-CELLE NT CRAFTSMANSHIP - Mercer's Fine Wood Turning
YUM MY - Frangianni Fresh
ZOMBIES - Demented Ceme nt

Crystal lover and of all thin gs metaphysical. Australian owned and operated fami ly business, based in Mandurah

Operating as usual


It’s that time again! Our month ly stall with a bunch of t he most fun people with some real ly cool items! Come see us @canningvalemarke ts tomorrow!!


Selenite Sssssnake
The detail on th is guy is impressive was hard to sh ow you properly

Selenite has a fair ly long history as a cleansing, heali ng and protective crystal but it w as also once used to make windo ws. Selenite stones are like wispy whi te clouds just waiting to lift yo ur spirits.

Selenite is all about illumination, balan ce, harmony and peace. It has earn ed the moniker of “stone of reconciliation.”

Seleni te helps people reconcile their differences by facilitati ng honest yet considerate communication.

Selenite encompasses t he light of understanding or “seeing” t he perspective of others and respecting th at perspective.

Selenite helps to establish connections wi th Guardian Angels, facilitating communication. This is n ot at all surprising due to i ts strong connection to the Angelic Rea lm. Open your heart and mind to yo ur Guardian Angel during prayer or meditati on with Selenite

Selenite has the ability to disp el negative energies and negative thoughts, encourag es positive thinking and a more positi ve outlook on life, helping to li ft ones mood and spirits with an e ye to happy future.


Been working on sone mini pendan ts. What do you think?


I have been blessed to ha ve some of my wire wrapp ed jewellery being stocked at a wonderf ul crystal shop in Northam @enchanteddreamsnortham, tha nk you for believing in me. Whi ch means to get to order a nd play with all these pretties!! Worki ng on a few different wrap styl es so stay tuned!

Photos from Willow and Amber's po st 13/05/2022

I remember Friday nights used to consist ed of getting dressed up , drinki ng a lot of booze and stayi ng up until 6 am. Now I am mo st content in my pjs by 8 pm, cuppa tea, Netflix, a few pret ty stones and some wire. Fun ny how things change, but I lo ve it.


Also not to forget the m en who are taking on the m um role too


Don’t forget this Sunday we wi ll be at the Canning Vale Marke ts, great place to find your Mother ’s Day gifts

Photos from Willow and Amber's po st 23/04/2022

I have appointments available over t he next two weeks if anyone wou ld like to stop by and ha ve a closer look.

I have be en busy rearranging and putting out n ew stock for Mother’s Day.

Lots of n ew wire wrapped crystals available

Please messa ge me for what days and tim es available

Gift cards/Eftpos/Laybuy available


It’s that time again!! Time f or our collective to bring you Magik al Mayhem markets again! This will be a month ly market held at the Canning Va le Markets! I may not be magik al but I can create mayhem 🤣 🤣🤣 hope to see you there on t he 1st May

Photos from Willow and Amber's po st 17/04/2022

Black Obsidian Wire Wrapped Pendant Bla ck Obsidian is a powerful cleanser of psych ic smog within your aura, and is a stro ng psychic protection stone and shields again st negativity

Photos from Willow and Amber's po st 12/04/2022

New creations! Trying a slightly differe nt style to see what works be st


New pretties to wrap, been playi ng with a new wrap, let’s s ee how it works with these babie s., as the last lot sold o ut at the Northam expo last weeke nd


How long do you think y ou would take ?

Photos from Willow and Amber's po st 01/04/2022

Today is the day!! In North am staying in a beautiful little B nB getting ready for today and tomorr ow at the Northam Spiritual and Wellne ss Festival. It’s going to be a gre at weekend!

Photos from Willow and Amber's po st 28/03/2022

New creations!! Getting ready for an eve nt in Northam this coming weekend


My new challenge this weekend , Wi re wrapping these pretties into one sing le pendant for a custom order. I wond er how it will turn out? 🤣

Photos from Willow and Amber's po st 12/03/2022

Today we are blessed to be a pa rt of this collective of wonderful peop le at the Canning Vale marke ts. There sone beautiful items that yo ur won’t find anywhere. Hope to s ee you there!

Photos from Willow and Amber's po st 06/03/2022

New wraps for today, I lo ve to experiment with new wraps a nd see where they end up love ly Labradorite x 2 Ruby Kyanite a nd Hemimorphite crystals


New Cabochon feels! Hmmm what pret ty wraps can I make with these? ?

Photos from Willow and Amber's po st 17/02/2022

New wire wraps made this we ek so far. It’s very therapeutic maki ng these.

Photos from Willow and Amber's po st 09/02/2022

I have been inspired to t ry some wire wrapping of crystals, althou gh they are not perfect, I am lovi ng the process and how it is playi ng out. I plan on adding the se to my store, which is undergoi ng some maintenance online atm but if y ou would any of these shungite, lepidoli te or labradorite pendants please let me kn ow.
More to come, Stay tuned…..

Photos from Willow and Amber's po st 02/02/2022

So many a moon ago (s ay ahem 20years *cough cough* ) I tri ed to make some crystals pendants, a nd failed terribly.
Fast forward to n ow, and here I am again l ol. Been guided to try again aft er finding these beautiful labradorite pieces ju st before Christmas.
Stay tuned…….






Thank you for a great 20 21, see you in the New Ye ar!


We are having a 12 da ys of Christmas promotion in our gro up starting 12 Dec until Christmas E ve. Get some crystal goodies for HA LF PRICE!


A big thank you to t he wonderful Anita and Jo from Smud ge Sisters for an amazing expo ov er the weekend. Lots of fun a nd so many blessed moments had by a ll. Much love ###

Photos from Willow and Amber's po st 07/10/2021

Handmade candles 12-13cm tall

These candl es are handmade in Northern NSW.
The se are not bulk made products a nd not poured/cast but dipped using a meth od from Medieval times (they literally adapt ed a machine from a medieval book)
Ea ch wick is handcut, strung from an overhe ad board and dipped repeatedly into t he hot wax. This is very ti me and labour intensive, and only a sma ll number of each colour is ma de.
Candles are made from parifin w ax and use batik vegetable dyes. They' re non toxic and vegan friendly. Th ey are slow, clean burning candles suitab le for confined spaces.

Remember to tr im the wick before burning as the se are not pretrimmed for you.


You know what day it i s!! Start of spooky season!! I am so excite d!! Spooky themed crystals coming soon!!


Working on a custom Pendulum boa rd for a customer. She is so pret ty!


In case you need to he ar this today

It's now easier to send Will ow and Amber a message. 21/08/2021

It's now easier to send Will ow and Amber a message.

It's now easier to send Will ow and Amber a message.


Friday the 13th funny

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