Lasar Computers

Lasar Computers


Wow what Awesome service today.. Thank you for fixing my computer. So much appreciate you going out of your way. Highly recommend to anyone .
Don't know if u r aware your shop alarm is going off
Many thanks and KUDOS to MASON for re-connecting me to Internet with a few simple commands. Far quicker than my provider could!
i am looking for a free standing illuminated magnifying glass lens width at least 100mm
thank you
Thank you so much Lasar Computers ... you have built me an awesome gaming machine.. fantastic spec for video card, mother board and much more and all with my liquid cooling system .. my gaming moments will continue to be awesome and no shutting down due to overheating .. and I can still do all my everyday accounting and banking, emails and much more with the assurance of a fantastic build and after service.. awesome is only the beginning :)
Hi, I am chasing a Power Supply for a Compaq 8200 series SFF model number DPS 240TBA wondering if you stock any or can locate any please thankyou. Best Regards, Patricia
Need some help badly! I have 3 external hard drives full of video files. I was using one power cable to power all three when needed but all of a sudden it snapped. I have tried every cable in the house but nothing powers them. I went to Dick Smith and tried a universal cable set, but it wouldn't power them.

Should I try an external HDD caddy or a double hard drive dock? I will come in to buy whatever it is!!!
Just want to say thanks, your staff was very helpful and polite. Will definitely come back in future.
Went to the store today got helpful and friendly service PC working great again now Thanks Guys
Would recommend this company to anyone for computer needs. They know what they are doing and the price is great for the great service.

We are Mandurah's longest standing Computer Specialists, serving the people of Mandurah for over 25 years. We provide a range of services including PC & Mac Repairs, Sales, Server Solutions, Managed Services, with In-House and On-Site facilities.

We have experience ranging from simple computer issues right up to large scale server rollouts. We provide a number of services all the way from fixing your personal computer, through to providing Internet Services, PC building, remote management of large scale networks and more.

Operating as usual


Only 2 HP Victus Gaming Laptops left! How often do you see an I7 with 16GB of RAM and a Nvidia 3050TI at such great price -$1599.00. Come see us on Dower street today.


Featuring asymmetric cooler design with triple red 9cm fans.

Photos from Lasar Computers's post 16/11/2021

This Dell AIO features a clean touch screen with adjustable height and viewing angle.
Perfect for a first PC, with many upgrade-able components!
Come in store today!


Another reconditioned i7 featuring 128GB SSD and 500GB HDD! This won’t last long, it can be your’s today for $399 including keyboard and mouse!


Our reconditioned Apple iMac can be yours today for $349 🍎 Wireless keyboard and mouse included!


Custom built Xbox Pc! Call 95353947 to order yours today!


3070 rebuild


Time for a clean 💀 Does your PC need a service? Call 95353947 to book!


Limited time only! While stock lasts 🎉
Come on down or call 95353947 to grab one!

SALES ASSISTANT/ADMIN PERSON (Junior / Senior) Job in Mandurah & Peel 02/09/2020

SALES ASSISTANT/ADMIN PERSON (Junior / Senior) Job in Mandurah & Peel

SALES ASSISTANT/ADMIN PERSON (Junior / Senior) Job in Mandurah & Peel We're looking for someone you can sell Computers & Accessories, manage stock (ordering, receiving, following up) and provide administrative support.


Managed to get our hands on a few webcams. Stop in today before 5:30 and grab one while supplies last!


Have a Happy Easter from all the staff at Lasar Computers! 🥕🐇


We have USB Wi-Fi Adapters and 24" Monitors!

Stop by and grab one while supplies last.

Scam call warning: Amazon Prime ‘renewal’ – Which? Conversation 20/02/2020

Scam call warning: Amazon Prime ‘renewal’ – Which? Conversation

We have had multiple reports today about customers getting calls from 'Amazon' claiming that they need to take control of your computer to resolve a billing issue.

To read more about it, follow the below link:

Scam call warning: Amazon Prime ‘renewal’ – Which? Conversation An automated scam call is impersonating Amazon Prime, telling victims their subscription will be ‘renewed’ for £39.99. Here’s what you need to watch out for.


If you have an email account with us, please be aware of an email scam going around that is very convincing! DO NOT click links on emails if you don't know the sender. If you are unsure, please call us first.


To those that have websites or specialized emails, please keep a lookout for scams like the image below. Do not click links like this, or any that come in emails. The best thing that you can do is to contact your domain (website/email) provider.


Please refer to the image below for a correction made to the Leading Edge ad for August 2019.


Wishing you all a Happy Easter from everyone at Lasar Computers.

Please refer to the photo below for our holiday hours. Regular Trading hours will begin from the 26th of April.

How to Check AC Adapter 02/04/2019

How to Check AC Adapter

Just a reminder to anyone that owns a Toshiba laptop still, they put out a recall on some AC Adapters last year and have requested the below:

If your 2-pin AC adapter’s DC-in plug is subject to Toshiba’s recall/replacement program, Toshiba recommends you turn off the laptop and unplug the 2-pin AC adapter immediately. Toshiba encourages all customers affected by this recall to contact Toshiba for a free replacement.

How to Check AC Adapter

Webroot Blog 11/03/2019

Webroot Blog

Need an update on the latest scams? Just want to know what is happening online? Check out Webroot's blog below.

Webroot Blog Stay informed on the latest threats to your online security. Find breaking news, user education, industry intel, and more on the Webroot Blog.

Photos from Lasar Computers's post 28/12/2018

ALERT! We've noticed a particular set of SCAM emails going around that have been raising a lot of concern. Please DO NOT pay them. Don't be afraid to contact us first if you are truly worried. We strongly recommend that you make sure to have a quality antivirus and a secure password that can't be guessed easily using personal info.

You can see if any of your emails have been compromised by visiting

Below are a few examples of what you might receive:

Timeline photos 31/12/2017

Microsoft Releases Windows 3.11
December 31, 1993
This day in tech history, Microsoft released version 3.11 of Windows, a minor upgrade to Windows 3.1. It became the last stable version of Windows before Windows 95 was released in August 1995.

Timeline photos 25/12/2017

December 25th
A Virus on Christmas?
This day in tech history, December 25, 1987, the Christmas virus began to effect IBM mainframe computers around the world and was the world’s first widely disruptive computer worm. The Christmas virus drew a Christmas tree text graphic on the victim’s monitor, and searched out other network users. It was name CHRISTMA EXEC as IBM systems only allowed eight-character filenames.

Timeline photos 15/12/2017

Netscape 1.0 Released

December 15, 1994
This day in tech history, Netscape Communications Corporations released Netscape Navigator 1.0. This was the world’s first commercially developed web browser, which was free for non-commercial use.

Timeline photos 09/12/2017

Windows 2.0 Released

December 9, 1987
This day in tech history, Microsoft releases version 2.0 of Windows. The major feature of Windows 2.0, was that application windows could overlap each other, which Windows 1.0 hadn’t allowed. The terminology of “minimize” and “maximize” were also introduced. Microsoft officially supported Windows 2.0 until December 31, 2001, a span of 14 years

Timeline photos 04/12/2017

December 4, 2001
This day in tech history, the Goner worm spread through the internet, disguised as a screen saver and spread throughout an infected user’s Microsoft Outlook email software. Goner was estimated to cause around $80 million dollars in damage

Timeline photos 02/12/2017

December 2, 1991
This day in tech history, Apple released version 1.0 of QuickTime, a multimedia extension that gave you the ability to play colour video, changing the capabilities of personal computers. Before QuickTime was introduced, only specialised computers could play colour video, which changed the history of computing.

Timeline photos 09/11/2017

9th November, 2004.
The Mozilla Foundation releases version 1.0 of the Firefox web browser. Firefox is significant in Internet history because it represented the first serious alternative to the dominance of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer in several years.

Timeline photos 08/11/2017

Timeline photos 06/11/2017

This Weeks Bargain! 2m HDMI Cable - $12!

Timeline photos 01/11/2017

Timeline photos 30/10/2017

This Weeks Bargain! Edifier R12U Speakers - $29!

Timeline photos 26/10/2017

October 25 (US), 2001

Microsoft releases the operating system Windows XP, the successor to both Windows 2000 and Windows ME. Designed to unify the Windows NT line and Windows 95 line of operating systems, Windows XP was not replaced by Microsoft until January 2007 with Windows Vista. However, with a nearly six-year run and the public debacle surrounding the release of Windows Vista, Windows XP remained the world’s most popular operating system until August 2012.


We stock a large range of products and brands, including Toshiba, Intel, Asus, Western Digital, Seagate, Samsung, Microsoft, AMD, Nvidia, Symantec, Trend Micro, Billion, D-Link, Brother, Logitech and many more.



Unit 1/10 Dower Street
Mandurah, WA

Opening Hours

Monday 9am - 5:30pm
Tuesday 9am - 5:30pm
Wednesday 9am - 5:30pm
Thursday 9am - 5:30pm
Friday 9am - 5:30pm
Saturday 9am - 1pm

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