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Island Point Organics


Love Island Point
Ying is a fantastic Therapist
As we are all talking bout gardening I wanna share mine just started it and 99% of it is rehomed plants
There are amazing bread shops on Mandurah grab a loaf sliced and come get your PB&J cravings sorted with the best jams and butters you have ever had. They cant be any more naturally pure...just fruit and raw sugar....just nuts and a pinch of salt.
Schools out soon! Time for the kiddos to make mom and dad brekkie over the holidays. I got what you need!!
Come get up close and personal with our exotic organic herbs and spices from around the world. Bulk bag or in one of our unique varieties of refillable jars. Great for your chef or as seasonal gifts!

Provider of holistic therapy, herbal medicine and organic whole food and tea.

Operating as usual

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The Power of Koru wearable glass art by Mal. Mal is another amazing local artist and will be sharing his pieces at Island Point Organics. Come in and enjoy his work.

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Eclectic handmade wild crafted art fascinates me. Chris, a local to Mandurah artist for these funky handmade pieces, forages the bush and local roads for every element and she hand cuts the glass eyes. I expect these will generate lots of interest. Come in and enjoy!


Oracle Cards continue to bring folks in. These series are all published by Aboriginal Writers and Artists. They get lots of attention. Come have a look!


Who’d of thunk you could dye fabrics with things like yellow onion, or walnut husks, or clay....but then again if you have ventured in our Outback, you know well that lovely red stain that permeates everything porous. This book will go quick to the right person. Hustle in if you are interested!

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I have followed Sea Shepherd since their founding. Their efforts truly make a difference to our ocean life. A beautiful book that would make a wonderful gift to yourself or a like minded friend.

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Brought this in on a lark as Fairy Books seem popular. I honestly can’t keep them in stock. This is a lovely very well illustrated book covering fairies and their origins worldwide. Beautiful to page thru.

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As an ardent BBQ and Smoking enthusiast, I stock a very nice selection of guides and cookbooks. These sell quickly, so stop in and get yours today!


Morning Guys.

I am clearing all women’s clothes. Clothes are 70% off.

I also have excess natural wood shirt and slacks hangers. $2 each. I have about 100 of each. Most never used.

Island Point Organics. Unit 1/3A Smart Street Mall, Mandurah, 6210.

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I do believe I carry the finest coffee roasted in the area. It’s a small family operation up in Helena Valley who roast, grind, and beautifully package these organic fair trade sourced beans. The flavours are rich, the colours dark, the smell enticing early in the morning. Come grab a few bags and give it a go.

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Doggie Diva’s know where to come to get spoilt rotten and enjoy some fine Chester’s Chews! These ladies of January have all gone home with a bag of natural dehydrated meats and fish that I make freshly every 10 days.


Good Riddance Bug Repellents continue to sell well and feed back is consistently positive. DEET free. Lovely cream texture and fragrance. If you have mozzie and gnat issues, stop in and you will be convinced!

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My business partner creates a nice offering of tonics and teas for improving health. Based on natural organic herbs and spices these teas and tonics have proven beneficial to many of our regular customers. Come in and have a chat with Ying about improving your health.


My favourite day in the shop...BOOK DAY! Lots of new arrivals from children’s to cooking to spiritual and witchcraft! Plus new Oracle and Tarot Cards!

Come see me!


Chesters Chews! Made fresh weekly these delicious all natural treats are great for dogs and cats. This week I have California wild caught squid, local sardines and white fish, local chicken hearts and lamb liver. Bring your pooch in for free samples!

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IslandBee Tong

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Mandurah is such a deeply vibrant community including our deeply spiritual community. We carry a nice range of witch reading and spell guides AND we offer many of the herbs and spices sought for spell crafting. Come have a look!


Good Day Guys! Holidays are over and we had a decent season with some well deserved time off.

Big series of events coming in the next few weeks and we hope you will take some time to visit the shop! Day


Women’s BOSABO shoes 50% off marked price! BOSABO shoes are hand made in France by a family whom have been cobblers for generations. The hand crafting is evident and timeless....each pair expresses the love and passion of the family. A range of sizes is available.


I am so very happy to have been introduced to the Good Riddance Insect Repellent Line. Developed by a chemist mom, this DEET free product contains natural ingredients, goes on like skin cream, and smells great! Tropical and Sensitive strengths.

A bit of personal testimonial. I live at Island Point Reserve and do quite a bit of bush property works and outdoor activities....firebreaks, wood cutting, crabbing, gardening, chasing my dog thru Island Point Reserve. I contacted Good Riddance and agreed to stock their products if they actually worked on our voracious mozzies, gnats, and flies around my place. Without a doubt the most amazing repellent I have ever used. Works for about 90 minutes, not greasy, smells nice, but the amazing thing is the bugs just wont even come around for a buzz. I am hooked and I would love for others to give it a try.

Organics bug repellents


What a great gift idea! Raw peppercorns in funky little jars for your funky chef. Come in and have a look...bring your own jar or bag.

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Colouring books as a meditation practice. Fascinating. I have a nice selection including a few for the kiddos but some rather elegant big person ones. Would make lovely gifts as we all open up more over the holidays.

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My favourite lovely aboriginal artist, Aunty Kristy, has delivered more great pieces of her art. The owls and paperbark pieces are selling well recently and make great gifts for the holidays or to reconnect to loved friends and family.

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If you are like me, your morning starts with an an amazing press of coffee. Hot & Black for me. And Bio Bean is the best coffee I have had in Australia. It is locally roasted by a great family up in the Helena Valley right here in WA. We are very fortunate to be able to carry the full range of Bio Bean’s single source fair trade beans and grinds here in Mandurah. Let me share their story with you and I am sure you will want to experience their coffee.

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I love to read. Come on in, have a seat, and immerse yourself in our wide range of spiritual, health, children’s, and aboriginal anthropology genres...or let’s just chat about the topics.

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Aunty Christine is one of my favourite suppliers to the shop. As a genuine aboriginal local and a lovely old soul, Aunty Christine is an amazing creator and I am honoured to be able to support her. Her paperbark art is very popular and it and her owls are being eyed as Christmas gifts.

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Meditative Coloring Books. These are great gifts or can be comforting to folks who need some down time. These are new to the shop and are getting a lot of interest. Stop by and have a look!

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Kimchi and Sauerkraut! A favourite and both styles locally produced. Loving Gift kimchi is lovingly made right here in WA...Manjimup. Love Your Gut sauerkraut and kimchi come out of Tasmania. Both brands are absolutely delicious on a burger or as a side dish.

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Tea Party coming up? Our broad selection of teas is expanding. Bulk, bagged, in your jar or ours.

Recent loose leaf adds include: Tulsi Sacred Basil, White, Moringa, Oolong, Lemon Balm, Lemongrass Ginger and several chai blends.

Come in and let’s talk tea!

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SPICES! Our organic range of whole spices have been doing very well, so we are expanding our offerings to include more natural whole spices and blends. We offer our spices bulk, bagged, or in jars. You can bring your own container as well. We also have been doing spice blends for folks and offer an an amazing 11 spices curry mix!

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Chester’s Chews taste trials have been hugely successful. Lovingly handmade made every few weeks from fresh local ingredients. No seasonings, additives, or preservatives. Currently offering squid, sardines, lamb liver, beef brisket, chicken heart, and chicken crackers. Chester and I would love for you and your dog or cat to stop by and say hello!

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Organic tea, organic coffee, organic drinks, organic snacks, organic spices and herbs, spiritual books, local history/culture books, tarot cards, oracle cards



Unit 1/3a Smart Street Mall
Mandurah, WA

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