Back to Basics Computer Repair and Training

Back to Basics Computer Repair and Training


It was a big day yesterday with a deadline to be met when my laptop appeared to have lost ALL my files. I was expecting to make a dash to the Perth Apple store when two ladies responded to my desperate plea on Mandurah Q&A recommending Nathan from BacktoBasics.
He was reassuring, calm, friendly and honest as I excitedly explained what had happened and my futile attempts to look up google ending in failure. He patiently explained what he was trying and as he magically fixed my problem what he thought might be the issue. 45 minutes later I walked away with my Apple Mac humming.
I’ll be seeing Nathan for any future issues for sure.
thank you Nathan for your super clean of my PC and your friendly help

Back to Basics computer repair and training offers a cheap reliable service that will ensure you never go elsewhere i offer training, repair and much more.

Operating as usual


Sorry to everyone trying to contact me I was admitted to peel hospital with a suspected gaul stone when I am released I will be in contact with my customers and again sorry if i have missed an appointment or call


Back to basics computer repair and training is happy to announce some great deals for Christmas to go along with moving to a new location in falcon.

* Computer repairs
* Training
* Computer building
* parts pickup from Ple or Austin computers Rockingham Fremantle and delivery to your door same day for $50 for them moments you need a part but can't get there.

$80 an hour no callout fee in the Mandurah area that can be a savings of $60-$100
$20 of every job over $100
$50 of every job over $200

Computer building prices dropped from $200 to $100 per unit limited time only get in quick.

With covid19 and Christmas on its way time is getting hard to come by so why don't you take the pressure off and drop off your computer on the way to shopping, gym, work, and the job will be done fast and at a price you can afford.

Or maybe you want to build someone special a laptop or computer for Xmas now is the time to contact me. I can assist with building a computer to suit anyone's needs be it work, gaming, internet browsing to ensure you don't pay more than needed during these festive months. buying can be difficult would you like to buy your son, daughter a computer laptop and have no idea where to start don't let retail shops push you into a computer with old hardware for the same price I can build you one that suits your needs.

I also offer my services in choosing a computer or laptop from around Mandurah for $40 I will research and find the best laptop, home computer for your price range and give you options from local stores to ensure you get a system your kids will enjoy and not having to put up with salespeople I can even meet you there to finalize the buy if you have any issues.

I'm available 7 days a week 7am - 7pm on 0402547516
if I am out of service range please try again or later as I can be in an area with poor reception while traveling.

Back to Basics Computer Repair and Training updated their website address. 26/08/2020

Back to Basics Computer Repair and Training updated their website address.

Back to Basics Computer Repair and Training updated their website address.

Back to Basics Computer Repair and Training updated their phone number. 13/05/2020

Back to Basics Computer Repair and Training updated their phone number.

Back to Basics Computer Repair and Training updated their phone number.


I have just been informed I didn't have mac's added to my list on my business page of what I work on so I thought I would let everyone know that I work on windows mac linux and smartphones. sorry for any confusion I will update my advertising to suit in the next few days. been running this page for over a year and never noticed the mistake.

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Back to Basics Computer Repair and Training updated their business hours. 25/08/2019

Back to Basics Computer Repair and Training updated their business hours.

Back to Basics Computer Repair and Training updated their business hours.

Photos from Back to Basics Computer Repair and Training's post 25/08/2019

Hi Nathan here from Back To Basics Computer Repair and Training. I would like to announce that I have moved to my new premises and can now take customers. If you need computer repair or training for a great price and a friendly IT guy that wont baffle you with terms that you don't understand give me a shot. you can drop your computer to me for a free quote or I can come to you (no call out fee in Mandurah area). I provide fast repairs with a quick turnaround ensuring you can get back to your work or socialising asap. If you have any questions or need some info don't hesitate to contact me on 0402547516 or send me a message


Hi and welcome to another month of savings. this month we offering 3 great deals to help get you up and going again asap.

Our first offer is a great one to ensure your computer is clean and running the way it should. We are offering a full computer clean removal of viruses, malware and any adware. Also, it will get full updates to ensure your computer has all its security flaws fixed and is running correctly and all for a low low price of $100.

Our second offer is a great one for people wanting to sell there old computers, laptops or just have an older computer they want to bring back to life. We are offering a full window or mac install with all updates ready to be sold or used for a great price of $75.

Our third offer is a new service I would like to offer to you. if you have an android tv box (from eBay or online) like this one or any other box and it was sent with out of date addons and junk or nothing works and it's sitting gathering dust. Well, I can help contact me now with what's wrong and I will give you a no-nonsense quote.

I offer free pick up and drop off in the Mandurah area (others will include travel)

Fast turnaround all with a friendly smile and no computer jargon.

Photos from Back to Basics Computer Repair and Training's post 06/09/2018

Hi and welcome to another month of great deals to help everyone get the help they need. I started this business through the NEIS program which helps people on Centrelink launch a company that they feel passionately about and can be viable. I chose to start a computer repair and training business that wouldn't just baffle you with computer terms and charge you a fortune or treat you like a paycheck. now my time with NEIS is coming to an end but I will prevail no matter what. if you want to support a small business in Mandurah don't forget to like and share this post.

our first special is one to help me get seen and you get a deal you can't say no to. anyone that shares my post and likes it will get will get to choose one of 3 options $15 of your total bill 30 minutes of extra training or a free computer clean.

the second special is a great bargain for $80 you will get virus removal, malware check, a speed boost, full updates and a clean to ensure your computer is running at its best.

for our third and last special we have a great one for non-tech savvy people that will help you get your independence or skills for a better job. for $60 you will get 1 hour and a half of training (2 hours if you like and share)


Hi and welcome to another great month of savings. as we all know it has been a hard time for everyone. To help we have come up with 4 great offers to help get that training you've been needing or that laptop or home PC needing a good clean or repair.

The first great offer is in our training section. We are offering 1 hour of basic training for $60 that includes one hour with a patient trainer that is willing to teach you at the pace you need and feel comfortable learning and giving you the opportunity to be self-sufficient.

The second great offer is when you need more than just one hour of training this one will definitely help you out. If you order a training package of minimum 4 sessions each hour will be $50 that's a saving of $40 ($200 for the 4 hours).

The third offer is for everyone that has a slow computer full of unwanted programs and clutter. For $65 we are offering a full virus, and malware scan and removal plus any unwanted or malicious programs. We also update windows to ensure all security flaws have been patched (your internet data and costs if done at your premises free if dropped to me)

the 4th offer this month is a good one for all you that have phones that they want to sell. As you might not know a lot of phones that have a factory reset will not always wipe your information. Don't give the new owner your personal pictures that you didn't delete. For $20 I will ensure the phone is completely wiped and all information is removed ready to pass on feeling safe and secure.

free callout
pick up or drop off
Phone: 08 95848185
Mobile: 0402547516
Mandurah and surrounding areas


Just an update I have had major issues with BigPond email being unavailable for up to 8 hours at a time and I'm worried I might lose messages. I have started a Gmail account to ensure uptime and I can get to customers faster with any queries they have. [email protected] is my new business email don't worry my old emails will be forwarded to my new account ensuring no one is forgotten.


hi guys and welcome to another month and some new specials. this month we have 3 specials all guaranteed to help keep you moving.

Special 1 if you drop your computer to me i will take $10 of the total bill.

Special 2 all windows restored back a clean state with all updates installed ready to sell or give away ensuring your information is wiped all for a low cost of $70.

Special 3 includes a virus check, clean and removal of malicious programs plus if you get it to me that morning i will have it done by the afternoon all for $65.

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Hi and welcome everyone today I would like to offer you a great deal not to be missed. I have just finished cleaning and refurbishing a great laptop and it's ready for sale. we have a inspiron 1520 yellow case 500 gig hard drive 4 gigs of ram. battery (6 months old) charger (in good condition) cleaned inside of all dust and dirt. comes with a laptop bag windows 7 64 bit fully updated but can be upgraded to windows 10 for an extra $50. great for work or study as its updated and ready to use right now. call me on 0402547516 or shoot over to my business page and throw me a message.


should this be my new logo? reminder we have some great specials this month get em while they last. we have a fast turnaround and can be there when you need it with a smile.


Hi and welcome glad you stopped by to see this months specials and as it's a short one let us make it a good one. this month we have three great savings to ensure you get that computer job you wanted but have been too worried about the time it would take.

the first special for this month is a speed boost, virus removal, malware removal, and all windows updates to ensure your system is safe for internet banking, internet browsing and sites like eBay for $80.

the second special for this month is all handheld device training assistance will be $70 for an hour and a half to help ensure I have all the time needed to get the job done right and no feelings of being rushed.

the third special for this month is $50 off all labour with custom built computers this includes all systems and as we know $50 off a new build is a great help if you want that better graphics card or SSD. (Contact for information)


Don't let this be your computer. A quick reminder this month is coming to an end so get in now for the best computer clean at a bargain price. if you miss out you might never see this offer so cheap again. we also have a great training special 2 hours for the price of one another bargain you can't miss so get in fast.

mysite 03/02/2018


Hi everyone I hope the new year is treating everyone well to keep the ball rolling I am releasing my new specials for February. this month we have two great deals to offer you.

the first special is buy one hour of computer training and get the second hour free this will ensure you get all the help and training without that rushed feeling. that's $60 for two hours giving you more time to pick my brain and get all your issues under control.

The second special this month is a computer clean, virus check, registry check, and speed up. if you have a desktop you also receive a bonus of a full dust and clean inside to avoid all heat-related problems all for the low price of $70. that's around 3 hours of work what a bargain.

So come get a bargain today and Don't forget to take a look at my new website or you can visit my facebook at where you can get more information on what I offer so take a look and I hope everyone has a great weekend.

mysite HOME


Thank you everyone that has helped my company grow and gave me a chance to give them the help they deserve at a reasonable price. January is ending and so is this months specials but don't worry there is 2 new bargains you can't help but take advantage of coming your way very soon so keep a look out. (Spoiler) Website coming soon


Facebook has got my account going again been offline for a few hours just like to also inform everyone i'm trading as normal today. If anyone has any issues don't hesitate to throw me a message or give me a call i will be happy to help. HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE




24 Tansey Way
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Opening Hours

Monday 9am - 5pm
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