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Mack Fitness and Massage offers Remedial Massage to the Dawesville and surrounding areas. Please contact Felicia to make a booking.

Operating as usual


An appointment has just become available tomorrow the 30th at 11.30am for anyone interested in a Remedial Massage. Send me a message to book in🙌


Hi everyone!

I have now returned back to work after enjoying my maternity leave with my beautiful baby boy.

If you are in need of a Remedial Massage I am now available a limited number of days a week at my home clinic in Dawesville. Bookings can be make by phone or message through my business page.


Association of Massage Therapists

Take the sweary sting out of those tension hotspots. Consult your massage therapist today.


2 Appointments now available for tomorrow the 30th in Pinjarra: 11am and 2.10pm. Book now to secure your spot!


How often do you walk and for how long? Or what’s your fav outdoor activity? Go get some fresh air... now🙌


Available appointments this week:

Saturday the 1st of Feb
11.30am (half hour appointment only) 25/09/2019

Yale Study, Chiropractic Care Is Today Contributing Toward A 50 Percent Reduction In Opioid Prescriptions Issued In The United States According to a recent study carried out by the Yale School of Medicine at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, chiropractic care is today contributing toward an almost 50 percent r


Stress dose not cause burnout it is the lack of support and resources that cause burnout. Learning Self care is a huge step in the right direction to help maintain your overall health and wellness.

Stress does not cause burnout it is the lack of support and resources that cause burnout.


Hey everyone!

On-line booking are now up and running for the Pinjarra clinic🙌

Mondays 12pm to 5.30pm

Thursday’s 9am to 5pm

Saturday’s 8am to 12pm - every second w/e

Alternatively you can always call or text me on 0406 920 135.

This is only for the Pinjarra Clinic located within Pinjarra Chiropractic, all bookings for Dawesville will still be made through myself.

Have a great weekend all😎


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2 massage appointments available at Pinjarra Chiropractic tomorrow the 3rd. 8am and 11am. Call or text 0406920135 if you would like either😊


Hello Fresh😍 Cannot fault the meals and the freshness so far, and these guys were de-lish🙌 Thanks @lozdavies_ for starting me off with my first free box😘 I too now can share the love, comment below if you would like to try a box for free👇 healthy, tasty and fresh👌 #hellofresh #freshfoods #easymeals #healthy #mackfitness #freebox


Car rides with my favorite💗 even though she’s pretending to be asleep🙈 Real life post here tho, little miss ain’t been sleeping and refusing naps, so a drive down along the coast soon gets her snoozing and me taking in the views #mumlife #myprincess #mackfitness #rmt #dowhatyougottado #daynaps #sleepisimportant


Association of Massage Therapists

Stress does not cause burnout it is the lack of support and resources that cause burnout.


Remedial Massage now available Mondays, Thursdays and Saturday mornings with me at Pinjarra Chiropraric🙌 To make a booking please call 0406 920 135😊 #remedialmassage #pinjarra #pinjarrachiropractic #mackfitness #massage #keepcalm #everyoneneedsone #lookafteryourself @pinjarrachiropractic


So after taking time out to spend with my daughter, just chill and enjoy being a mum I’m now starting back🥳
Remedial Appointments are available every Thursday in Pinjarra at this point and most days in Dawesville. Please contact me on 0406 920 135 to make a booking, cos who doesn’t want a massage after all😝 #remedialmassagetherapist #rmt #massage #timeout #imback #healthandfitness #sports #lookafteryourself #dawesville #pinjarra #pinjarrachiropractic @mackfitness_


So I have been MIA on here for awhile but look what I have been busy doing😍 Ivy Louise Taylor arrived on the 3rd of April and is everything I ever dreamed of and more💗💗 we are all doing amazingly and settling into family life quite well. I have recovered well and was up and moving around since day one which I put down to having an active pregnancy. I have started light exercises but we have mainly been getting out of the house each day for a big walk with the dogs. Bring on Mum life and all of the new adventures💗💗💗 #mumlife #newmum #adventures #baby #stillfit #fitmum #fitness #healthy #mackfitness #wegotthis


Happy 2018 everyone! #2018 #newyear #mackfitness #newadventures #bigchanges


How can you expect a change in your health, job or life if you continue to do the same thing day in and day out. The first step is to assess where you are and then set yourself a goal of where you want to be. Give yourself a time frame to achieve this in then create small changes, one at a time, to help you get to where you need to be. Wake up an hour earlier for a morning workout, replace a piece of cake for an apple, take your lunch to work instead of buying, read for half an hour at night instead of watching mindless television. It's the small things you do, day in and day out that will get you to the big thing that you desire, whatever it may be💚 #goals #goalsetting #happiness #smallchanges #fitness #health #life #inspiration #motivation #fitlife #mackfitness


Trying out the latest from Young Living health range, Einkorn Granola💚 I must say I am impressed!! Naturally flavored with pure vanilla extract and sea salt, it's packed with all the good stuff such as cranberries, wolfberries, sliced almonds, chopped walnuts, cacao nibs and old fashioned oats. What is Einkorn I hear you ask?? Well, Einkorn is an ancient grain. It is a diploid like most plants, meaning it has two sets of chromosomes, while modern bread wheat has six sets. Einkorn is clearly the most ancient and purest type of wheat with only two sets of chromosomes, meaning its natural gluten content is low. Trying it out with my Protein Greek Yogurt💚💚 #einkorn #einkorngranola #youngliving #younglivingessentialoils #fitfood #healthy #training #musclefuel #strength #mackfitness #fitness #healthyeating


Dr. Joseph Mercola

How well do you know your healthy foods?


Nom nom nom😋 love Saturday morning sleep-ins, beach then breaky😍 I don't eat out often because I enjoy my own food too much💚 Spinach and Mushroon Omelette with wholemeal toast and coffee💪 #omlette #mushrooms #spinach #fitfood #healthyeating #saturdaymornings #relaxing #homemade #fit #mackfitness


Gluten Free on a Shoestring

These homemade protein bars are no bake, endlessly customizable energy bars. Just like Luna and Power bars, and made with your favorite protein powder.


Julie Ledbetter

I think a lot of people out there are confused about the perfect body, this vid sums up what a bikini body is perfectly💚 you only get one body so stop hating it for its imperfections and start loving it for uniqueness that is you😘


TURN THAT SOUND ON ladies, you need to hear this one LOUD-n-CLEAR😵👂🏼

Since bikini competition 👙season is is FULL swing this time of year and tons of people are showing their highlight reels from their bikini competitions on instagram and using them for program covers and advertisements, I felt compelled to show you my BEFORE and AFTER from the day before I won my #WBFF bikini pro card back in 2014 to today (happy, healthy and free with NO plans to compete in the future).

Looks a bit backwards from what you think in your mind huh? It most likely will for over half of you. That is the fitness industry for you..showing you the highlight reel of what they call a "bikini" body.

For those of you who have competed, you know what I am talking about when I say that the body on the left is NOT maintainable year-round. I was almost in the single digits for body fat % (not healthy), constantly cold (in the middle of JULY😳), always thinking about my next meal because I was in a deep caloric deficit and couldn't miss a gym session because "I was ___ weeks out from my show". I also remember sending that exact photo to my coach asking him if I was ready because I thought I still needed to lose fat in my what?! Talked about a WARPED brain I had🙄😒.

The body on the right is a maintainable body. I am at a healthy body fat %, I am not constantly thinking about my next meal or stressed when things take priority over my workouts. I am strong, content and most importantly confident of the body I have built since 2014. This body is something that I can confidently say I can maintain for life. 🙌🏼😁

Moral of this post: Ladies, do NOT...I repeat, do NOT look at all these bikini competition photos or magazine covers these next couple months and compare your body to theirs. 99.9% of them are either showing a VERY VERY VERY extreme highlight reel OR photoshopped. No matter how "healthy" your approach is to the stage, it is an extreme. Plain and Simple.

BTW this is not bashing competing in any way, just stating the fact that competitors often tend to use photos from their competition photoshoot to advertise these bikini programs and it is just NOT right or an accurate portrayal of what a bikini body looks like for 99.9% of the population. ✌🏼

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Who needs a massage? Remedial Massage appointments available this week in both the Pinjarra and Dawesville clinics. For bookings call on 0406 920 135


Lunch on the run💚 between clients, emails, walking the pups and clinic I still managed to chuck together a Moroccan chicken salad, took me a whole 10 minutes💪 because at the end of the day we've only got 1 body to live in so look after it👊💚 #healthyfood #healthyoptions #salad #moroccan #chicken #fitfood #onthego #mealprep #mackfitness #rmt #fitness


So after a big week I'm looking forward to a nice relaxing Sunday and getting some good quality food in to fuel me for the coming week. Anyone who says salads are boring obviously aren't putting much effort into them😝💚 what do you put in yours to bulk it up?? #foodforthought #makesaladfun #salad #chicken #sweetpotato #fitfood #mackfitness #fitness #rmt


Good for You

Some amazing ideas here for snacks during the day!!

Take-to-Work PROTEIN TUBS! 💪 💪 💪 😋

A few of you have asked where I get those cute little food containers, so here's the link:
Protein Powder used –

Tip: Store these Protein Tubs in the fridge for up to 4 days.


Mondays done right👊 avocado toast with egg follows by a much needed coffee😝 new week with new opportunities to tackle head-on and goals to smash💚 #avotoast #monday #coffee #goals #opportunities #breakfast #fitfood #mackfitness #rmt


I seriously have the most talented friends!!! Kelly at @cocosdream05 created this beautiful dreamcatcher for my massage room💚 was everything I wanted and more😍 a very huge thankyou😘 #cocosdream05 #dreamcatcher #green #blue #driftwood #massageroom #mackfitness


Gift the gift of massage this Christmas with a Massage Gift Voucher. Vouchers valid for 1 year from purchase, clinic located in Dawesville, call me on 0406 920 135 to purchase today #christmasidea #dawesville #mandurah #massage #peelregion #rmt #mackfitness


Bootcamps have moved!! Due to the number of snakes at Florida Beach we have moved our Boxing Bootcamp sessions to the Dawesville cut, south side opposite the old Jolly Frog restaurant. Sessions are on Tuesday and Friday at 9am, $15 per session and all equipment supplied. If you want to drop kgs and tone up then this can't be missed💪


I am loving omelettes atm😊 this mornings was mushroom, capsicum and spinach with avocado, just what I needed after a long beach walk with friends and the dogs😊👍 bring on the rest of this beautiful Sunday #fitfood #vegetables #omelette #avo #sundaymorning #healthyfood #healthylifestyle #mackfitness


Remedial Massage appointments available in Dawesville and Pinjarra!

Pinjarra Chiropractic days/times as follows:
Monday 9am-5pm
Thursday 9am-5pm
Friday 11am-4pm
Saturday 8am-12pm
Call the clinic on 9531 3131 to book in.

Dawesville days/times as follows:
Tuesday 10.30am-5pm
Wednesday 10am -5pm
Call Felicia on 0406 920 135 to book in

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Sunday morning walks down along the #dawesville estuary this morning👌 even tho it was cold the sun was warm and everyone...


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Tuesday 9am - 5pm
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