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Rise to Shine is a leader in the field of performance based breathwork for optimal wellbeing outcomes

Rise to Shine offers a unique range of wellbeing services to super-power your personal health. Learn breathwork strategies using the Buteyko Method of breath re-education to increase energy, improve sleep and manage stress and anxiety. Rise to Shine also offers personal wellness coaching to guide you back towards your individual health goals and the ionic detox experience to boost your health from

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Deep rest and Yoga Nidra is not sleep but it will help you to sleep deeper. It is the place between being fully asleep and fully awake.

You will be guided on a journey through the layers of self. Sensing into the body, breath, mind and emotions. Deeper into the layers of consciousness to access the source of bliss within.

Come and experience a deep sense of relaxation, whilst cultivating peace and regulation in the mind.

Every second Friday of the month - STARTING Friday 8th March, 6pm.
Wise Moves Yoga - Falcon

Details and booking can be found on the website


Lack of sleep = increase in hunger = increased chance of over-eating and gaining weight!

Lack of sleep = craving for energy = increased likelihood of making poor food choices.

Lack of sleep whilst dieting = loss of lean body mass NOT body fat!

Sleep can single-handedly contribute to all of our chronic health conditions.

Functional breathing can potentially solve it!

Functional breathing = improved quality of sleep!


Miss Bronte was spot on! The ruminating mind is one of the major culprits in sleep challenges and fragmentation.

Learn how to settle the ruffled mind, regulate the nervous system and use breathwork as your power tool to support health, wellbeing and sleep quality.

There is still time to book 'Breathe Yourself to Sleep" - a 2-week online workshop.

Starts this Thursday 29th Feb, 6pm - ONLINE.
Second session: Thursday 7th March, 6pm - ONLINE

All content is recorded and will be sent out following the live session.

The course includes
2 Hours of online live content spread across two session.
A supporting workbook resource.
Opportunities to address your own specific sleep issues
A private Facebook group to support your journey.
A FREE in-person 'Deep Rest' class (Breathwork & Yoga Nidra).

All details and booking can be found at the Rise to Shine Wellbeing website (see bio).


How was your sleep last night? Did you wake up feeling refreshed?

Time is ticking to book your spot! Will you be joining us?

Thursday 29th Feb & Thursday 7th March, 6pm-7pm

Every booking receives a FREE in-person Deep Rest (Gentle Breathwork & Yoga Nidra)class!!

Come on let's breathe our way to a deep restful sleep!

All details and booking can be found at the Rise to Shine website (link in bio).


Yes - it appears so! How clean is your brain? Well, it may well depend on your sleep quality!

The glymphatic system is the waste clearance system in the brain and it plays a crucial role in removing toxins and waste products from the brain tissue. It operates by utilising a network of specialised channels that surround the blood vessels in the brain. These channels allow cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) to flow through the brain tissue, flushing away waste products such as proteins, toxins, and metabolic byproducts. This waste is then transported to the lymphatic system for eventual elimination from the body.

The glymphatic system is particularly active during sleep. Research has shown that during sleep, the space between brain cells increases, allowing CSF to flow more freely through the brain tissue. This increased flow facilitates the clearance of waste products that accumulate during wakefulness.

Not only does the glymphatic system function more efficiently during sleep, but sleep itself is also essential for the proper functioning of the system. Disruption of normal sleep patterns, such as sleep deprivation or sleep disorders, can impair glymphatic function, potentially leading to the accumulation of harmful substances in the brain.

Quality sleep is crucial to health - are you getting enough?

My new online workshop - Breathe Yourself to Sleep starts on Thursday 29th Feb, at 6pm. Sleep is essential so don't miss this opportunity to learn more about the science of breathing and the relationship between functional breathing and restful sleep. Together we will explore many different practices, including the tools of the yogis to support the nervous system and optimise deep sleep.

All bookings receive a FREE spot to join Lea in person for an evening of Deep Rest - Gentle Breathwork and Yoga Nidra.

More details for all events and booking can be found at the Rise to Shine website.


Transporting myself back in time, I remember the fear, the anxiety, the panic, the overthinking, the physical pain, the inability to cope with life, the low immune health, the sadness and struggle I felt most days. The dysregulation in my nervous system was palpable and my coping strategies were far from helpful. I was, like so many others, just a bystander in my own life, going through the daily motions but minus any deep-seated joy.

I found yoga in an attempt to manage the severe physical pain of a poorly diagnosed scoliosis, and from that it was breathwork that found me, and when it did everything began to change.

Read the full article on the Rise to Shine blog

Are you looking for your own path to transformation? You already have it...


Do you need deep rest? Who doesn't?

Check out this new Monthly Offering from Lea!

Deep Rest - Gentle Breathwork & Yoga Nidra

During this session, you will experience the calming effects of gentle breathwork, to bring your nervous system back into homeostasis. We will then transition into Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep). Practitioners are guided through a series of verbal instructions and visualisations, directing their attention inward and guiding them through various stages of relaxation. This typically involves systematically relaxing different parts of the body, focusing on the breath, and exploring sensations, emotions, and imagery within the mind.

Join us on this journey of relaxation, awareness and self-discovery every second Friday of the month 7/6 Baroy St, Falcon. 6pm
Starts Friday 8th march.

SPECIAL OFFER: Your first Deep Rest class is FREE when you book Breathe Yourself to Sleep - our new online offering.

Two online sessions starting 29th Feb & 7th March inclusive. Find out more about Breathe Yourself to Sleep at https://risetoshinewellbeing.com.au/courses-workshops


Even if you are not familiar with Faithless or their successful 1995 single Insomnia‘ – you may be able to relate to the opening lyrics.

"And here we are
Half past three in the morning
I can't get no sleep"

A chronic lack of sleep is linked to many lifestyle diseases such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease and weaker immunity. The back door to achieving a state of deep rest is through functional breathing during the day and learning how to use the science of the breath to soothe the nervous system and optimise the transition into deep rest.

Read the full blog post at:

Breathe Yourself to Sleep (online workshop) starts on the 29th Feb. All details can be found at risetoshinewellbeing.com.au


8 for hugs a day for wellbeing maintenance and 12 for growth. How's your count?

I am on the low side of the hug count so far today, so sending a huge hug out into the world to be caught by who ever needs a little extra too 🥰


A good night's sleep starts from the moment we wake up! Your nervous system and the level of regulation you are experiencing is dictating your ability to fall into a deep restful sleep when you hit the pillow.

Do you often feel tired yet wired?

Many of us go through the day in a state of high sympathetic drive, breathing fast and hard, usually in the upper chest. If this is what you are creating by day, this is what will eventuate at night - cue insomnia, broken sleep and frequent loo visits!

Are you ready to end the cycle?

Then join us for Breathe Yourself to Sleep - find out more on the courses page of the Rise to Shine website (link in bio).


So here it is... the third in the series and what an addition!

Are you tired of tossing and turning in bed, struggling to find that elusive path to a good night's sleep? Are you challenged with a racing mind, or specific sleep issues such as snoring, insomnia or sleep apnea?

Breathe Yourself to Sleep is a two-part online workshop taking place on
Thursday 29th Feb, 6pm-7pm
Thursday 7th March, 6pm-7pm

Cost: $88

Join Lea to discover the link between functional breathing and sleep quality and learn the strategies required to calm the nervous system, quieten the mind and unlock the door to a restful and rejuvenating nights sleep.

All details and booking can be found on the Rise to Shine website:


I now have a TRILOGY of exemplary workshops, with the third released yesterday as my next online offering!!

What do you think it is? Ssssh if you are on the Rise mail list - you already know 😀

Breathe Yourself to ................ ?


This is the beautiful Sa Re Sa Sa mantra. A little sneak preview of one of the aspects I will share with you this Thursday (25th Jan) from 6pm-6.30pm (AWST) for our Full Moon gathering.

Sa - is infinity, ether or spirit
Re - is the connector
Har - the creativity of the earth
Rung - the totality of all - bringing together at the heart

We call in infinity and the creative potential of the earth, to awaken our creative energy and remove negativity and obstacles.

If you would like to join us online for a celebration of the full moon in Leo, the zoom link is below - this is a free event.

Together we will ground, and clear using specific breath practices, before working with this powerful mantra to take us into a deep meditation. The perfect way to release and step into the energy of this time.


Who is joining me?


Join me live as we welcome in the first full moon of 2024. This is a prime opportunity to come together collectively and close out last year, releasing and grounding into a new way of being.

This 30 minute offering will take place via Zoom at 6pm on Thursday 25th January - please paste the link below into your browser:


We will dive into a few clearing and releasing kriya, before breathing ourselves to a deep seated place of surrender. This practice will be done full seated (chair or floor) - be comfortable.

Join us if you can, and tune into this collective full moon celebration.


Ask me about your specific health challenges.

Find out more about Breathwork and Wellness Coaching - a holistic approach to developing a sustainable routine that will support:

nervous system regulation
sleep quality
energy levels
stress management
immune health
anxiety levels
the joy of life

Putting you back in control of your health!


Are you looking for a breath-centred yoga class?

Here is a reminder of where you will find me out and about in the community.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday - visit the MARC for more details and bookings.

Saturday - visit the Rise to Shine Website for bookings.


2024 is in full swing and so is Rise to Shine.

My calendar has reopened and I am currently taking on a limited numbers of:
- one to one breathwork clients (Buteyko / Oxygen Advantage and pranayama) - online or face to face.
- one to one yoga clients
- one to one Wellness Coaching clients.

Watch out for this year's upcoming retreats, breathwork workshops and my new 'Heal-thy-Self' combined practices program to guide you systematically to living a life of health, joy and contentment (more details to come).

2024 is set to be a year of strength and transformation - so get ready to RISE and if you are going to rise, you definitely have to SHINE.

See you soon x



Fullness comes from connection. Heart, mind coherence, inner peace and joy.
This is speaking to me louder than ever as we venture into 2024.


Sending festive cheer, peace and oh so much love to you all this Christmas. May your heart be full of joy and wonder on this day of connection and love. Remember to pause, breathe and be in the only moment that really matters.

Happy Christmas xx


What if today... in our thoughts, words and actions, we simple ask ourselves...


How might this change the course of your day and all those you come into contact with?


Feeling so blessed to have received such a beautiful message. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience from the recent 'Breathe Yourself to Health' workshop at the MARC. It fills my heart knowing that this work that I am so passionate about is reaching those who need it xx


Did you know that dysfunctional breathing patterns can contribute to increasing levels of discomfort and pain in the neck?

Why? Because dysfunctional breathing fails to engage the main respiratory muscles correctly putting the smaller, accessory muscles under greater pressure to take the breathing load - ie: the muscles of the neck!

When we breathe shallow and fast the muscles in the neck, such as the scalene muscles on both sides of the neck are employed instead of recruiting the diaphragm, core etc with a slow, low breath. This places greater strain on the upper spine, neck and creates reoccurring tension and pain.

Functional breathing can help lower neck pain and the overall perception of pain. Have you checked the functionality of your breathing?


Our natural instinct is to try to fix... but one of the most valuable resources we have is just to pause, be present and truly listen.


Wow what a weekend!! To be able to share my two most favourite workshops over consecutive days!

My deepest gratitude to the Mandurah Aquatic & Recreation Centre (MARC) for hosting Breathe Yourself to Health on Saturday and to CASM Art Spaces Mandurah for hosting Breathe Yourself to Meditation today. A wonderful celebration of wellbeing and the power of breathing to regulate, support and manage our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

For all those beautiful souls who joined me on this journey, I thank you x Congratulations on empowering yourself with the tools to HEAL - THY - SELF! I look forward to seeing you all again very soon x


Does this resonate with you?

The first thing we do when we are born and the last thing we do when we leave this world.

The sacred breath ...


Although uncounsciously doing it's work most of the time, never forget the sacred essence the breath brings to you in every moment.

I offer you this poem from my heart to yours, as a reminder of the magic, support and simplicity breathing offers as a tool to support physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, as well as prepare us for deep states of meditation and bliss.

If you want to learn more about the science of breathing to support and regulate the nervous system, as well as the tools of the yogi's to bring about balance and calm to the mind-body then here are a few upcoming events where you will find me:

Sunday 1st October - CASM, Mandurah Arts Festival - Sillness Experience - Breathe Yourself to Health, an intoduction to regulating the nervous system for health and wellbeing.

Saturday 7th October - MARC, Mandurah - Breathe Yourself to Health, a three hour immesrsion into breath education, movement, meditation, self-discovery and wellbeing.

Sunday 8th October - CASM, Mandurah Arts festival - Stillness Experience - Breathe Yourself to Meditation, the art of breathwork to create a deep state of absorbed concentration and bliss.

Enjoy the magic of the breath...


Breathe Yourself to Health is back in a unique way!

A rare opportunity to learn, explore and discover the essence of breathwork in a 3-hour combined workshop, with Lea from Rise to Shine.

Saturday 7th October - 9.30-12.30pm - at the Mandurah Recreation Centre.

Learn the role of functional breathing to regulate the nervous system and optimise health and wellbeing.

Explore the highly effective Buteyko Method, Oxygen Advantage and the yogic Pranayama tradition, as we journey deep into breath, movement and meditation - to still the mind and bring us back to equanimity and wellness.

Discover a range of yogic tools designed to regulate and manage the nervous system to help promote focus, clarity, stillness and enhance deep relaxation and optimise sleep.

More information and booking details can be found via:




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Deep Rest starts tonight at 6pm. Join us on a journey of calming breathwork and yogic sleep 💤
Feeling this today 🙏🏻
Even if you are not familiar with Faithless or their successful 1995 single Insomnia‘ – you may be able to relate to the...
8 for hugs a day for wellbeing maintenance and 12 for growth. How's your count?I am on the low side of the hug count so ...
Sending festive cheer, peace and oh so much love to you all this Christmas. May your heart be full of joy and wonder on ...
Although uncounsciously doing it's work most of the time, never forget the sacred essence the breath brings to you in ev...
Nature’s guidebook to living your best life - embrace its wisdom often 🙏🏻
Radiantly You! Tomorrow is afternoon!



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