Catch Me If You Can kennels

Catch Me If You Can kennels


FOXY: Breaks In With Ease!

🐕 100% Raised on a Renegade lure system, look how easy FOXY adjusts to the track, this is how pups should break in, stress free and their prey drive at its peak. 💢

And kudos to Catch Me If You Can kennels and Peter Gavin on the brilliant box work, she pinged out! Pete shows great patience and is clearly tuned into the pup whilst handling, he treats them as individuals not machines. Top job 👌

FOXY ran some time too for a baby, the owner is going to have some fun! Good luck to all, and thanks for sending the video in.

🧬 Breeding: Bewildering X Fire Woman (10/10/20)

What are the requirements to have 1 puppy here in South Africa
Hi Peter....would you mind giving me the dimensions of you bullring please
Thank you “Team Gavin” - We dropped two youngsters off to Pete and Co three weeks ago and it was a long drive home worrying how they would settle in and shape up. We’ve been rearing them since babies and it’s a lot to trust complete strangers.
Why did I ever worry!! They have thrived. Our biggest worry was our bitch as she’s always been on the timid side. We’ve worked hard at building her confidence and it was a lot to put on the line if she’d gone to anyone who had been hard on her.
To be able to watch the videos Pete sends was so reassuring as when you watch “the dog’s tell the story”.
Thank you to everyone at CMIYC

This is our public page. You can join the closed group to view videos of all educational material it's a closed group...this is just our public page.


Operating as usual


And the baby we'll call last born.... 7 pups with 7 to go on with.


2nd last born....


With a International flavour is 5th born....


Over half way now number 4 step right up....


3rd born is now called up, it's your go!


2nd born or 2nd trial today......


1st born or 1st up trial today was...


"Pete if she could even box half ok I could win some races mate but like she is! I'll have to Retire her before she even starts racing. Johnny checks dogs for CMIYC for on going injuries so I had to help.
The results are in.


A couple of young Mother Hannah X Bernardo pups here with all 8 looking the goods at education.


Bluey on the fly for Brendan Pursell
He's got the green box 6 in above.


Two of 🇬🇧 finest, Well there better then the cricketers anyway🤣


Go catch it.

BAL WED 22 DEC 21 R9 22/12/2021

BAL WED 22 DEC 21 R9

Graduates of CMIYC

BAL WED 22 DEC 21 R9


And a couple of hand slips from the today.


Let's post some trial runs from the 30 odd Conducted today


Peachy is much loved by many! She has produced Houdini boy already and when Peter educated a couple from her 2nd litter he thought then yeah she produces Chase, now he's convinced 7 pups to Fernando in education. Chase well, that they do!
Go little Peachy's go.


Concentration, Waiting for other dogs, Unwilling to pass, The list go's on! Work out your dog...get results.


Let them run.


Fast forward...Catch me if you can!


Chase and the box's so important.




Box work.... Starting from the boxes is the only fair way against 7 others, but you can give yourself and your greyhound an advantage!


Here's another one
Watch hes debut at warragul below on the link it's about a length off the track record


Setting a standard in Education publically.
Customer gets the inside view all the way though.
Nothing new here.


Today's education trials and under beautiful skies.


Kel asked on Sunday morning after the Top Gun if peter could help!
Arriving on the Monday it's been 9 days of Intense re-work with only a Leisurely bushwalk tomorrow evening to go before Zac and Kel will be reunited.
The industry knows the odds of Zac turning again But the work has been done and I think he deserves 1 more chance.
Good luck to Kel and Barry.


Did not look likely but after plenty of patients We got her going good around geelong, then Ballarat and it became more like how many can she win now! Her 1st of many.


2nd only to chase is the Box.


These 4 Solar Pak pups are about to finish there education.
Let's watch the Box manners.


Comes for box work next stop Melbourne Cup.

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