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Losing his bits tomorrow last opportunity for a well bred 2 yold performance c**t

Currently 15.2hh

Sire: Mercurio by Durino (imp) dutch harness horse

Dam: WP Finesse x Farrington (imp) out mare by Ludendorf (imp)

Well handled, feet, tie, lead, rug. Has had roller and bridle on. Driven in halter.

Ride, drive or breed this c**t is from some excellent imported lines.

Durino is sire of Tor Van denborg’s harness team currently competing overseas.

Dam sire Farrington (imp semen) is showjumping and dressage bred.

Was planning to keep this boy as he is attractive and can really move but i am getting older and time poor so realistically dont feel i can do him justice.

If not sold in next two weeks will be gelded and turned out till ready to break in.

Videos in comments

15k but open to offers

Located at Lethbridge Vic


I really dont have time for him. Super chilled quality horse.


Bastian 510 x The Carrock Freya by Dahgo.


3/4 Friesian Gelding currently 15.1hh


In your face well handled ready to break in.

Fabulous movement currently in paddock condition.

Only selling as with new property to set up I wont have time for him. Too good to sit in paddock.

Not a fire sale make sure you have a decent budget and know the value of this beautifully bred boy.



Bastian 510 x The Carrock Freya by Dahgo.

3/4 Friesian Gelding currently 15.1hh


In your face well handled ready to break in.

Fabulous movement currently in paddock condition.

Only selling as with new property to set up I wont have time for him. Too good to sit in paddock.

Not a fire sale make sure you have a decent budget and know the value of this beautifully bred boy.


Looking good Finn

Photos from KR Performance Horses's post 09/10/2022

SOLD to a fabulous home

Thank you to those that have read full add. I will be in touch with those that have put in an offer.

Ossie (Safaris Lil Star)

21 oct 2015


15.1hh (not measured)

Standardbred by Safari

Regd with SPHAV

Not raced or trialled

Broken to harness.

Shown led and been to one harness show

Fabulous walk, good trot and canters on right lead on lunge

Currently in good paddock condition

Now if you are interested in buying ossie send PM with your offer and the highest offer will have first option and if they pass i will contact next person. I dont have time to answer every message. Home is also important so please dont be offended if i say no.


Rising 2year old dutch harness x warmblood c**t

Photos from KR Performance Horses's post 31/12/2021

Coming along nicely in his breaking in.

KRP Finn

5yold 14hh gelding

Bred for pony dressage.

By Janelle Beau (welsh b)

Out of WP Finesse (WB by Farrington (imp semen) x Ludendorf/tb)

Unspoiled young pony ready to break in. Lead, tie up, rug feet etc. mchipped.

Looks to be buckskin however not tested (sire carries cream gene)

Full sister is 14.1 at 7.

Big walk, flashy trot and balanced canters they are smart talented sensible young horses.

Full sister also available

Located in Lethbridge m


Very pleased with this c**t.
Imported breeding on both sides, including some KWPN Dutch Harness horse.
Bred to ride and drive.

Photos from KR Performance Horses's post 12/07/2021

Sold to lovely home

Warrawee Deecoration

DOB 17/10/2010 (10yold)

16hh bay mare

Arabian warmblood registered (AWF825)

ACE registered (18228-10-V)

Photo of papers in comments.

By: Warrawee Deecor

Out of: Warrawee Luv Me Too (Byalee Romance/Regardez Moi)

Previously had two foals. Broken in but hasnt been ridden as used as broodmare.

Have sold property and will no longer be breeding so selling all my mares.

Good to handle, rug, float etc.

Open to offers on this beautifully bred mare.

Located Lethbridge Victoria

KRP Bella 2017a 26/06/2021

KRP Bella 2017a

Reduced to $1000

Offered as broodmare as showing some unsoundness after fence injury open to offers must be sold to good home

KRP Bella

2007 16hh mare by Rituel (WB) x TB

Jumped to 120cm

Professionally broken in and showjump training with grand prix showjumper.

Had 12months PC rallies and comps.

Freshmans showjumped.

Has a fence injury that is not show pretty and has questionable soundness on it.

Has flat front feet that require regular trimming/shoeing when in work.

Had 12months out then easily came back into work with 15yold rider.
Currently in paddock which is why price. Will not be ridden for sale as i dont have time.

Lovely mare who only wants to please, soft round going, big moving and no dirt. Easy to float, handle, catches you in paddock.

She is not suitable for beginners or nervous riders.

Located Lethbridge victoria

Recent photos etc in comments

KRP Bella 2017a


Cricket showing off today


This little lady is going to look nice in harness.

Mum is Friesian(Dahgo) xTB

Dad is dutch harness horse x Andalusian

Super quiet too

Photos from KR Performance Horses's post 28/05/2021

So great to get an update from new owners of my babies.

KRP Albert

Maturing very nicely


Open to offers - cannot keep them all

Weaning time for this lovely c**t.

Imported breeding both sides of pedigree.

KWPN dutch harness one side and excellent Warmblood breeding on other.

Dam: WP Finesse by Farrington (imp semen)

Sire: Mercurio by Durino (imp)

To keep or not to keep is question.

My next ride and drive horse will mature a good 16plus i think.

Photos from KR Performance Horses's post 10/05/2021

Sold pending

KRP Cricket

Video of movement in comments

3.5 yold grey filly. 12.3 to 13hh.

Lovely quiet, sensible pony, well handled. She catches you in a 5acre paddock. Floated, ties up, rugs, feet.

Nothing seems to faze her.

Sire: Welsh B - Janelle Beau (Western Park Chicago)

Dam: APSB - Fairlight Acres Alvara (Kooralyn Acclaim)

Great project pony, bring on for child rider or bold enough for harness.

Her Great breeding and height would cross well with a GRP sire for pony dressage.

Photos straight out of paddock after 12months. Just a mane tidy and a brush (too cold to wash!)

Located Lethbridge Victoria

Two thou


Growing nicely very pleased with this c**t. Imported warmblood breeding on both sides.

Photos from KR Performance Horses's post 12/03/2021

Weaning time for the big bubba girl.

Taking it well. With her little black friend for company.

Dutch harness horse/andulusian x Friesian/TB.

Future top harness prospect. Imported breeding.

Not sure whether to sell or keep this one for myself!

Photos from KR Performance Horses's post 12/03/2021

Open to offers

Very happy with how this fellow is growing up.


Coming along very nicely, great work by rachael to break her in and now Nakita who has done some trail riding before some work in the arena.

Measured only 14.1hh at 6 so will stay pony dressage height.

Fabulous breeding this one too, out of imported semen ACE registered WB mare.

Great temperament, ridden 2 days a week at minute just get on and go.

Going to be hard to part with this one when time comes. Open to offers. Just cannot keep them all.

Although do have her 3 yold full brother still!

Photos from KR Performance Horses's post 26/01/2021


Great pony

Videos in comments

Photos from KR Performance Horses's post 20/01/2021


Great pony

Today we took cookie to Camperdown show, my bad missed his led class, but thank you to Eb got the fabulous photo. Did not enter ridden as no small rider unfortunately. Still available.

Meet Cookie who is having a short visit with me here at Lethbridge.

Cookie is a lovely quiet and sensible 12hh 13yold gelding looking for a new person to love him.

For sale to only the best of homes.

Nice hunter type.

He is great to handle, is broken to saddle and harness.

For the past 6 years Cookie has been used as a harness pony. He has been down roads and successfully competed in lots of harness events with his mature driver.

Cookie has been with me so he could go back under saddle again with a young rider. He is a little gem just walked off as if he had been ridden the day before! Has no spook or nasties.

He is a ripper, one of those gems that are really hard to find. I think he would be most suitable for beginners on lead or the a second pony off lead or small adult wanting a quality pony.

Ridden here by young riders, as i don’t have kids, he is happy to walk, trot, canter and has good brakes. He is responsive to voice commands due ti his harness work.

Great for the kids to ride and bonus can be driven in harness too!

PM for further details

Note he is only here till weekend then will go back home in north western Vic.

Photos from KR Performance Horses's post 16/01/2021

SOLD to a beautiful home

Its with great regret I have to do this but my plans have changed. Judy is considerably older than advertised, she is 12-13yrs old not the 5yold I planned to break to harness. Dont think its fair to her to start now.

Judy is a sweet pony, approx 10hh, leads, ties up, floats. No registration or history as bought from the auctions (maybe after a few reds! Oops)

Judy was nervous when she arrived although no nasties, bite or kick. She has since settled in here and wants to be with you. Can be tricky to catch in paddock though.

With more handling and time she will make someone a great companion pony.

Just want back what she cost me $700.


I think this fella wants to be a racehorse!

Loves a zoom zoom in the afternoon.

Sorry mate you are mostly Warmblood!



Broodmare for sale Warmblood x Irish Sporthorse.

Sire: AEA Metalic

Dam: Irish Footsteps (Branigans Pride)

6yold. 15.1hh.

Was told she was broken in as youngster when i bought her, but i have not seen or tried to ride her.

Bought for my performance pony breeding program however things have changed and need to downsize.

Lovely young mare breed or riding project.


Photos from KR Performance Horses's post 14/11/2020

Its a boy and we have very long legs!


Not long to go now

Photos from KR Performance Horses's post 16/10/2020

KRP Anastasia

Warmblood x Welsh B

So pleased with this girl, thank you Rachael for taking your time and giving her a chance to develop confidently through the breaking process.

Bred for pony dressage, some excellent imported breeding crossed with my well bred stallion.

Looking forward to seeing her out an about competing when we can.

This one will be hard to sell when time comes, in mean time look forward to the journey she will take us on Rach.

Photos from KR Performance Horses's post 12/10/2020



So pleased with how young girl is going.

Great work by my breaker giving her time to strengthen and gain her confidence.

KRP Anastasia


Excited to welcome a new broodmare to my breeding program.

So privileged to have been given the opportunity to purchase this mare from a wonderful friend and her daughter.

ACE and Arabian Warmblood registered.

Photos from KR Performance Horses's post 12/09/2020

Welsh B x APSB filly. 3 in Oct. well handled. Looks like will mature just over 13hh (bum high at minute).

Eligible part welsh registration. Breeding certificate supplied.

Quiet to handle, sensible in your face, ties up, floats, has been rugged and feet done. In fluffy paddock

Located cressy at minute but can be relocated to Lethbridge for pick up. (Hanns Horse transport around corner from my lethbridge address)

Photos from KR Performance Horses's post 09/09/2020

Pretty girl and her wonderful mum


Filly born at 5am. Mum and bub doing well. Going to be tall this one, i think!

Photos from KR Performance Horses's post 26/07/2020

Having some fun with a blue tarp! KRP Annabelle


SOLD to a lovely home. Cannot wait to see him under saddle and out competing.

Welsh B x TB 5yold Buckskin gelding.


Well handled lovely type.

Shown as foal for Champion Part Welsh.

Bred for pony dressage but would make hunter galloway or performance pony.

Mouthed and driven ready to finish off just ran out of time and daylight. Have others same age and just cannot work them all!

Currently rugged but in winter woolies.

Quality pony purpose bred as a performance pony.

Located near Geelong Vic

$1800 offers considered to right home

Video in comments

If you need permission from parents to buy this pony get it before wasting my time. Thank you


Thank you Laura giving my Braggo S(bastian) filly a make over


Love how this boy has matured. Still under pony dressage height. Sorry buddy time to do some work! You have dads head too

Photos from KR Performance Horses's post 23/01/2020

Sold to lovely home in FNQ

Purpose bred performance pony/galloway. 5yold Welsh x TB filly. Liver chestnut with blaze and white socks.

Currently in work ready to view.

Annabelle is 14hh was broken and quietly brought on by a young rider. Has been to couple of freshman’s showjumping days at Elcho Park and Drysdale, for a ride around and behaved no differently than at home. Took everything in her stride including the warm up arena.

Annabelle is a lovely honest filly that i bred and handled from a foal. I am too heavy to ride her and dont have the time with others ready to be broken in as well.

Located near Geelong

Currently rugged, in work and still eligible for newcomers.

Video in comments

Photos from KR Performance Horses's post 08/01/2020

Sold to the best of homes.

Maturing nicely 3/4 2yold Friesian filly by Bastian 510 (Braggo S) out of The Carrock Freya (Dahgo).

For sale. Currently just over 15hh.

Well handled lovely quiet girl.

Current photos


At breakers going well such a quiet girl.

Warmblood x Welsh B performance bred filly.

5yold. 14.1hh. Reg part welsh

Well handled ready to break in.

Competed led rising star at DWTS 2019.

Sire: Janelle Beau - Welsh B

Dam: WP Finesse -reg warmblood - by Farrington imp semen. Has produced top warmblood foals including Donna Farina

Pony dressage or breed prospect

Located near Geelong Victoria

Priced for current market $8000.

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Very pleased with this colt.  Imported breeding on both sides, including some KWPN Dutch Harness horse.  Bred to ride an...
Cricket showing off today
This little lady is going to look nice in harness.  Mum is Friesian(Dahgo) xTBDad is dutch harness horse x AndalusianSup...




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