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Welcome, Charlemont Rabbit Stud is a relatively new and small Rabbitry aiming to breed show quaility Netherland Dwarfs, Minilops and Dutch rabbits

Welcome to my page, Charlemont Rabbit Stud is a relatively new and small Rabbitry aiming to breed show quality Netherland Dwarfs, Minilops, I am fairly new to the world of rabbits but I have some fantastic tour guides. I started showing and breeding rabbits in 2012. I am a registered member of the Rabbit Breeders Association of Victoria and intend branching out and showing with other clubs later


Due to personal reason I will not have any Rabbits available for an undetermined amount of time. Hopefully I will back in full swing by mid next year. Until then I am more than happy to answer your questions if you need help and advice with your own rabbits, or to refer you onto reputable breeders if you are after a rabbit to join your family, begin showing, etc.

Thank you for following the stud over the last few years. This is not goodbye.

- Caitlyn


So excited to have 3 litters in the nest at the moment! Rabbitry will be bursting at the seams in the coming months!


So its been a while since I have given an update.
On the weekend the buns and I went to RBAV's Ballarat show and here is the results:

Main show:
Candylane Sass and Bide - 1st in class, 2* CCs
Charlemont Mal - 1st in Class

Netherland Dwarf Specialty training show:
- Candylane Sass and Bide - 1st in class
- Charlemont Mal - 1st in Class, Best u/5 in show, R/u Best in show.

Super happy with my results after being away from showing for a while!


The last few weeks here have been pretty average. Snotter died suddenly leaving her 4 kits as orphans. They're responding really well to being hand reared and are incredibly friendly.
Then yesterday during the heat sadly I lost my first show rabbit Dora as well as a 12 week old kit, and one of my ferrets.
This is just a reminder that no matter how prepared you are for the heat, it can get anyone. Please make sure that all waters are cool and full, ice still frozen, and that you're animals aren't stressing. Spray them down, bring them inside. Any to help keep them a bit cooler and comfortable.
I lost the 3 of them in the space of half an hour despite all of the above.
Good luck to everyone. Lets hope the next couple of days are more positive and we all get through to the weekend when it finally cools down.


Be sure to check your animals waters everyone! This is the second time I've been out to replace the Bunny and Ferret waters. Each time they have been Boiling hot. If they're not coping bring them inside.


I apologise but I feel this needs to be said.
Yes, I have a Blue Eyed White Mini lop buck, I am ever so slowly working on the colour. No, I am not studding him out for other people to use. This is my project. I am not going to just lend my boy out so that everyone else can get litters when I need him and potentially have him come back with diseases. Its my project and I am being very strict with what happens with it in order to further the type in the BEWs to bring them to the level of all the other colours. I don't have control over what you do with the kits by him, which defeats MY purpose. The same goes for my Sooty Fawn Netherland Dwarf buck. Its not going to happen. Call me a selfish control freak, whatever, they're my rabbits. Would you let me to borrow your car? Didn't think so.

Before I get my head bitten off, again, I am not targeting anyone in particular. I have had 8 enquiries in the last 2 weeks alone. You've had warning. The answer is no and I have every right to say it!


Wonderful Results from Whittlesea Ag show!

Baby Bramble SnowCone - 1st u/5 self AOC mini lop - CCs
Oddball Alicia - 1st U/14 Shaded Mini lop - CCs - Best of Breed - Best u/14 in show

Super proud of my young bunnies!


Well, Gypsy missed. Firefly had one dead kit. Indigo is due today and no nest. Snotter due tomorrow and no nest. Then Morgan due on the weekend. Fingers crossed I get something soon!


Results from todays TVRAI show.

Alveston JayJay - ND Self Ad. - 3rd
Charlemont Midnight - ND Tan Pat. u/14 - 1st.
Woodside bunnies Forrest Gump - Best Unrung

Now its time for a few weeks off showing. Until Metro's big UK show on the 11th of August. Gives the Buns some time off and hopefully enough time to finish the moult they have all just started!



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