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We offer a range of clipping, grooming, plaiting, and show presentation services for your equine partners. We service Geelong, Ballarat, Colac & surrounds.

Operating as usual


Finishing touches for B today 😍🤤


The handsome Presley enjoying his clip 🥰


I have clipped a few tubby ponies this year already with the goal of them staying in work and losing some weight to be fitter & healthier especially coming into spring!

We are booking into June & July now for those wishing to plan ahead! We will also be offering wellness clips for any horses and ponies who struggle losing their winter coat right up until their summer coat hits 🐎

Every year I talk about this, and every year it makes me just as unpopular.

When I talk to a client about using cooler weather as part of their overall strategy for their overweight horse I see the sheer panic in their faces. I wish I could come up with a non-confrontational way to explain this.

The fact is that MOST horses don't even feel the cold until it's less than 5 degrees (rain and wind aside).

I really don't want to get into 'the great rug debate', but if you have an overweight horse I encourage *you* to get outside your comfort zone and consider using cooler weather to your advantage.


A hunter clip for the beautiful Lily. She was such a darling to clip!


Our clipping style poster has been updated to reflect our most common clips! Prices on our website, message us to book 🦄


🐴 Do you travel to.....?
We regularly service to the Geelong, Ballarat, and Colac areas.
We can travel up to 1.5 hours from Lethbridge in VIC for small appointments, and further afield if numbers allow.
Travel costs apply (based on numbers & distance).

🐴 Do you clip cushings ponies / horses with skin & coat concerns?
Yes we do. Clips that fall into our "wellness" categories may not be able to be done to a show or competition finish, but we can help them to feel more comfortable or give better access for treatment.
*All equipment thoroughly cleaned and sanitised*

🐴 Do you clip horses who have never been clipped before?
Absolutely! We usually start with smaller clips for horses who have not been clipped before to keep their first experience easy and positive.

🐴 Do you offer sedation?
We are not vets, so cannot offer sedation. We can however clip a horse who has been prescribed sedation by their veterinarian following a consultation.

🐴 Can you do a style you don't have listed?
We sure can! Send us through what you are after / your inspiration photos and we will put together a quote.


Found some lovely bay dapples!


An early morning clip for this little guy today! Taking off some hair for his upcoming hard work at comps.
Lots of giggles - he is the most ticklish pony I have clipped so far this season 🤣


Just had to pause mid clip yesterday when the sun poked out to show off that shine! Another custom blanket, this time for hezacracker the handsome STB.


The handsome Jacko sporting his new look! He was absolutely loving getting clipped yesterday, and asking for plenty of scratches too.
For the first ride post clip I always recommend doing some groundwork first to allow your horse to get used to the sensation of feeling tack so close to their skin after being so fluffy!


Another custom blanket this time for a beautiful palomino! I love seeing different coats and how they change when clipped!


A hunter clip with no saddle patch for Stormy. He was getting very sweaty on his evening rides, which makes it difficult to dry horses off and keep them warm. Now his people can give him a quick sponge down and rug him up for bed right away.
He was so patient for his clip and happily popped into the shed for his model shot!


A custom blanket style clip for George! Isn't he such an interesting colour? George is a grulla.
He will now be feeling so much more comfortable being worked by his person and in the paddock, as this boy runs hot through the winter.


Appts available in COLAC on may 4th!

Little Beau was feeling tired after being such a good boy for his clip! We always take it slow with the unsure first timers to keep them as comfortable as possible 🦄

Please note: our start of season special has now ended! Prices have been adjusted on our website.

Our complimentary hot oil treatments have been such a success that they are now included in all of our services. 🌸🌸

Photos from Fairfield Clipping & Show Presentation's post 23/04/2022

A lovely chaser clip +hot oil for Takoda's first clip today! He was a gem, a little impatient in places but allowed me to get this beautiful finish 🥰



Sunday - Geelong / Leopold / Lara
Wednesday- Colac Area

❄ Start of Season Special ❄
Receive $10 off your clip + free hot oil or free shoulder/flank design!
Limited places available. Several already taken.

Inbox us for a quote.

Pricing & additional information:

Photos from Fairfield Clipping & Show Presentation's post 21/04/2022

sporting her fresh clip.
This is a custom shape, suited to target her most sweaty areas (including between her hind legs 🍑).
It also leaves as much hair as possible in areas she doesn't sweat, so she can easily enjoy rug off days and not need too many extra layers ❄
As you can see picture 2 is freshly post ride - and look how little sweat she has! Before this clip she would have been lathered.
Love this style on her!


✂️ Start of Season Special ✂️

*We will be in the Ballarat area this Saturday!*

We are running a start of season special! $10 off your clip + free shoulder design OR free hot oil treatment.

Limited availability so book now to secure your place! Clips can be booked in advance.

🐴 Isaak sporting his Trace Clip in a winners photo from last season.

Fairfield Clipping & Show Presentation updated their website address. 17/04/2022

Fairfield Clipping & Show Presentation updated their website address.

Fairfield Clipping & Show Presentation updated their website address.

Photos from Fairfield Clipping & Show Presentation's post 14/04/2022

For a good clip it is imperative that we start with a squeaky clean horse. Even a horse that appears clean on the surface can have a build up of oils, dirt, & dander deep in their coat that will be right in the path of my clippers. ✂️

This will make clipping more uncomfortable, and sometimes painful for a horse (this also places unnecessary strain on my tools, and blunts blades much faster.) For this reason, a dirty horse is not able to be clipped.

To ensure your horse is well cleaned and ready for their clip, follow these tips:

In the days leading up to your clipping appointment give your horse a few thorough brushes. A good currying works best to lift dirt and oils from close to the skin and allow them to be brushed and washed away. It is also a good idea to hose or wash your horse now, so they can have 2 baths prior to clipping. 🛀

The day before or morning of your clipping appointment ensure your horse is SCRUBBED clean during their wash.

🧽Give your horse a thorough curry combing before their bath to lift dirt and oils away from the skin.
🧽Hose your horse down well to remove what was brought up by the curry comb.
🧽Apply shampoo to your horse and use a curry comb or stiff brush to SCRUB the shampoo into the coat down to the skin.
🧽Work your hands or brush into the coat as you hose out the shampoo to ensure a good rinse. Make sure all of the suds and dirt have been completely hosed away.
🧽Cover your horse with CLEAN rugs and ask (or beg ;) ) them to stay as clean and dry as possible until I arrive.

This will all help to ensure that your horse’s clip is the most pleasant experience and beautiful outcome possible! You can also book in or diy a Hot Oil treatment after their clip to help create the best finish possible. 🦄

Please note: For horses that are not squeaky clean a dirty horse surcharge will apply to cover the additional wear & tear on equipment. For horses that are too dirty to comfortably & safely clip, appointments will be cancelled and need to be rescheduled.


As the days grow shorter and coats grow longer it is time to start thinking about clipping. This year we are excited to be able to extend a range of clipping services to suit your horse’s needs over the cooler months.

Clipping styles will be altered to suit the contours of each horse’s body, and can be modified to suit your aesthetic preferences.

Horses booked for larger clips will be started out in smaller styles, so that you are not left with a half finished clip if your horse needs more than one visit to be comfortable.

Face clips will leave sensory whiskers IN TACT.
Ear clips & tidies will not remove hair from the inner ear.



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