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Ruby and Lexie
I have two border Collies one is Lexie who’s 5 and Ruby is Lexie’s niece she’s now 16 months old.
When Ruby arrived into the family and we went for walks she would round up dogs growling at their necks and I would freak out as Lexie never did that she rounded up from a distance. I would call Ruby back and she wouldn’t return so going for walks was not a pleasant event for Lexie and I. I googled paws pet care chose Julie a qualified trainer in behaviour as she lived a suburb away.
On my walks I have bumped into people who have met my crazy dog walk days and couldn’t believe the transformation of behaviour in Ruby.
Julie has been awesome she’s fantastic at what she does and the knowledge about dogs and their needs. She truely cares and puts in 100 % making you want to put in 100%. I really recommend if you have any issues with your puppy or dog to give her a call on 0458 515 915
Julia, just wanted to say thanks for your help and support with Sooty’s training. It has certainly helped to give him the best possible start. The one on one sessions we great training for Sooty and us. Lots of great tips to help us with our good boy.

Qualified and experienced full-time dog trainer/dog walker. 1-1 dog training at your home/local parks. Group off-lead social walks at local parks. 1-1 walks for dogs with special needs.

Home visits to look after animals/birds/fish/plants while away. Hi, my name is Julia. I have a BSc (Hons) degree in Psychology and am a qualified dog trainer (IMDT) ( I set up Paws Pet Care in 2014 and since then have been working full-time as a Dog Trainer and Dog Walker (interspersed with some pet minding jobs - dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea p

Operating as usual

Photos from Paws Pet Care's post 01/03/2022

New boy, Astro, 8 month old GSD, on his first social walk today at Centenary Park.

He did really well enjoying hanging out with his new buddies Nelson, Reggie and Molly, playing ball, sharing sniff time, water stops and practising touch, eye contact and recall. Well done Astro 👏👏😀❤️

Photos from Paws Pet Care's post 01/03/2022

New boy, Pahou, on his assessment walk with my two dogs Fletcher and Molly. Pahou is a 7 month old American Bulldog who was recently attacked by a Fox Terrier and since then has lost his confidence around other dogs.

He did really well today and was socially appropriate with my two and it didn’t take him long to be off the long-line and running around, sniffing and hanging out with my two. He thoroughly enjoyed himself. Well done Pahou 👏👏😀❤️

Photos from Paws Pet Care's post 22/02/2022

Jelly, Archie 2, Gizmo and Djinda having a lovely time today at Vellgrove Park 🐶🐶🐶🐶🥰🐾🐾


If you know anyone that can help Ivy please share 🙏

Update 27/02/22 - Ivy in care with her new carer💛

Update 24/02/22 - carer home check done

⚠️⚠️⚠️SUPER URGENT ⚠️⚠️⚠️

People of Perth we have 1 shot left to find a home for 10 month old Ivy THIS week. Preferably a Forever Family via Foster View To Adopt but a long-term foster will suffice. ⌛

This poor pup is suffering PTSD from too many home transfers and serious traumatic incidents in the past 2 months. 🐕

* early December Adopter took to dog park after 1 day where Ivy was attacked by 2 large dogs. Also got a bilateral ear infection
* mid December incorrectly introduced to chickens and separation anxiety started
* late December separation anxiety amplified with extended periods on her own despite a Foster Care puppy sitter support in place
* early January to now anxiety medication has kicked in but Foster Care has had a serious medical situation arise

Right now Ivy needs:
* someone with her 24/7 so we're looking for an adult home of 2+ people where they work from home or can take her along 🏠
* no pets as we cannot risk her having more bad experiences 😔
* someone willing to follow her medication and training program 💊

The vet behaviourist feels Ivy has ONE HOME MOVE left in her at this stage in her life before her PTSD and mental health is unrepairable😓


Please share across Perth. Her life is dependent on us finding 1 home out there willing to help us help her. 🙏

Please read more about Ivy here 🤓

If you can offer Ivy a stable Foster Home for 4+ months please complete our Foster Carer form 👇

#FosterCarerRequired #FosteringSavesLives #Dogs #Ivy

Photos from Paws Pet Care's post 22/02/2022

New boy Neo had his first walk with my two dogs today and he did really well. Good social skills and recall so he will be joining group walks straight away. He’s going to have a blast making new chums and going to different places, building his confidence, learning new cues and broadening his life experience. Welcome to the club Neo 👏👏🐾🐶😀

Photos from Paws Pet Care's post 22/02/2022

New boy, 8 month old GSD Rocky, has been doing well with my two dogs Fletcher and Molly on walks, and his owner has been conscientious about doing training with him so Rocky is now ready to join a group walk on Thursday of big dogs who are good role models and will further Rocky’s education, broaden his experience plus we will practise some training on the group walks such as rewarding eye contact, and practising come, touch, leave it and stay. Go Rocky 👏👏😀🐶🐾

Photos from Paws Pet Care's post 21/02/2022

Morgan, Maitri, Djinda, Fletcher and Molly enjoying themselves at Piney Lakes this morning 🐾🐾🥰


Lexie and Ruby snuffling happily away in their new mat and foraging for morsels.. thank you Fiona 🐶🐶🙏


Beautiful rescue girl, Nami, enjoying her new snuffle mat 🐶😍


Very cute little 9 week old puppy Sunny enjoying foraging for his food in his snuffle mat.

His owners have been very diligent about ensuring Sunny gets plenty of enrichment at home, and positive socialisation to the outside world during his critical development/socialisation period (up to 16 weeks old) so that he builds strong neural pathways that create resilience to novelty as he grows up and hits adolescence in a couple of months time.

I’ve suggested to them that they opt for an early vaccination protocol at Morley Vet which will enable Sunny to be put on the ground in areas frequented by dogs from 11 weeks old and thus enable them to take advantage of socialising him to other dogs earlier than the usual 16+ week vaccination protocol which misses that critical socialisation period.


Frankie rooting around for succulent morsels in her new snuffle mat 🐶 Thank you Fiona 🙏👍

Photos from Paws Pet Care's post 10/02/2022

Nami’s first social group walk today at Piney Lakes. She had an absolute blast with the 4 boys Big Archie, Nelson, Zach and Fletch. Big Archie took her under his wing and had a good play with her. Nelson was too busy rolling in the grass, and Zach was off exploring sniffs, while all Fletcher wanted was to have things thrown for him (working dogs eh! 🤦‍♀️)


Little Kobe Monster snuffling away for his food. You can clearly hear him sniffing in order to locate the next yummy morsel 🐶🥰


Freddy enjoying foraging in his new snuffle mat 😍
Thank you Fiona 🐶🙏

Photos from Paws Pet Care's post 08/02/2022

New girl Zoe’s first walk today away from her owner. She lacked confidence away from her but we need to reduce Zoe’s dependency on her owner so that her owner can go overseas in the future without worrying about Zoe’s wellbeing 🐾

Photos from Paws Pet Care's post 08/02/2022

Working today on the social skills of new boy, Rocky, 8 month old German Shepherd Dog.

He’s an adolescent boy who is testing the boundaries, and my two dogs Fletcher and Molly are excellent role models and very experienced in helping to teach young, inexperienced dogs how to interact in a more polite and appropriate way, with my help of course 🐶

Together We've Contributed Over $3.2m! 05/02/2022

Together We've Contributed Over $3.2m!

Many of my clients ask me what I feed Fletcher and Molly. Here is my answer:
They have a portion of Frontier Pets freeze-dried food daily. This is a very healthy diet suited to all age groups and includes meat, offal, bones, eggs, green lipped mussels, veges, turmeric and added vitamins and minerals.

They also get raw food in Kongs (Big Dog raw) every other day which is also a balanced diet including meat, offal, bones, veges etc.

On alternate days they get ‘feed for thought’ kibble in puzzle toys/ snuffle mat/ hides and scent work in garden/ training games

They also gnaw on raw bones 2 or 3 times a week. Plus they have chews from such as beef pizzle, kangaroo jerky, beef ears etc.

They have daily supplements of Augustine Approved Superboost

And 4cyte epiitalis gel for joint support

Personally, I am not a fan of giving dogs biscuit for every meal. This does not attempt to replicate a natural diet. You only have to read about how it is produced and the risks involved to realise it is not the best option (see video on frontier pets website). It is more of a convenience food for humans and somehow has become normalised over the past couple of decades.

I believe giving a variety of good quality, healthful fresh or freeze- dried or air dried foods is what we should be feeding our beloved pets.

I’m happy to discuss further with anyone who would like more info. I have a great article form Clare Middle, a vet, who very much supports feeding more natural and raw diets to our dog and cat friends. Happy to forward to anyone interested.


Together We've Contributed Over $3.2m! Frontier Pets creates free-range and ethically farmed dog food that offers superb nutrition, optimum health and supports and promotes animal welfare.

Photos from Paws Pet Care's post 05/02/2022

Me n Frankie having special cuddles on her walkies at Vellgrove park.

Frankie started with me 5 years ago when she was 10 months old. The owners were having issues with her recall (very common issue for owners with adolescent dogs).

We got on top of this straight away with various positive reinforcement techniques that build a strong relationship with the dog eg providing mental stimulation on walks in the form of fun and games, training, going to various places, with various dogs, and providing rewards in the form of toys, food, praise and affection in response to appropriate behaviours.

The walks are all about the dog’s connection and interaction with the human, and ensuring walks represent QUALITY time with YOU the owner/handler rather than the dog seeking reinforcement solely from the environment.

She has never looked back. The owners love that her walks provide fun, activity, adventure, training and therapy as well as social time with her various chums, and so have employed me to continue her walks 3x per week ever since. She is an absolute darling (I call her an Angel) and I am very privileged to get to spend time with her 😀🥰

Photos from Paws Pet Care's post 05/02/2022

New girl Zoe starting her confidence building journey. She is a fearful little girl so she is learning to trust that her humans will keep her safe and not put her in situations that overwhelm her🐶


Shepherd snuffling away in his new snuffle mat 🐶 😍

Thank you Fiona for making these for my clients 🙏

Photos from Paws Pet Care's post 03/02/2022

Training session with Nami this arvo to improve her social skills and recall, learn appropriate behaviour when interacting with dogs on walks, boost her confidence in new environments, and coach the owners on what strategies to use when walking her.

The owners came to me with the issue of Nami being over-exuberant with other dogs, and pulling to get to them. She is also hyper-alert looking for threats. Not a confident girl. She was rescued a year ago when she was ~1yo.

As you can see, she had a blast with Fletch and Molly -first meeting- (my two experienced wingdogs) and she was a very good girl.

The owners have worked hard on building a strong connection with her at home so she has basic training and is receptive to her humans (most of the time). Her humans are learning about Nami’s communication/body language, about timing of WHEN to recall her. And what other dogs to let her say hello to, and which to move her away from depending on their body language 🐶


Luna and Maple snuffling and foraging away for some food 🐶

Luna and Maple enjoying their new snuffle mat 🐶🐶
Thank you Fiona (Big Archie’s Mum) for making it for them 😀👍




Please share far and wide 🙏


We are seeking foster carers who are experienced with mums and new puppies, as well as carers for weaned puppies, right up to large breed adult dogs.

These animals may require long term foster care while cruelty reports relating to them are investigated.

If you can provide the space, training and care for these dogs, please read more about our Foster Care Program and complete the application online today.

RSPCA provides all medical treatment, food, bedding and toys for foster animals. You will be required to bring the animal to the Animal Care Centre in Malaga for regular medical check-ups.

More information available here:


Little Archie foraging in his new snuffle mat made by Big Archie’s Mum, Fiona. Fiona is delighted to see other dogs enjoying the fruits of her labours.

If you would like one, they are $35 and I am happy to drop them off to my clients.


Djinda enjoying foraging for food in his new snuffle mat his owner purchased through me last week.

Another client of mine, Big Archie’s Mum, makes them for $35 and I can drop them off to clients who would like one.

Photos from Paws Pet Care's post 15/01/2022

Big Archie’s (Archie No. 2) Mum is making snuffle mats for anyone who would like one. They are $35 each. I can deliver to my clients. Every dog should have one of these.. great for foraging for their food rather than wolfing it down from a bowl.
Pics of Big Archie and of Fletcher and Molly enjoying their snuffle mat which is bigger for two dogs.

Photos from Paws Pet Care's post 15/01/2022

Toby, Bodhi, Archie 1, Reggie and Lisa sharing sniffs, playing with toys and enjoying treats and bar stops 💦

Photos from Paws Pet Care's post 15/01/2022

Lena doing what she loves best - rolling in the grass, Lisa looking a little windswept 😆 and enjoying walkies and hanging out with Molly and Fletcher ❤️

Photos from Paws Pet Care's post 15/01/2022

Jax, Djinda, Zach, Sooty, Fletcher and Molly having fun at Shelley Park. Taking it in turns at the watering hole and Jax has a sneaky sniff of Zach while he’s busy having a drink 😆

Photos from Paws Pet Care's post 15/01/2022

Mira, Fred, Noodles, Lola, Fletcher and Molly sharing sniffs, playing with toys, and enjoying rest stops… then Lola finds a mud hole and is very pleased with herself (typical Lab!).. the other dogs just look on wondering what the attraction is 😆

Photos from Paws Pet Care's post 15/01/2022

Gizmo, Paddington, Jelly and Kobe enjoying their walkies at Vellgrove Park 🐾🐾

Photos from Paws Pet Care's post 15/01/2022

Gizmo, Jelly, Diesel, Nelson and Archie 2 enjoying walkies at Morris Buzacott park. Queuing up at the watering hole and taking it in turns ❤️

Photos from Paws Pet Care's post 15/01/2022

Fred, Lisa, Lola, Sooty and Fletcher enjoying sniffs, playing with toys and having rest stops at Morris Buzacott park 🐾🐾

Photos from Paws Pet Care's post 15/01/2022

Paddington, Noodles, Archie 3 and Kobe enjoying being out with the boys at Shelley park 🐾

My Story

Hi, my name is Julia.

I set up Paws Pet Care in 2014 to meet the growing demand for dog walkers that is a reflection of our busy lifestyles and many people struggling to find time to walk their dogs. I have since qualified as a dog trainer

Dogs ideally need to go for a walk at least once a day. If your dog is a sociable, vaccinated, desexed dog, I can collect him/her and take him/her to an off-lead park with up to 4 other social dogs where they can run around and play with each other and with me, sniff, fetch toys - whatever they love to do for at least 45 minutes and then get dropped home. I charge $27.50 for this service.

I call the dogs to me many times on these walks and reward them with treats when they come. Even the dogs who are slow to start with soon speed up when they see the others getting treats. Many of my clients have thanked me for improving their dog’s recall (see testimonials on my website).

If your dog has special needs e.g. poor recall, anxiety but is non-reactive, these walks are $55/45 mins. Dog-reactive dogs are $65/45 mins.

When I walk dogs, I work hard to engage them and keep their focus on me by playing and interacting with them almost constantly (unless I've invited them to go off and play with other dogs or sniff for a bit where I will supervise but give them freedom and the space they need) which gives them a fun experience and reinforces that the human initiates all good things and therefore is to be listened to at all times.

Dogs who do not get enough mental or physical exercise often resort to unwanted doggy behaviours such as chewing, digging and barking to alleviate their boredom and frustration.

Giving your dog the opportunity to get out and have a good walk/run while you're at work/away will make him/her, and You, feel so much better.

Surcharges apply for ad-hoc walks, and weekends/public holidays/peak holiday periods. Please see website for details

I offer training for humans who are struggling with their dogs and can show you how to address many of the common issues e.g. won’t come back to you when called on walks, digging, chewing, nipping, barking, jumping up, pulling on lead etc.

The initial session is $155.00 for a minimum of 90 minutes and includes ongoing support between sessions. Follow- up sessions are $65 for 45 minutes. Please see my website for more information -

Initial training is conducted at your house (within 10km of Radnor Street, Leeming. Travel surcharges apply over 10km or I can recommend trainers who live nearer to you).

Additional training sessions are $65.00/45 mins. If recall is the main issue, we can use this time at a park to practise what you’ve learned.

I also offer Walk and Train – these are on-lead walks where I can teach your dog focus/connection with handler, loose-leash walking, come, sit, stay, leave it, down etc. These are $65.00/45mins.

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Luna and Maple snuffling and foraging away for some food 🐶



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