Patch Proud

Patch Proud


What a great page this is Belin da! If this doesn't encourage mo re people to grow their own I don 't know what will!🙂

Self taught forest dwelling gardener relishi ng in the high vibe glory of growi ng food 🌱

Operating as usual


Today’s harvest 💚##

Photos from Patch Proud's post 07/08/2021

Watermelon Radish 💗💚
Exceptional flavour, not as fier ce in it’s bite as other radish es. Fast and easy growing. Always a good ie to find space for in t he garden ###


I think this is my favouri te bed in the patch at t he moment. I’ve packed a lot in it- Radishes, lettuces, carrots, kohlrabi,coriander and viol as. So far everything is growing happi ly and doing their thang. Pests be en suspiciously nonexistent. ###

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Native to Colombia a nd Ecuador a hardy perennial that c an yield large harvests of tubers. Kno wn as a ground apple, with a swe et crunchy crispness- a cross between app le and watermelon, with overtones of sugarca ne. A member of the sunflower fami ly and can grow to 2 metr es in height with small, daisy-like yell ow flowers. After flowering the top grow th withers and dies back then tube rs can then be harvested. The tube rs sweeten as the plant dies o ff so even though you can ‘bandicoo t’ early tubers, the main harvest shou ld really take place once all t he top growth has died off. D ig carefully to avoid damage to t he tubers. Undamaged tubers can be stor ed in a cool, dark and d ry place with good air circulation f or some months. I’ve only ever tri ed yacon raw but rumours have it y ou can also juice, steam, bake or bo il it xx



Reminiscing on this unforgettab le mouth-gasim! I grew it all exce pt the avo and it was o ne of those patch to plate harves ts that gets etched in your vegg ie growing heart ✨💚


organic deliciousness ❤️🧡💜💚

Photos from Patch Proud's post 09/07/2021

Today’s harvest- Mixed Asian Greens Bouqu et ➡️
I prefer to harvest these le af by leaf, not as a who le. This method works so well a nd keeps me in steady supply f or ages! 💚xx


Our final sweet potato harvest 🍠🍠🍠
Th is has been our first year growi ng these guys and have found eve ry stage of growth a total bla st. Such a lush addition to t he garden ###


And this is the post th at she jinxed herself .......
Interestingly, the slu gs have been quiet thus far......

I ha ve a theory:
I think it’s because th is winter, I’ve turned into a co ld hearted bitch with my soil. I’ ve chosen not to keep it protect ed and cosy under delicious mulch ov er winter. It’s my boldest attempt to t ry control the annual slug plague. I g ot in early, beginning of Autumn befo re the inevitable plague usually hits a nd removed all the mulch off my be ds. I composted the mulch and th at compost will eventually be reapplied on be ds come spring/summer.
To help the so il over winter, I have upped t he anti with my interplanting, over planti ng and green manuring making sure a ll beds are full. This, I am hopi ng will be enough to maintain as mu ch of the soils integrity as I c an.
Anyone else do this technique? D id your soil forgive you? Did it he lp at all with the slugs? ###


Taking advantage of the recent sto rm we had by foraging for fall en sticks around the front of t he property. That’s the next month ( or two) sorted for kindling 🔥 🪵


Don’t mind me, I’m just snorti ng you do!
Who else loves stuffi ng their head in lavender? I kn ow I can’t be alone on th is one. I see you....reaching out f or that lavender plant as you pa ss it on the street 😉😗 ###


SLUG TIP- Sometimes you just ha ve to admit defeat and coexist. Somethi ng that works a treat for me- recognise your problem beds or zon es for slugs. Avoid planting greens in th em if you can and plant thin gs like onions, garlic, spring onions e tc in those zones..... no more seedli ng loss and virtually zero damage a nd if so it’ll never be enou gh to affect the bulb below. Pictur ed here is the pomegranate bed/slug hot el. Last winter I lost soo ma ny seedlings to this bed. It w as a serious waste but this seas on I’ve followed my allium theory a nd it’s been a total success, no sl ug damage 🙌

Photos from Patch Proud's post 22/06/2021

I love how alive the gard en gets in the winter

Photos from Patch Proud's post 21/06/2021

Today’s harvest-
A volunteer leek f or soup and some Thai eggplants f or curry night 🤤


Purple Capsicum-
I accidentally knocked it o ff. I don’t think it is rea dy but too stunners not to apprecia te its magnificence 💜💜💜

Photos from Patch Proud's post 17/06/2021

Loving the slowness that naturally mov es in with winter 🌨

Photos from Patch Proud's post 10/06/2021

I counted over 20 glorious differe nt varieties in this 250g Seasonal Sal ad Mix that I harvested for t he produce stall today....💚


Chioggia Beetroot (pronounced kee-OH-gee-uh) 💗 xx

Photos from Patch Proud's post 04/06/2021

First ever sweet potato harvest! So mu ch fun 💕


Purple Basil 💜

I’ve been feeling a massi ve pull to go down a me ga basil rabbit hole this winter.

Rumou rs have it there are loads of differe nt basil’s out there. Wikipedia says- “Althou gh it is estimated that there a re 50 to 150 species of bas il, most, but not all, culinary basi ls are cultivars of O. basilicum, or swe et basil. Some are cultivars of oth er basil species, and others are hybrids.”

Bas il rabbit hole, here I come! Who ’s in?

Tag me in your basil ’s pics, I’d love to see th em ###


Thai Eggplants, yet to receive t he “its now winter memo’ .....


I don’t exactly know the varie ty (mainly due to crappy labelling 🤦‍ ♀️) but let’s take a moment f or the colour of this Kale le af 💜💚


Chard feels ###


Today’s Harvest 💚


The Pepper Tunnel-
20+ chilli a nd capsicum plants
Pak Choi
Brussel Sprouts
Spina ch
Dwarf Snow Peas
Sungold Cherry Tomato
Spri ng Onion
Sweet Alyssum

Photos from Patch Proud's post 13/05/2021

I love how the forest com es alive in Autumn. These guys a re everywhere 🍂🍄###


Join me ( in my p js and outrageously comfortable robe) with my awkwa rd “doing a patch tour” voice f or an autumn ramble on whats growi ng in my garden today.
Autumn garden nugge ts- Interplanting and making good use of spa ce and materials is important for a producti ve autumn growing space. Think about shado ws from your trellises, ever changing s un direction, pests- tidy up, net or s et beer traps.....and enjoy not having to wat er so much!


Tree ripened Granny Smith’s 🍏


Restocking the produce stall has g ot me all loved up with my onio ns today. There’s something truely fabulous abo ut growing your own onions and li ke everything else we all grow- y ou can’t buy this flavour, smell a nd colour. Well worth growing, you won ’t regret it ###


COMPOST WALL- Latest casual/lazy composting wa ll. We throw in our lawn clippin gs, shredded leaves and whatever is lyi ng around. Overtime this will morph in to a productive garden bed.☔️💚

Photos from Patch Proud's post 29/04/2021

I’ve picked all whats remaining o ff these plants in the south pat ch and popped the heirloom gems on t he window sill for some ripening.

Photos from Patch Proud's post 28/04/2021

First time grow er over here. Had no idea h ow hectic the vines get. I lo ve it! There is a pathway und er all that vine. Hoping it isn ’t all talk and no show as I’ ve had a few sneaky peaks a nd yet to strike gold so finge rs crossed 🤞

Side note: the rats ha ve infiltrated the pepper tunnel a nd reeking havoc 😭 send pythons AS AP ###


Are you continually tweaking your growi ng space? Me too! I really ne ed to relocate my strawberry patch. B ig job I know but it’s hoggi ng some seriously much needed, prime wint er growing space ###

P.S- Kale, Rock et, Chard and Pak Choi in t he basket today.

Photos from Patch Proud's post 26/04/2021

Late afternoon harvest ✨
So good to be harvesti ng salad leaves again. I’ve had a tee ny break from growing lettuces as I fou nd they were bolting way too quick ly over the summer that it wasn ’t worth investing the time, grow spa ce and precious tank water on th em. Autumn is such a fantastic growi ng season for greens and I’m sup er stoked to have a big sta ll favourite (Seasonal Salad Mix) slowly maki ng their way back up to t he produce stall

P.S: slugs a nd slaters have already started their usu al plague thing they do so I ’m hesitant to mulch my beds....any winn er winner chicken dinner organic slug/slater hat er mulch suggestions are most welcome ###

Photos from Patch Proud's post 25/04/2021

Harvesting with the Godson ###

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