Green Oaks Natural Medicine - Pam Murphy Naturopath

Green Oaks Natural Medicine - Pam Murphy Naturopath


The greatest wealth is health. Do you want to learn how to get wealthy? Come along on Thursday 28th April to hear Pam Murphy from Green Oaks Natural Medicine chat about personal health.
Morning cuppa with your very fragrant, spiced tea, Pam! love it.
It's World Wide Visitors Week - lots of folks on the call this morning along with our members including Astute Geelong Central, Markit Lawyers, Geelong Bowen & Remedial Therapies, Green Oaks Natural Medicine - Pam Murphy Naturopath, D and Co Studio, Infuse Advisors & Accountants, Be the Confident You, and more!
Feeling like those winter chills are soaking deep in to your bones? Try this delicious recipe that is sure to be as big a hit with your family as it is with mine!

A natural common sense approach to health and wellbeing, incorporating the wisdom of traditional medicine with recent discoveries and research, whilst always maintaining a firm focus on the individual.

Born out of a passion to facilitate health and wellness in people of all ages and stages, Green Oaks Natural Medicine came about after I had raised our own family and had a driving desire to offer assistance to others with a health centred approach that is both sustainable across the life span and brings happiness, wellness, clarity and fulfilment to the individual.

Operating as usual


Yes its my turn to share all things health with my local businesses. I would love to have you in the room also.

The greatest wealth is health. Do you want to learn how to get wealthy? Come along on Thursday 28th April to hear Pam Murphy from Green Oaks Natural Medicine chat about personal health.


Great to be catching up with my local Geelong business owners. Today we hear from the very knowledgeable Mark Petterwood from Astute Financial and Mortgage Advisers Limited. Our wiz with home loan advice.

Timeline photos 11/11/2021

Thank you to all those men, women and their families who selflessly gave of themselves for our great country.


Calling all friends who are self-employed/run their own business, or want to support small businesses!
It's interesting to see the variety in our extended circles.
Post a link to your website below without a description - just the link, it speaks for itself.
Anyone who follows me can see it and visit your site.
Copy this text onto your own page and give others the chance to reach more people through your circle.
Visibility is everything!
Let's support each other.


Had the pleasure of having a chat with this great guy today, as one of our shining lights in Geelong business. Thanks Tom for an awesome chat!

Well done Thomas Scott for being Scotts team member of the quarter, you go above and beyond for our business and your clients and we really appreciate your hard work!


Sore? Tired? Tight?

Why put up with those niggling aches and pains over the weekend?

There has been some spots open up so please book in real soon, these are bound to fill quickly!!!

Here’s the link:


Looking forward to being allow to bring some relief from all of you who have been trying to ignore the streaming from your necks and shoulders! 😀

We are back to normal appointments from Friday 🎉🎉

You can book your Myotherapy, Osteopathy, Remedial massage, Bowen therapy and Naturopathic appointments via our website or by calling 52222358.

We are so excited to be able to help you all.


I am really excited to announce that I will be presenting with the lovely Madhu from Yoga 4 the People on all things Sleep. We are both really looking forward to helping you all through some of those really tough nights and into a better state of health. Jump in on the link below, we are super keen to share and have a little fun along the way!


Lockdowns are really stretching many good businesses, so I’ve decided to support my locals in what ever simple way I can. I will highlight at least one per day to increase their exposure. Please also feel free to add yours in the comments below. Stay strong!

Today it’s Myotherapy and Allied Health Geelong
conveniently located at 11 Fenwick st, Geelong Centre.
Of course, they are following CoVid restrictions at present but happy to assist with all your musculoskeletal issues when they get the green light. Suffer no longer!

Such a friendly lot, so knowledgeable and offer a damn good massage I hear!


Key Speaker for Thursday 2nd September:
Liam Beggfrom L.J.Begg Electrical.

Help us make Myotherapy “essential” during Victorian COVID-19 lockdowns 08/08/2021

Help us make Myotherapy “essential” during Victorian COVID-19 lockdowns

Feeling the frustration for my Myotherapist friends! Such inconsistencies in what is actually deemed ESSENTIAL! And very hard to see people not being able to get the attention they are asking for.
After all, aren’t we are all in this together!

Help us make Myotherapy “essential” during Victorian COVID-19 lockdowns Myotherapists are disturbed by inconsistencies in messages and restrictions during Victorias COVID-19 lockdowns.Help make Myotherapy “Essential” and share th...

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Pregnant? or considering becoming pregnant in the near future?

This is a great opportunity to participate in this valuable study that will help add to our understanding of the vital role the maternal microbiome has in our children's health.

ANNOUNCEMENT! The MothersBabies Study is now expanding and going nation wide!

Are you planning a pregnancy in the next year, live ANYWHERE within Australia & want to find out how your health may affect the health of your child? This is your invite to join The MothersBabies Study!

Simply send us a message, or scan the QR code in the poster and we can get started. We're excited to have you on board!


Had an awesome catch up this afternoon with the lovely Tanya, a local Geelong Lactation Consultant, from Thrive Lactation and Parenting Support.
We had such a good chat and it was so interesting to see the area that we had in common. We chatted about the journey many new mum's experience from birth and beyond, about the importance of a smooth latching experience, the benefits breast feeding can have creating a strong balanced microbiome to support the baby's ongoing health, immune system, gut function, growth and development, the importance of the mother's posture and her comfort as well as that of her baby, the shared joy that can come from simply being present with their new baby by utilizing such techniques as baby massage, and the bliss that comes over the whole family when bubs sleeps peacefully with a tummy full of quality goodness. Tanya brings with her over 25 years’ experience and is so easy to relate to.
If you are a new Mumma feeling overwhelmed with the breast-feeding scene, consulting with a Lactation Consultant such as Tanya can certainly ease the stress and anxiety for you and your family. Thanks for your time Tanya, will look forward to our next catch up!


Staying Younger For Longer | Catalyst

Love the messages in this interview. It can be found as a replay but the message still stands strong! Invest in yourself for the fabulous years ahead 😃


Just when you think life has through a lot of curve balls at once .... someone sends you CHOCOLATE! Thank you Designs for Health


Stuck on what to buy for THAT person on your Christmas list?

These will make a perfect gift for that hard to buy for person in your life, or the smaller ones could be just what would suit for a Kris Kringle

Pack 1 - $40 - 1 x Lge Glass Teapot, 2 Glass cups, 100g Loose Leaf tea

Pack 2 - $30 - 1 x Small Glass Teapot, 1 Glass cup, 3 x Sample size Loose Leaf tea

Pack 3 - $20 - 1 x Lge Glass Cup, 1 x Cork Coaster, 2 x Sample size Loose Leaf Tea, 1x S/steel Tea Strainer

Pack 4 - $10 - 1 x Small Glass Cup, 1 x Sample size Loose Leaf Tea, 1 x S/steel strainer

All teas are Organically sourced, Caffeine free and Naturopathically formulated,

Happy to deliver in the Geelong area or can arrange for pick up. Please feel free to leave a message. Many thanks,P:)


Herbal teas can be such an effective way to address health issues. Awesome way to boost your hydration too!
This one’s especially formulated for our Mumma’s and their little ones. Enjoy!

Just put together this lovely mix to assist one of my gorgeous Mumma’s who is struggling with recurrent mastitis. One happy Mumma!

She is able to continue breastfeeding her little one and help her body recover.
Love how adaptable and delicious these herbs are! 20/11/2020

Mediterranean diet tied to 30 percent risk reduction for diabetes in Women's Health Study

Diets can come and go, and whilst some can be specific to special needs, the Mediterranean Diet still is proven in research to be an awesome lifestyle intervention. 30% reduction in diabetes risk is significant, sustainable and uncomplicated! The Mediterranean (MED) diet—rich in olive oil, fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts and seeds—is a recommended way to reduce the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and other adverse health outcomes. But exactly how and why the MED diet lowers risk for type 2 diabetes has remained unclear. In a...


Remembering with gratitude all those who gave so much so their families could remain safe.


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I have a lovely client (male in his mid 50's) looking to relocate from sunny Geelong to Newcastle NSW in mid January 2021. He is looking for a massage therapist to continue on his care, who will take particular care of his L hip replacement and tight neck and shoulders. I would love to hear of any recommendations of massage therapists in this area. TIA


A timely reminder! Please thoughtfully dispose of your facial masks when your done with them.

Lets do our bit for the environment and the animals!
If you wear a disposable mask, don't forget to cut the straps before throwing your masks in the bin.


Loved hearing the team at Stockdale&Leggo are doing an amazing job working and adapting particularly in our present Stage 3 CoVid restrictions. Perhaps you would like to join their team!


Business virtually again this morning. Always live catching up with the team!


Doing the virtual connection again this morning with some of Geelong’s finest. Come and join in sometime 😊


Be the Confident You.

Looking forward to seeing and hearing a bit more from this weeks Key Speaker, Jen T from Be The Confident You. Come join us on Thursday at 10am, it’s so easy in the virtual world!

Next Thursday the 30th of July, I will be sharing more about how you can utilize video to create greater client happiness, more reach, create online trainings and turn more prospects into clients. If you want an invitation let me know!


Dan Andrews

Some of our unsung heros!

If you only watch one thing today, please make it this message from Abbey – a Clinical Nurse Specialist at The Royal Melbourne Hospital ED.


Virtual meeting with some other Geelong businesses. Love sharing what I do and learning of the great things happening in theirs.


During these times it’s important to own your feelings and remember to reach out to those who are your “comfort buddies”! Those you get strength from, those who genuinely care, those we love and value, those that have your best interests at ❤️. Explore some of the different ways we can remain connected. Know that they are there for you unconditionally. Remember our mental health is as important as our physical health at all times.

Are you a nurse, doctor or other health professional?
Here are some ways to cope with the stress during COVID-19.


Love catching up this morning with some of Geelong’s finest at the virtual office!


Great meeting again this morning with some of Geelong's awesome business people, via Zoom! So good to be able to still stay connected! ☺️ 18/06/2020

Dirty Dozen™ Fruits and Vegetables with the Most Pesticides

Reducing our exposure to pesticides is so very important for our ongoing health. Take a look through the EWG 2020 Dirty Dozen list. Ideally, source these in organic form. If not able to, ensure you wash all fruit and vegetables in water which has had a little Apple Cider Vinegar added to it. So simple, and your liver will love you for it! Check out EWG's Dirty Dozen list to help decide when you should splurge for organic produce – part of our annual Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce™


Still in the virtual world! Loving still being able to maintain these valuable business connections in Geelong and beyond!


Attention any pregnant Mummas interested in being part of a study and working with a Midwifery student.


I have just finished reading the The Resilience Project by Melbourne man Hugh van Cuylenburg. It was such and easy read and so inspirational.
Here is the link relating to ticket sales to see Hugh speak at his Geelong event on April 22nd , 2020 (tickets to go on sale soon).
He speaks from the heart, passionately about the values of Gratitude, Empathy, Mindfulness, and about how to build resilience. This Melbourne man has deep connections with many sporting clubs, sports people and his passion lies with reaching out to children. I'm sure it will be something the whole family will get something out of.

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