Note to self - massage therapy

Note to self - massage therapy


Leanne I know this is a little awkward on your business page, feel free to delete, thought you might like a giggle xx
your picture is missing a bit click on it there is an extra cup

Note to self:

• relax
• deserve
• remind
• unwind
• pamper
• sleep

Qualified and Registered Remedial massage therapist

By appointment only.

Note to self:

• relax
• deserve
• remind
• unwind
• pamper
• sleep

Qualified and registered Remedial Massage Therapist

By appointment only.

Operating as usual


Wishing you all a very Hoppy Happy Easter

Thank you for for trusting me with your care since the opening of my doors again.

I am truly grateful for each and every one of you for allowing me to support you through your aches, pains, painful stories and all of the happiness too.

Enjoy your Easter

See you next week


P.S. shhhh, don’t tell the kids I have struck gold with this Cadbury mint chip bunny egg


Let me show you a heat pack in action 😊

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💙💚💛🧡❤️ these are selling like hotcakes!!!

Please see comments for updates of sold heat packs ❤️🧡💛💚💙

New handmade heat therapy packs/ heat bags

Comment on individual pics if you find one that has your name on it!

$23 each

Approx 50cm long, 12cm wide

Approx 1.2 - 1.4 kg in weight

2 mins in the microwave with a cup of water

And they’re all ready to go

Pick up Highton, contactless or make a time via PM

Postage can be arranged

Photos from Note to self - massage therapy's post 11/04/2022

What a whopping day of sewing!

Not without a few hiccups and interruptions.

How beautiful are these new fabrics?

I’m loving them.

Not sure how to display them or where to display them.

I’ll figure it out.

These handmade barley-filled heat therapy bags are now $23 each.

They’re approx 50cm long and 12cm wide and weigh over 1.2kg (weights vary slightly)

If you’re already a heat bag owner, they need to be renewed approximately every 12 months due to rancidity.

If you’re looking for an alternative Easter gift, this would be perfect!!

Hope you’ve had a great weekend and fab Monday


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As some of you may know already, I’m currently studying to become a Relationship and Intimacy coach.

You may notice many books on my shelves that aren’t massage related, merely more about relationships, periods, s*x and life in general.

I’ll be adding to these resources weekly. Feel free to ask about my studies. Feel free to ask to borrow my books.

I’m so keen to be taking this journey into such a vast and exciting industry.

Today’s delivery was very exciting! Can you tell I’m excited?

Have a splendid Thursday evening

Much love


IOHA on TikTok 06/04/2022

IOHA on TikTok

Check this out!!

Or should I say cheek this out!!

This explains why some people have dimples!

You learn something new every day!

Happy Wednesday dimple owners and non-dimple owners.

Just FYI! This is not how you get dimples on your legs or bums!!

IOHA on TikTok ZYGOMATICUS MAJOR!! Dimples literally make you cute, and cuteness has its evolutionary benefits.


Dearest Em,

My heart is broken that your family, friends and everyone in your sphere, everyone that you have touched, helped and healed, will say goodbye.

You became a dear friend of mine when we worked together at Geelong Bowen & Remedial Therapies together. I remember laughing together during breaks, swapping treatments, painting with music blaring and a beer in hand talking about life and love and everything in between.

I am very grateful to have known you, to be your friend, to be your confidant.

Thank you for your smiles, your energy, your insight, your knowledge, your friendship.

Forever in my heart. Forever my heart will break for your loving family. ❤️

Rest In Peace gorgeous ❤️


Adorable axolat uses bubble machine for a massage

Who else has a spa bath bubble massage whenever they get in a spa?! 🙋🏼‍♀️


MFR Monday

Attempting to use my MFR spiky ball on my adductors and hamstrings today using the treatment table as a prop because I’m unable to do it on the floor.

Looks a bit weird but then again, I am a whole lotta weird at times 🤣

For the record, actually fees pretty good now 👍🏻

Book a time to see me and avoid having to get yourself into these weird positions for relief!

Have a fab Monday.





Whoa! Wait a minute…where the heck do I work from now?!

I’ll be at the beach if you need me! 😀

Kidding, I’m still here, working from home, still wearing masks here too!

I’ve reduced my hours a little as I’m still recovering from covid. I won’t be taking bookings after 5.00 for a few months.

Please don’t miss out on a treatment. Make yourself a priority and book a time as you would a dentist or doctor appointment.

You can book online at


Happy ‘helper’ Monday.


Wahoo!! Covid free and back on deck!!

I’m a wee bit excited to be back working!

I promise that your treatments will be thorough…. and less excitable Riverdance-y 🤣

Book online at


Thanks everyone for understanding that I have to cancel all appointments this week.

Messages via text and/email went out yesterday.

Initially my daughter tested positive yesterday and this afternoon I have also tested positive.

We are doing ok. At this stage it feels like a hot hangover! 😵‍💫

What you can do to help out is please jump online and find another time that suits you, in the next couple of weeks. That would be much easier for us both rather than back and forth messages, particularly as I’ll be snoozing on and off.

Thanks for your understanding.

Hope you’re all staying safe and well.

Masks 😷 on, wash your hands 🙌, use sanitizer 😄

Much love



Hello helloo and a bit of a blooper 🤦‍♀️😂

See you soon


note to self massage therapy 06/01/2022

note to self massage therapy

note to self massage therapy Massage Therapy Therapeutic Massage Relaxation Massage Sports massage deep tissue massage special needs massage


I hope you all had the most wonderful few days of Christmas filled with lots of love, many cuddles and plenty of laughter. 🎄🎁

Note to self - massage therapy updated their information in their About section. 23/12/2021

Note to self - massage therapy updated their information in their About section.

Note to self - massage therapy updated their information in their About section.


🎁🎁 Still looking for a last minute gift for someone special?! 🎁🎁

PM me, text me, email me and I can arrange for a voucher to be emailed to you, ready to print!

Payment can be made via bank transfer.

No need to panic and hit the shops!! I’ve got your sorted!!

Don’t forget! Voucher purchase of a 1hr massage is the cost of 45mins! $95 for an hour of treatment!!

Buy yourself one too! Start the year with a massage!

Get cracking!! Get your shopping done!!



Still looking for a gift for someone special?

Bolsters available. Ready to collect.

Indian Kantha quilts available. Only 8 left!! Ready to collect.

Vouchers available. Any $ value. Any treatment value .

Don’t forget that you can get a 1hr treatment for the cost of 45 mins. Just $95 for an hour.

DM or text me to purchase. 0434383063

Have a great weekend



Luckily I’m better at massaging than I am as a gardener!

Weeds be gone!! Mower died again! But not before I got it done! 💪🏼💪🏼


What are you winning at today or did so over the weekend?


Clearly losing the plot today!!🤣

It’s birthday month for me and Christmas is coming!

If you’re still thinking about a Christmas gift for loved ones, work colleagues, thank you gift or even for yourself, I have heaps available and a special offer for you!

I would like to offer you a 60min gift voucher for the cost of a 45min.

So that’s an hour treatment of your choice (remedial or relaxation) for $95!

There’s no limit on how many you can purchase.
They will have 12mths expiry (due to it being a special offer)

You can purchase voucher by DM/PM me or via text 0434383063. (If you text me, please leave your name)

Payment via credit card or bank transfer.

Voucher pick up is in Highton.

Have a great space-bun kinda day!

Peace, love and reindeers!



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Only 7 appointments left before the end of the year!!

Grab your time now!!

Don’t miss out on feeling fab for the silly season

Book online at


Fully booked this week!

Book your time for next week at

Or PM me here or text 0434383063 to be on the waitlist



I know the following is not what you want to hear but here goes.

Bookings are filling fast between now and Christmas.

After hours appointments are full.

Saturday appointments are full.

So what I’m asking is that you think of your health, aches and pains, headaches and sore backs, and everything you come to see me to treat and relieve.

I’m asking that you treat your massage appointments the same as you would a doctor or dentist appointment. You may need to make a time during the day to get your body sorted out.

Massage isn’t a luxury. Massage is health care.

I care for you. I care that you feel your best. So should you.

You can see all available days and times online at and have your own calendar beside you to find a time that suits you.

I do wish there were more hours in the days just as much as you do. I do wish that I could accommodate more after hours and Saturdays but I can’t.

I do have a wait list that I can add you to in case of any cancellations. Let me know if you’d like to be added to it.

Look after you.

Don’t be disappointed, be pro-active.

Have a great Friday.



I was a little bit of a lucky duck again last week.

Some more beautiful gifts were delivered to my door.

These spiky critters have been nurtured by B and now I’ve been trusted with their care.

Leni, one of my daughters, like to name the plants in our house. There’s Athol, Arthur, Mary J. Wana, Billie, Mavis and many more.

These cactus have very fancy botanical names and quite frankly, they don’t quite roll off your tongue.

We have been trying to come up with some names for these guys. Names that allow them to feel a part of the family.

What would you call each of these?


The weather is getting hotter and I like to remain comfy while I’m treating you all.

These are my new work duds. They’re soo comfy!

But apparently, according to my 14yr old, I look like I’m about to chop wood!!

Naturally, that needed a song as I exit stage left so at the top of my voice I busted out with

🎼 I’m a lumberjack and I’m ok,
I sleep all night and I work all day! 🎼

(No more than that. That’s all it needed)

Hope I haven’t put that song in your head for the day now! 😬

If I have, you’re welcome 😂🤣

If you need me to chop down those tired and aching muscles or get you fit and ready for your own wood chopping, jump online at to book a time.

90min appointments are no longer available to book online due to covid cleaning schedules. You can book them via PM or texting me and I’ll fit you in somewhere. *subject to available days and times

See you soon, I’ve gotta sharpen my axe!


What’s on your list?

Note to self:

• relax
• deserve
• relieve pain
• unwind
• pamper
• sleep better

Qualified and Registered Remedial massage therapist

By appointment only.

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