Chatahn Estate Equestrian Training and Agistment Centre

Horse Training Centre Breaking in, Basic Ridden Educating and Spelling/Retiree Agistment available. Boasting lush pastures and great equestian facilities covering 51 acres Chatahn Estate is a horse haven.

Having bred Arabians and Performance horses for over 25 years you can be sure that your pride and joy are in safe, experienced hands. Facilities Include:
-Lush yards and paddocks
-60 x 20 Dressage Arena
-Foaling down yards
-Trails just across the road, and others close by. For more information please contact me on:

EMAIL: [email protected]
PHONE: 9733 3442 / 0400 880 420 / 0432 129 378

Operating as usual

Photos from Chatahn Estate Equestrian Training and Agistment Centre's post 08/09/2021

Very proud this afternoon to see 4 yr old Rebel making a great start under saddle with Jorjah🤩

Rebel (CE Rebellion) is by CE Mistaah Midnite out of CE LadyHawk (dec.).

He is brother to rising 6 year old CE Nite Fury who is by CE Mistaah Midnite out of CE Femme Fatale (CE LadyHawk’s daughter by Bluefields Floreno.)

The Arabian Warmblood cross is my absolute all-time favourite cross 🤩😍 brains, beauty and power all in one super smart, trainable package.

Both Rebel and Fury are well over 16hh despite their sire being just 14.2hh - no shortage of that “look at me” presence here 👌🏼

Photos from Chatahn Estate Equestrian Training and Agistment Centre's post 30/08/2021

The highly decorated 🎶 Sanlirra Just Sing 🎶 will be coming into work and onto the market for sale shortly. Had my first ride on her today 💙 anyone looking for a lovely educated galloway RP mare? Born 2010.

Photos from Chatahn Estate Equestrian Training and Agistment Centre's post 28/08/2021

It can be easy to forget how far they have come. Ryzsard doing his first ever Showjumping rounds at 65cm 2 yrs ago today… to his second 1m+ round in June. 😍

Leah Reed Noeleen Kentish

The Shoulder-in: More Than Dressage Gymnastics | Horses and People 26/08/2021

The Shoulder-in: More Than Dressage Gymnastics | Horses and People

Love the benefits of shoulder in 🦄

The Shoulder-in: More Than Dressage Gymnastics | Horses and People Recent scientific findings support what many students of Classical dressage principles have known all along: The shoulder-in exercise is not only good for the horse’s physical development but it also influences their mental state – and the benefits of practicing it apply whether the rider is ver...

Photos from Chatahn Estate Equestrian Training and Agistment Centre's post 25/08/2021

Dom coming back into work well 💙

[08/25/21]   💔heartbreaking

Photos from Chatahn Estate Equestrian Training and Agistment Centre's post 24/08/2021

Rest In Peace ✨Mr Perfect✨ GORDON PARK STAGECRAFT.

I’m glad you waited for your girl to get home Mr Teddles. 💔

Photos: 1. 2016 Arabian Jackpot Show - PC Samantha Taylor
2. Jorjah’s first ride at 9/10yrs old in 2011 when Ted had just 8 weeks under saddle.
What a wonderful journey Jorjah and Ted had including training up to Medium level dressage, winning loads and travelling to Werribee prior to his career ending paddock accident a few years ago.
A superstar in every way.


Use of the cavalletti, with the late US master, Bertalan de Némethy: (From The de Némethy Method)
The benefits of this exercise are many:
“What is the benefit to the horse of trotting over cavalletti? Our primary goal is to capture the horse’s attention and focus its concentration on the ground. It is an old horse master’s axiom: ‘Show your horse the ground’. Trotting over the cavalletti encourages the horse to stretch its neck down from the shoulder and look where to put its feet. Because it must lift its feet higher over the poles that it would on flat ground, its tendons and muscles – especially those of the hindquarters – become stronger. Furthermore, in concentrating on the ground and stretching its neck, the horse raises its spine and surrounding muscles, thus loosening up its back. In short, the entire musculature of the horse becomes conditioned and relaxed.” Photo of another cavalletti fan, Ingrid Klimke.
Read more:

Photos from Chatahn Estate Equestrian Training and Agistment Centre's post 23/08/2021

Today was also Domino’s first day coming back into work after an 8 week break. This big hunka chunka Warmblood gelding by Don Dancier out of Danson Flair will be looking, on behalf of his owner, for his ideal lease/buy home in the coming weeks as he returns to work.
He will need an experienced and confident rider to show him the ropes as he has only just recently been started. 😍 he has all the makings of a top dressage horse.
Chris Panting

Photos from Chatahn Estate Equestrian Training and Agistment Centre's post 23/08/2021

Starting back doing a bit on the ground 11 days post surgery with my newly gelded pet poodle 🐩 Mikey. Ridden gelding classes here we come. 💪🏼🤞🏻
He is already so much more relaxed being 2 stone lighter. 🥜 ✂️

Leah Reed

Photos from Pimp my Pony - Tack and Horse Care's post 23/08/2021

Definitely recommend these helmets 👌🏼


Innovative Performance Riding Apparel! #BARElovers


UK friends please sign this petition

UK friends please sign this petition




Für mich gehören Vertrauen und Harmonie grundsätzlich zu jeder Art von Umgang mit dem Pferd.
Die Regularien des Modernen Fünfkampfs erwarten von Pferd und Reiter, sich in 20 Minuten so gut kennenzulernen, dass man gemeinsam einen Springparcours absolvieren kann. Das ist in meinen Augen nicht möglich, zumindest nicht in einer Wettkampfsituation wie bei Olympischen Spielen. Ich möchte nicht mit den Reitern tauschen! Pferde sind hochsensible Tiere, die jedes Gefühl des Reiters sofort spüren, in diesem Fall auch die hohe Anspannung und die ungewohnte Atmosphäre! Wenn man als Pferd-Reiter-Paar über Jahre zusammengewachsen ist, kennt man sich sehr gut und kann gemeinsam solche Situationen meistern.
Das Regelwerk des Modernen Fünfkampf sollte dringend überdacht werden!
#reitezuDeinerFreude #wirfürdenreitsport #strongertogether

For me, trust and harmony are basically part of any kind of horse handling.
The rules of modern pentathlon expect horse and rider to get to know each other so well in 20 minutes that you can take a jumping course together. In my opinion, this is not possible, at least not in a competition situation like at the Olympics. I don't want to trade with the riders! Horses are highly sensitive animals that immediately feel every feeling of the rider, in this case also the high tension and the unusual atmosphere! If you have grown together as a horse-rider couple over years, you know each other very well and can overcome such situations together.
The set of rules of modern pentathlon needs to be reconsidered urgently!


Ben Maher wins individual showjumping gold

Photos from Ben Maher's post 04/08/2021

This horse 🤩

Photos from The galloping housewife's post 04/08/2021

Photos from The galloping housewife's post

Photos from Chatahn Estate Equestrian Training and Agistment Centre's post 03/08/2021

Helen Newland can’t wait for this beautiful boy to come back into work 😍


Equestrian glow up ✨Just remember everything Is possible!!! It doesn’t matter who you are, where your from or what you have: you can make your dreams come true ❤️ from a little country kid rounding up the cows bare back in rural Australia on our family dairy farm (in that outfit 😂) to now being on the road to my first Olympic Games with 3 Aussie Grandprix records on beautiful Destano it’s just a fairy tale for me ✨
My biggest advice to anyone with a big dream is; be willing to serve your apprenticeship in what ever it is you want to do- it takes time, patience, discipline and passion. Don’t be afraid to start working towards your dreams even in the smallest way!! the road is long and every step counts along the way- so just take that first step- whether it’s baby steps or leaps and bounds towards your goals- challenge your self and never look back ❤️
#equestrianlife #glowup

Prestige X-Breath Jump Saddle, Australia | EquiDirectory 07/07/2021

Prestige X-Breath Jump Saddle, Australia | EquiDirectory

Prestige X-Breath Jump Saddle, Australia | EquiDirectory Prestige X-Breath Jump Saddle with Teal Blue Piping. 17 34 gullet

Arabian Stallion Frozen Semen Available, Australia | EquiDirectory 06/07/2021

Arabian Stallion Frozen Semen Available, Australia | EquiDirectory

Arabian Stallion Frozen Semen Available, Australia | EquiDirectory Chatahn Estate Mistaah Midnite - Mishaah (USA dec.) x WP Queen of Hearts

WELSH SEC A Stallion at STUD, Australia | EquiDirectory 06/07/2021

WELSH SEC A Stallion at STUD, Australia | EquiDirectory

WELSH SEC A Stallion at STUD, Australia | EquiDirectory 3+ crosses to Pendock Miracle - Bandeeka, Drumclyer and Weston Lines



I've received a lot of queries as why my photos take so long to go online so I thought a public message would probably be best. It is great to hear people are so keen to see the photos! Me too, I genuinely get excited to see and edit what photos I've taken!

My normal turnaround for photos is around two weeks. If I have no backlog I might be able to upload them in a matter of days or a week depending on the amount of photos.

Sometimes, especially during busy season like the last few months, the editing queue stretches to 4-6 weeks. I know you can't wait to see the photos asap but trust me they aren't going anywhere, they will be edited and uploaded online as soon as possible even if it means a bit of wait.

Thankfully most people have been super understanding.

Any prepaid shoots always take priority and will jump the queue as they've already been paid for.

Why can't I be as quick as other photographers?

I work full time night shift 8pm to 5am Monday to Friday and I'm left with max 2 hours a day to edit photos without sacrificing too much sleep, that is if there's no other errands to run.

The weekends are usually spent taking photos somewhere and I often face Friday to Saturday with 24hours without sleep and often repeat Monday to Tuesday without any sleep as I'm trying to edit as much as I can and adjusting back to night shift for the week. Then I'm usually so sleep deprived that it takes me a couple of days of sleeping around the clock to feel like a human again.

Last few months all I've done is work, take photos, edit and repeat. There's times when I eat take out food only for the entire week as I don't have time to cook or clean the house. My friends are asking if there's something wrong because I barely have enough time to message them back never mind seeing them or doing anything else therefore. I sacrifice a lot to be able to do what I love which is taking photos. Whilst photos take priority in my life sometimes I have a errands to run and a life to live too.

Sometimes you might see a few photos pop up from a more recent date. I promise there's always a reason why something jumps the queue but feel free to send me a message if you are wondering about anything and I can explain the reasons why.

Then there's the editing (developing) time. It's more than just uploading photos, it's waiting for them to transfer, culling through them, checking each photo to make sure the horse and rider look presentable, to make sure the horizon is straight, to make sure the crop is good, to make sure the colors are good, to adjust every setting so every single photo comes out in the quality known to me. On average it'll take me about 10 hours to complete around 2000 photos. Most times I come home with 2000-3000 photos per day. Plus uploading time.

Thank you for understanding. I post updates on my page as I progress through the photos from each event.

Kind regards

Photos from Riverwood Lodge's post 04/07/2021


Photos from Horseland Young Horse Championships's post 04/07/2021

Photos from Horseland Young Horse Championships's post


Who loves a classic white set?


The biggest mistake I see from good riders on green horses is that they expect the horse to know what they know. They ride each horse the same, irrespective of it's education and become frustrated when the green horse can't do things. Horsemanship is breaking down what you know for them to learn in simple, easy steps. You will never achieve your horses maximum confidence or softness by confusing them or forcing them into something, that is how stiffness and resistance starts.... #buildingconfidence #lightleadership


As some of you may know, after 10+ years of symptoms, I finally had a diagnostic surgery in late April this year and was diagnosed with severe Endometriosis on top of the PCOS diagnosis I received late last year. Next Thursday, 1/7/21, I will be going in for a second surgery- this time to treat and remove as much endometriosis at they can.
As such, the month of July will be quiet on this page as I am warned the recovery from this surgery will be more painful/longer than the last. Thank you for your understanding while I “attempt” to behave and take heed of the doctors orders this time 😂☺️
Below is a few clips of the boys- Ryzsard and Fury training yesterday, I am feeling like I’m now getting some strength back over a fence - just in time to have yet another set back 🙄
Onwards and upwards. 💛


Putting feelers out-
This beautiful boy and his older brother, Bellflair- who I will post a photo of in the comments, may be looking for experienced lease homes in the near future due to their owner’s circumstances.
Both will need very experienced riders as they are young green warmbloods.

Bellflair is by Bellario out of Danson Flair - 9 years old - training novice/ some elementary but has a few quirks. Needs a firm but fair rider. Would also make a fabulous show hunter.
Domino is freshly started - 4 yr old by Don Dancier out of Danson Flair. HUGE movement and huge potential. Would need a kind, quiet and assertive rider to show him the ropes.
Both would suit dressage focused lease homes.
Chris Panting


Domino, filmed today with the help of the Pivo which unfortunately loses us a bit when there is shadows over the arena.
This big lanky boy has such a kind temperament 🖤 love him.
Chris Panting


"Money's no object and men don't count when a woman has a horse" by Jeremy Clarkson

- - - - -
"Got a cold? You'll be told to go for a ride. Got a drink problem? There are places in Arizona that use horses to cure you. Are you a burglar? Well, statistics in Horse & Hound have shown that 107% of people who sit on a horse never reoffend, and never get cancer either.

A riding enthusiast will tell you that a horse invented the steam engine long before James Watt got involved and that it was simply unable to convey this important discovery to others.

And as a result she will treat horses with a respect that's borderline idiotic.

If, as a man, you decided in the night not to bother getting up to go to the loo and simply emptied your bowels into the sheets, you can be fairly sure that your wife would be extremely cross. This is because you're not a horse. A horse can do a big steaming turd in its bed and she will cheerfully put on a pair of rubber gloves and change its sheets with a big-hearted smile.

It's the same story at breakfast time. When the horse is led into its paddock, it will do a No 2 right in the middle of its breakfast, which will also need to be cleared up. You try doing that on the bacon and eggs she's made and see what happens.

Then there's the question of violence. If your dog were to attack a child you would be horrified, and would at least consider having it put down. It's the same story with your children. If they get into a fight, you put them in their room with no supper.

But when a horse kicks an eight-year-old with such force that its head comes off, you take the poor thing's weeping parents to one side and scold them for letting their child get within range. "Now look. You've upset the horse."

One day your horse will be spooked by a paper bag, or a van, or a puddle, or a bit of rain, or a gust of wind, or the scent of a fox, and it will throw you to the ground. You will sustain fractured ribs and a broken collarbone, and somehow this will be your fault.

Another interesting thing about horse ownership is that you must never have just one. You will need two or 11 or several hundred, some of which you will lend out to friends and family.
No one does this with cars or cooking appliances or children. No one says, "Here, have one of my dogs. I've got loads."

But horse people do because they are mad.

There's more.

When your children's shoes have seen better days, you tell them that money's tight and that they'll last another term. You may even tell them off for wearing them out so quickly. But your horse? Crikey, no. The damn thing gets a new set of shoes every six weeks. This is not cheap. Nothing's cheap with a horse. A saddle will be Pounds 1,500. It'll need blankets, and they're Pounds 150 a go. Then there's a bridle at Pounds 150, and that's before you start buying food. Hay costs more these days than rocket, and over a year it'd be cheaper to buy the damn thing a nicely togged eiderdown duvet than keep it in straw.

You may even need to buy it a paddock from the local farmer. And the going rate for an acre these days is whatever the farmer wants. And because the farmer knows the horse woman has lost all connection with reality, he'll want about 300,000 Pounds.

Then you'll need to build your horse a house, which will cost more than yours did.

Oh, I nearly forgot. The horse will then need its own enormous car, full of bedding and plumbing, which will be driven on bank holiday Mondays by a teenage girl at 4mph. These cost more than most Bentleys."

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