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Whatever seeds we plant in our subconscious mind ... whether they be beautiful flowers or noxious weeds ... are the ones that will be nourished & fertilised by repetitive thoughts, behaviours & emotions 💯

It's time to stop for a moment ... & notice ... what we are planting! 🌻



Which doors are you focusing on? 🤔


Just think about when you first started to walk, or speak, or swim, or ride a bike, or drive a car … did you succeed the first time? Of course not! And did anybody say you were a failure? Of course not! And if they did, they’re what’s technically referred to as an a#$hole & their opinion is irrelevant! 🤷🏼‍♀️

Did you feel like you were a failure? Did you give up? Hell no, you did not! Your mind & body were learning new things, acquiring new skills & figuring out all the intricate details to allow you to master them 🎯

And all the little basic failures just allowed you to learn, develop, refine & master those new skills. The inevitable & predictable failures allowed you to succeed & become more proficient at walking, speaking, swimming, riding a bike & driving a car. Just like every other little failure in life has allowed you to become more proficient at other things ✅

Failure is most definitely an attitude & not an outcome!! 💯



Once we experience & practise self-awareness & self-compassion ... we can move toward self-acceptance 🤍

Self-acceptance means being able to accept ourselves unconditionally ... being able to honestly recognise both our strengths & weaknesses ...

Self-acceptance means being able to fully embrace who we are ... & accepting every aspect of ourselves ...

Self-acceptance, though, is not a free-pass to behave badly toward others ... or to stop striving toward improving ourselves ... or to ignore the feelings of others ...

Self-acceptance needs to be accompanied by respect, awareness & compassion ... toward self & others 💟



Self-compassion means behaving in an understanding & compassionate manner toward ourselves ...

when we feel inadequate ...
when we feel that we're failing ...
when we are suffering in some way ...

instead of being negative, harsh & self-critical 😢

Self-compassion means expressing the same love, support, understanding & forgiveness toward ourselves that we would show toward a loved one 💜

So, how much self-compassion are you practising?



Without self-awareness we can't fully understand why we feel & behave in the ways that we do 😏

And gaining this awareness empowers us to change things about ourselves that will allow us to experience a more positive version of ourselves & our lives 💥

Without self-awareness we're simply trying to make decisions & changes based upon the wrong data 🤷🏼‍♀️

So, honestly ... how self-aware are you ... & how is this impacting the way you're experiencing life? 🤔




Hypnosis is completely natural & is merely a state of focused attention or absorption. We all go into natural trances, or hypnotic states, every day ...

When you drive somewhere & can't really remember the journey there, you've been in a hypnotic state ... 🚗
When you're reading a book & become completely absorbed in the story & characters, you're in a hypnotic state ... 📚️
When you watch a movie & laugh, cry, get scared or experience any automatic emotion or reaction, you've been in a hypnotic state ... 📺️

Hypnosis merely opens up your subconscious mind (which is the real boss of everything you do!) to enable the positive changes you desire ... without the interference of your critical, judgemental & limiting conscious mind 💥


The only way hypnosis could be referred to as mind control is if it's in regard to YOU taking back control of your life!

Your subconscious mind will automatically reject any suggestions that contradict your morals, values or ethics ... or that contradict something that you really do/don't want to do ... so you cannot be directed to do anything you do not wish to.

If you're a vegan & I tell you to eat a big juicy steak, you will not do it ... 🥩
If you're a pacifist & I tell you to go out & physically assault someone, you will not do it ... 👊🏼
If you're a smoker who truly wants to keep smoking, but you're trying to quit because other people are telling you to ... & I tell you to quit, you will not do it ... 🚬

The only mind control in hypnosis, is the control you are giving yourself to live a better life! 💯



It's my birthday this month & I'm including you in the celebrations by giving you a gift 🎁

All Mind Makeover recordings are 52% off until 31st August 2022 🥳

So if you've ever contemplated trying hypnosis or meditation, now is definitely the time to do it! 💯

Just go to the website ... mindmakeover.com.au ... & follow the links to purchase your hypnotic experience 💜

And all you need to do is use the discount code ... 52 ... at Checkout 🎯



I hear this type of thing so often from clients ...

I just have this cycle of addiction where I replace different foods that I can't get enough of for periods of time ...

I have certain foods on rotation for a while - finger buns, chocolate, chips, biscuits - & then swap & replace them with my next addiction ...

I tend to overeat something for a while, then just stop & move onto something else. And it's not like I even give it any thought ...

We can get ourselves caught in an addictive habit loop really easily 🤦🏼‍♀️ And because we need food to survive (unlike other things we may become addicted to) it can seem all-consuming 😏

But there is a way to break this cycle of addiction!

By releasing you from the control of your subconscious mind (which is the one creating this habit loop or cycle of addiction), generating more beneficial behaviours & empowering both your conscious & subconscious minds ... you can break any addictive behaviour ... easily & successfully! 🎯

Let me show you how ...

☎️ 0419 700 708
📧 [email protected]



🙏🏼 💜


Is there a food that just seems to have control over you?
A food that makes you feel bad - physically or emotionally - after eating it? 🍩

Is there a food that you no longer even enjoy eating, but you just continue to eat?
A food that's become a bad habit, rather than a source of pleasure? 🍫

Is there a food that you just don't want to eat uncontrollably or mindlessly anymore?
A food that you want to gain control over? 🍨

I can help you regain control over the food you put into your mouth ... & how you feel physically & emotionally afterwards!

It's easier than you think it's going to be! 💯

If you want to feel good physically & emotionally about food & what you consume ...
If you want to regain control over what you consume ...
If you want to eat like a grown-up & not your six-year-old self ...

It's easier than you think it's going to be! 💯

Let me show you how ...

☎️ 0419 700 708
📧 [email protected]



If you're having trouble sleeping, hypnosis can be a game changer! 🎯

Personalised sessions are available in-person or via Zoom 💻️

Hypnosis & Meditation recordings are also available to purchase online 😴




The solution is not found in the fridge, pantry or freezer ❌

Food is not the solution to those difficult emotions you're trying NOT to feel ❌

the solution to your stress won't be found in cake ...
the solution to your anxiety won't be found in ice-cream ...
the solution to your fear won't be found in brownies ...
the solution to your anger won't be found in chocolate ...
the solution to your procrastination won't be found in chips ...
the solution to your sadness won't be found in biscuits ...

You can search the fridge, pantry or freezer for a solution ... but you will never find one there! ❌

When we delve deeper within ourselves, our stories, our histories, our personalities & our life as a whole ... only then do we find the solutions ✅

Stop looking externally ... & start looking internally ... where all the solutions are waiting for you to find them ✅

if you're ready to eat for pleasure, instead of eating to temporarily numb your emotions ...
if you're ready to eat for nutrition, instead of eating to fill a whole inside you ...
if you're ready to eat & feel good about yourself, instead of eating & then berating yourself ...

if you're ready to find the solution to those difficult emotions & the techniques you can use each & every day ... let's talk ✅


☎️ 0419 700 708
📧 [email protected]





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