Second Hand School Specialists

Second Hand School Specialists


As we head into Term 4 you may be looking to update uniform items that have been grown out of, searching for uniform to get ready for 2022, or selling items no longer needed.

There are a few options available, you can use local services such as Second Hand School Specialists, Secondhand School Supplies, Sustainable School Shop or the facebook group St Joseph's College Geelong Second Hand Uniforms and Books (below). And of course, Bellarine Uniforms can assist with any new items of uniform.

The College also accepts any used uniform items in good repair, these items will be used to assist students and families who may not be in a position to purchase uniforms. These donations can be brought in to College Reception, we ask that they be clean and in good order before donating.
Hi, I just wondered if you had any St Mary's McKillop
uniforms - size 14-16
Much available for Matthew Flinders?

A store where you can buy & sell your second hand school uniforms and textbooks. We sell on consignment. Just drop it off to us and we'll sell it on your behalf!

At Second Hand School Specialists you can buy and sell your second hand school stuff through us. We stock school stuff for all schools in the Geelong area, especially secondary schools such as St Joseph's College, Kardinia International College, Sacred Heart College, Covenant College, Western Heights College, Matthew Flinders College, Geelong Christian College, Geelong Baptist College, Geelong Lut

Operating as usual

Second Hand School Specialists updated their business hours. 02/05/2022

Second Hand School Specialists updated their business hours.

Second Hand School Specialists updated their business hours.


Open tomorrow, Friday 29th April - from 10 am - 5 pm, for a major "tidy-up" and a re-organisation of stock in the shop. Obviously happy for anybody to come to the shop during that time.

Large drop-off of Fyans Park Primary School uniforms; and more Kardinia uniforms.

We still have a large stock of most sizes of grey trousers. As always bring length required as well as width, or just a pair of trousers (school or non-school) for comparison.


With best of luck to all the boys at St Joseph's College with their uniform inspection tomorrow !

We are open tomorrow (Tuesday) 10-5 pm; and then ...
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 3-5 pm; Saturday 10-12 noon; and back to normal hours. As always I can stay back on most occasions.

With a big thank you to all regular and new customers, including those who have never bought secondhand trousers before. And we still have every width of trousers left !


St Joseph's College uniforms
Some newish size 39 shirts. $20. More blazers.
We still have most sizes of long sleeve grey shirts.
We still have every size of trousers from size 6 to size 27.


Just trying to get in touch with the Joey's parent from herne hill who was in this morning and bought the size 95 blazer and a few other things. Please send a private message to me or text me on 0422 402 458.


Please forward to all St Joseph's College parents desperate for uniforms ahead of the inspection on Tuesday.

Open all weekend: Sunday 9 am - 1 pm. Anzac Monday 12-5pm and Tuesday 10-5 pm. I can stay back on any of these days - just phone or text.

Several hundred grey trousers ($15-$20) every size from 6 - 27.
Grey winter shirts ($15-$20), every size from 10 - 24.
Blazers, most sizes up to 105 ($70-$120). All blazers come with complete set of buttons, or if buttons are missing, spare buttons supplied by us.
Ties, Grey jumpers, Black jumpers. One black jumper size 22 brand new with original Noone tag.

Running very low on some sizes of shirts.
Trousers. Bring width and length measurements.

We also stock uniforms for other schools, including primary schools, and textbooks.

Changing rooms; payment by cash or card. Free parking right outside the shop.

Second Hand School Specialists
21 Fairlie Street, Hamlyn Heights (1 minute from Vines Road).
Text on 0422 402 458 (24/7)


Saturday 23 April - opening early at 8 am (closing 2 pm, or later if needed).

We still have large stocks of St Joseph's College uniforms. With some new stock arriving this morning, we still several hundred pairs of grey trousers covering every size from 6 through to 27.

Apart from price ($15-$25 for trousers), the main advantage in buying grey trousers from us is that we have a very large range of styles and lengths. We can usually get you the exact length you need saving money and time on having them hemmed up or down.

Sizes vary with manufacturers (size 12 with one manufacturer might be 14 with another) so if your child cannot try them on, bring their existing trousers (school or non-school) and we can try to match them, or get a longer or wider pair. If bringing measurements, please measure waist and length.

We also have large stocks of primary school uniforms. Feel free to text or phone on 0422 402 458 to check we have anything before you come in.

Free parking right outside the shop. Changing rooms. Payment in cash or card.

21 Fairlie Street, Hamlyn Heights (1 minute from Western Heights / 4 minutes from Kardinia).


The last few days have been very busy at times; but we have been able to provide most things for most people. For contacting the shop, the quickest way is always to text on 0422 402 458 (24/7). I check and reply to text messages as quickly as I can. There are delays in checking Facebook messages and it is very easy for me to miss notifications (comments on posts). Occasionally with accessing Facebook messages in the shop, I cannot see previous messages.

Lots of stuff has come in in the last few days; and I have not had time to tag it and put it out - so do ask if you are after anything. Things may not always be in the most obvious of places.

We are running very low on some popular items so if you have anything to sell, please bring them in as quickly as possible.

Please do tell everybody else about the shop. We do have thousands of items which we are keen for people to buy.

Open Saturday and Sunday 10-1 pm; Monday 12-5 pm; Tuesday 10-5 pm. I can easily stay back later on any of these days so you if running late, text or phone.


Uniforms coming and going all day today.
Still lots of St Joseph's College uniforms but selling out of some sizes of shirts and blazers. Still hundreds of pairs of grey trousers ($15-$25).
More for St Francis Xavier (Corio). St Catherine of Siena. Torquay College. St Therese (Torquay) and Newcomb Secondary College.


With winter uniforms needed at St Joseph's College from the start of term, we are opening longer hours including Saturday and Sunday morning.

I know Anzac Day is special - my grandfather was an Anzac - so we are closed on Monday morning. With school starting the following day, we will be open on Monday afternoon.

As always, I can easily stay back if needed on most days. So if you are heading to the shop and running late, just phone to say you are on your way.

Please do tell others about our shop. Changing rooms. Payment in cash or card. Free parking right outside the shop.


Winter School Uniforms
Longer opening hours for the start of Term 2.
Thursday (21 April) and Friday: 10 am – 5 pm
Saturday and Sunday: 10 am – 1 pm
Monday (Anzac Day): 12 noon – 5 pm
Tuesday: 10 – 5 pm

Several hundred grey trousers ($15-$25) and, currently, lots of long-sleeve grey shirts, jumpers and blazers for St Joseph’s College.

Thousands of uniforms and textbooks for many primary and secondary schools in the Geelong area / Bellarine / Surf Coast and Bannockburn: Kardinia, Covenant, North Geelong, Belmont etc. Also some from Bacchus Marsh and Werribee.

Second Hand School Specialists
21a Fairlie Street, Hamlyn Heights (1 minute from Western Heights; 3 minutes by car from Kardinia)

To check what we have, text us on 0422 402 458 (24/7). We will reply as soon as we can.

If buying trousers and you cannot bring your child, do bring a pair of current trousers or the width and LENGTH required. We can usually supply the right width and length.

Timeline photos 09/04/2022

Primary school uniforms. As well as our secondary uniforms, we now have very large quantities of primary school uniforms and about 50 backpacks! However the amount of uniforms is not the issue ... it is whether we have what you want. Do text on 0422 402 458 any time with what you are after. We have heaps of generic primary dresses for sale at a fraction of new prices. And if you have any school uniforms (primary or secondary), we are happy to sell them for you.

Timeline photos 05/04/2022

For anybody studying Shakespeare and not getting as many marks as you had hoped ... quite possibly everybody in you school (and for VCE students, possibly half the state) is using the same edition of the play ... with the same footnotes, and the same ideas. Try using a different edition as well ... new (or old) ideas which will make your essay stand out from the rest. The photo shows a selection of the different editions of Romeo & Juliet. We have the same range for other plays. One extra idea might get you an extra mark in the VCE exam.

We do have a French-language edition of Romeo & Juliet, so if you read French more easily than English we can help you. And if you just don't like reading, we have some plays on DVD, as well as simplified editions and pictorial editions.

Timeline photos 01/04/2022

St Joseph's College black jumper with original noone tag. Size 22 or 110. $65 ($104 new). Will suit somebody who likes brand new uniforms at secondhand prices.
Other black and grey jumpers in stock. Heaps of shirts, trousers and shorts, sports uniforms and textbooks.
If you are after anything, text us on 0422 402 458.

Timeline photos 31/03/2022

For winter uniforms. St Joseph's College long sleeve shirts. All sorted by size. $15-$20 for a good one.
Lots of blazers $100-$120 for a vg one. All supplied with a complete set of buttons.
Trousers $15-$25. Hundreds in stock. If you child cannot try them on, bring a pair of existing trousers (school or non-school) or bring the length. We can generally supply the right length and width.


More Geelong Lutheran College uniforms. All new style including many sports polos - red and yellow. $20 each.

More Holy Spirit, St Francis Xavier, Leopold, and many other primary schools. We now have hundreds and hundreds of primary school uniforms - not every size, and not every school ... but all that matters is that we may have what you want in stock. Most 1/3 to 1/2 new price. Text us 24/7 on 0422 402 458 and we will tell you availability, condition and price as soon as we can.

Textbooks. Thousands in stock. Again text with what you want.

Trousers. Hundreds and hundreds of pairs of grey trousers in stock. Vast majority $15-$25. The only ones priced more than $25 are ones which are brand new. If you cannot bring your child to try them on, bring length as well as width. We can usually get a pair the right length (saves money and time in having to get them hemmed up or down).


Just to confirm we are open tomorrow, Saturday 12 March (10 am to 1 pm) and Monday 14 March (10 am to 1 pm). Slightly longer hours. More uniform in stock from Bannockburn P12, Hamlyn Banks primary, Leopold Primary and many more books. If you are after anything, do text us on 0422 402 458 (24/7) and we will reply as soon as we can.


Friday 4 March. Today ! Open now (1 pm). Closing at 5 pm. As always, if running late, just phone or text on 0422 402 458 and I can easily stay back a bit if needed.


Closed Saturday morning (26th February) for Pakofesta.
Open Saturday afternoon 12.30-2.30 pm.


Some more Bannockburn P-12 uniforms (XS-Medium sizes); and more St Joseph's College black jumpers.


Lots more uniform for Bell Park North Primary School. All size 12 up to adult extra large.
Lots more for St Francis Xavier Corio. All sizes.
Some more Kardinia including some of the new style white shirts.

Second Hand School Specialists updated their business hours. 09/02/2022

Second Hand School Specialists updated their business hours.

Second Hand School Specialists updated their business hours.


Open today (wednesday) and tomorrow, Thursday 3-5 pm. We will also be opening on Thursdays 3-5 each week for the rest of term 1.

Timeline photos 06/02/2022

Maths textbooks.
Essential Maths. Year 7. $20 (need to buy code)
Essential Maths. Year 10. $35 (code unused)
General Maths. Units 1-2. $34 (code unused)


New stock of (second hand) Lara kilts, sizes 10, 12. $40 each vg condition.
Always lots of Lara polos. Most sizes. Around $15 with new/current logo.
Some more St Thomas Aquinas, Norlane; lots more St Francis Xavier Corio. Lots of St Patrick's Primary, Holy Spirit Primary, St Mary's Primary, St Therese Torquay.


Back to normal hours: Monday and Saturday 10-12 noon; and Tuesday and Friday 3-5 pm.
However ... will be at the shop 10-11 am and 3-5 pm today (Wednesday).


More north geelong sports uniform, backpack.
More St Ignatius and St Joseph's. Always more Kardinia.
More English texts.
Closed tomorrow (Wednesday) and Thursday.
Then back to normal hours. Monday and Saturday 10-12 noon. Tuesday and Friday 3-5 pm.


Grey shorts. Hundreds in stock. Secondary sizes, vast majority $15-$20 if in vg condition.
Last minute textbook purchases, call or text 0422 402 458. Phone during business hours. Text 24/7.

Timeline photos 29/01/2022

English texts. For any last-minute shopping.
Runner @$8. Ransom @ $10. Crow country @ $8. Kennedy / House @ $12. Prices are for vg - mint copies with no highlighting. Heaps of similar books at similar prices.


Open this weekend, Saturday and Sunday morning 10-12 noon. Monday 31st and Tuesday 1st, 10-5 pm. Then back to our normal (shorter) hours.
With a big thank you to all our vendors and customers.
And a big thanks for all your support in our first year with books.


Some more Iona College uniform. Size 12. Text 0422 402 458. Or phone during business hours.

Timeline photos 28/01/2022

For St Joseph's College - or indeed any other.
Black cockatoo. Vg condition $8 (for year 7s)
Road to winter. Vg and mint copies $10
Maus. Vg and mint copies $15
About 2,000 English texts in stock. All at similar prices.
Text 0422 402 458 with titles.
Open until school starts, Friday, Monday and Tuesday 10-5 PM
Saturday and Sunday 10-12 noon

Timeline photos 27/01/2022

Amongst the last minute arrivals .... General Maths with valid code (ie you do not need to buy a code). $35.

Heaps of novels, study guides etc. Many in mint condition. Most $8-$12 depending on title.

Photos from Second Hand School Specialists's post 27/01/2022

Textbooks. ... any last minute purchases ?

Essential maths $20.
Novels: Dressmaker, Giver, Runners. $8 each for a mint copy

Hundreds of other books at similar prices.
Text 0422 402 458 with any requests.


Open as normal on Wednesday / Australia Day, 10 am to 5 pm.

If you are after any uniforms or textbooks, text us 0422 402 458 (24/7). Will reply as soon as we can.

Our Story

At Second Hand School Specialists you can buy and sell your second hand school stuff through us.

We specialise in stocking school stuff for Geelong Secondary Colleges and High Schools especially Kardinia International College and St Joseph's College, but also Sacred Heart College, Bellarine Secondary College, Clonard, Covenant College, Geelong Christian College, Geelong Baptist College, The Geelong College, Geelong Lutheran College, Lara Secondary College, Matthew Flinders, North Geelong Secondary College and Western Heights College.

You can find everything from art smocks, ties, kilts, pinafores and sportswear to hats, backpacks, blazers, shirts, sweaters, pants & shorts, even study books.

Recycle and save our environment at a fraction of what you would pay for new school stuff!

We sell on consignment which is a safe and secure way to sell your unwanted or outgrown school stuff. Just drop it off to us and we'll sell it on your behalf.

Please check out our consignment terms and conditions below or on our website


February onwards
• Monday 10 am - 11 am
• Tuesday 3 pm - 5.00pm
• Friday 3 pm - 5.00pm
• Saturday 10 am – 12 noon

[Open longer hours for the return to school in May 2020 - check Facebook posts.]

If you would like to sell some school stuff through our shop please read the terms and conditions below;

• All school stuff must be laundered, ironed or clean and in a suitable condition for re-sale.
• Your school stuff is sold on consignment and you will receive 55% of the sale price by cheque in the mail with a description of what we have sold for you and how many items you have left for sale.
• Sales are collated at the end of each month and cheques are sent out monthly. Cheques will be made out for school stuff sold once combined commission sales of your items reach $20 or more. For any combined commission sales of under $20 can be taken in cash from our store or you can use your consignment payment as store credit (please contact us first so we can organise any cash for you). If you misplace your cheque and need a new one issued there is a bank charge of $15 to have your cheque cancelled and reissued which will be deducted from your commission total. If you have not received a cheque from us for more than 3 months please contact us so we can check your account.
• We reserve the right to price your school stuff as we consider appropriate.
• Items will remain for sale until sold and the stock remains yours until sold. You can remove your school stuff for sale at any time providing it has not sold. Please let us know in advance if you would like to remove your school stuff from sale so we have time to locate items on the racks for you.
• Please notify us of any changes to your contact details.
• School stuff that becomes discontinued will not be able to be sold and you will be contacted to pick up your school stuff or we can donate to charity on your behalf.
• We will care for your school stuff as if it is our own but no responsibility is taken for goods being stolen as insurance does not cover this cost.
• Any changes to our terms and conditions will be made on our website


School uniforms



21b Fairlie Street, Hamlyn Heights
Geelong, VIC

Opening Hours

Monday 10am - 12pm
Tuesday 3pm - 5pm
Thursday 3pm - 5pm
Friday 3pm - 5pm
Saturday 10am - 12pm

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