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Do you know what a shag pixie is?


At what age did you have an asymmetrical haircut?


Great short haircut that fits everyone

Photos from Liza's Mobile Hair's post 23/12/2021

Boys cut

Photos from Liza's Mobile Hair's post 23/12/2021

Summer blonde waves

Photos from Liza's Mobile Hair's post 23/12/2021

Aren't I lucky😉 to be this gorgeous young man's hairdresser ... and he even sings for me 🤣

Photos from Liza's Mobile Hair's post 23/12/2021

Straight dark hair, now shaped into a stylish bob and lightened to add some new life into her hair.

Photos from Liza's Mobile Hair's post 22/12/2021

Beautiful blow wave, soft and smooth.

Photos from Liza's Mobile Hair's post 22/12/2021

Beautiful red tones

Photos from Liza's Mobile Hair's post 22/12/2021

Beautiful mother and daughter morning. Long hair foils. Loving those colours.💗

Photos from Liza's Mobile Hair's post 22/12/2021

Looking fresh for Christmas. Nice new shape and thin out and straightener put through . Covered all those greys with a rich chocolate and caramel foils.


Trendy Short Haircut


Textured Bob Haircut Tutorial

I'm A Hair Care Expert & Here's My Routine For Healthy Hair Growth 05/10/2021

I'm A Hair Care Expert & Here's My Routine For Healthy Hair Growth

I'm A Hair Care Expert & Here's My Routine For Healthy Hair Growth Healthy hair growth should always be the top priority.

Mobile Uploads 22/06/2021

Contact me for your Davroe needs, pick up Highton.


Your Ultimate Guide to DAVROE Refined Styling


Davroe Haircare


When our Davroe Chroma Treatments meet the fashion runway the results are absolutley stunning, meet our fashion muses:⁠

Cool Graphite ✖️ Hermes⁠
Perfectly Nude ✖️ Max Mara⁠
Violet Haze ✖️ Fendi⁠
Blushing Gold ✖️ Isabel Marant⁠
Rose Quartz ✖️ Valentino⁠
Sunset Copper ✖️ Versace⁠

⁠Davroe Chromas are moisture rich colour treatments, formulated to gently deposit pigment on to the hair, whilst leaving it in optimum condition. Chroma's hue will fade gracefully after 3-5 washes and can be used as a wash out colour, or applied weekly to maintain saturation. ⁠

Illustrations by the talented Aishika Xaviera ❤️⁠
Chroma by Davroe

Davroe Haircare - Trusted and loved Natural, Vegan Certified and Cruelty-Free products - 100% Australian made and owned for over 30 years.


DAVROE - Natural/ Vegan/ Australian


Shine On. The definition of natural elegance, this is DAVROE SS 2020 - 21. ⁠

Davroe Haircare - Trusted and loved Natural, Vegan Certified and Cruelty-Free products - 100% Australian made and owned for over 30 years.



Bob with side cut


Creative Ideas

Beautiful art with plants 🌱


Sharpline Scissors

About right



From long demaged hair to short chic haircut.


😘 repost @alicia.the.alchemist ...

Today, I did the most sentimental blowdry yet of my career. I have been blessed to have this client for several years. When she first started coming to me, we would chat a little bit during our time together. Nothing too heavy, just about the weather and how our days were going. Fairly quickly though the verbal communication became less and less and we both enjoyed quiet relaxation time when we were together. I soon learned from her daughter that she was progressing in dementia, which made sense as to why we didn’t chat during our appointments anymore. I really look forward to our time together though. Cut and color every 4 weeks and weekly shampoo and blowouts in between. My most frequent guest. We haven’t made small talk in a few years. Eventually a caregiver started accompanying her to her appointments. My client would sit in the chair and just trust me to take care of her. No consultation needed. She just depended on me to do whatever she needed. Today, as my assistant was shampooing her hair, I was told by her caregiver that my most wonderful client wouldn’t be coming back next week. Her and her husband need more full time assistance and will be moving a few hours away to be closer to their kids. It hit me hard. It hit me even harder when I heard that my client didn’t know that this would be her last appointment with me and that we weren’t going to tell her so that she wouldn’t get sad. I understood. Dementia is complicated and upsetting. But let me tell you, I couldn’t help but cry as I blowdried her hair for the last time. My client keeps her eyes closed during the blowdry as she relaxes so I knew she wouldn’t see my tears, and I turned my chair so no one else in the busy salon would see either. But I privately cried as I gave her the best blowdry I could provide for the last time. I made sure to pull myself together before I turned the blowdryer off which would signal her to open her eyes. I had to blowdry my last section for a while because of that. When I glanced at her in the mirror as I blowdried she sat there peacefully, eyes closed, with a soft smile on her face. I wanted to tell her how much I appreciated her and that I would miss our peaceful visits together. I wanted to wish her the best, but instead I just said “I’ll see you soon!” And I went to the break room and let it all out. I cried so much. And as I told my salon team why I was crying I could see the understanding in their eyes because they have felt the same way about their clients. One of the stylists expressed it perfectly when she said, “And people think we JUST do hair.” ⁣⁣
If you are a client of mine currently or have been in the past, please know that the connections I have made with you mean more to me than I can say. It’s not about hair. I appreciate you and love you all, thank you for letting me be a part of your lives.⁣⁣
•I originally posted this one year ago today. I still think about this guest often and am so so grateful for the impact that she and this experience had on me.


Power of Positivity


So proud of my boy , in fact beyond proud. Our lives were severely rocked and turned around when our son suffered his first seizures on flight last August. It's been an unimaginable journey that we never saw coming. But what this young warrior has portrayed has been truly amazing, his strength, his attitude , positivity , spirituality and balance with mind and body has truly blown me away. He has taught me much which I am honored to be his parent. After one year where his licence and independence was ripped away from him, never once did he complain. I'm so proud of you my boy and all the lifts we had to give you only created a bond which we would never have developed otherwise. All that time in the car together, who would have thought. Drive safely now my darling.


RIP my beautiful Doreen, I am honored to have known you and to do your hair. A beautiful soul inside and out, 97 years! Somehow we both knew that it would be the last time. Much respect to an incredible Lady. Old fashioned values and morals yet modern style and attitude. You will be sorely missed. I know you were ready to leave, fly high until we meet again.


Power of Positivity


Grow My Salon Business from Antony Whitaker

"What's the fastest way to build my column?" That's often the question, the end game, the purpose, the reason or result of why we do what we do. Here are my top 5 tips...

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Grow My Salon Business from Antony Whitaker

Good managers don’t just happen, [well maybe some of them do]. But for most people becoming an effective manager is about learning the skills to help you get the best out of a team of people.

Often I see managers who were made managers for all the wrong reasons, for example, they are made ‘the manager’ because ‘they had been there the longest’, or ‘were the oldest’ or ‘the busiest stylist’…

But none of those things are reason to assume that they will be good at managing other people and a business. If you want to succeed and build a business it starts with good ‘management’ and good management means you have to have good ‘managers’ and they don't just happen!

So what are the skills of an effective manager, what does good management look like, and what are the character traits of a good manager?

Watch the video for 6 traits of a good manager that will make my list of must have’s…


Grow My Salon Business from Antony Whitaker

If you're a salon owner or manager, I know what your top 3 challenges are!

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Grow My Salon Business from Antony Whitaker

Almost everyone at some point in their career is an assistant to someone else. It's an incredibly important job, so what does it take to be the best assistant? Here's my top 10 list!

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The Cock 'n Bull

Happy Friday! ☺️🔆😄


Hairdressers of Australia

I'm channelling my inner Dr Seuss with this little ditty.
It's based on experiences this week in our salon.
Tell me.... can you relate?

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Meagan's new look.  Looking sensational.Good luck with your recovery and back to work.
Mobile hairdressing, Sunday styling for a special Day
Some of my work for a wedding , South Africa
Mens faded haircut done by me
It's nearly Friday!!! Get styled from only $20
It nearly Friday again!!!  Get styled for only $20 .



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