Thrive Lactation and Parenting Support - Lactation Consultant Geelong

Thrive Lactation and Parenting Support - Lactation Consultant Geelong


Great advice from Tanya Thrive Lactation and Parenting Support - Lactation Consultant Geelong
Hi Tanya. I sent you a story about our new giraffe born in in Perth. The mother won't let it suckle & they have to hand/bottle feed the poor little thing. Do humans ever do that?
Breastfeeding difficulties that cause excessive
crying in infants may contribute to predisposition
for reflux either by stomach acid from returning to the food pipe or indirectly by the physiological impact of repeated bouts of prolonged crying.

Therefore an infant who cries excessively requires prompt assessment by an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)

Thrive Lactation and Parenting Support - Lactation Consultant Geelong is just the place to go!
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So proud of myself and darling boy Ziggy! We’ve come so far and he is finally feeding from the breast. Decided to try this haakaa ni**le shield in one last attempt to feed him from the breast and it is working so well for us 👏🏼💙 Looking forward to dropping some pumping sessions soon
Ummm I’m sure this post will jinx it BUT.... I’ve just done two overnight feeds and this mornings feed with no tears (from me) and a new found confidence!
Plus my partner isn’t even home this morning either (also my biggest fear)!
TANYA - I love you 💕😂
Hi Mumma’s, my baby is almost 6 months old and will not sleep anywhere but on me 😳 my GP has referred me to Masada Sleep School in Melbourne and we are going on Thursday for 5 nights. I’m just wondering if anyone has been before and what their experience was like as I’m feeling a bit nervous about it all. ❤️ Cute pic just for fun x
I would highly recommend Tanya’s services. I asked Tanya to help with some attachment issues and basically to get some reassurance that I was doing the right thing. Tanya’s support, encouragement and knowledge was amazing, She wasn’t hands on or pushy but explained good techniques and the correct attachment way. Just the reassurance I needed and she gave me the confidence that I was doing the right thing. She even followed up days later with a text of support. Thanks Tanya. 🙏

midwife/ maternal child health nurse and certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) Over 25 years of experience caring for and supporting families

Operating as usual

Timeline photos 07/03/2022

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Breastfeeding…or maybe not?
What I hear, is that it doesn’t matter if it was only a thought, hours, days, weeks, months or years…we can’t help feel that sadness or perhaps regret of what is no longer
Be proud, however long it was you gave it your all ❤️

Share below how you felt or feel im sure many will relate


Not sure how to position yourself for breastfeeding?
I always say…sit, lay, stand-even stand on your head if you wish
BUT…get into that position first
THEN…look where your breasts fall
AND…where do your nipples point?

From here, you can than forward your baby nicely in towards the breast supporting between their shoulder blades and NEVER pushing their head into the breast

Changing positions can take confidence and practice but it’s actually a great strategy allowing different muscle groups the chance to also recover from pregnancy and birth and static feeding positions that cause sore shoulders and backs!

Not feeling confident to mix it up? Reach out to your local Lactation Consultant for some tips on comfortable positioning


Do I need to remind you to go easy on yourself?
Breastfeeding is a new skill, something you may not have ever done before or maybe you have, but it’s a new baby.

It takes time to learn a new skill, so be patient and give it time.

There really are so many similarities to riding a bike so take yourself back to those days. Remember those words of encouragement?

Let’s share some encouraging words below for those learning now


Have you heard of
“The Memos 2022”

These are the awards that recognise the absolute in parenting essentials, the best baby brands in the biz, the products worthy of your time, adoration and money.

For those that know me I like to Keep it simple, and Encourage families to stick to the essentials.

Coming together with other like minded professionals,
We have created a nominees list for you now to cast YOUR vote!

Vote on the items YOU recommend to every new parent. The sleep saviours that have changed your life and your baby’s snooze cycle for the better. The don’t-leave-home-withouters that you rely on daily. And the caring classics that help make parenthood that little bit easier.

I encourage you too, to help simplify what can be an overwhelming task shopping for a pregnancy and a newborn.

Cast your vote by 11.59pm AEST Tuesday Feb 22nd.
The winning products will be announced on
March 9th.

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Are you breastfeeding an older baby?
I also visit many older babies for breastfeeding guidance. What’s mostly needed is reassurance that they are no longer newborns and now feed differently.
Quicker, easily distracted amd often actually tired not hungry- that’s when it becomes a sleep consult!

The main thing is to pay attention to your baby, count the good feeds and find the reassuring parts to the story

If you need help to find the reassuring parts, that’s when you seek guidance 🤱
How old is your baby?
What are you finding most tricky with breastfeeding?


Geelong Peeps🤗
Would you like to help me support our new mums?

Do you have a little spare time, maybe your family lives far away too and you have room in your heart to offer support to a new mum?

My dream (well one of them)is to get a group of “Thrive Nannas” who on a needs basis I can introduce to new mums who are looking for extra support. And by Nanna I do NOT mean the “elderly”. I mean nurturing, any age. Maybe even a midwifery student would be perfect!

Not everyone has a large friends and family network, and so many mums I visit could really benefit from a friendly face popping in, having a chat and maybe holding their baby while they just even have a relaxing shower without worrying the baby may wake up!

Thrive Community catch-ups will hopeful also become a regular thing, and my Thrive Nannas can help out here too! Hold a baby while mum has a coffee and a snack!

So if you (or someone you know) are well, mobile, social, chatty, patient, kind, empathetic… and think you could offer your friendship as a volunteer then message me for more info

Current Volunteer Working with Children’s Check and also must be Fully Vaccinated

Let’s we if we can help our community Thrive with a little extra support


What do you see in this photo?
What I know, is this is one very committed mum, giving herself and her baby every chance at succeeding with their breastfeeding journey 💙

Take a closer look…you will see a supply line, a breastpump, and a nippleshield. This mums goal to eliminate the shield, increase supply and eliminate the topups

I always discuss firstly optimal positioning of both mum and baby, and “protecting”your supply whilst using a shield, which usually involves extra stimulation with a breastpump.

Once we have that sorted, with a confident mum and well latched baby I often hook up a supply line. This enables the demonstration of the suck- swallow pattern, with a nice flow of milk whilst sucking and stimulating the breast.

Today we discussed removing the shield once we have a flow during the feed.

The mum was able to see her baby demonstrate a deep latch, ability to pace the feed and manage the flow calmly at the breast…And today feed without the shield for periods throughout the feed!

And, the “topup” can be received whilst sucking at the breast! Win win!

With patience, persistence and commitment goals can be achieved

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Did someone say the D word? Were you scared to have it out when your midwife or lactation consultant visited?
Hey, im scared to do this post!
But the reality is, babies are often offered a dummy when parents are at a loose end, and tried everything to settle their baby.

And actually, I’m fine with that! As long as it’s not replacing a cuddle or a feed, and not being introduced in those early days

But swipe across ➡️ as there is 1 dummy shape I definitely prefer for a breastfed baby.

And, I know in other countries they are called “Pacifiers” which is a much nicer term!
What do you call it?


(Part 2) Have you watched Part 1? A few extra points following on about the YouHa The One breastpump


Would you like to see the new Youha The One Breastpump? Join me as I unpack the contents box!
(Part 1)
Let me know if you are in Geelong and would like to take a closer look or make a purchase!

Geelong – Beer and Bubs 13/02/2022

Geelong – Beer and Bubs

One for the boys!

Geelong – Beer and Bubs Geelong Venue Bells Beach Brewing: Shed 2/22 Baines CresTorquay VIC 3228 The Brewery: Unit 2/73b Little Malop StGeelong VIC 3220 Andrew & Lyndelle Andrew and Lyndelle bring more than 20 years of collective experience in supporting Dads to Beer and Bubs in the Geelong region. Lyndelle is a mother of....


Are you a new follower?

Let me introduce myself, or for those who have followed a while, or met me face to face…reintroduce myself!

So, you may have found me on Instagram which I find ridiculous to be honest! Instagram is not really my thing. My expertise are NOT inclusive of media, sales or marketing.

I’m here, so I can offer new parents, caregivers , health professionals (anyone tbh) support, guidance, reassurance and perhaps even an informative post!

I have lots on my to-do-list and am excited to offer more and more and watch our community Thrive

So stick around, and hey let me know who you are in the comments below ❣️

Photos from Thrive Lactation and Parenting Support - Lactation Consultant Geelong's post 08/02/2022

Have you been told your baby has a tongue tie? What we need to work out is if it is a problem or not 🤷‍♀️

Not all tongue ties are as obvious as this little ones, and not all cause any problem!
So, swipe across ➡️ and let’s see if you need to, or have followed this review pathway


Are you being consumed by self doubt?
I see it and I hear it when I visit my Thriving Mums. But what I also see is committed, determined, devoted, loving mums just trying to do their best❣️

You don’t need to “get it right” there is no “perfect” when it comes to breastfeeding or babies!

There’s always something new to learn, and confidence comes with each small goal achieved.

Are you being too hard on yourself?

Photos from Thrive Lactation and Parenting Support - Lactation Consultant Geelong's post 30/01/2022

Are you becoming consumed with numbers? A daily maths lesson for many parents, as unfortunately as we become very number focused the moment the baby is born
How long skin to skin?
Checking baby weights?
Feed volumes?
Pumping volumes?
Time on the pump?
Time a feed started?
Time the feed stopped?
How long each side?
How many wet nappies?
Oh gosh the list is really never ending!
And then often we are also keeping a log book of entries or popping info into an app!

My advice, forget the maths and trust the process. The process being your baby, and your body 🤱👨‍🍼👶

What did I leave off the numbers list? What else are you counting? Share below i’m sure you’re not alone


Wondering what age for a visit? Any age!
The breastfeeding scenario is forever changing. Breastfeeding on day 1 of birth, is different to day 3 when your milk may have come in. Which is going to be very different again when your baby is 6 months old

So my advice is to find someone early (antenatally is ideal!) that you trust, value their expertise and connect well with. Whenever you feel you are losing your way a little, check back in with them. It’s usually easy get back on track with a little guidance and support.

If you’ve never had previous breastfeeding support, it’s never too late!
At what point did you reach out for guidance? Or maybe you haven’t needed to?

Lactation and more...

I offer support in your home. Breastfeeding may be the focus, or the reason you’ve called me but I can offer so much more! I’m a Lactation Consultant, Maternal and Child Health Nurse and Midwife. If you are breastfeeding and having difficulties don’t wait, book an appointment! The sooner you are happy with your breastfeeding the better! I have an interest in sleep and settling, and maybe its a little guidance you need to help you implement strategies. If you are formula feeding your baby that doesn’t mean I can’t come and visit, maybe you need extra support too? Call me, I’m happy to have a chat and work out a suitable time to visit. Phone: 0407304318

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