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Unicorn love ... thank you Jessie Indigo🦄🦄🦄

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You do not need to be perfect, finished or flawless. You are enough just as you are.

A message to those who desire to be a spiritual teacher, healer or mentor:

Somehow there is a universal belief that to be a spiritual teacher, you need to train for a long time (and even be certified) in some kind of modality. . . you do not. (Of course, there is value in training, but it is not a necessary requirement.)

There is also the belief that you need to be clear of blockages and limitations . . . you do not. (Of course, it’s valuable to bring them to the light of day for healing. But don’t let them stop you. We are all works in progress.)

There is the belief that you must always - under all circumstances - be congruent with what you teach . . . you do not. (Do the best you can, and be gentle with yourself when you’re not.)

There is the belief that you must always be a perfect example of what you teach. . . you do not. (Your example of falling down, dusting yourself off and continuing to go forward can be empowering for others.)

From my perspective, the most powerful thing you can do to step into being a true spiritual teacher is to be authentic and real. Own all your emotions, feelings and experiences… don’t shove some down because of shame or fear. Share your journey with all its bumps and wobbles . . . with insight and with love. (This doesn’t mean you need to share everything with everyone – you do not.)

We teach what we need to learn, so listen carefully to what you share with others…chances are it is your message to yourself as well.

Don’t teach what you think others need, teach what you need. When you teach what you think people need, it’s interesting. When you teach what YOU need it can be powerful beyond measure.

In the deepest sense, we are all spiritual teachers. Our cosmic shoelaces are attached and I take one step ahead and I teach you … and in the next moment, you take a step forward and you teach me. We learn from each other. We grow through each other.

I’m back in my tent on this early chilly dark morning, musing about life and these are the thoughts that emerged. I wish you a lovely day.


Yes! Be you! Anything else is just an act. (You are enough, whether you do any, all or none of these things.)

‎Spirit Guide 03/08/2021

‎Spirit Guide

Hi there everyone! It's been a long time, hasn't it? My toddler mini boss is keeping me very busy these days, but I'll get back to the page and business soon. In the meantime, I invite you to read the first book by the founder of Crystal Dreaming®, Raym Richards. It is now available for $1/free! (depending on your devices operating system.) It's a great read and you just might learn something new!

‎Spirit Guide ‎Health, Mind & Body · 1998

Photos from Soul Star Awakening - Crystal Dreaming & Creative Metaphysics's post 08/08/2020

Hi everyone! While I am still on maternity leave, I couldn't not share the discovery I just made. The first photo is of a crop circle that formed in Wiltshire on the 8th of the 8th - a significant astrological date known as the Lion's Gate. I thought that it looked familiar and so I did a little searching and I found it. The dodecahedron from Metatron's Cube! If you don't know much about it, Metatron's Cube is formation of sacred geometry, the basis of which is the Flower of Life. If you know which lines to focus on, you can find all 5 of the Platonic Solids in it. The dodecahedron is the hardest of these shapes to find - and I bet it isn't easy to recreate with stalks of wheat! Hoping this post finds you all well and happy in these strange times.

A LEGACY FOR JACKSON organized by Vito De Fran 02/02/2020

A LEGACY FOR JACKSON organized by Vito De Fran

Please help my friends family, if you're able to.

A LEGACY FOR JACKSON organized by Vito De Fran Vito De Fran A LEGACY FOR JACKSON Let me tell you about Jackson...... a loved husband of Anita and father of two gorgeous girls Lilly (6) and Maddie (3). On


Here he is, the newest member of the Soul Star Awakening family. My little Zephyr is finally earthside.


To Jess my wonderful partner in life who is director of soul star awakening,
We are expecting a baby this week which is why Jessie Indigo has been quite.

I will be there with you my love, living my path with you is an honour. And together we will bring another soul and being create there path. Love creates miracles upon our journey.

Love to all
Peace out
Warren bohnke


Hi there everyone, just a note to let you all know that I am officially on maternity leave now. I am spending the next 6 weeks with my family and preparing to meet our little aquarian bub. Once I adjust to being a mother of 3 and having a new baby around (it's been 6 years since the last one!) I will have a few offerings for you. In the meantime, I hope you all have a wonderful silly season and a very prosperous new year. Remember, now is the time to clear anything you don't want to take into the next decade with you, so make some time to think about your future and make sure you're moving towards one of your own making. Blessings to all you wonderful people who support me and my page, keep in touch and don't be strangers!


Dragons up for adoption now!

*3rd dragon is sold! Only 2 left. Be quick before they're gone too!*

While most of my items are made to order, these 3 baby dragons are up for adoption! Is one of them yours? Their adoption fee is just $55 plus postage.
Prefer a different colour? Message me and I'll find a colour that suits your needs.
Get in quick, they won't last long!

Photos from Soul Star Awakening - Crystal Dreaming & Creative Metaphysics's post 21/10/2019

I can share these two now that they have reached their recipient. Can you see how similar their energy is and how well they go together? That is a sure sign they are from the same spirit team (a group of beings who assist the same individual.) If you would like to see who is assisting you, why not take advantage of the extention of our 2-4-1 offer? You get 2 drawings for yourself (or 1 for you and 1 for a friend) for just $125! Get in quick, I can only do a limited number of these before I close for Christmas!

Photos from Soul Star Awakening - Crystal Dreaming & Creative Metaphysics's post 13/10/2019

Here it is, my Cosmic unicorn. Very, very happy with how this creation turned out. It's hard to see in these photos, but it does have a spattering of tiny stars all over it, reminiscent of the nebula that inspired it. A hand painted unicorn in this style can be yours for $80.


My Cosmic unicorn is coming along nicely. I still can't wait to see the finished product! Did you know we will soon be launching a new page? One just for our unicorns and dragons. If you like them, be sure to like it so you can stay up to date with our latest products!


This beauty will be off to its new owner next week. As you can see, this one is personalised! Need a unique gift idea? One of our unicorns may be just what you're looking for!


This is the mock up for my next unicorn. Oh, I can't wait to see this one finished! Keep an eye out for 'Cosmic.'

Photos from Soul Star Awakening - Crystal Dreaming & Creative Metaphysics's post 21/09/2019

Bright and pastel rainbow unicorns in construction. These ones already have owners, but if you'd like to own one yourself, simply message me to get your order started. We can even custom colour them for you! Get in quick to secure yours today!


Who would like to win these beautiful Crystal Grid Oracle cards (RRP $29.99) from Nicola McIntosh? We are giving you the chance to do exactly that!

To enter, simply book any of our services or purchase any of our products. The more services you book or products you buy, the more entries you get and the more chances you have to win!

Choose from hypnosis ($150,) Spirit Guide Art (2 for $125 - limited time,) Crystal Dreaming™ ($75 - special offer,) Draw & Explore Your Chakras ($25/week,) Intuitive Art Circle ($25/week,) or any of our range of baby dragons ($50) or unicorns (from $55.)

This competition will be drawn on 12/12/2019 at 12.12pm Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time - just in time for Christmas! So get your entries in to win this for you or a friend. Good luck, everyone!

Soul Star Awakening - Crystal Dreaming & Creative Metaphysics updated their business hours. 31/08/2019

Soul Star Awakening - Crystal Dreaming & Creative Metaphysics updated their business hours.

Soul Star Awakening - Crystal Dreaming & Creative Metaphysics updated their business hours.

Soul Star Awakening - Crystal Dreaming & Creative Metaphysics updated their address. 31/08/2019

Soul Star Awakening - Crystal Dreaming & Creative Metaphysics updated their address.

Soul Star Awakening - Crystal Dreaming & Creative Metaphysics updated their address.


Need a guide drawing? Take advantage of our 2-4-1 deal! Get one for you and one for a friend, or have them both for yourself! Just $125 for two amazing drawings - get in quick, limited spots won't last long! (This offer is available worldwide.)


"Incredibly insightful, enlightening - absolutely mind-blowing." - T. Fitgerald
"Amazing! Learnt so much, feel so much lighter." - K. Bullock
"I had the most amazing session with Jessie. I feel so much lighter & more emotionally balanced. Highly recommend!" - K. Burke
"Insightful! Comfortable & well-paced." - C. Correa

What are they talking about? Crystal Dreaming, of course! Book today to experience this amazing modality for yourself!


Crystal Dreaming™ sessions are back! To celebrate and give everyone a chance to experience this awesome modality, all sessions are just $75 for the rest of the year! So if you've been on the fence about trying something new, this is your best chance to do so as my maternity leave starts in December and I'm not sure when I'll be back. Limited sessions are filling fast, so don't hesitate to pm me for more information or to book your session today.



We have 2 new classes coming up in term 4.

In Draw and Explore your Chakras we explore one chakra each week through meditation and art. Get to know yourself and your chakras better and make some lovely artwork in the process. 7 week course.

In our Intuitive Art Circle we will draw our spirit guides, angels, totem animals and more. This will run for the full term.

No artistic experience is required for either class. All classes will run weekly, during school hours and cost $25 each session. All materials will be supplied.

For more information, or to secure your spot, please pm me directly or through the page.


Hello, hello my friends, it's been so long, hasn't it? I hope you have all been well in that time. I have spent it moving house, being unwell :/ and... growing a baby! Yes, that's right, Soul Star Awakening will be welcoming a new soul earthside in late January. How exciting is that!!! Consequently, Crystal Dreaming sessions will only be on offer until the end of November, after which they will be on hold indefinitely (but they WILL return.) So, if you've ever thought Crystal Dreaming was something you'd like to try, I suggest you get in quick to ensure you don't miss out. My next post will have a special offer, so you can experience this awesome modality for yourself a little cheaper. We may even have a prize to raffle off! Watch this space for more info ♥ 🌈 🌟 🙏🏻

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