The Hogans Weddings

The Hogans Weddings


The photos from Kelsey and Zacharys wedding are just superb...thank you 💜
Thank you for capturing the little moments and little looks that without photos like these, I would’ve missed ❤️

This has become one of my favourite photos that speaks a thousand words.
Fantastic photographer; love your work Jacob.
A huge thank you to Jake for capturing our wedding at The Pier on 3-11-17!. From the moment we hired you, you have not disappointed!

You were so easy to work with through the whole process leading up to the big day, and we know it’s been said before, but for a 6ft+ redhead you really did blend into the background! Every time we thought the moment would be a good one to capture, you were already there snapping away. We loved how laid back the day was, and how much your shots have truly captured us.

Thank you for creating such beautiful photographs for us to cherish always.

Geelong-based Wedding Photographers.


Dinner under clear skies and dancing under starry nights 😍 More weddings at @woolbrookhomestead please!!
@grace.liston_ @jimmyvliston
Music - @calyoungmusic
Videographer - @mountain_duck_media


Ain’t that the truth 👌


Jake: “Should I post this one? I dig it.”
Courtney: “Yeah it’s cool. I don’t know what you’d caption it though, but it’s great.”
Has anyone in Instagram-land got a good caption for this photo?
I’m going with “Candid And Visually Satisfying As F**k”. 😏


Three wedding galleries being sent out tomorrow, got me feeling a whole lot like this 🕺🕺🕺🕺


This has to be one of my favourite photos of Ash & Jess’ day, and one of my faves from 2021 🥰
Despite anything I could possibly do on a wedding day to make beautiful photos, the best ones are always the most organic and the most simple. Two people, relaxed vibes, somewhere private, and the opportunity to just enjoy a kiss and a cuddle.
Whenever I get overwhelmed with the responsibility of the day, I bring myself back to simplicity and authenticity. 😊


Cheek smooches 😘
Always pretty spesh to see a friend marry their person 🥰 Nice one, Luce!


Cheers to all our couples that have waited through lockdowns, dealt with postponements, tried to keep their heads high, and now this year are able to enjoy their wedding days 🎉🎉
It’s been a [email protected]$ing hard slog, but it’s so beautiful to see the gratitude of all our couples in having their friends and family together again 🥰

Photos from The Hogans Weddings's post 03/02/2022

Our good friends Dani and Matt (@geelongweddingguide and @boutiqueeventco) have created a truly beautiful showcase of the diverse and passionate Geelong wedding industry - Geelong Wedding Guide 2022! 🎉🎉🎉
Featuring some of our work (not to mention our @bigloveelopements couple that made the front cover!!), there’s epic work across the pages from such local legends as @geelongcelebrantcollective @jessicaaldertonevents @theposieplace
@downtheroad_weddings @lbcouturedressmaker @tomcollinscaravanbar @softcateringgeelong @mtduneedestate @edsloaneweddings @jessiebellecelebrant @one_day_pa @rocklea_farm and many more!
You can find this mag at more than 90 local outlets - head to their Insta for a full list of stockists! 🔥🔥
Huge thanks to Dani and her team for always celebrating the community we have and bringing up others around them 🥰🥰


Popping bottles like a seasoned pro 🎉🤙
Pro tip - get a bottle of something sh*t to pop and spray. Don’t be wasting something delicious 😅


Instagram may have ruined the resolution of this pic, but it was a pretty epic way to finish off this beautiful wedding at @delrioswinery @kathleeenlopez 🥰


Russell Coight’ing at sunset.
“A few cold beers with good mates… there’s no doubt about it, Aussies love a party and a chance for a bit of outback fun” - the Great R.C. 🤠


Jess and Tom nailed the (biodegradable) confetti exit 👌👌
@jackrabbitweddings @jackrabbitvineyard @jessistevenson @tombatess


This Bentley that Kat & Andres are in is worth almost as much as my house. You bet that I was sh*tting bricks as my cameras dangled off my straps dangerously close to the paintwork. 😅

Photos from The Hogans Weddings's post 17/01/2022

These two are quite literally head over heels in looooove 🥰
@baieweddings @baiewines @sarahdhodgson @jessiebellecelebrant


Got him 😏🥲
Lucy and Sam ✨ C/o @bigloveelopements


Boots n tatts.
Say that line again and again - congratulations you are now a sick beatboxer 👌


Happy 3 years, Nicole and Daniel 😘
I went back through a heap of old galleries today and realised it’s coming up to 6 years in weddings for me! 😯

Photos from The Hogans Weddings's post 11/01/2022

Parents’ speeches hit different these days, now that I am a parent (which still feels surreal).
I love these images, when Prue and Tom joined their dads in their respective speeches for some support and cuddles. The best 🥰

Photos from The Hogans Weddings's post 11/01/2022

Jarryd, a past groom pictured here at his brother’s wedding, displaying PEAK fitness and artistic gymnastic flare 🕺🌶🥵
A handstand is always a wise choice to assert dominance on the D-floor.

Photos from The Hogans Weddings's post 08/01/2022

The best way to enjoy your photos. The tangible experience is something truly special; being able to turn the pages and appreciate the beautiful memories in your hands.
We keep it simple with two options, the Leo and the Otis (named after our dogs) for $1000 and $500.
No add-ons or sneaky fees.
You can pay for more pages if you want BULK happy content, but we find for most people that the current sizes are spot on.
You get to pick all the images, and review the album digitally so you can request any changes you want made.
Interested? Shoot us a DM!
*We can also make an album for you even if we didn’t capture your day*


First kisses in the privacy of a beautiful, Otways forest 🥰🥰


I reckon this would look epic in a big ass @frameline_framing_printing frame 😏😏 hint hint @c.cook97 @kristyy.cook


Wild, wild weather didn’t faze these two. In fact, nothing fazed these two. Perfectly focused on enjoying the day for exactly what it was, never getting lost in the small mishaps of the day and fully doing things ‘their way’.
Tracey and Darryn’s perspective was so bloody wonderful and they had an amazing day.
Makes us realise how lucky we are to have a job that lets us hang with such grounded people 🥰


Christian & Kristen nailing their dance routine 👌
Shortly after this when everyone joined them on the dancefloor, I remember just feeling so grateful to see everyone dancing together and enjoying themselves. It was pretty spesh.


Flower girls are great and all, but have you ever heard of a Beer Boy? Find a pal, give him an ice bucket full of @victoriabitter beers and get him to come down the aisle handing them out to your thirsty guests.
I should’ve grabbed one for myself… 🍻


Giving ourselves a big ass HIGH FIVE for surviving another turbulent year.
Highlights included having our gorgeous girl Annie, expanding the @bigloveelopements business with new team additions, falling in love all over again as we learned to be parents, and learning to accept the fact that 4 coffees in a day is ok and we should feel zero guilt about it (newborn life).
Excited to share the next 12 months with all of you that choose to pay attention to us/hire us to hang out with you. So much love for y’all. 🥰
📷 @katiewheelerphotography


Felipe & Nalin, courtesy of our other business @bigloveelopements
I think my favourite thing about doing both weddings and elopements is how my learnings from both fields inform the other, always pushing me towards a more client-focused experience.
I’m going to write a blog post on this, so keep an eye out 🥰


I love watching everyone as they lob confetti cones all over the couple as they exit the ceremony. There’s generally two types of guests:
- Those that gently throw a handful into the air above the couple, normally accompanied by a cheeky little “woo!” as they throw.
- Those that take it as a personal responsibility to f**k you up with confetti. Bonus points if they can get it in your mouth.
Which type of guest are you?


Great light. Better people. Simples. 🥰🥰

Photos from The Hogans Weddings's post 12/12/2021

Wedding planning checklist (according to Trace and Daz):
- Hire a super fun caricature artist to draw all your guests and give everyone a real good belly laugh. ✅
- Enjoy the sh*t out of every moment throughout the day. ✅


Ain’t no pre-wedding stress here. Just two lovers and their wedding party enjoying a drink at @unionstreetwinebar before the big do. Perfect way to incorporate more time with your closest mates, as well as relax into the start of proceedings. Epic 👌


Did you know that we also offer family photoshoots?
@thehogansfamilies is where you’ll find all of our family work, which is full of natural, relaxed and authentic photos.
We offer gift vouchers as well, if you’re looking for the perfect gift for newborn parents 😏

Photos from The Hogans Weddings's post 09/12/2021

How high it actually was vs how high I’d tell all my mates it was. 😅
Roof jumps pre-wedding with Jordan and his lads.

Photos from The Hogans Weddings's post 07/12/2021

Last weekend was equal parts hectic and cruisey.
Hectic in that it was my first triple-header of weddings in more than 18 months, with lots of driving (and a newborn at home).
Cruisey in that all my couples appreciated just being there with friends and family, and were so mindful/grateful/loved up.
Weddings are back baby. And we are f**king HERE for it 🥳🥳


Courtney and I (Jake) will be taking a short holiday from @thehogansweddings and @thehogansfamilies to spend time with Annie and eat ridiculous amounts of food with our wider families.

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