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I left a message on messenger AND via email over a month ago re a faulty photo but have had no reply - could you please have a look at them
Winkipop Media how do you view and purchase National Clubs Carnival 2019 photos? You get redirected to a site called which it’s unclear how to use it and you have to register for a trial to access the site? Surely there is a simpler and more direct way?
Thank you winkipop media for the fantastic photos at the TFT national championships. They are fantastic
Where do we find the NZ international men please
Just a quick thank you. I've dealt with a few different sporting photography groups over the years. Winkipop media are a stand out. The followup, professionalism and time to deliver is always exceptional. Quality of the photos are always amazing. I'm sure the extended cali community agree. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Hi there I have been trying to contact you via email but have had no reply. I am waiting for the aerobics photos from the NZ Gymnastics Nationals from the Thursday to be loaded. It says waiting for file from Lucas. Can you advise when this Will be done. I prepaid for photos of my daughter but can’t access them to order.
Hi did you photograph the whole Tamworth eisteddfod?
Hi, how often do you check your messages that get sent on the website regarding pictures? I sent two messages regarding photos two days ago and haven't heard back yet.

WinkiPoP Media offers a dynamic range of professional event photography services across Australia

Operating as usual

Photos from Winkipop Media's post 01/04/2022

Tonite the 2022 Gymnastics NSW State Senior Champs commenced with Tumbling the main item on the menu. Simply's quite spectacular and you really shouldn't ever contemplate doing this at home!
All tonites photos (just tumbling & presentations) are now online.
Make sure to place an order for our 2 week gymnast download special. All your images for $99.

Best wishes to all the athletes for the rest of the weekend.

Shaun, Robyn & The Crew at Winkipop Media

Photos from Winkipop Media's post 26/03/2022

The Shoalhaven continues to be the lycra & sequins capital of NSW this weekend with the Gymnastics NSW State Rhythmic & Aerobic Gymnastics championships in full swing!
Here's what took place this afternoon.
All photos can be viewed and ordered at:
And a big thanks to Kait...we're about to break the internet and open an Instagram account!
Shaun & Robyn at Winkipop Media

Photos from Gymnastics NSW's post 26/03/2022

Here's some of the action from the Gymnastics NSW champs. Don't attempt this at home!
Having a blast using the new Nikon Z9 camera...what a beast!
Shaun & Robyn at Winkipop Media


Good luck to everyone performing at the upcoming State Champs.

Register for your CVI State Champs Photos NOW!

Onstage photography will be available for pre-order only for $30 per performer. This will cover a cali solo, graceful & duo routine.

If you haven't already registered, go to the following link, type in your child's surname and then proceed to the checkout.

Your item will ONLY be photographed if you register by Wednesday 6 April.

Please direct queries to Winkipop (Shaun & Emma) at [email protected] or call 1300 843 664.
As always, backstage studio portraits will be offered at all venues – no pre-registration required.

People who have registered can use their $30 voucher towards the following products:
5 Image Download: $30 (this can include stage & backstage images)
All Photos of 1 Solo item PLUS Backstage Pics: $75
All Photos of 2 Solo items PLUS Backstage Pics: $99
All Photos of a DUO item PLUS Backstage Duo Pics: $65
Plus a variety of print options!

Shaun, Emma, Robyn & the Crew at Winkipop Media

Calisthenics Victoria
Calisthenics Victoria State Championships

Photos from Winkipop Media's post 15/02/2022

Last Saturday at Homebush we had the pleasure of photographing the annual BjP Physie Junior Nationals...(2021 in 2022!) ...easily the happiest event of the year and with the most excitable presentation ceremonies by a long margin!
Here's a snippet of the future of physie and well done to all the competitors and the crowd for creating such a great atmosphere.
All the photos are online now at:
For 2 weeks we have our $99 special where you can get a download of all your photos.
We'll have our backstage photos available again for all events in November!
Best wishes,
Shaun, Robyn, Chanae, Brandon & the Crew at Winkipop Media

Photos from Winkipop Media's post 09/02/2022

Last night the ICC at Darling Harbour played host to the biggest night of the year on the BjP Physie calendar with the Senior National Finals.
Robyn & Brandon were there to capture all the excitement and celebration both onstage & backstage.
Congratulations to everyone involved as competitors and organisers!
All the photos are already online. To view and order your pics, simply go to this link:
Here's a glimpse of what took place...including a few cheeky moments from the more 'experienced' members of the physie world!
We look forward to seeing all the juniors this coming weekend.
Shaun, Robyn, Brandon and the crew at Winkipop Media

Photos from Winkipop Media's post 23/01/2022

2022 has already started off with something unique for Winkipop Media...on Sunday we photographed our first equestrian event!
A big thank you to Maddy from Geelong Showjumping Club Inc. for inviting us to be part of their summer show.
We were taking care of Ring 2 with the 50, 60, 70 & 80cm jumping classes. On a warm & sunny day it was a thoroughly enjoyable atmosphere.
All the photos are online now. We have a 2 week special where a rider can get all their photos as a hi-res digital download package for $140. Here's the link to all the photos. We hope you like them.

If any clubs or event organisers are in need of a photographer, feel free to give us a bell on 1300 843 664 or email at: [email protected]

For now, here's a little snippet of action in Ring 2 Sunday at Elcho Park Equestrian Centre.

Shaun & The Crew @ Winkipop Media

Photos from Winkipop Media's post 23/01/2022

Happy new year to everyone...and here's hoping 2022 brings a bit more life back to our events that we enjoy being a part of!
BjP Physie is kicking things off and we had Brandon & Chanae capturing all the excitement of the Junior Teams at Homebush on Saturday.
All the photos are now online and can be viewed & ordered at the following link:
We have a 2 week special going where you can get a download of all photos of 1 team for $99!
Here's a little sample of the smiles and concentration on display on Saturday.
Looking forward to seeing everyone over the coming weekends at's been too long!
Shaun, Emma & The Crew @ Winkipop Media


Final reminder to all Sydney Eisteddfod solo dancers to register online to have your photos taken. Registrations close this Friday, 6pm sharp! Here's the link:
Good luck to everyone with their solo routines this year.
The Crew @ Winkipop Media

Photos from Winkipop Media's post 10/06/2021

After a year away, we've resumed our seat in the theatre(s) capturing all the wonderful dance performances that take place at the Sydney Eisteddfod. In 2021 we're fortunate enough to be shooting in the world class Concourse Theatre in Chatswood. Proceedings kicked off a few days ago with troupes from across NSW performing on this large stage.
Here's a snippet of what took place. Big thanks to Brandon for his fine work! All photos can be viewed and ordered online at:
See you all again shortly when we head back to the Concourse!
Shaun, Emma & The Crew @ Winkipop Media

Photos from Winkipop Media's post 14/05/2021

Yesterday was the start of one of our biggest annual jobs, the Gymnastics Australia national championships, this year being held on the Gold Coast.
We've kicked off proceedings with Aerobics, Rhythmic Gymnastics and Trampoline sports.
Here's a little snippet of some day 1 aerobics & RG action.

We have some great photo packages available for purchase at our stall, and if you're not in attendance, feel free to call our office on 1300 843 664 to organise one.

We're going to aim to have photos online within an hr or so of the conclusion of each session.
All photos taken can be viewed and ordered at:

We hope you like the images and we'd like to wish all the competitors the very best for their performances throughout the championships.

Shaun, Emma, Brandon, Marcio, Cowboy, Samir & The Drumcondra Kid

Winkipop Media

Photos from Winkipop Media's post 25/04/2021

Another big day yesterday of calisthenics as part of Week 2 of the Calisthenics Victoria State Championships. Here's some standout performers plus the Gold Medal candidates lighting up the stage at the Besen Centre. Today we can look forward to entertaining duo sections followed by our final weekend when all the graceful routines commence.
Best wishes to all the competitors.
The Crew at Winkipop Media

Photos from Winkipop Media's post 18/04/2021

This Sat/Sun marked the 1st of 3 massive weekends covering the 2021 Calisthenics Victoria State Solo & Duo Championships. Action spread across 3 venues...which means plenty of cali glamour, theatre and huge expressions on stage!
Here's a little sample of the action from Karralyka & Besen theatres...with some very nice moments between some of the coaches and section winners.
Well done to everyone and see you all next weekend!
Shaun, Tom, Brandon, Robyn, Patrick & Brooke from Winkipop Media

Photos from Winkipop Media's post 10/04/2021

The 2021 Gymnastics NSW Championships saw the acro daredevils hit the floor on Saturday and it was mighty impressive! Big air...and some balancing tricks that make the old 'human pyramid' look a bit 'yesterday'.
Acro teams can get all their photos for our $99 two week special. Just jump online at:
to view & order.
Shaun, Robyn, Chanae, Mauritz & Mark

Photos from Winkipop Media's post 09/04/2021

Gymnastics NSW is holding a big senior championships this Fri/Sat/Sun and today we started off with the Level 9 WAG gymnasts and some tumbling & synchro athletes as well.
Here's a taste of what the WAG gymnasts were doing this arvo after a 2yr wait for competition!
All photos available will be available on shortly.

Shaun & The Cowboy

Photos from Winkipop Media's post 09/04/2021

Day 2 & 3 at the IRBD- The Dance Challenge has seen the 12-13yr jazz and lyrical dance light up the stage. Here's a few highlights. Dancers & parents can view & order their pics at
Best wishes to competitors for the remainder of the solo competition.
Shaun & Brandon and the crew @ Winkipop Media

Photos from Winkipop Media's post 07/04/2021

It feels a little like going back to where it all started...18yrs ago we began our eisteddfod photography at The Pittwater House School shooting the Northern Beaches Eisteddfod. This week we're back there again as part of the IRBD- The Dance Challenge...on Sydney's northern beaches. It's an impressive array of talent taking to the stage. Here's a few snippets from the 9-12yr olds who've been busting all the big moves.
All the photos are available to view & order at:
A big thank you to Amanda and her crew for making us welcome!


Photos from Winkipop Media's post 27/03/2021

Last night was the 'premium session' at the 2021 Gymnastics NSW RG & Aero Champs...which means everything is faster & higher and definitely not to be attempted at home!
Here's a little snippet of what most people will never be able to do in their lifetime!
Shaun & Robyn

Photos from Winkipop Media's post 27/03/2021

The future of rhythmic gymnastics was on display in Nowra yesterday at the 2021 Gymnastics NSW RG Champs with the pre-junior and sub-junior athletes lighting up the floor with their routines.
Well done to all these amazing young gymnasts!
All photos can be viewed and ordered at:
Shaun & The Cowboy

Photos from Winkipop Media's post 26/03/2021

This weekend we're busy in the Shoalhaven capturing all the fast & furious action at the Gymnastics NSW Aerobics & Rhythmic Gymnastics State Championships.
It all kicked off Friday afternoon and here's a little taste of what the aero athletes were doing... on the ground and in the air!
We have a 2 week special going where athletes can get all their images for $99.
Jump online at
and order your photos now.
All the best to everyone competing over the weekend.
Shaun & The Cowboy

Photos from Winkipop Media's post 22/03/2021

It feels like the year has finally started for us with our first events kicking off. Last weekend saw us as part of the 2021 Dancelife Unite Australia regional events in Sydney. We'll be covering a number of DanceLifeUnite events across Australia so we look forward to seeing all the dancers plus Chris & her crew of helpers around the country.
Brandon took lots of amazing photos in Sydney and these can be viewed & ordered at:
Well done to everyone who competed!
Shaun & Emma & The Crew @ Winkipop Media

Photos from Winkipop Media's post 23/11/2020

After 6 months in hibernation, we're back. And as of today we can even cross the border and come to NSW. Hallelujiah!
Physie is back. Some dance is back. Thanks to all our clients who are running events now and all those clients who've booked us in for 2021. Next year will be a whole lot better!
Yesterday we had our big day of BjP Physie junior individual championships...and we're celebrating with a 2 week special.
***All Photos of 1 individual as a Digital Download for $75***
Go here and check it out.

(All orders will start being sent out from Wednesday once the files arrive at our office)

Best wishes to everyone! Enjoy your Christmas & summer holidays and may 2021 bring us all a bit more happiness!

Regards, Shaun, Emma & The Crew @ Winkipop Media



Tuesday arvo and it's time for a few ballet flashbacks from my favourite venue in the country that we photograph in each year...The Sydney Opera House. We're typically working there 3-4 times a year, and this includes the final to the most prestigious junior ballet prize in Australia, the Sydney Eisteddfod Ballet Scholarship. Each year only 8 entrants qualify for the final at the big house.
Here's a little sample of the finalists from 2015-2019. (They're visible in the Album just loaded up onto our FB page).

All our Sydney Eisteddfod photos from 2012-2019 (Dance, Singing, Acting & Instrumental) are all on sale currently for $5 each.
Simply go to the gallery link:

Best wishes to everyone & we look forward to seeing you on stage soon!

Shaun, Brandon & The Crew at Winkipop Media

SYDNEY EISTEDDFOD Professional Event Photographer Photography Sydney Melbourne Australia Corporate Events

2015-2019 Ballet Scholarship Finals 05/05/2020

@Sydney Eisteddfod

The McDonald College (Evening of Classical Ballet) 22/04/2020

Today's journey back in time takes us from 2012-2016 with a new album of photos from The McDonald College Ballet from their 'Evening of Classical Ballet' performances.

There's an album of 160+ images just posted below that are there to reminisce and enjoy.

Look after yourselves everyone!
The Crew @ Winkipop Media

The McDonald College

For over a decade now one of our annual highlights has been photographing The McDonald College's 'Evening of Classical Ballet'. A sumptuous feast of colour, design, choreography and some seriously talented performers.
Here's some snippets from 2012-2016 to keep you entertained for a while.
The images from all the McDonald College events since 2012 can be viewed online at:
They are all available for $5 each during our '2020 Hibernation Sale'.
Best wishes to Peter Kraft and his talented team that put on this event and we look forward to capturing your shows later in the year.
Regards, Shaun & Brandon @WinkiPoP Media

@WinkiPoP Media




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