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Yankee Sweetheart


The beautiful Yankee Sweetheart showcasing her SUGAR BLUE COOKIES with her beautiful baby belleh!!! She hasn’t got long to go. What do you think it is? I say BOY! #girlorboy #babyshower #babyshowercookies #colourful #cookies #fondantcookies #cookiesofinstagram
I have been needing more of your earrings and tonight as I perused Facebook, there you were!!!!! Taking down some cute wallpaper(I liked the ships). Anyway, long story short my DAd passed away a month ago and all 7 of my siblings were able to be home in Iowa with Mom and I gave a pair of your earrings to one of my sisters and I want to use some more as gifts !! I placed an order and I wanted you to know there is no rush and if you are out of some of what I ordered you can use your best judgement to substitute as necessary, I will trust you! I enjoy watching you from the other side of the world, stay well my beautiful friend! ♥️❤️♥️
Thank you so much...💋💋❤️
Do you sell mascara?

Yankee Sweetheart is Geelong's retro beauty parlour offering hair, makeup, handmade jewellery and cosmetics by appointment only Yankee Sweetheart is a retro inspired beauty parlour offering cutting, color and styling for men and women as well as makeup services.

Yankee Sweetheart specialises in vintage and special occasion hair and makeup for weddings, parties, or everyday. Yankee Sweetheart is also a vintage shop and purveyor of locally made vintage inspired creations. Yankee Sweetheart is a place to be pampered in a one on one environment in a relaxed and private atmosphere. Yankee Sweetheart is available Sunday, Monday and Tuesday and well as early morning and late night appointments for a 10% out of hours fee.

Operating as usual


Had so much fun on this little art project!
I found an old garden gnome someone threw away on a walk around my neighbourhood and decided to repaint him.
My husband is a Geelong Cats fan, and now he is also a Garden Gnome 😂🤣😅😆


Hey folks!
Hope everyone is having ok holidays.
I thought I would share a colour I did today as I thought it was a great example of how different colour look in different lighting.
This lovely client of mine came in wanting a super vibrant copper colour makeover and we love how it turned out.
Same hair but the pic on the left was taken outside in daylight vs the pic on the left taken in indoor lighting in the shop.
I find it's especially true of lighter shades like blondes that they reflect whatever lighting tones they are surrounded by so it's a good idea when taking photos of colour you like to your stylist to remember your colour will look different depending on your lighting and if your blonde hair looks great in the salon and fab in your car on the ride home but looks yellow in your bathroom mirror when you're getting ready, maybe check your light bulbs to see if you've got warm toned bulbs rather than bright white or cool toned ones, just a friendly PSA 😘

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Merry merry to you all hope those of you celebrating the holidays have nice ones this year.
Had a great time making this Christmas pudding inspired cake with my nephew this year and enjoyed sharing Betty-Lou's first Xmas.
Here's to 2022 being a good year coming!

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So very pleased with this year's cherry harvest! Last year we lost almost all of them to a huge wind storm right before they were ripe but this year has been our best yet.
So fun growing your own yummy things in the garden if you're able.
We've started a little mini orchard of dwarf fruit trees in our yard. Hopefully we will have our first crop of apples this year too!
I can't seem to get my lemon to bear good fruit, last year it made tiny lemons that all fell off before amounting to much.
Any tips from lemon experts? 🍋


After sooooo long without having special events to attend it's been so lovely the last few weeks to have clients booking in again for hair and makeup for graduations, weddings, birthdays and like today's client an awards night.
Classic vintage glamour is one of my favourite looks to create so hope she had a fab evening out on the town!

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On a rainy stormy day like today it's nice to be my own rainbow 🌈 hope you all have a lovely weekend

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Oh man! What a gorgeous day to get out and about and enjoy our new found freedoms!
So excited to be able to visit restaurants and cafes again and was delighted to get to pop in for opening day at Corio's newest culinary offering @happilyever_vegan
I found out James was going to be bringing his brand of plant based deliciousness to our hood when my dentists at @corio_central_dental sent out their most recent newsletter letting us know James was bringing his food caravan to the back garden in their carport!
Healthy treats and healthy teeth to eat them with, talk about a match made in heaven!
I have been eyeing off so many of their yummy looking treats but the Sausage roll with his house made puff pastry and butter was calling my name along with the gorgeous chocolate bubble log filled with coconut date cream, walnut praline and mandarin gel was too pretty to pass up.
Considering he's been making this Vegan goodness for a decade now it's not surprising he's had time to perfect it!
I will definitely be back to try more treats and highly recommend you go give em a go even if you're a met lover, they might just convert you! Grab a coffee, sweet treat or delicious lunch all plant based and ready to rock your socks off!
10-4:30 Monday to Friday behind Corio Central Dental at 68 Bacchus Marsh Rd Corio
If you're keen to find more cool offerings in the Northern suburbs you can follow my instagram @riobythebay where I share cool people places and things from North Geelong to Lara with a special focus on my hood in Corio


Happy half birthday my little chickadee! Time does fly!

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Feeling all kinds of cute today! Bright and cheerful just like the weather!
Hope you're having a great day and feeling yourself a bit...or a lot 😘
For those who want to know
Tights @snagtights
Boots @wanderingcoyote_
Skirt Rock Steady Clothing


Oooh she got that dramatic model face 😂🤣
Mama is sporting @elmlifestyle Tiger top, @wanderingcoyote_
Boots and @kmartaus jeans and Betty-Loudie is rocking her @bondsaus giraffe onsie
We be stylin'


Little lockdown project.
One of my pups chewed a hole in one of my new @sheetsociety pillow cases so decided to try my hand at a little embroidery to repair it with some golden wattle.
I've not done embroidery before but had fun working on it.
Was lucky to make it in to @hoorayhoop just before lockdown and grab the hoop and some neat stick on embroidery paper that you can draw you pattern onto, once I give it a rinse in warm water the paper is mean to dissolve. Nifty I think.


New Fridge who dis!?
Out with the old and in with the new.
Our old fridge had seen better days and I must admit I'm totally in love with our new baby blue one from @majesticretrofridges
Amazing service and quality. Highly recommend if your in Australia, they are a Victorian based biz.

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Now that I've been breastfeeding for a while I've found which types of bras I like and wear and which I don't and I don't find that I gravitate towards traditional nursing bras as much as I wear bralette style sports bra type things as they are more comfortable and practical for me.
I've had my eye on trying out @bimbyandroy for a while as their designs are really cute and the quick dry material allows them to double as a bathing suit which will be great with summer coming.
As a plus sized, large busted nursing mum I thought I would share how I find the fit in case others of similar build were curious to try them.
The material is nice and soft and very comfy, I did need to take in the back of the band about 4 inches as it was too loose and riding up on me as my ribcage is on the smaller size but sizing down would have made the cup size too small so it would likely fit someone about 4 inches bigger around than myself well.
I'm in a 2xl and between an AU size 16-18 at the moment with a 16G bust size.
It doesn't offer mega support but it's wire free and soft material so I didn't expect it to either but as a comfy day to day option so far I can recommend.
I also bought a bright blue set with daisies on them which might be my fav pattern but they are in the wash so might share those later
The tops and bottoms can be purchased separately which is great if you're a different size on top then on bottom.
Got any bralette style nursing friendly brands you can share my way that accommodate a larger bust? Drop it in the comments 😘


If you ask me the best place to break in a new pair of boots is in bed!
I'm absolutely in love with my new cowboy boots from @wanderingcoyote_ I love all their designs but these pink and orange ones stole my heart!
Also a huge fan of my new @thesheetsociety sheets, extra deep fitted sheets fit our new mattress so much better than standard ones and their pillow cases have extra deep flaps to keep pillows from escaping.
Tights are my go to @snagtights


5 months!?
How do they go so quickly!?

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Treated myself to a new dress from @shopatchristines its a one off sample dress of the @vivienofholloway Kitty dress which comes in all sorts of cute prints.
I couldn't pass up this vintage world map print. Reminds me of a time when the world was open and global travel was a possibility.
Call it wishful purchasing...if you buy it the day will come!


So nice to get out in the world today! Visited our fab friends @caramiacake_geelong and devoured one of their amazing brownie cupcakes and a tasty cuppa, popped into @oscarwylee to get my annual eye exam and choose some fun new frames and ran a couple of errands with my Betty-Loudie buddy. So nice to see people out and about in the world again! Hope it can stay that way 😁


Hey folks, trying to fit people in as best I can over the coming weeks. With lockdown I'm a bit backlogged trying to get everyone back in shape.
This week is fully booked and next week is mostly full but if you're looking to get your hair back in shape get in touch and I will try to find you a spot to get all spruced up xx


You know you've been in lockdown a while when a 2 hour round trip to Ballarat for a vaccine appointment sounds like an exciting road trip worth dressing up for 😂🤣 we are so pleased to hear regional vic is easing some restrictions this Friday and look forward to seeing clients ASAP to get all your hair back in shape! Hooray!
Stay strong Melbourne peeps I'm hopeful you'll be on your way out of lockdown too soon!


Morning folks!
Hope everyone has been doing ok through this last lockdown.
I know it can be frustrating and isolating and it can if you're like me make you unable to operate business as usual and that can be really challenging to muddle through.
Hopefully we get headed in the right direction soon and in the meanwhile you find things to brighten your day I find ruffle butt baby leggings are pretty good at putting a smile on my face?
What things are you find cheering you up when things are wearing on you?


Did the "Big Rock" hike in the You Yangs Ranges today.
Easy peasy conquered it like a champ 🤣😂


She is both the ring master and main attraction in the circus that is our new life as parents and we wouldn't have it any other way 😊

Photos from Yankee Sweetheart's post 13/06/2021

Enjoying this cold weather for a chance to wear all my wintery clothes. I love all the cool weather accessories like boots and tights and sweaters and hats and scarves and such. And others out there prefer the cold weather?
Dress is khoko from @harrisscarfe
Tights are limited edition toffee apple from @snagtights
Boots are @solovairuk derby's high shine green.
And the belt and sweater are second hand shop finds.
Wearing someone my fav soft peachy colours of peach Lipsense and Terracotta blush sense


Time flies when you're busy being a gorgeous little dumplin'


Couple of gals on the town! Grateful to be able to venture further than 5km from home today so we can catch up with Nanny and Pa.
Hope those in Melbourne are holding up ok under the extended restrictions and you can all find a little sunshine somewhere in your day.


Ahoy matey!
The swarthiest gal in town with ruffles on my pirate b***y I'm stealing hearts left right and center so watch out sailor!

Photos from Yankee Sweetheart's post 27/05/2021

I don't think I've ever been more in love with a single article of clothing than I am with my new egg sweater from @fashionbrandcompany
I missed it in my size
(XL/2XL for those wanting to know sizing, I found it very true to measurements on their size chart)
in the first release and was so excited to get it when it got a second batch as they do small runs so they don't always last long.
It is quite possibly the happiest piece of clothing I own 😊
As we are in another snap lockdown I can't wear it on the town but I am taking Betty-Lou for her hearing test today so I will be the best dressed gal in the audiology department 😂🤣
Check them out if you're into quirky fashions, they often go up to a 6XL so very size inclusive.
Prices aren't super cheap once you convert to AU dollars and pay shipping but the quality is exceptional and well worth the cost in my book.

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