We love sharing events and exhibitions featuring artists who have exhibited at Sculpture at Bathers, like this residency Ev3rlasting opening with Mikaela Castledine at Lost Eden Creative in Dwellingup.

Posted • Just reminding you all that we are launching our residency and exhibition this Saturday at 2pm. We would love to see you all there, especially if you have never before made the delightful 90 minute drive to Dwellingup’s Lost Eden Creative. There is a Facebook event if you want to rsvp so we lay on sufficient cheese but it’s also fine if you just turn up! Xm

An exhibition and residency during which three artists bring their distinctive practices and diverse


You know you have made it as artists when a scissor lift is involved... Installing Everlasting 3 at Mandurah Performing Arts Centre Gallery with and

Timeline photos 01/05/2021

After a brief visit home for a little lie down Everlasting is now officially a travelling show. Mikaela Castledine's and Judy Rogers' Everlasting3 Exhibition will be on show 7 May - 11 June at Mandurah Performing Art Centre, Ormsby Terrace Mandurah. Open: Mon - Fri 10am - 5 pm. If you missed seeing the show , or even if you did, now is your chance to see it with some twists and some changes in lineup in a lovely new setting.


Goodbye lovely Dwellingup. It was so nice to spend time amongst your trees, walking your paths, breathing your cool air, thinking and doing and being. Thank you to all who made us welcome, who looked after us, fed us, taught us yoga, lent us tools, laughed at our jokes, made space for us, and made us coffee. We loved every minute of it! We will make sure to be back soon. All our love Judy and Mikaela. And if you haven’t quite had enough of this excellent Everlasting exhibition we will shortly be relocating it to with a few tweaks and some changes of content. More info on that soon.

Photos from Ev3rlasting's post 18/04/2021

Happy artist working in the gallery!

Timeline photos 18/04/2021

Last day to see us in captivity at Lost Eden Creative before we pack up our belongings and head back home.
Gallery open from 10:00. Open to the honey sun. Open to the riders and the walkers and the family groups. Open to the curious and the serious. Open to conversation and laughter. Open to you.

Timeline photos 17/04/2021

Being serenaded by Lovely Steve in the gallery this afternoon. There will be more of the same on our last day tomorrow if you come for a Sunday drive to the forest.

Timeline photos 15/04/2021

It is our last weekend in Dwellingup and therefore your last chance to visit us in this beautiful forest idyll. Gallery open today 10-2pm Saturday and Sunday 10-4. Glorious weather for a little drive don’t you think?


Posted • Last week of residency at Dwellingup LostEden. Based on the local wildlife, watercolur on paper.

Timeline photos 14/04/2021

He Went That-A-Way!

Timeline photos 13/04/2021

Sometimes a residency is half about working in the gallery and half about working in the garden.

Photos from Ev3rlasting's post 12/04/2021

Sometimes a residency is about taking notice of the sudden change of season.


More wonderful new work by the inimitable

Timeline photos 10/04/2021

Lost Eden Gallery open from 10-4 today and tomorrow and we are coinciding with Peel Open Studios so plenty to see and do in Dwellingup.

Timeline photos 09/04/2021

Sometimes a residency is a giant game of Pick-up-Sticks.

Timeline photos 08/04/2021

Sometimes a residency is about putting every little thing in its proper place.

Timeline photos 07/04/2021

Today’s jigsaw puzzle.

Timeline photos 06/04/2021

Sometimes a residency requires an unstructured day to unwind.

Timeline photos 05/04/2021

And Sit! At the end of a busy and successful Easter weekend. Thank you lovely Layla for your excellent example of how to pose with a sculpture. Comes from living with the fabulous sculptress I guess.

Timeline photos 05/04/2021

“Lovely Steve” being a much admired artwork.

Timeline photos 05/04/2021

The talented, insightful, whip smart, candlelit Judy Rogers.

Timeline photos 03/04/2021

Posted • Lazy fox has found a new home and will fly off to Sydney at the end of the week. The quick brown dog will continue bounding about looking for him in the bushes until someone new comes along to chase.

Timeline photos 03/04/2021

A lovely article in today’s West Australian.

Timeline photos 03/04/2021

Gorgeous market surrounding the gallery today. Music and food and a tiny forest!

Timeline photos 02/04/2021

New work straight out of the residence! We need a Latin name for this little piece of flora fauna - any ideas add in the comments.

Timeline photos 01/04/2021

Sometimes a residency is about following the tracks to see where they take you...

Timeline photos 31/03/2021

And it’s back into the gallery today, which is open from 11-2:00pm. Obviously you will be allowed in early if you are wearing fabulous shoes!


Sometimes a residency is about hanging out with the locals...


Sometimes a residency is just about having time for reflection.


Sometimes a residency is simply about seeing your work in a new light. If you want to see our work in the glorious autumn sunlight the Lost Eden gallery is open from 10:00am today. Also open is the fabulous just outside the door with delicious plant based food and perfect coffee.


Timeline photos 27/03/2021

Lost Eden Creative gallery open for business today and tomorrow 10-4pm

Timeline photos 26/03/2021

I know what you’re thinking... that a little drive in the autumn sunshine to look at some art is exactly what you need today. Lost Eden Gallery is open from 10-2pm today so perfect for a lunch date or a coffee stop in beautiful Dwellingup.

Photos from Ev3rlasting's post 25/03/2021

So a residency means... setting up your traveling studio in some dappled light in a doorway or a shady part of the garden.

Timeline photos 24/03/2021

Gallery is open from 11:00-2:00pm today so a bit of multitasking in the doorway is the order of the day.

Timeline photos 24/03/2021

So a residency is when a generous artist allows you to share her tools, her space, her experience, her hat and her sense of humour. Thank you

Timeline photos 23/03/2021

Day 5 of the residency started with a little bit of downward dog in the gallery this morning when I joined the local yoga class who enjoy the space on a Tuesday. Thinking (while supposed to be meditating) I could probably find twigs for every contorted yoga pose I couldn’t quite get right!

Timeline photos 22/03/2021

First day foraging: Feathers, sticks and bones. Lost Eden Creative Residency Dwellingup.

Timeline photos 21/03/2021

A great big thank you to all our lovely family, friends and visitors who came to the gallery for our launch yesterday. It was nice to start our residency in style and now we are ensconced and ready for anyone who might drop in to Lost Eden Creative over the next month. There is some cheese left and a cold glass of wine so if you feel like a short drive into the country today then come on down.

Timeline photos 19/03/2021

A huge day hanging our work at Lost Eden Creative. Thanks to for your very valuable assistance. Show is looking good and will be just perfect for our launch on Saturday.

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