Dirranbandi Outback Tours

Dirranbandi Outback Tours


Oh Hi Mum!! Loved seeing a glimpse of the tour on Travel Oz, can't wait to see it myself xx
Don't miss our ten seconds of fame ... featuring in a Travel Oz 'Outback Queensland' special 🙌

If you are up early on Saturday morning tune in to Travel Oz on 7TWO at 8.30am.

Also on the show are Nikki & Scott Pulfer at Dirranbandi Outback Tours, showcasing their great Cubbie Station tour 👍

Thanks Greg Grainger and team for spending some time with us in our wonderful part of outback Queensland!

Dirranbandi Outback Tours
Only Farmers One of our own out of dirranbandi!!

Can’t wait to see some awesome photos!

Wattle & Blithe Photography

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Come see for yourself 🤠
@ Dirranbandi Outback Tours
This Friday 9th April in Bollon is going off!!!
ICPA meeting at 3pm
Easter Mass at the Anglican Church 5pm
Meet and Greet at the Bollon Hardware Store 4pm
Bollon Twilight Markets 4pm-7pm in Walter Austin Park.
Market Check-In At The Gate using the following:
Check-in QLD app, Stay Safe QR or if that's not available we will have a manual check in system. Social Distancing will be required, Hand sanitiser will be available around the park and if you're feeling unwell please stay home.

A great way to start the weekend in the Balonne Shire...
Travel to Bollon, enjoy the markets and camp by the creek on Friday. Head up to Dirranbandi for the Dirranbandi Show on Saturday. It's only 1hour from Bollon and the road is all sealed. Stay in Dirranbandi on Saturday and why not do the Cubbie Tour with Dirranbandi Outback Tours who you can find at the Dirranbandi Caravan Park
Great tour presented professionally of an amazing agricultural business. Thank you
My family and I had a fantastic time on the tour this morning. Beautiful place to visit. Nikki and Scott were very knowledgeable and friendly.

Hosted by Scott, Nikki and the Dirranbandi community. Visit and interact on local farms, get an unde

Operating as usual


Young shearer Wylie from Wee Waa, NSW | Landline

Holly smokes look at this lil fella. 7😳🤠

Photos from Grey Nomad Awards's post 26/03/2022

Gotta love the support from the . Yes Cubbie is back in Aussie hands. 🇦🇺 and as the rivers flow and flood parts of the outback we see all farmers filling their storage’s getting ready for a few great years. Come take the tour. 🤠

Cubbie's back in Aussie hands 25/03/2022

Cubbie's back in Aussie hands

Come say Gday
And check out Australian owned Cubbie Station 🇦🇺

Cubbie's back in Aussie hands Cubbie Station, our biggest cotton grower, back in Australian ownership.


Top 5 Dog Training Tips | Muster Dogs | #ABCMusterDogs

Fantastic tips for training any dog. 🤠

Photos from Grey Nomad Awards's post 17/02/2022

What an honour to be finalists again.
Grey Nomad Awards best small caravan park 2021.
Great historical piece. Thank you for putting so much research and care into your congratulatory posts. 🥰🥂
By the way… come say Gday 🤠 Dirrans a real friendly town.

Photos from St George Region's post 17/02/2022

Come say Gday 🤠🥂🌱


The man behind Australia's silo art!

Come explore our part of the outback….
On your way to Dirranbandi stop off at Thallon, see the silos, and don’t forget to ask at the Francis hotel for directions to Joel’s other art works in the town. Make the most of your time in our region. 🤠🥂


We hope yesterday was exactly what you needed. Be it calm… or chaos. Filled with friends and laughter or just the two of you.
Christmas is experienced differently each year, your only requirement is to treasure the moments of joy, the memories of times past and the hope of tomorrow. 💝🎄
Merry Christmas to all our valued guests… boy do we have some exciting things to show you next year. The incredible amount of rain we have received combined with the river and overland flow coming over our little town, though isolating now, will bring joy, crop, employment, education, wildlife(flora and fauna) and hope. See you next year. 🥂🤠


It’s official

⚠ Dirranbandi is now isolated ⚠

Castlereagh Hwy (Dirranbandi to St George) is now closed to all traffic.

🚫 This means all access roads to Dirranbandi are flooded and closed.

The duration of these road closures, and the isolation, is unknown.

Council will only reopen roads once conditions are deemed safe.

🍎 Balonne LDMG and the State Emergency Service (SES) will support Dirranbandi during this isolation, by sending resupply of essential goods.

☎️ To request resupply, call the SES: 13 25 00

For all relevant updates on this flood emergency, subscribe to the Balonne Shire Council Emergency Dashboard: https://emergency.balonne.qld.gov.au/


This is the same place as 5am this morning with nothing over then.
Please be careful and if you’re in a small car and leaving Dirran please choose wisely. 💕

Farmer Rock Anthem (Party Rock Anthem Parody) - Ft. Millennial Farmer, Welker Farms, How Farms Work 09/12/2021

Farmer Rock Anthem (Party Rock Anthem Parody) - Ft. Millennial Farmer, Welker Farms, How Farms Work

This is great
Get out there and enjoy life boys.

Farmer Rock Anthem (Party Rock Anthem Parody) - Ft. Millennial Farmer, Welker Farms, How Farms Work Farmer Rock Anthem: Featuring How Farms Work, Farm Babe, MN Millennial Farmer, Welker Farms, Big Tractor Power, Farmhand Mike, OneLonleyFarmer, Cody the Cow ...


Discover Balonne

Come explore something different.
Who knows… you might find an opportunity for yourselves. Balonne Shire offers employment, entertainment and community.


Isn’t this fantastic to see.
Devastating for some with the effects of high levels of overland flooding wiping out bumper crops, and on the flip side a huge blessing for many who rely on the river systems for their and their employees livelihood.
Please be patient with us, tours are postponed for the moment as it will take some time for not only this big wet to pass, but as you know Cubbie is a working farm and will take time to dry out so we can travel around safely.
Boy oh boy will it be worth the wait though. 🤠 🚜 🌾 🌱 💭 (imagine it’s a cotton boll).🧐

Thanks Jacque Hemming for the heads up on this story.

Water storage levels across the whole Basin are averaging >90% after widespread rain. Here’s a preview of the graphic that contains data updated on Wednesday which will be published on our website this coming Monday: https://bit.ly/3DSTJxO


If you come to Dirran to do a tour of Cubbie why not plan on spending a few days and discover Hebel.
It’s only 45minutes away. And on a stinking hot summers day that’s far enough to warrant a beer. 🍻🤠

Hands up if you've been to Hebel 🙋‍♀️

We ❤️ Hebel and the pub is a beauty! Come on a country adventure and experience it for yourself! 🚙

Some great things to see and do:
📍 Hebel Pub & old Gaol
📍 Hebel General Store & Caravan Park
📍 Hebel Historical Circle
📍 Culgoa Floodplain National Park

Itching to know more? Hit our link for more info
👉 https://www.stgeorgeregion.com.au/explore/hebel/

📸 Sean Scott Photography

Photos from Dirranbandi Outback Tours's post 28/10/2021

So I started doing things a little different whilst on tour.
I started taking pictures for those who, like me sometimes get caught up in awe of their surroundings, that you say “Nooooo I forgot to take photos”. 🤦🏼‍♀️
With each tour we have something different occur, weather it’s an aerial show from the crop dusters, planters in action, harvesters in action, fauna showing us their latest offspring, trucks leaving fully loaded or grain pads being filled.
In all of that excitement I forgot about you. The locked out locked down armchair travellers. For this I’m sorry … so shall we play catch up.
Relax, grab a cuppa, and let’s see what been happening over the last month.
Part 1. Towards the end of season we take the smaller bus.


Today is world cotton day 🧵🪡👗🧦🌱💭🇦🇺 let’s celebrate 🥂🤠

Photos from Grey Nomad Awards's post 20/09/2021

Every weekend we get to take folk out to see a meticulously planned and maintained example of pure Aussie tenacity and imagination.
Sunday we were fortunate enough to have Liz join us on the tour.
A perfect afternoon and the only thing that we missed was the wild boar and a few families of emu. The bird life is devine and abundant, yes there’s trucks, tractors and machinery and then there’s the fields, rows and rows of laser level, gps guided ready for planting or already lush wheat.
Come see for yourself.
Thank you Liz for your write up. 🤠🥂

Photos from Dirranbandi Outback Tours's post 18/09/2021

Coach tours are great fun. 🤠
This was a young active inquisitive group 😁🥂

Photos from Dirranbandi Outback Tours's post 18/09/2021

Such a beautiful time of the year 🤠🥂✨

Photos from Dirranbandi Outback Tours's post 18/09/2021

There’s something different every day.

Photos from Dirranbandi Outback Tours's post 18/09/2021

Small group today … we call these VIP tours. 🌟

Photos from Dirranbandi Outback Tours's post 18/09/2021

It’s got to be one of the most photographed signs in Dirran 🤠

Photos from Dirranbandi Outback Tours's post 18/09/2021

As close as we can get sometimes … great to see ✅

Photos from Dirranbandi Outback Tours's post 12/09/2021

Here we go again
Back tracking
Sometimes our personal lives get in the way of posting. I apologise to all those waiting for these pictures 🤠♥️


Farmer That Refused to Sell Land Harvests Between Apartment Buildings

I don’t think we’ll have this trouble in Dirran 😳😂🤠

Photos from Dirranbandi Outback Tours's post 01/08/2021

So lovely to have a small group today. Time to really connect and get to know the guests. Two of which knew Des personally. 😁

Photos from Dirranbandi Outback Tours's post 31/07/2021

Can you believe it’s the last day of July and a barmy 28 degrees 🌟

Photos from Dirranbandi Outback Tours's post 31/07/2021

Welcoming the rest of the MMM crew. They are transforming the Dirranbandi Convent and Chapel into a beautiful space to relax, connect and be. 🥰


Photos from Dirranbandi Outback Tours's post 31/07/2021

Great tour today. 18-7-21
With the arrival of our MMM crew. Great way to start a challenging week.


Photos from Dirranbandi Outback Tours's post 31/07/2021

17/7/21 still catching up … sorry


All a little dusty from a great time [email protected] Paul Kelly

Photos from Dirranbandi Outback Tours's post 31/07/2021

We had a guest driver for the weekend while I stayed back to run the park. 🌟

Photos from Dirranbandi Outback Tours's post 31/07/2021

10/7/21 am and pm tours 😁

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Red Dirt Roads ... 🤠🎤🪕




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