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Cheryl is a Natural Horse Therapist, qualified in Equine Red light, and Myofascial Release Therapy will travel from anywhere within a 100klm radius Harvey.

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If you are going to rescue animals then the life you are replacing needs to be an improvement, or you aren't saving anything just adding to their misery!!


This video shows the Tapping points for anxiety in horses.
I do these points before I saddle up each time I ride. I find it puts the horse in a nice relaxed state of mind.
After a few times of doing these points you will quite likely find the horse will start to chew and yawn as it releases any tension.


I have recently started doing my horses feet myself.
This is the before and after shot of Tootsies front hoof.
Though it isn't perfect and I know I will never be taking it up as a career (too much like hard work)
I am still happy with the results and even happier that my horses are so patient.
What the farrier does in about 20 minutes I do in about forty!


So much for horses not caring if they have shelter.
I just watched my 3 who are all wearing rugs, race from the other end of the paddock straight to the stables because it started to rain. Either that or they are too pampered haha!!


I think everyone who has horses would benefit from some knowledge of how things work if only to be able notice when something is not quite right.
But sometimes I think we as human beings overdo things.
This latest trend of making riding so technical for the benefit of the horse, which in reality as long as you are feeding it and treating it with kindness doesn't even care how you ride.
Whatever happened to riding just for the joy of it?


You know you are doing a good job with your therapy when you are working on one horse and the others in the stable are all yawning and chewing at the same time haha!!


Photonic Red light isn't just good for horses.
These points can be used to help with anxiety and nervousness in dogs.


I have recently tried doing another acupoint activation system called "Tapping"
The idea is that by using a specific set of points it rewires the brain to let go of anxiety which in turn releases tension in the body allowing the body to heal itself.
I have been doing it on myself now everyday for roughly 2 weeks and have noticed huge changes. I have also been doing it on Harley and Ayla every other day.
Though it is harder to tell with animals because the signs are more subtle I can say with certainty they both enjoy it and willingly stand there without fidgeting until I've finished and with Harley I have seen a difference in his anxiety levels.
It is early days yet but I certainly think it has potential!!


The amount of horses I see in paddocks with no shade whatsoever and the amount of people who reckon horses don't need a stable or shelter.
This is a typical afternoon on our property, all three horses happily resting in the shade.
That is where they choose to stay until I put out their teatime hay.


Had a really productive morning with this beautiful little girl Ayla.
First I rode her, then I trimmed her feet and finished off with doing some Trigger point therapy and massage. A very relaxed little girl !!


I have come to the conclusion that whoever said " We make our own reality" has never rode horses!!
If this were the case my reality would be the same as my imagination - Horse and rider Elegantly in sync with perfect transitions.
My horse's and my idea of reality differ, Alot!!


Happy birthday Harley 10 years old today!
He was such a cute little fella who has grown into a very handsome boy.


About 4 years ago Harley ripped out the bulb of his heel which though it has healed is weakened with the hoof wall continually breaking.
Now because of the hoof being unbalanced Harley has started to get sore in his Stifle.
So I decided to try and rectify the problem using a product called "Superfast".
The photos are before and after.
I'm pretty happy with the end result especially as I'm not a farrier.


It seems another one of my horses is struggling with our rich spring paddocks.
With nowhere to lock them up that doesn't have grass it is becoming increasingly difficult keeping my horses weight down.
Toosie my mare is 22 years old, she foundered about 17 years ago so will always be vulnerable. Up until this year I've been able to keep her healthy.
Things got really bad about a week ago when she got to the point that she was barely walking.
This time around I was more prepared and started her on a course of Lami- Eze immediately. It takes about 5 days to kick in, but when it gets going the change is amazing.
Tootsie has gone from barely hobbling to striding out around our now barish paddock.
I cannot stress enough if you have a Laminitic horse or pony get onto KJM Equine Wellbeing, he is on Facebook. It is the only thing that I have found that works every time!!


Even Elephants like Equissage


My last update on Charlie!!
After going downhill quite fast, to the point he could barely walk I made the very tough decision to give Charlie away to a home where he would not be on grass and would get somebody who would give him the attention he deserved.
I am happy to say that is what he has got.
He is now owned by a lovely 8 year old girl, running around with other ponies, getting lots of love and attention.
That is what I call a happy ending!!


How to transport a foot sore pony and have them get off better than they got on.
Charlie modelling the latest design in ice filled boots.


Today I attended a barefoot trimming clinic.
The before and after photos below are my attempt at trimming.
It was made all the harder as my model was obviously a laminitic specimen and also worn down more on one side.
Not too bad for an amateur.


We will soon be coming into spring again and I'm sure there are a few people like me who are not looking forward to all that lovely rich grass coming through.
It is a nightmare when you have Laminitic ponies and those like Charlie who are Insulin resistant.
I have found one thing that seems to really work with inflammation and pain.
It's called Lami-Eze and can only be bought from KJM Equine Wellbeing.
This can be used long term without side effects.
I firmly believe that this, used along side my own mix I've made up and regular hoof trims is what has kept Charlie alive.


Get up this morning to find no horses in their paddock.
Hubby accidently left the gate open last night and they took advantage, found in the front garden.
The very last place I wanted to find Charlie, he was so happy because he got to pig out on grass.
The upside is that they only realised sometime after 7am so they only got just over an hour before they were sprung.
The downside is Charlie has been laying down a lot more than usual today.
OH dear!! Maybe I should put up a "Please shut the gate" sign.


An update on Charlie!!
I am so happy to say that there is finally no sign of any separation of Laminae in any of the hooves. I think even my farrier was surprised but as he said having the hooves trimmed on a monthly basis has helped.
Unfortunately due to the previous problems of separation he was sore due to 2 abscesses on both hind hoof frogs. They have improved now after wrapping again in honey and betadine for 3 days and also allowing them to drain and dry out.
As a precaution I have started him back on Lami-Eze as it works as an antiinflammitory and pain killer and he can stay on it for long periods without side effects.
Though he still has his crest it is starting to soften and overall he has dropped weight and is looking really good.


Timeline Photos


I'm probably the same as a lot of other horse owners in that you know having an ill fitting saddle can cause problems but really don't realise how much until you do have a saddle professionally fitted.
I had a lovely lady called Leigh White come and fit Harley's saddle. What a difference!!
I'm a convert!!
If you are in the Perth to Bunbury region I would highly recommend this lady.


I'm not looking at you until you take the camera away says Charlie haha


I came across an interesting article the other day.
A farrier has found that 2/3 of horses that were showing hind limb lameness was due to the inside heel on one or both hind hooves being found to be higher than the outside, causing the horse to compensate in other parts of the body.
The inside of the heel needs to be either level or slightly lower than the outside.
He suggested the horses had reacted when the reflex point BL30 was activated by pressing the blunt end of a pen into it.
On his picture it looked more like BL29 which is why I have put in both. ( Stand well to the side to ensure you don't get kicked)
To check the level hold the leg out to the back with your hand holding the hock and let the leg hang down, you can then clearly see if the hooves are correct.
After rasping the heels he maintained it only took a couple of days before he saw improvement.
In some cases a body worker would be needed to help put things right.
For more information google The horse mechanic and you should find the article.


Are you regularly sore after riding?
If so, make a note of where you are hurting.
You may find that you are mirroring your horses issues.


So happy with this little fella.
He has gone from struggling to walk 5 months ago to cantering down the side of our street.


These Xrays are of Charlies Right hind hoof. The first one back in September and a recent one which was done in March.
The difference is pretty amazing and shows we are now headed in the right direction.
The other 3 hooves also showed a huge improvement:
Right Fore was 8 deg rotation but is now 3.2 Deg.
Left Fore was also 8 deg and is now 4 Deg.
Left hind was the worst at 20 Deg rotation but is now 6 Deg.


Harley loves Equissage. unfortunately though he isn't too keen on other therapies. This makes it very hard to treat him when you can see he is sore.
I was taught that when using therapy if a horse says no its because it either doesn't need it or doesn't like it, so you should stop.
Myofascial Release Therapy can actually be quite hard to accept as I have found from personal experience. Which is why it's so hard to do on yourself.
Some horses find it very hard to push through the weird feeling of the fascia unwinding and so will try to move away.
In this case you do have to persist and move with the horse.
I have found the biggest releases have come after the greatest resistance.


Is it just me, or do anyone else with horses tells one of them he or she is beautiful, then notices another one watching, feels guilty if they don't tell that one too?


He reckons he looks sophisticated in my hat haha


With temperatures in the 30's Charlie thought it might be wise to put on a hat !!


You're never to young to learn.
My 10 yr old granddaughter made this treatment plan for our dog who was suffering with anxiety while we were away on holiday.
She informed me it worked because the dog stopped shaking.
She now wants me to teach her the essential wellness points.
Pretty cute and clever


Happy New Year to all the lovely people following CJH Equine Services.
May 2017 be a great year for you and your horses


1st October sees me doing a 6 hour basic Equine Emmett course.
More knowledge means more ways to help these beautiful animals.

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This video shows the Tapping points for anxiety in horses.I do these points before I saddle up each time I ride. I find ...
When you have horses and ponies with separation of the Laminae the hardest thing is trying to keep them clean and infect...



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