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We pinpoint and prevent the negative influences of ill health and champion the positive influences of good health. Our pioneering work includes creating and funding world-class interventions; conducting vital research to advance Victoria’s population health; producing and supporting public campaigns to promote a healthier Victoria; and providing transformational expertise and insights to governmen


These smiling faces are part of the early careers network here at VicHealth.

They’re all future health promotion superstars – and that means they need to understand the ins and outs of how the laws that influence our health are made.

So last week, the team took themselves on a tour behind the scenes at Parliament House.

And we’ve got to say – they’re looking right at home!

Photos from VicHealth's post 16/07/2024

Grand Designs 🤝 Masterchef 🤝 Lowanna College

Last year, Lowanna College kicked off a renovation of their canteen area.

With the deep fryer on the scrap heap, they decided it was the perfect time to freshen up the menu too.

This month, the Latrobe Valley school’s brand new cafe has opened, with plenty of healthy options.

There’s a new salad and sandwich bar and a rotating menu of quiches and focaccias - and the best part is it’s more affordable for staff and students too.

Best crossover episode ever.


At first glance, a grant application form can look really intimidating.

And for people who aren’t confident English language readers or writers, don’t use English as a first language, or who simply aren’t able to write – a written application can be a very real barrier to participation.

That’s why we’ve opened our Growing Healthy Community grants to video applications, too.

Growing Healthy Communities grants will give organisations the financial and technical support they need to improve the health and wellbeing of young Victorians and their families.

Applications are now open – you can find more info at the link the comments.


It was a who’s who at the zoo last week, when we joined Zoos Victoria’s inaugural Careers Expo.

The expo is all about giving students a glimpse into some future jobs that might not be covered in your average careers session in school – and for us, that includes talking to young people about health promotion and how VicHealth focuses on creating a healthier environment for everyone.

It’s part of our partnership with Zoos Victoria, working with the North Melbourne and Flemington public housing communities to build relationships and social connection.

Photos from VicHealth's post 15/07/2024

Eating good food brings so many benefits – it nourishes our body, gives us energy and above all brings us joy.

But sadly, too many older Australians miss out on enjoying delicious, healthy food.

And food legend and advocate Maggie Beer is trying to change just that.

She’s teamed up with the ABC to help residential aged care facilities to improve the food they serve – and the quality of life for their residents.

Check out the link in our comments to tune in to Maggie Beer and the ABC’s new three-part series, "Maggie Beer’s Big Mission, on ABC iview this month, where she’s stirring up an Australian first-of-its-kind experiment for better care through food.


A second-hand v**e cloud contains toxic chemicals.

Think about it, before you v**e with people in your car.


Check this out.

We headed down the Western Highway today to visit our friends at Ballarat Community Health - and they gave us a sneak peak of these new “No Smoking or Va**ng” signs they’ve designed for schools in Ballarat.

They’ve even got a QR code that links back to BCH’s quit smoking support services.

Incredible work - we can’t wait to see the signs at their new homes!


If you’re a parent – you need to check this out.

One of these cans is hiding a secret.

Online shops are selling soft drink cans with hidden compartments designed for kids to conceal their v**es from parents and teachers.

Deceptive products like these make it hard to know if kids are va**ng. That's why it's important to have non-judgmental and open conversations, even if you don't think your child is va**ng.

We’ve got an evidence-backed guide to help parents start that first conversation.

Check out the link in our comments to download your free copy of our va**ng conversation guide for parents.


Every month, our CEO Dr Sandro Demaio hosts the Conversation Hour with Richelle Hunt on ABC Melbourne.

And this month, in the spirit of NAIDOC Week, we passed the mic – literally – to a champion of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health, Victorian Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation Inc CEO Aunty Dr Jill Gallagher.

Huge thanks to Aunty Jill and special guests Dr Ngaree Blow from the Wurru Wurru Health Unit at Melbourne University, Geraldine Fela from Macquarie University, and Dr Kirsty Jennings, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Deputy at the RACGP.

Check out the link in comments for the full chat:


Running out of ideas? We’ve got you.

Our fun food activities are perfect inside entertainment for the school holidays, and give kids a chance to learn about good, healthy food.

Sure beats a tenth spin of Unicorn Academy.

Find a link in the comments.

Photos from VicHealth's post 10/07/2024

For us here at VicHealth, NAIDOC Week is a time for us to show up, listen and learn from the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community.

And it’s an opportunity to celebrate blak excellence, too.

So last Friday night, we headed along to the Eastern Metropolitain Region NAIDOC Ball.

Bringing events like the EMR NAIDOC Ball to life takes a lot of work from a lot of people – and we’re proud to have played a small part in bringing this celebration of community to life.

We’ve also attended some beautiful flag raising ceremonies on Wurundjeri land in Narrm (Melbourne) and on Gunaikurnai country.

There’s still plenty of events running throughout the week – we'll pop a link to the NAIDOC calendar in the comments so you can find one near you.

Photos from VicHealth's post 09/07/2024

There’s a good reason that sensory play – like sandpits and water tanks – is so popular with our little ones.

Giving kids the opportunity to explore their senses through play helps them develop a healthy curiosity about the world.

That’s why we’re supporting Castlemaine Art Museum and RMIT Culture to bring The Children’s Sensorium to Mount Alexander.

The Sensorium is designed to engage all five senses – sight, touch, sound, smell, and taste – in a way that encourages creativity and resilience in kids.

And with creative direction from Boonwurrung elder N’Arwee’t Carolyn Briggs, it’s also an incredible opportunity for kids to connect with Kulin Country.

We’re proud to support The Children’s Sensorium alongside Mount Alexander Shire Council.

Check out the link in our bio for more details.

Photos from VicHealth's post 09/07/2024

We know that sport brings people together.

But this is massive.

Last week, Southern Aboriginal Sports ran a three-day NAIDOC basketball tournament with hundreds of participants from right around the state.

It brought Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal young people together to celebrate community, culture – and a healthy bit of competition, too.

Whether it was your first time taking to the court or you’ve got a few seasons under your belt – congratulations to all the teams that entered.

And a huge congratulations to the team at SAS and all the Aboriginal community groups, sporting associations, families and carers around the state who made this tournament happen.

We’re proud to be supporting your incredible work.


Through cooking, Ryan can transport himself anywhere in the world and back home again.

The rich smell of spices from his favourite dish – Bangladeshi roast chicken – is a powerful connection to his childhood in Bangladesh.

Cooking allows Ryan to strengthen his cultural identity, and experiment with recipes from all around the world.

As part of VicHealth, Centre for Multicultural Youth (CMY), and ABC Melbourne's , Ryan shared his unique story about what cooking means to him.

Check out the link in comments bio to learn more about Ryan’s culinary journey.

Photos from VicHealth's post 08/07/2024

There’s plenty more smiles where these came from.

4,697, in fact.

That’s how many little farmers, truckies, grocers, chefs (and parents) visited our Secret World of Food popup at Melbourne Museum.

It was all about sparking curiosity about the journey food takes before it reaches our plate, and starting a lifelong appreciation of fruit and veggies.

If you missed it, the good news is that you can tap into that sense of curiosity in your own kitchen.

Check out our top tips for getting kids interested in good, healthy good at the link in the comments.


Clear your diary – because it’s NAIDOC Week.

NAIDOC is a celebration of excellence, strength, survival and community within the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community.

And you can show your support by getting involved in one of more than 60 events being run around the state.

We’ll pop the full link in the comments.


Being part of Upfield Junior Soccer Club is about more than just winning games.

Last year, club leaders recognised that kids in the community were being targeted with fast food ads – and they decided to do something about it.

They applied for one of our Jumpstart grants and used it to launch their very own healthy eating program for local kids and their families.

It’s called “Middle Eastern Kitchen at Soccer”, and it has transformed the club’s kitchen into a safe and inclusive space. Young people in the community can learn to cook healthy traditional foods from all the different cultures that make up the Broadmeadows community.

Our CEO Dr Sandro Demaio joined local MP Kathleen Matthews-Ward MP and President of Upfield Soccer Club, Wally Hanna to check it out last week.


If you’ve ever felt like doing the grocery shopping during the school holidays with kids in tow is more stressful than usual – you're not alone.

Supermarkets and food companies hook in our kids by using colourful packaging with cartoons – then placing the products at their eye level.

Check out this video of our CEO Dr Sandro Demaio talking about some of the sneaky marketing, layout and design tactics supermarkets and processed food companies use to harness the pester power of our kids to convince you to buy more.


Words aren’t the only way we communicate with each other.

Each change in posture, eye gaze and even micro-expression can tell it’s own story.

That’s what trans and gender-diverse community advocates want us to know.

So they’ve teamed up with the State Government on a new campaign.

It’s called “The Unsaid Says A Lot”, and it shows just how those tiny changes in body language can make someone feel accepted for who they are.

We’ll pop a link in the comments with more info about the campaign.


'Got an idea for how to make your community healthier?

We want to support awesome projects from local arts, sports, and cultural groups that bring people together to boost community health and wellbeing.

Our Growing Healthy Communities Grants will support community organisations with up to $150,000 worth of funding over two years – and we’ll provide mentoring, tools, tips, training and support to make sure your project thrives, too.

Applications are now open, and you’ve got until Wednesday 31 July to apply.

Follow the link in the comments to learn more.


Maybe you know the feeling. A couple of stressful days turns into a couple of stressful weeks, then months...

It doesn’t feel like stress anymore, more like exhaustion. You’re tired in your bones. So, are you burned out?

You might think burnout is something that only happens in the workplace, but we’re discovering that burnout can look very different across diverse communities and people.

In this episode of our In Good Health podcast VicHealth CEO, Dr Sandro Demaio, met with Tigist Kebede, a senior counselor at Pola Psychology, and Caroline Kell, Mbarbrum woman and founder of Blak Wattle Coaching and Consulting, to talk about how we perceive burnout and what we can do to address it.

Follow the link in our comments to tune in to our In Good Health podcast to learn more.


We welcome the Australian Government’s efforts to keep v**es out of reach of young people.

So we welcome this next step too.

The Government has appointed an Illicit To***co and E-cigarette Commissioner to keep illegal v**es out of Australia.

It’ll mean the groundbreaking new regulations won’t be undermined by illegal imports.

And that means fewer young Australians getting hooked on Big To***co and Big Vapes’ dangerous products.


When it comes to tackling va**ng, we must put young people’s voices at the centre of the discussion.

We recently teamed up with Today Design to find out exactly what young people want to see in an anti-va**ng campaign, and what kind of information they need to make them feel confident in saying no to ni****ne products.

You can find the full report at the link in the comments.


Jade was 17 when she started va**ng.

Now she’s 20, and a nurse.

She says va**ng has had a really negative influence on her.

“Nicotine is so much more addictive than I thought.”

“I’ve just seen it affect my family, my sister v**es as well.”

Jade’s trying to quit, but knows it isn’t linear.

That’s why she’s giving others the warning she wishes she had before her first hit.

Thank you to Uncloud Va**ng and young people like Jade who are sharing their warning.

Photos from VicHealth's post 27/06/2024

Need some walking inspiration this weekend?

Victoria Walks have got you covered. They’ve mapped over 100 walks in ParksVictoria-owned parks around the state.

They’ve got ratings, reviews, recommendations and photos – so you’ll always know what to pack.

And just like our state and national parks – it's all free to access.

We’ll pop a link in the comments.


Hunger makes us do crazy things – especially when grocery shopping.

Navigating the supermarket can be quite a challenge at the best of times let alone when hunger strikes or when you’re wrangling kids.

Our CEO Dr Sandro Demaio has shared his top tips on how to approach the supermarket shop, so you leave with a trolley full of healthy food.

Photos from VicHealth's post 26/06/2024

School holidays are just around the corner and families are looking forward to a break.

But if you’re stuck for ideas on how to keep your kids busy, we've got a plan.

We've rounded up a bunch of activities that everyone in the family can enjoy together.

Check out the link in our comments to read our latest blog for fun ways to dial down screen time and amp up those quality family moments.


Here’s what it means:

✅ It will keep v**es out of reach of children

✅ It will put a stop to predatory marketing

✅ Adults will still be able to quit smoking using v**es from a pharmacy

✅ There will be new penalties for retailers possessing banned v**es.


Big Vape’s fruity favours and colourful packaging are deliberate tricks to get kids hooked.

We’re calling on Federal Parliament to put the health and safety of kids first.


Rushed for time and struggling to pick healthier options at the supermarket?

This episode of In Good Health features Dr. Alex Chung, a dietician and food marketing researcher who breaks down how food marketing can mislead us and offers tips on how to navigate those tricky ingredient labels by using the Health Star Rating.

Join VicHealth Community Champion Ashika, her son Isaac, and Dr. Sandro Demaio for an eye-opening conversation that will change the way you shop for groceries.

Listen now to learn how to choose healthier products for you and your family.

Click the link in the comments to learn more.

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Jade was 17 when she started vaping.  Now she’s 20, and a nurse.  She says vaping has had a really negative influence on...
Hunger makes us do crazy things – especially when grocery shopping.  Navigating the supermarket can be quite a challenge...
Rushed for time and struggling to pick healthier options at the supermarket?  This episode of In Good Health features Dr...
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