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Awwwww Puppy Love


A day in the life of this Spiritual Medium looks a little like this......aaaamaZING 😁🙌

Are you curious and want to LEARN more about your Furr Baby ?

I offer spiritual connections in your home or mine 🌸🐶🙂

Email - [email protected]
Phone - 0472759927
You tube - Shemaine Medium
Allambee Sanctuary

Love and puppy kisses
Shemaine xx

Photo credit Claire from and Coco pet portraits - I adore these photos!!

Thank you Claire Robinson for Inviting me to visit today it was so adorable to spend the afternoon with you and Indie and Holly and Biggie. Xx
You don’t want to miss this heartwarming and uplifting video of my spiritual reading with Manko the Macaw 🦜

My heart is so full from this beautiful experience. Manko the Macaw and his mumma have the most Extraordinary connection. You can feel the love and feel the bond between them. I felt so much joy and happiness meeting Manko, he’s bringing the love and radiating his beautiful energy. Manko shows us that the strength of who we are is from our heart 💙💛🦜💛💙

Manko is our XTRA Special Guest at the next Spiritual VAX event “Meditating with Manko” at Allambee Sanctuary in Brisbane on the 6th of November. Come and meet Manko and get up close with this magical Birdo ✨🦜✨

Manko is very excited to take you on a very special and feathery meditation at this Xtra Special Join us for this magical experience, tickets are available at 💙💛🦜✨

I’m so excited to share this beautiful adventure with you. Thank you Taylor and Manko and Davies for filming this wonderful experience 😄
Awwww check out Manko the Macaw getting all Zen in preparation for his meditation class ...

Would you like to meditate with Manko ??

Tickets available at ☺️🙌

Love Shemaine
Ka ka 🦜😎🌟
Allambee Sanctuary

Photo credit
Katheryn Taylah

Supporting and developing community through holistic practices. Moving beyond limitations to find pe

Photos from Allambee Sanctuary's post 14/09/2022

We had the honour of starting this magical day with a beautiful and blissful Tea Ceremony held and led by the graceful and Divine Terri 😇

More sittings coming in the near future, if you haven’t experience the stillness and grace of a Tea Ceremony yet, DM us and register your interest 🦋

Much Love To All ❤️


Much gratitude and appreciation for all the beautiful hearts and souls that joined us this week at the Sanctuary 🦋 it is always JOY-FULL to share the LOVE with you all ❤️


Thank you to all the beautiful souls that joined us for yesterday’s Sound Journey ❤️
Beyond grateful for the sharing the magic and the medicine with us 🦋
Next Journey Wednesday evening, stay tuned for post ✨⭐️🎶


The Future is Here, the medicine Now 💥



Childrens Meditation Sessions 💕
Every Thursday Morning @9.30am AND
Saturday Morning @8.30am

It’s is such a joy and pleasure to be able to offer this to our wonderful community and to spend time with the children in meditation, their innocence and lens on the world is uplifting, inspiring and deeply heartfelt ❤️
Please Conctact me for bookings 🦋
Much Love
Jo x


The gratitude and graciousness of receiving ❤️

My beautiful daughter Rosie gave me a sound healing this evening 💕She is a gift from God, my calm in all my storms, my love, my healer, my mirror, my awakening 🦋



The beautiful, majestic. entwining dance of the source of life that is within us all.

The knowing Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj talks of is not a mental concept that is to be grasped by the mind, it is the all pervading knowing of sublime Source Truth ❤️



After a week off last week I’m looking forward to BEing with the children again for Meditation this Saturday at 8.30am-9am.
Children are full of joy, it’s so heartwarming and contagious!
See you all there 🧘‍♀️💕🦋 🌈


A message from a beautiful Soul Sister after our last Women’s Circle 💕💕

My heart is wide open and beyond grateful for my path and my devotion to being in service to others ❤️

I LOVE spreading the LOVE, I LOVE YOU xx




The Menu Sanctuary ❤️‍🔥

A little bit of something for everyone 🔥

Light your fire, live your passions, go inwards and be still and go outwards with more clarity and fly high to live your fullest expression ☀️

Our only limitations are our limiting thoughts and beliefs, we are so much more powerful and Divinely Loved than we allow ourselves to be ✨



I Love Rumi
He balances my Quan Yin ❤️




Quiet the mind and listen to the quiet whispers of your soul, it will show you the way ❤️




Repetition and Consistency is the key 🔑 to Mantra 🕉

This one comes courtesy from the book Mysticism of Sound and Music - The Sufi Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan ❤️ and is a constant in my daily mantra ritual 🦋



Still the mind, hear the music and dance the eternal dance 💃
We Are One ❤️




Childrens Meditation 🧘‍♂️

Children’s Meditation Classes Sanctuary - Saturdays @8.30am-9.00am
Exchange: $10.00

This is Noah, he’s one of the first children to come to meditation with his twin sister Bella🦋

Noah is 11 and when asking what he saw and felt after our last guided meditation; meeting his own special angel he lovingly said ‘Im In Heaven, I was in heaven’❤️
I felt that!! What an amazing experience 😇

Children have a wonderful imagination up to a certain age and then it gets a little distorted by the collective’s societies rules, and their imagination disappears and they start to align with their parents views; tv shows, social media, values, traumas, hardships etc.. by no fault of any one’s but for the need to belong. None of this is wrong, or right, it just is, until we choose otherwise..

Sitting with the children and feeling, hearing and seeing what they experience and how they see life is beyond magical, it’s pure connection and heart blowing, they see awe and wonder in everything, just like we once did…
I’m forever humbled by these sessions ❤️

Such a gift to give your children, the community and the world, the opportunity to know who they really and stay connected to themSelves from a young age, after all, our children are the co-creator’s of our destiny.

Meditation is an opportunity to fill them confidence, self love, inner resources, peace, imagination… the list goes on!

Message Johanna for bookings or just come along, all ages welcome xx


Repeat 11-22 times a day for a week….❤️

Watch the magic follow……



The children loved the meditation session last week 🌟

We started with attuning to our breath and watched the natural rhythm of the lower abdomen expand on the in breath and softly deflate with the out breath.

Exploring sound and using the breath through some OM chanting before an empowering, supportive short guided meditation. We finished off the meditation with playing musical instruments 🥁

The children and myself left joyful, centred and alive 🌸❤️

With Love ahd Gratitude I offer this to all children in our wonderful community,
Jo x


The WHOLE of you is BeauTiFuLL, exactly as you are, whatever that looks like ❤️



Children’s Meditation Session starting 02nd April ❤️
Click on flyer for details and contact Jo for any enquires and bookings 🌸
With Love and Gratitude
Jo x


Ignite your Light and Anchor your Divinity 🔆
You are so Worthy!



Wake up to your own Divinity by consciously connecting to your heart and feeling the Divine Grace of Love that is always ever present in your heart space.

Taking a few conscious, deep breaths into your heart every half an hour throughout the day will reconnect you back to your truth of essence, your stillness, your peace and back to the present moment, aka reality. If there is enough focus for this simple practice, you may begin to feel/see everything expand and transform into clarity of love, love for yourself and love for everything else. If a few breaths doesn’t get you to a place of love, sit longer in the conscious breathing until you feel an opening. You are so worthy of a few minutes this practice takes!

We are all breathing the same cosmic breath, the same sun is shining on every one of us, it is more than possible in this lifetime to become addicted to feeling good, feeling peace, joy and freedom as our baseline, just like we have become addicted to our pain, fear and sadness💫

Reach out if you want to know more or start deepening your spiritual practice and tap into your souls true calling. There are many offerings and pathways for you to find liberation from the mind, karmic cycles to go forward in your truth to choose what best for your highest Self ❤️

🌟Bringing together that which has been ruptured in family systems through Family Constellations
🌟Holistic Counselling
☀️Spiritual and Soul Path Guidance
☀️Sound Journeys and Healings
🌟Intuitive Energy Block Clearing massage with Sound therapy
🌟Micro and Macro Plant Medicine Facilitation
🌟Women’s Circles (I am open to mixed circles if there is a calling in the community for this, please reach out if this is something that would interest you).
🌟Freestyle Kung Fu PT sessions.
🌟Meditations and techniques


Photos from Allambee Sanctuary's post 03/01/2022

2022 = The pendulum is swinging from CONTROL to FREEDOM 💫

This year it’s all about Healing ❤️‍🩹 Grounding and Connection to Mother Earth 🌏 Heart Energy ❤️ and AWAKENING ⭐️

At Allambee Sanctuary Shemaine Medium and Johanna Gibb have many avenues and modalities for you to connect back to your heart and soul, to live life from a place of alignment where everything and anything is possible. It’s time to connect back to ourSelves, our Earth and commUNITY 🎆

We lovingly and compassionately hold space in a tranquil, non judgmental environment 🌸

Services Available with Shemaine Medium ✨

Group Spiritual Readings/Parties✨
Private connections✨
people and animals ✨
Animal healing✨
People healing✨
Private/group meditation✨
Monthly Spiritual Workshops✨
Phone readings✨
Spiritual mentorship✨

How to reach me 🐾
🐾Email. [email protected]
🐾Insta. Shemaine Medium
🐾Youtube Shemaine Medium
🐾Phone 0472759927

boooik boooik bookings 🐓🐓available!!

Services available with Jo ✨

✨ Holistic and Spiritual Guidance and Mentoring
✨ Gong Sound Immersions
✨ Intuitive Energy Bodywork Massage and Gong to finish
✨ Womens Circles
✨ Freestyle Kung Fu Fitness
✨ Family Constellations
✨ Meditation Sessions
✨ Plant Medicine Facilitation

For Bookings Contact 0413881783 🌸


My heart is filled with Gratitude and Divine Love for all the support Allambee Sanctuary has received this year ❤️

Look after each other over this festive season and reach out for support if you need.

Love is ALL there is ❤️


You always have a choice to where you want to go, how you want to be/act and which direction you are taking YOUR life.
Choose from a place that is aligned with your soul movement and heart opposed to a group conscience or ego and you will always be free ✨🌸💕


We are never alone ❤️ Tap into, and feel the strength and power of your ancestors running through your own soul 💫



Gong Sound Bath Immersion
This SATURDAY, 30th October, 3.00pm-4.15pm 🌸

Immerse yourSelf in a journey of the Gongs this Saturday and experience deep relaxation and healing at a cellular and soul level ❤️‍🩹

⭐️ Includes ceremonial grade cacao elixir to begin to open the heart and enhance awareness which is beneficial for receiving. ☀️Choose a sandalwood infused scarf to deepen the relaxation and drift off for an hour of blissful vibrations and sound ✨✨✨

Exchange is $27.00. Booking essential 🌸





Shift out of your head and slide on down into your heart ❤️ That’s where the elixir of truth and magic reside ✨💫




Gongs Sound Bath Immersion

SATURDAY 16th October
@3.00pm - 4.15pm

Immerse yourSelf in a journey of the Gongs this Saturday and experience deep relaxation and healing at a cellular and soul level ❤️‍🩹

⭐️ Includes ceremonial grade cacao elixir to begin to open the heart and enhance awareness which is beneficial for receiving. Choose a sandalwood infused scarf to deepen the relaxation and drift off for an hour of blissful vibrations and sound ✨✨✨

Exchange is $27.00. Booking essential 🌸


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