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Spotto Canberra Hospital.
Hi there,

I've got lots of incomi ng towing lead calls nationwide and I 'm looking for a contractorHi there,

I've g ot lots of incoming towing lead cal ls nationwide who can provide towi ng services and fulfil these jobs.

Specifically I ne ed more contractors in Los Angeles a nd the area.

Please contact me privately f or more info
TWO trucks getting ready for t he day 👍
A big thank you to t he Falcon GT Club of Canberra sponso rs TNA Towing - Ally and Heath er for taking True Blue to Belconn en Dyno Tune for a little tweaki ng after some love was given to t he engine bay.
Had TnA help us move a carav an today.. They were not only hap py to travel a fair way to pi ck it up for us but th en when they got it where we want ed it, were also able to p ut it exactly where we needed it g o.. Cant recommend these guys highly enoug h.. Thanks TnA
It's Official....our Club Sponsors for 2020.
Tha nk you to all our long te rm and new sponsors for supporting T he Falcon GT Club of Canberra.

Pow er Kart Raceway Power Kart Raceway
Ford Musc le Parts
Nulook Flooring
TNA Towing T NA Towing

Jax Quick Fit Tyres
Musclecar Warehou se Muscle Car Warehouse
Chapman Flooring Chapman Flo or Coverings
B & R Building Pty l td B & R Building

True Bl ue Wedding Cars True Blue Wedding Cars
A CT Property Services
Voltage Accounting
Bollards Dire ct [email protected]">[email protected]
Bonza Bangers
The Bookeeping Professionals [email protected]
Thanks for the great service on a Sund ay Ally!
And a great price too!

Locally and family owned
After hours 24 /7 service
Professional and experienced
Insurance company app

Operating as usual


"Catch me outside - how bo ut dat?"


"Do what they think you can 't" - Duke Ferguson

Come with me... I ha ve something to show you...


When size does matter!!!


Some Friday vibes xx

Photos from TNA Towing's post 15/09/2022

Go on, call me "Just A Gi rl" (or whatever you want really)... A nd I'll show you why that is bett er (and more fun) than anything you' ll ever be!!!

3 years ago yesterday I roll ed into Canberra with my first tru ck, what a wild ride it's be en for "a blow in"!!!

Thank you to a ll those that have trusted, empowered a nd believed in me / us a nd our dream!!!

TNA all the way!!!


From our family to yours, Hap py Father's Day! To all the amazi ng, inspiring, strong and loyal Dad's we kn ow, we hope you've had the be st day! Each and every one of y ou deserve it! To those who m ay be struggling for various reasons tod ay, we are always here for y ou. Happy Father's Day to the Dad 's who want to be there, w ho try to be there, who can 't be there, who are there a nd who are stopped from being the re xx

Photos from TNA Towing's post 04/09/2022

1965 Kougar Sports

The owner believes on ly one of five or six in Austral ia and we had the pleasure to t ow this beauty after her long tr ip all the way from Texas to h er new home in Canberra!

Here's wh at the owner had to say: "Than ks for the ease and competence wi th which you delivered my 1965 Koug ar Sports today. Very professional." - Stuart

Ke ep an eye out tomorrow as I ta ke her to the mechanic to g et her back on the road aft er her long journey!

Choose TNA Towi ng
0427 356 486


Photos from TNA Towing's post 03/09/2022

Shoutout to the team at @advancetowingwagg a1 who not only helped us o ut with a delivery this week b ut also brought their A game in colo ur coordination!!!

Thanks for your help as alwa ys guys!!! Helping us make sure o ur deadlines are met and our custome rs are happy!!!

Photos from TNA Towing's post 21/08/2022

This red hot lady!!!


On Wednesday afternoon I was on my w ay home from work, just one stre et away and looking at a relative ly early afternoon for once (4pm). I dro ve past an elderly lady pulled ov er, no hazards, standing beside the op en passengar door of her car. T he look on her face was o ne I had seen before but n ot quite like this. Terror, worry, utter ly overwhealmed and desperate for someone to he lp. I could have so easily ke pt driving, hell I was one stre et from home!!! I turned around, chuck ed a you-i and pulled in behi nd the car, which now had it 's hazards on and the driver ba ck in the drivers seat. I approach ed the vehicle and the lady hopp ed out, looked at me and sa id "I THINK MY PARTNER JUST DIE D!"

I reacted instantly and everything I h ad ever trained for in my li fe suddenly kicked in. The passengar of t he car was deceased but the gi rl from 000 asked if I kn ew CPR and was happy to sta rt compressions... of course!!!
Myself, Heathen a nd a few members of the communi ty worked on John until the ambo 's arrived and they too gave it the ir all. Unfortunately John didn't make it.

People always ask me why I lo ve being a towy. The honest answ er is I am passionate about helpi ng people. Be it a flat ty re, torched car, broken down or somethi ng more serious as in this ca se, that is the core of w hy we do what we do. Th at is our difference!

Cuddle your loved on es a little tighter, laugh a litt le more, help eachother out and JU ST BE GOOD PEEPS!!! Life's too sho rt for the greed and the bullsh *t. At the end of the d ay none of that can or wi ll save your life. Do what y ou love, no matter what they say.

Re st In Peace John 🖤
From the T NA Towing Team

Ally xx


**Challenge Time** **TNA Towing**

Challenge delivered 👊👊👊
Hit me with yours !!! ✌✌✌


Someone tell me what is happeni ng here...


Check out Ally this weekend supporti ng one of the many charities we suppo rt and donate to. She is book ed at 12:15pm for the ARC Speci al with Harry or Lewis Bates a nd we are sure the whole of Canber ra will hear her having a blast !!! Get on board!!!


A little backwards like one of o ur teams will be tonight!!!
Who's it goi ng to be???
Ally - 👍
Heathen ❤


The sweeeet flavour of Friday 😙😙😙


Very interesting read and definately somethi ng we value in our business a nd our approach with our customers.

"I was waiting in line f or a ride at the airport. Wh en a cab pulled up, the fir st thing I noticed was the ta xi was polished to a bright shi ne. Smartly dressed in a white shi rt, black tie, and freshly pressed bla ck slacks, the cab driver jumped o ut and rounded the car to op en the back passenger door for me.

He handed me a laminated card a nd said, 'I'm Wasu, your driver. Whi le I'm loading your bags in t he trunk, I'd like you to re ad my mission statement.'

Taken aback, I re ad the card. It said, 'Wasu's Missi on Statement: To get my customers to the ir destination in the quickest, safest, a nd cheapest way possible in a friend ly environment.'
This blew me away. Especially wh en I noticed the inside of t he cab matched the outside. Spotlessly clean!

As he slid behind the wheel, Wa su said, 'Would you like a c up of coffee? I have a therm os of regular and one of decaf.'

said jokingly, 'No, I'd prefer a so ft drink.'
Wasu smiled and said, 'No probl em. I have a cooler up fro nt with regular and Diet Coke, las si, water, and orange juice.'
Another impressive eve nt HERE👉
Almost stuttering, I said, 'I' ll take a lassi since I’ve nev er had one before.'

Handing me my dri nk, Wasu said, 'If you'd like somethi ng to read, I have Good Housekeepi ng magazine, Reader’s Digest, The Bible, a nd a Travel + Leisure magazine.'

As we we re pulling away, Wasu handed me anoth er laminated card, 'These are the statio ns I get and the music th ey play, if you'd like to list en to the radio.'

And as if th at weren't enough, Wasu told me he h ad the heater on and asked if t he temperature was comfortable for me.

Then he advis ed me of the best route to my destinati on for that time of day. He al so let me know he'd be hap py to chat and tell me abo ut some of the sights or, if I preferr ed, to leave me with my o wn thoughts.

'Tell me, Wasu,' I was amaz ed and asked him, 'have you alwa ys served customers like this?'
Wasu smiled in to the rear view mirror. 'No, n ot always. In fact, it's only be en in the last two years. My fir st five years driving, I spent mo st of my time complaining like a ll the rest of the cabbies do. Then I heard about power of choi ce one day.'
'Power of choice is th at you can be a duck or an eag le. If you get up in t he morning expecting to have a b ad day, you'll rarely disappoint yourself. St op complaining! Don't be a duck. Be an eag le. Ducks quack and complain. Eagles so ar above the crowd.'

'That hit me right ,' said Wasu. He continued and sa id, 'It is about me. I w as always quacking and complaining, so I decid ed to change my attitude and beco me an eagle. I looked around at t he other cabs and their drivers. T he cabs were dirty, the drivers we re unfriendly, and the customers were unhap py. So I decided to make so me changes. I put in a f ew at a time. When my custome rs responded well, I did more.'

'I ta ke it that has paid off f or you,' I said.
'It sure has,' Wa su replied. 'My first year as an eag le, I doubled my income from t he previous year. This year, I'll probab ly quadruple it. My customers call me f or appointments on my cell phone or lea ve a message on it.'

Wasu made a differe nt choice. He decided to stop quacki ng like ducks and start soaring li ke eagles. I hope we all deci de to soar like an eagle a nd not quack like a duck." ❤️❤️
Anoth er impressive event HERE👉


Gangsta Monday's bi***es!!!
Hit me with yo gans ta moves!!!

Photos from TNA Towing's post 30/06/2022

EOFY madness with Polaris!!!


Black and pink theme on poi nt with this sexy number from @ada_civ il 💋💋💋

Photos from TNA Towing's post 28/06/2022

Straya A.F!!!


Photos from Paige Cole #2A's po st 28/06/2022

TNA Towing are super proud to suppo rt the next generation of young gir ls smashing goals, defying stereotypes, pushing boundari es and chasing their dreams!!!

Get arou nd this young girl, Paige Cole!!!

She 's already a super star in o ur eyes!!!

Good luck for World's!!!


Photos from TNA Towing's post 18/06/2022

All in a day's work... w ho couldn't love their job when y ou get to play with all of the se babies in one day!!!



Working with our go od friends at @ada_civil last week a nd every week!

busine ss

Photos from TNA Towing's post 03/06/2022

Quick run out to West Wyalo ng this week, nice to be in a wa rm truck on those cold Canberra days !!! 🥶


A Fancy Nancy Navara back to t he dealership with some fresh add on's!!!

Photos from TNA Towing's post 27/05/2022

Sexy car Saturday!!!


One Polaris, two Polaris, three Polar is, four!!!


Feeling a little chilly today a nd needing some signage???
Snow worries!!!
Quick tr ip to Kosciuszko National Park today f or this much needed equipment just in ti me for the season!!!

hi re

Photos from TNA Towing's post 14/05/2022

Don't forget - we operate 24/7!!!

Saturd ay morning's be like...


Photos from TNA Towing's post 12/05/2022

I've always been a believer of nev er asking someone to do something y ou wouldn't do yourself...
Alas!!! In the ra in all day, two cars on t he truck and enjoying every bloody minu te of it!!!
"Love what you do" th ey say!!! My smile says it all !!!


TNA Towing
0427 356 486
[email protected]

Photos from TNA Towing's post 17/04/2022

Who would've thought??? The girls holdi ng it down for on East er Sunday!!!

I am so fortunate to s ee more like minded women joining t he industry after helping trailblaze them a mo re common ground and accepting nothing le ss than equal!!!

Happy Easter to your fami ly from ours, we hope your d ay has been filled with love, fami ly and cholocolate 😍😍😍


Are you egg-noring me??? There's no egg-cuses !!!

If you find yourself in a ha rd (boiled) spot and need a t ow over the Easter weekend, reminding y ou we are available 24/7!!!

Happy Easter fr om our family to yours, stay sa fe and have an egg-cellent weekend!!!


Our beautiful angel xx

Photos from TNA Towing's post 01/04/2022

Today we've had Andrew from @youvebinclean ed out to help keep our dep ot clean and tidy!

Do yourselves a favo ur and get him around to cle an your bins!


The A & B team - T he dreams workin while the teams workin!!!

Photos from TNA Towing's post 30/03/2022

All in a days work!!!

Photos from TNA Towing's post 28/03/2022

All the pink and all t he class!

Photos from TNA Towing's post 28/03/2022

When size does matter!!!

Only one in Oz a nd in our capable hands all t he way to Nowra.


Towing!!! Towing!!! Towing!!!

Towing even when we're not towing!!!

Getti ng her trained up early and teachi ng them the TNA way!!!


Get on board and show yo ur support!!!

Be a LEGEND, Support a LEGEND

Jo hn Wilson, owner of Liquor Legends Hawk er and Charnwood is braving the Bravehear ts 777 marathons for the 3rd time

27 th June to 3rd July John is runni ng a massive... Seven Marathons in 7 consecuti ve days, Meaning 42.2km per day, Totalli ng 295.4 km in seven big days,
In Seven States Perth, Adelaide, Launceston, Melbour ne, Sydney, Canberra and Gold Coast
To train for this event John is Runni ng Canberra Marathon in April UTA 100 km in the gruelling high elevation of t he Blue Mountains in May Another F UN RUN Marathon in Canberra June whi le consistently running around 200 -300 k ms per month to prepare himself f or the challenge that is the 777-marath on event
John's goal is to raise $100 00 to support the Bravehearts foundation in the ir endeavours to aid children impacted by sexu al assault in Australia.
So be a Lege nd and support a Legend, donate tod ay.

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"Catch me outside - how bo ut dat?"
"Do what they think you can 't" - Duke FergusonCome with me... I ha ve something to show you...
**Challenge Time** **TNA Towing**
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