Crystal Cottage Crafts

Crystal Cottage Crafts


Malachite encourages change and helps to clear away unwanted energies. If you feel like you need a little more wisdom in your life, or you're trying to make negativity let up on you, this is a good stone to bring into your life.
Ever wanted to bath in crystals?
Crystal Cottage Crafts gives you the opportunity.
The 'Gem Pool' is one of its kind in WA and located in Abbey.

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Crystal Cottage Crafts are ready for Christmas.
Located in Abbey at 'The Shed Markets"

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Salenite still in one piece Cam

For all your personal and Wholesale crystal needs. Find us at 'The Shed Markets' in Abbey, Thur-Sat 9-5pm Sun 9-3pm

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I've heard tell many a time of people thinking that meditation is complicated or requires a lot of study and commitment. Which is a bit sad to know given that many forms are quite easy and don't require a lot of time. While the more you commit the more you get out of it, a few minutes every day will make an impact.

For those that would like to give it a try, a very simple crystal meditation just requires holding whichever strikes your fancy while sitting in a comfortable position. Allow your thoughts to drift away and keep the bulk of your focus on the crystal, whether the sight, the feel, or just your knowledge of its presence. The trick is not to try and stop the thoughts, but to let them fade while refocusing on the crystal whenever you notice them appear.

I recommend setting a timer to start with. Just give it a try when you're feeling stressed, or set aside a bit of time every day. I'm partial to doing it right after I wake up. And I have this beautiful piece of Shiva Lingam which is a delight to hold. That one tends to stay on or near my bed for easy access as needed. A subtle reminder makes it much easier to build the habit.


Opalite is a very helpful crystal. It brings the courage needed to face changes head on, and helps you channel your inner strength into improving various aspects of your life. It's also a potent communicator. Especially in vocalizing the things we tend to bottle up and hide away. These stones are a great choice for those that need a little help pushing forward, as well as those with deep seated worries and emotional burdens they need to ease.


Sphalerite is a stone that is well suited to keeping you grounded while still allowing your imagination to soar. It brings clarity to the divide between what is real and what is not, giving you a sense of truth in lies and lies in truth. At the same time it helps you be more intensely aware of both states of being, energizes you, and builds on your passion for life. It meshes well with those who are willing to follow their intuition, and is very helpful when you need to bring more positive energy into your life.


Crows are an interesting breed in regards to symbolism. They speak of mysteries and omens, and though often seen as negative, they are also a symbol of transition and change. Death is tightly entwined with their image. But death itself is often a bridge of sorts between an end and a new beginning, the very essence of reincarnation. If nothing else, many can agree that they're seen as messengers of a sort, and it can be wise to pay attention to your surroundings when they appear. Observation is key as always, both of things within and things without.


Unakite has a heavy focus on maintaining balance. Between the heart and mind, body and soul, even work and life. It's a great companion for examining the emotional self as well, bringing more tolerance and understanding into the situations you come across in life. Sometimes our emotions aren't fully under our control and we struggle under the weight of them. That might even be something you're going through right now. But if we keep hope and don't stop pushing forward, there is a path to understanding, to finding some peace within yourself. Finding that balance between what's around you and within, is an intention that Unakite tries to carry forward.


Jade works as a pick me up for those wondering about the bigger questions. And is a good choice when you need the wisdom to work out which limitation is imposed for sensible reasons, and which limitation is imposed by your own self doubt. Jade can also bring good luck to those open to it.


Did you know that which finger you wear a ring on has a meaning of it's own? It's not just which finger should hold your wedding ring. But some can represent traits, things you feel about yourself, or even just what you want to project to the world. For example, a ring worn on the index finger can be a sign of confidence or authority, while wearing a ring on your little finger can symbolize your own self love or resourcefulness. Even the same finger on a different hand can tell its own story.


Moss Agate is a stone of abundance, known to promote the growth of plants, and can often find a place with them to increase their overall health. In addition to its nature connection it helps many find a proper life and work balance. Letting you stop and think when everything becomes a tangled mess, pushing you to take the time needed to unravel it, and express the parts of yourself being pushed down. A good choice when you feel like everything is coming at you much too fast.


As you might expect, Tiger's Eye is linked to the big cat in question. Bringing you the courage to be bold and fierce, offering strong protection, and giving you the confidence to make and take responsibility for your own decisions. It's a grounded and inspiring stone, pulling energy from the earth and the sun just the same.


I find myself glancing over them from time to time, more often than not. Even if they have to be moved around every morning, enough to make them sometimes fade into the background for those behind the counter. They still catch the eye just the same, and it can be hard not to want to take one with you.


Rhodonite is linked closely to the word 'rescue'. It's a powerful heart chakra stone, and it works well to bring you back to your center in stressful times, grounding you and allowing you to see things without emotions clouding your view. For those suffering resentment and anger it can be a way to relieve those feelings. And when struggling to maintain compassion and offer forgiveness, it is a well regarded ally.


Howlite is about peace, tolerance, and understanding. Helping you to cultivate the calm needed to greet the world with a soft smile and take what comes regardless of how stressful everything around you might become. It's an especially great companion for those that struggle to control some of their more heated emotions, and is good if you feel like you need to step back and reflect more often.


We have a new big piece on the block, looking down on its subjects from on high. Super shiny and very smooth. Probably talks smack about the other crystals behind their backs from up on the top shelf. But really, it is an Amethyst, they don't really mean anything by it.


Mookite is something like coffee for the soul, a spiritual pick me up when you're lacking in energy, and a helpful companion in times of need. It brings calm and a sense of completeness. And helps those that hold it make strides in emotional growth, pushing you to make the decisions you've been putting off, and accept the changes to your life that come with time and experience.

Though personally, I prefer tea.


Septarian is a crystal formed from Aragonite, Limestone, Calcite, and sometimes even Barite. This helps it fight stress and anxiety, ground the body and spirit, and improve your memory. As a whole it focuses on helping you to find balance within yourself, and a better understanding of the world around you. It's a powerful conduit for earth energies, and if you're feeling lost or disconnected, it can help you find the path you've lost sight of.


For those of the ear adorning persuasion, we have quite the collection of earrings to peruse. Beautiful little things to subtly carry around your intentions.


Charoite is first and foremost a crystal of endurance, and comfort in the face of adversity. It helps you to accept the position you've found yourself in while still keeping a lookout for better opportunities on the horizon. Whether this be a sense of loneliness from isolation, a situation you've found yourself thrust into, or a place you must stay in that you'd rather not. Good for those that need to overcome difficult things or maintain perspective.


Labradorite works to balance the mind and spirit. Pushing back against fears and insecurities of the past, and tempering the parts of our personalities that lead us down darker paths. It's great for strengthening faith in oneself, and helps energize the imagination and fuel more contemplation and introspection. Good for those seeking a healthy balance between opposites.


More statues out and about for your perusal. With a bit more of an animal theme than mythological. Though I'll admit we often tend to have a bit of each. I think the snake is my favorite, how about you?


Moonstone is a soothing stone that helps in a lot of situations to calm down emotions and dull your reaction to emotional triggers. It also supports making the unconscious conscious, allowing your intuition to come out to play, and letting you understand things on a deeper level. It works to fight off stress and helps you to be more emotionally intelligent where needed as well. A good overall stone for those with a need for more stability.


Derived from the Greek word meaning deep blue. Kyanite is a great help in reaching deeper meditative states and a good choice for those looking to rely more on their intuition. A stone that helps with cutting through walls of ignorance. It helps to push past frustration, stress, and the little lies we tell ourselves when needed. Standing as a solid reminder that we can affect the world around us in ways big and small, and that it's worth paying attention when we do.


Necklaces are a great choice for keeping your crystals close by. Under or over at a moments notice when accessorizing, and there's something to be said for keeping the crystal of your choice close to your heart.


Citrine is a useful crystal for setting and maintaining proper emotional boundaries, and tends to be a rather happy and playful stone besides. Known as a money maker, it's good at bringing luck in the realms of business and material wealth. Besides a creative nudge where needed, it's also a great early warning system that pushes you away from some of your more self destructive behaviors.


Serpentine specifically is a strong catalyst for freedom, especially from the limitations imposed on us by society. Those of us with bigger dreams than the world seems able to fulfill will probably understand this the best. A shield against bad omens and hateful behavior. It is a fine friend to have in a world of uncertainty.

For all your personal and Wholesale crystal needs

Our goal is to supply affordable crystals to one and all as well as affordable crystal enhanced jewellery.

Come find us at ‘The Shed Markets’ where we will endeavour to meet your needs.

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